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MLB Beating the Shift

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EthnHayabusa (4 months ago)
Cascadeski (7 months ago)
I’d do it every time until they stopped shifting. What you’re giving me a free hit? Sweet!
Richie Lavariere (8 months ago)
All left-handed hitters. Obviously the 1B needs to cover the bag, but you don’t see the 2B cramping the left side of the infield against right-handed hitters.
Jcurvs99 (8 months ago)
1:27 why would you throw that? you know he had it beat and that you couldnt make a clean throw
Robert Louria (8 months ago)
Analitic guys they have been doing these shifts in softball since the 80s. First of all you don't want anybody on your team who can't bunt or can't hit a ground ball to the other side. Your main mistake you just don't look where they hit the ball most of the time . The pitcher should be instucted where to pitch the ball so the batter hits into the shift. Basically if the batter stands close to the plate you jam him inside and put the three guys close together so the ball can't get through. All the batter has to do is bunt or hit a ground ball to the opposite side to beat the shift demoralize the other team and soon they will play you straight up and then you can do what you want to without hitting 220. Remember the pitcher has to be instructed where to pitch the ball so he can hit into the shift! We were the first ones to win a class aa championship using shifts on most batters. Players take some batting practice hitting ground balls to the opposite way and be able to bunt.
D Me (9 months ago)
These shifts are bullshit. Shortstops aren't supposed to play second base while a second baseman is out there.
Drew Rycerz (10 months ago)
Do we have a mascot fail video?
TheGodYouWishYouKnew (10 months ago)
Howard didn’t beat the shift either time in this video lol. He hit into the shift and happened to get a hit.
XxXxXxXx (1 year ago)
I’ve had 1 shift on me in my entire time and baseball and I still pulled it 😂 got a hit though
Scruffy The Sasquatch (1 year ago)
Bunting is so underrated. It seems as though no one teaches it but a good bunter can create errors, hits, suicide squeezes or sacrifices and especially gets rid of the shift
MarklarsonTube (1 year ago)
Bunting is one thing, but if you are going to shift for a guy, don't throw him anything he can take to opposite field
Sawyer Carey (1 year ago)
why is there no 3rd base player?
BloodPups (1 year ago)
Sawyer Carey he was shifted to around where shortstop would be playing
Jacob Strahm (1 year ago)
This is why I hate shifting that dramatically.
Cory Van Treuren (1 year ago)
anyone besides me completely despise the shift
Rj Galvez (1 year ago)
Lol Ryan Howard was like "You can put all 7 position players on the right side, I am still going to pull the ball"
Matthew633 (1 year ago)
My team would never shift. Always pitch the player down in the zone, and your defense should be slightly aligned depending on who the batter is, but never should you shift a complete pull.
IanMS00 (1 year ago)
"We're gonna give him his locker when he gets there"
BaseballNasty (1 year ago)
I'm a cardz fan so bunt cheesier as I'm saying this Matt Adam bunts
Trinivo (1 year ago)
0:19 were where the 3 baseman ?
Austin101123 (2 years ago)
I think there was only 1 righty :(
Greysen Gagne (2 years ago)
Should have Ortiz breaking up Yu Darvish's no hitter by beating the shift with 2 out in the 9th.
nut master (2 years ago)
"It's alright we're gonna give him his-- locker when he gets there."
CoZm085 (2 years ago)
What no Robbie Cano when he bunted against the shift and doubled? Pfffffft what a joke!
Chris Sizzle (2 years ago)
3:29 gayyyyyy
Zachary Clarke (2 years ago)
it's easy to beat if you're not selfish
Aaron Gilchrist (2 years ago)
half of these arent really beating the shift. the stupid pitcher throws away so they hit it oppo. the whole point of a shift to pull hitters is to throw them inside so they pull it
Defenses don't play the shift for arbitrary reasons. They play the shift because a hitter rarely hits it to the opposite field - regardless of where the pitch is thrown. Defenses play the shift for pull hitters. It has nothing to do with the pitcher needing to hit a certain location - and there's no pitch location that can prevent a hitter from bunting opposite field.
Andrew Pestotnik (2 years ago)
The only thing that I'm going to say about the shift is that teams that do it most don't make the postseason. The saddest part is they're starting to do it in little league. It takes the fun out of sports for a little kid when they are looking at your stats to see where you're hitting. It's okay to do that to professional players, but kids, eh idk, that's a little beyond their understanding.
chiefbrodyii (11 months ago)
I've seen it some in little league, too. If your kids bunt, those teams will stop shifting. We are seeing the shift with more frequency in MLB. The response is to simply bunt down the line and take a free base hit. I dont understand why more players, such as Freddie Freeman, don't bunt against the shift.
Wyatt Zelle And your statistical data to support this?
BloodPups (1 year ago)
Willoughby Krenzteinburg there are a couple teams that rarely do unless they have an EXTREME tendency. I believe one team is the Blue Jays
This is just something you made up. There is literally zero data that backs up this ridiculous claim. All teams play the shift against certain batters. The shift is a part of baseball. If you are very lopsided in your tendency to pull the ball, teams will play the shift against you. All of them. They would be idiots not to. The claim that those teams that play the shift the most don't make the playoffs is statistically false. It's nonsense. It's just some bullshit you made up. The only link that can be made between teams that play the shift more often is that those teams that play the shift more often are simply facing more batters notorious for being pull hitters. There is literally nothing more that can be said about it.
Flakes x 73 (2 years ago)
"How about we give him" ... "His locker when he gets there
David C (2 years ago)
Tb v oriels That guy was so out
DCstrong13 (2 years ago)
Idk why players don't do this more often especially when it's like no outs and no one of first like Joey Votto is not gonna get a pitch to get 2 bases so why not just take the easy single and keep the line moving
Joshua Fetter (2 years ago)
Fuck the shift
MetallKaos (2 years ago)
0:58 "The Cardinals would probably argue, 'Well that's alright, we're gonna give him... His locker when he gets there."
truthsmiles (2 years ago)
0:39 sounds like a fart
robert postman (2 years ago)
Every time I came up against a shit unless there were runners in scoring position that I wanted to drive in I would bunt the opposite way. Shift that bitches.
Geotpf (2 years ago)
I'm surprised everybody doesn't bunt down the third base line when they have an absurd shift towards first.
deinse82 (2 years ago)
When you don't know what you're doing, bunting is dangerous. Break a finger, and there goes your season. And it's not the players' fault that they can't bunt. Once a player is signed to a professional contract (often at age 18), it's no longer his decision whether he practices bunting or not. The reason why most good hitters don't know how to bunt is because teams don't want to take the risks that come with it.
Tahir Meulens (2 years ago)
That is smart play you must be smart to play this game
Canadian Baseball fan (2 years ago)
Nocanobint really
Mitch Tsukinari (2 years ago)
Super puppy GamingYT lol are you talking about the cano bunt double? That was great.
Code Zero Gaming Fan (2 years ago)
:59-:1:04 "The Cardinals will give him -Switch game- his locker when he gets there. lol
chrisdub84 (2 years ago)
Howard beat the shift by hitting into it lol
Kevin Koffenberger (2 years ago)
for the one highlight of Chris Davis beating the shift there are 30 at bats when he grounded right into it
deinse82 (2 years ago)
There are also 241 where he completely ignored the shift and hit it out of the park.
Ken Schaljo (2 years ago)
he was also out at 2nd lol
Eypi Freeley (2 years ago)
I was expecting cano's bunt double to be in this.
OMG Sports (2 years ago)
Rizzo did this in the NLCS
Pk_Lo (2 years ago)
I saw once on tv that Robinson cano bunted into the outfield when he was on the Yankees
Corwin Allard (2 years ago)
Kalynn Sours (2 years ago)
Brandon Buchner (2 years ago)
So Howard is on here twice...and neither time he "beat the shift." Hell, he pulled them both.
A. L. Smith (2 years ago)
Should be retitled, "Bunts down the third base line". :)
Theroux (2 years ago)
A. L. Smith (2 years ago)
I know. That's why I put the smiley at the end.
Theroux (2 years ago)
'cept they aren't all bunts.
Range Wilson (2 years ago)
I never understood why more sluggers didn't do this. Unless you are Barry Bonds at his peak, a free single is far more helpful to the team than swinging for the fences every time.
EthnHayabusa (4 months ago)
This mentality is hilarious. You truly would prefer to watch a bunch of bunts. If Mike Trout or Joey Votto bunts, the other team wins. They want them to bunt.
discoandherpes (5 months ago)
+Jeff T Yeah, but that's also because Bonds is the best hitter to ever play the game, so any other batter is worth pitching to than him from a statistical point of view.
jlp40 (1 year ago)
The answer is sheer arrogance. Those power hitters think that they are above this. "They don't pay me 15 million a year to bunt." To that I say, "They pay you to help win games. What good is striking out on an outside curveball in the dirt because you want to pull the ball?!!"
Jeff T (1 year ago)
If I remember right, the Giants had a weak #5 hitter, which meant teams would usually not pay if they walked Bonds. Didn't a team one time throw an intentional walk to Bonds with the bases loaded?
KnickKnack07 (2 years ago)
Even for Barry Bonds it would be. I GUARANTEE if someone ran a simulation a million times for several scenarios (leading off an inning, runner on 1st, etc. with various outs) with the late 90s/early 00s Giants lineups, the Giants would score MORE runs due to him being intentionally walked all those times (same as a bunt single) than had they pitched to him. The only reason Bonds' AB/HR ratio was so low was because they only pitched to him when he knew they absolutely HAD to get it over the plate.
AndrewGames 36 (2 years ago)
How did you not show Robinson cano's bunt double
Music Genius (2 years ago)
There is a lot he misses in his videos actually. Especially if its an Astro doing it. In almost all his video so far I can think of the perfect play that an Astro did for the Video and he never shows it. It's like he forgets about that team.
Clarence Aaron Jones (2 years ago)
Adams and McCann did not beat the shift. They reached on errors.
Chad Baxter (2 years ago)
Can you do funny/awkward things sports announcers said on air??
Greg Gibson motioning to this comment and Chad Baxter celebrating in his dugout
Baseball Phanatic (1 year ago)
tubenachos fudge no
tubenachos (1 year ago)
1 hour long video of Joe Buck.
Flakes x 73 (2 years ago)
Chad Baxter Cedric Maxwell (analyst on Celtics radio) has becoming anything but an analyst over the past 3 seasons
Flakes x 73 (2 years ago)
Chad Baxter don orsillo and Jerry remy spent 3 innings talking about the water pressure in the hotel
GMRox (2 years ago)
Love that play by Nolan Arenado!
Luke Pederson (2 years ago)
James Foskey (2 years ago)
Both of the clips with Howard don't count. He still hit into the shift. Just a mistake by the infield. He's too pompous to drop a bunt down the third base line for an easy base hit. One of the reasons why his career is basically over.
Eli.Feliz (6 months ago)
That and having no eye against left-handed pitching...
deinse82 (2 years ago)
Yes, if only he learned to bunt...he'd be right back to being a perennial All Star.
CoBeX31 (2 years ago)
James Foskey Sounds like you're super salty about something.
luxon4 (2 years ago)
i CANNOT believe you dont have cano's nonchalant bunt for a standup double. nothing will beat cano's 2b bunt against the sox.
Nolan McDermott (2 years ago)
Holy shit that play by Arenado at 1:46
papilgee4evaeva (1 year ago)
JJM Awsomness It does. Crawford still got the base hit.
JJM Awsomness (1 year ago)
Did this play even count as beating the shift cause just saying my arenado got him out
JJM Awsomness (1 year ago)
Did this play even count as beating the shift cause just saying my arenado got him out
Timothy Hutchings (2 years ago)
Horrible base coaching letting him make a turn when he can see Arenado has the ball.
grandchamp12345 (2 years ago)
I guess I can't get mad when people do this in Mlb the show lol
Akspoon47 (2 years ago)
grandchamp12345 my cousin gets so triggered when I do that
WoodenFloorsRock (2 years ago)
Love the videos man
CurtDesigns (2 years ago)
Love all of the uploads!! Keep up the hard work it WILL pay off!!
Edward Tejeda (2 years ago)
The Pack Pro Am (2 years ago)
Where's cano against the sox?
Matthew Krusinski (2 years ago)
Can you do Grand Slams?
Juan Escobedo (2 years ago)
do 3 pitch innings
God Goat43 (1 year ago)
Juan Escobedo or in the gap
HW Air soft& Hunting (1 year ago)
Juan Escobedo I love your profile picture
Plopstoper Games (2 years ago)
The real beast Mode (2 years ago)
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Gülbahar Özer (2 years ago)
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Gülbahar Özer (2 years ago)
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The real beast Mode (2 years ago)
Gülbahar Özer (2 years ago)
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