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Pierre Danel (kadinja) - Guitare Xtreme #68

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Pierre Danel (kadinja) - Guitare Xtreme #68 http://www.facebook.com/guitarextrememag http://www.guitarextrememag.com/
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Text Comments (27)
JohnSweet (6 months ago)
Dka7 white 😍😍😍
Hope is Bullshit (1 year ago)
con quand tu débutes dans ce genre de riff, tu t'embrouilles mais grave! croche double croche pall mute... ca demande énormément d'heure de taff pour quelqu'un qui n'a jamais taffé ce genre de style
scarvered (1 year ago)
Hope is Bullshit Ce sont des heures et des heures de jeu quotidien ! Le progrès vient vite par contre mais faut s’y tenir rigoureusement, et avoir du bon matos. Bon courage !!
X (1 year ago)
C est puissant!!! Bravo..sa va être dur à bosser😀
killsvium (2 years ago)
c'est une tuerie,je tombe sur des frenchs,c'est un style que j'ai découvert depuis peu avec monuments et d'entendre ce que tu fait est juste un régale pour les tympans,peux tu m'indiquer le ou les accordages que tu utilise please .merci
Ed Imholz (2 years ago)
that right hand technique of his out of this world.
Isan Simpson (2 years ago)
btw, auto-translation for this video is fucking hilarious...for example, @2:11 "different for sure the baby flaps she was at that level"
Isan Simpson (2 years ago)
shit balls your riffs are difficult to play
Plateusigma Band (2 years ago)
what pick ups does he use
Iiiakaiii 8000 (2 years ago)
Qu'on me rassure, le premier riff c'est Insomnia de Periphery n'est-ce pas ?! Et le deuxième ?
Teddy Marquise (1 year ago)
Déterrage mais le premier riff c'est Shade :) (de kadinja)
Iiiakaiii 8000 (2 years ago)
Oui, c'est vraiment très proche quand même ;). Le deuxième morceau c'est Henry Call Mash Yes, je l'ai retrouvé !
Teddy Marquise (2 years ago)
Iiiakaiii 8000 pas vraiment, il ressemble à Insomnia mais je pense que c'est le riff de Pierre Danel mais c'est vraiment classique dans ce style. Le deuxième je ne sais pas, mais il me fait penser à Bittersweet Guilt de Kadinja.
sSMASH (2 years ago)
Damn it! I watch Pierre's videos all the time and I'm always bummed out that I can't understand him! I wish I could get you as a teacher somehow...
Teddy Marquise (2 years ago)
Sal Huning You're welcome, glad if I could help :)
sSMASH (2 years ago)
@Teddy Marquise​ Oh right on man. Thanks! I wish he would do vids of him breaking down techniques. That's be cool.
Teddy Marquise (2 years ago)
Sal Huning in this vid, he's saying the first riff is easy but you have to practice with your right hand. (1st part of the riff is only palm mute and the 2nd with ghost notes) The 2nd one is the same but with chords and melody. And the difficulty of the riff is the tapping note. And then the last one is completely different and only melodic. Between the riffs he's just saying he will play it slowly to show how to do these riffs.
Marco Tobing (3 years ago)
please help me, what kind of scales do you use? need help :(
SwallowedDude (2 years ago)
Try with chromatic scales :)
Vincent Torchinsky (3 years ago)
I've seen them in live, it was fucking awesome man, only 40 minutes of show, it was way to short
iamrichlife (3 years ago)
Tabs? <3
Danel Pierre (3 years ago)
+iamrichlife With the magazine :)
Karybhoo M (3 years ago)
Jonathan Pennheim (4 years ago)
I have no idea what your saying, but I want to be your best friend :)
cyanidejunkie (4 years ago)
I freakin love this guy, kadinja is one of the few bands I listen to everyday. Fav. Song? G.L.H.F. but love them all. Love the style and love the singers voice. Sad to see max have to leave, can not wait for the new stuff to come out.
Shaleen Sharma (5 months ago)
The best part of G. L. H. F is when rick makes that sick bend at the end
Yellave Oceans (4 years ago)
amazing xd

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