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Top 10 Worst Movie Actors

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Their acting is cringe worthy. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Movie Actors. Check us out at http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo, http://instagram.com/watchmojo and http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo. Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Special thanks to our users jkellis, Austin Barr, Alexander David Bourns, Rob Welch, ThermalThree, Andrew A. Dennison, EzioDeLaGhetto, JuneyTuney1991 and RTShinigami for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+Ten+Worst+Movie+Actors If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Want a WatchMojo cup, mug, t-shirts, pen, sticker and even a water bottle? Get them all when you order your MojoBox gift set here: http://watchmojo.com/store/ WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 2-3 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!
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Text Comments (10331)
Olivia Dimock (5 hours ago)
where is cara delevinge
London MD (1 day ago)
Julia Roberts is the same actress in every movie.
pkmcburroughs (3 days ago)
In all fairness, Kristen Stewart has improved a lot since the Twilight movies.
joyunicycle (6 days ago)
*Tommy Wiseau:* (sees the list) Yar lion, I'm a good actor like James Dean. YAR TARING ME APART WATCHMOJO!!
Kachena 98 (7 days ago)
Shaq is fucking awesome
Angelo Bellino (9 days ago)
How can this list not include Lorenzo Lamas? One of the most expression-less actors ever like Seagal
ROYAL BENGAL GAMER (10 days ago)
Jamie Keneddy's Mask made me so so so ANGRY
Rylie Bonser (11 days ago)
Why does Encino man have two names
Emilio Manuel De Pedro (11 days ago)
What these guys should do is taking acting classes.
Barron Harper (12 days ago)
I really liked In The Army Now (1994)
Barron Harper (12 days ago)
And Killers (2010)
Evangelos Killer mike (13 days ago)
The worst actors ever are Zachary efron,Dwayne Johnson,any other wrestler,vin diesel,cate blanchett,maisie Williams & anyone from the fast & furious movies obviously except the goddess of beauty & talent Charlize Theron)these are acts.
GrumpleslamAlabaster (13 days ago)
“ We don’t think these are the worst actors”. What a cop out...
Justin Eaker (14 days ago)
Leave pauly alone!!!
Purple Haze (14 days ago)
It's not a "fake" fighting...... it's "Choreographed" or "scripted" ....
Ariel Garza (14 days ago)
Kristen Stewart shows more emotion when she got caught Cheating
Wiz Sniper (15 days ago)
Joshua Huq (16 days ago)
Hey man, Pauly Shore rules, Paul Rudd sucks (outside of Ant Man and Anchorman); at least Shore wasn't dull or boring!
Aurora Springs (16 days ago)
I fucking LOVE Tommy Wiseau 😂😂 he is the best at being the worst ♥️
trustnone ebkk (17 days ago)
Wrestling is not FAKE ! ! ! !
Jawa (18 days ago)
Jamie Kennedy is a Seth green knock off
I Don’t Know Shit (19 days ago)
Steven Segal definitely should be top 3
I Don’t Know Shit (19 days ago)
But why would you make a list packed with people that aren’t even actors?
Tommy Clark (20 days ago)
Am I the only person on the planet earth who thought Freddie Got Fingered was funny as shit?
George Black (21 days ago)
I actually don’t think Jaden Smith is that bad an actor!
Zachary Wiseman (21 days ago)
How DARE you include our Lord and Savior, Tommy Wiseau! He is the greatest of all time
kryceksangel (21 days ago)
Evita was great
KENNY STEWART (22 days ago)
Madonna should acting in Die another day instead of Brosnan.
KENNY STEWART (22 days ago)
"#6: Hulk Hogan" Me: The worst actor with the funny name
Jory Stultz (23 days ago)
Acting is not faking emotions. It is generating genuine emotions through many mental and sometimes physical techniques.
The Cheese Said (23 days ago)
Every thumbs upper to this video, needs to burn in hell suck on a 19 inch big black dick get raped to death, get a third-degree sunburns, get burned on the genitals by ramen noodles, get two flat tires at once, have a bird s*** on them on their walking into work, step in dogshit ,drop and break their phone screen, have a fraudulent charge placed on bank account, chip a tooth, find out their lovers cheating on them, the addicted fentanyl accidentally, get diagnosed with AIDS misdiagnosed or legitimately, a really fat person fart next to them in a crowed and receive the blame, speeding ticket while going the speed limit , spit on your burger,
The Cheese Said (23 days ago)
This video has the practical joke
The Cheese Said (23 days ago)
Seriously everybody on this list is fucking awesome except for shack ...and every one of these m************ that was involved with the creation of this video needs to be straight-up raped to death because after slandering big black dick sucking mouth f*** off bitches
The Cheese Said (23 days ago)
What the FUCK really Pauly shore one of the worst actors what the fuck are these people smoking goddamn horseshit how the fuck are they going too disgrace Pauly shore and what's funny is I feel so bad why was he in so many movies mother fucking fucktards whoever wrote this needs to be choked to death with a big black dick then have that big black 19 in dick rape their dead corpse
predator66621 mc manus (25 days ago)
I don't lt think that jade smith is that bad
714Sluggo (25 days ago)
If you included Wiseau why not the rest of that worst acting cast of all time in the worst most idiotic movie of all time?
Geoffrey Thomas (26 days ago)
Shaq is just having fun, he doesn't think he's some great thespian.
tony j (26 days ago)
Mr nanny is good
ADITHYA MENON (27 days ago)
You guys shut up! Tommy is a cinematic treasure! He gave us THE ROOM for God's sake!
Tamara Magdalene (27 days ago)
Madonna getting smacked is her best scene.
RagingMoon1987 (29 days ago)
Where's Jennifer Ho-Pez?
the truth (29 days ago)
Take pauly shore off this list
Raul Duke (29 days ago)
Shaq raps too. Legit albums
Worsel (29 days ago)
I would definitely add Pamela Anderson, and Bo Derek to the list. Derek would be my #1.
Angelo Bellino (25 days ago)
Worsel And also Chuck Norris and Jean Claud Van Damme
Alek Pazz / Jim Rox (29 days ago)
If I see nicolas cage I will unfollow
Robert F. (30 days ago)
Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher Ashton fucking Kutcher.
Samuel Bravo (30 days ago)
Why is there glitching here?
Iyanna McLeod (30 days ago)
Oh hi Mark
Thomas Moncrief (1 month ago)
Are these people just bad actors or just in bad movies?
Richard Johnson (1 month ago)
Jim Carrey
ネコCat (1 month ago)
Lett me tell you something brother
behindblueyes83sm (1 month ago)
You should have added Sinbad in Shazzam. I don't know why everyone talks about that movie it was his worst performance.
Joe N (1 month ago)
Pauly Shore should be #1, and Aubrey Plaza should def be somewhere on this list. Outside of Parks & Rec she is unwatchable
No you (1 month ago)
im pausing right before the finish and if it isnt kristen stewart im gonna be piiiissed
Chris Forrai (1 month ago)
Arnold Schwarzenegger should be number 10 his movies are great but he's a really bad actor
KIRAMH1023 (1 month ago)
THANK YOU! Thought I was the only one who thought K. Stewart was awful. On another note...maybe make a worst actor list that’s ONLY actors. Not incl. sports stars & singers & debutants, etc. It’s a cop out...they’re pretty much a given to be awful. Let’s have a top ten worst actors w/ just SAG members.
Homeslicehero (1 month ago)
I like Pauly shore!
roger smith (1 month ago)
click bait and milinial soy boys trying to understand old movies from that era and then wining about it
David Edward (1 month ago)
Quintin T..... Brilliant director, bad bad actor.
Shane Bartley (1 month ago)
I saw Hulk Hogan in the Spring of '84, when I was 13, in a Little General convenience store on Indian Rocks Beach in Florida... I was browsing the magazine rack and was amazed to see him enter the store..I instantly recognized him from the Rocky movie he was in... He started to walk down the aisle I was in, He had sunglasses on so I don't know if he looked at me or not, but I was like, "Oh Wow, can I get an autograph?"... Without even looking at me, "Phffft!... Get a job"... and just kept walking... Hated him and wrestling ever since, but I should thank him... It kept me from ever being "starstruck" again
Stephy The Bride (1 month ago)
I actually don't agree on Jamie Kennedy.The best films that he has made,as far as I can tell,is Tremors 5 and 6,and most people don't know that franchise(only those who saw it will recognize it,but some people may be interested in knowing that the first film features Kevin Bacon).You gotta also take note that Kennedy also voice-acted in the sequel to the Curious George Movie,but I totally understand if he is on the list because of Son Of The Mask.
Jennifer Wilcox (1 month ago)
These aren't actors. They're celebrities (or something) and happened to be popular at the time so some lain brain thought they'd fit in a movie. However, these people definitely fit the "worst" of something list.
No.1 should be Adam Sandler or seth rogen
wannabe wanna (1 month ago)
Adam sandler tries so hard to be funny , that it sucks. He should pay ppl to watch his movies.
Dr Donald Blake (1 month ago)
*"You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"* Tommy Wiseau - legend.
arterialtribal (1 month ago)
I liked Hulk Hogan as an actor in "Nanny", but I think he is one of that guys that really can play roles that are made for them.
PINK CIRCLE (1 month ago)
Oh hi Tommy.
King Of Clout 1116 (1 month ago)
Tommy wiseau was ahead of his time
Stang5.0 killsya (1 month ago)
Wow I'm amazed both by Son of the Mask's budget (84-100 mil) as well as its revenue (60 mil)… Had no idea they dumped that much money into that shit show, nor did I have any clue that it made THAT much box office!
Chuck E.G. (1 month ago)
They are all terrible!! Every single one of them except for Jamie Kennedy is funny I mean his stand up that is!!
Reepacheirp firewalker (1 month ago)
So many awful actors so many more that other's think are A listers also.
Denton Gerhart (1 month ago)
Where is george strait
FantasyAnd (1 month ago)
MMW was dope. "Dont be hatin".
Zeacorzeppelin10 (1 month ago)
Oh hi mark
N L (1 month ago)
is paris hilton even an actor???are u kidding!
jsphat81 (1 month ago)
Ashton Kutcher is not on this list?
Robin Mapp (1 month ago)
They forgot Mr. T .
Red Lazer (1 month ago)
Unbelievable. Tommy wiseau is the best actor of all time.
Corey Pace (1 month ago)
Whats wrong with Malibu’s most wanted it’s funny as fuck
Alexandra Montanus (2 months ago)
Wirst actor? Charlton Heston in anything!!!! The barrel was mighty empty back then and this was one of the best choices.
Kelley Gieger (2 months ago)
Madonna's only decent movie was A League of Their Own
srthellcat707 (2 months ago)
What hulkmania bad actor? I loved *galactic bounty hunter movie. * (suburban commando]
Mark Komonoski (2 months ago)
jaden smith isn't bad
Sebastien Creo (2 months ago)
You forget the worst of the worst right now Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
tom quigley (2 months ago)
Tom Greene doesn't belong on this list. He's a performance artist who cashed a check.
Protus (2 months ago)
Jesus, Kristen Stewart seems to be just the worst.
Big Goof (2 months ago)
Jeremy Freeman (2 months ago)
Madonna was funny in A League Of Their Own, Jessica Beil and Katherine Heigl? Really, Katherine was AWESOME in Grey's Anatomy, much better than Ellen Pompeo.
Tomer Shuker (2 months ago)
Steven seagal is my choise...
militia survivors (2 months ago)
jaden smith is bad at everything it's so funny
Phil S (2 months ago)
I don't think Hilton CAN read scripts lol Justin Chatwin, Brie Larson, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Bruce Willis, Judy Greer
man tough (2 months ago)
Top 10 Watchmojo wrong list
Zzz Mmm (2 months ago)
Sofia Coppola?
Nomad Nemesis (2 months ago)
Where is your mom? She did pretty bad in that short vid with a few blacks
Nishank Tiwari (2 months ago)
Professional and "FAKE" fighting...
Valincia Pruitt (2 months ago)
To be fair athletes are not supposed to be good actors. They all get a pass from me. LOL
Uncle CJ (2 months ago)
What about Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whitley?! Cringe worthy at it's worst👎👎!!
NastyfoxChannel (2 months ago)
Dwayne "The rock" Johnson should be on the list, he is a terrible actor as well
Leo Buscaglia (2 months ago)
Robert Pattinson is almost as bad as Kristen and Taylor. Basically all the three leads of the Twilight movies suck ass.
Pallavi Shende (2 months ago)
hulk Hogan is not a worst actor
Crush The Box (2 months ago)
Paully shore rules
Kurt Wallander (2 months ago)
make a top 10 of the worst top 10 mojos…

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