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Product Photography: Planning, Setup, Shoot, Post Processing, to Publishing

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I show a complete product shoot workflow from planning through publishing. I show how I set up the scene and light the product. For the post-processing portion, I edit the photo in Lightroom and clean it up in Photoshop, including removing the lines that suspend the pen. Finally, I prepare the photo for the Web and publish it. Website showing published photo: http://yt.forrest-tanaka.com/pen/ Video showing retina image replacement technique: http://youtu.be/OhVhCFz4DME Visit me at: http://forrest-tanaka.com/ Like my page at: https://www.facebook.com/ForrestTanakaPhotoWebMedia
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Text Comments (203)
Niamot Ullah (18 days ago)
Simple photography group 👉 https://mbasic.facebook.com/groups/2053455631603208?refid=27#groupMenuBottom
Semage Namal Surendra (1 month ago)
1:34 can u pls give the link of this Journal app. Thanks. 👍
meroslave (4 months ago)
awesome, many thanks
Mountain Nik (4 months ago)
always take a picture only of the back (without the pen)
James Z Roy (5 months ago)
Great Great Tutorial, Very informative and straight forward. I like how you talk through the entire process. It would be valuable if you can insert (text) captions to parts where you click different key's which access options on Photoshop etc.
君何 (5 months ago)
thank you for your good teaching!
Panida Locke (6 months ago)
Great tutorial, thank you ! I'm trying to photograph a bangle bracelet and having trouble. What lense, and set up would you recommend?
Farrukh (6 months ago)
Great tutorial... Just one opinion: Using clone tool is much accurate than Filling Content Aware.. At least I find it more accurate and easy to do the job... Thanks for the tutorial :)
Roxana Carrion (6 months ago)
What were your camera settings?
Ishan Purekar (7 months ago)
What editing software do you use ? Isn't it time consuming??? Ever tried ZenFotomatic (zenfotomatic.com) for editing product photos??? For me it was pretty fast and accurate...would like your views on that!!
Aaron Day (8 months ago)
Thanks for the great video. As an alternative, you could check out Thrive Product Studio - they'll take care of all the product photography you need - quick & affordable! www.thriveproductstudio.com
LuvPhotography (9 months ago)
Thank you!
Alex López (10 months ago)
Thank you for great tutorial.
brad douglas (11 months ago)
Excellent! Thanks
Mark Harris (1 year ago)
I watched this because I had an idea to photograph a Cross pen, which are quite rare in England. I also have almost exactly the same set up except I’ll use a 5DIII. Great video.
Rodolfo Pimenta (1 year ago)
I cringed so hard with this video. The shot idea was good, but that editing is awful, terrible! Totally destructive. The best way to make product photography is making multiple shots with different exposures and focus points.
Jeremiah Dauphinais (1 year ago)
That was incredible! Thank you for the video!
Thomas Windfeld (1 year ago)
Great vid.! Thanx. Love your pix on your site. Great lighting! :-)
Cr3 Media (1 year ago)
Great stuff.
merim02 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial and your patience to show us every single detail in your work: planing, equipment setup and processing image. You expand my poor knowledge in product photography, so from now on I would not be afraid to try it.
Fernando Acevedo (1 year ago)
Awesome tutorial!!!! Hey Forrest do you mind sharing which Ipad App do you use to sketch your ideas?
Sudhir Kumar Parashar (1 year ago)
Fernando Acevedo paper
Charles Fara (1 year ago)
Really awesome tutorial. Thanks very much!
James O (1 year ago)
Amazing! One of the best photography tutorials around.
tuneit3 (1 year ago)
Well done and thorough
Tallat Khan (1 year ago)
amazing sir,we are beginners in product photography but your video gave us alot of inspiration
Liz Villegas (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for this! I've been thinking of learning product photography, this is really helpful and inspiring :D
caporretto (1 year ago)
Great VIdeo, clear easy to follow just what is needed.
CM O (1 year ago)
Awesome. Thanks!
Aya Ueda (1 year ago)
It is always necessary to make product photography with a flash, with the softbox? If so, why?
Wolfgang Heitler (1 year ago)
amazing, i subscribed to your channel!
Dave Henderson (2 years ago)
Very nice work and very clear direction!
Gains Loading (2 years ago)
Jesus crist! That was a GREAT tutorial!!
montyfacker (2 years ago)
wow. I this was really informative. Thank you so much =) cheers from Norway
Filip Rádkozy (2 years ago)
what the hack.. Doing just so tedious stuff.. Removing the little dust just to export it in a resolution lower than full HD.. Lol... Otherwise a great tutorial!
Jenny Gavin-Wear (2 years ago)
Great tutorial, learnt a lot. thank you!
Globalization_ (2 years ago)
thanks mate
Ritchie Valens (2 years ago)
Your videos are great. I subscribed to your channel years ago whenIwatched your moon photography tutorial. I even searched the tune you used which was Quasars
Jose Crespo (2 years ago)
Best product photography tutorial i've ever seen. Thank you very much.
Banthorn Sangsri (2 years ago)
This is very useful. Thankyou
Simon Woodward (2 years ago)
I love the noise mask technique! thanks for that!
Kunal Sil (2 years ago)
Hello Sir ... its been a privileged to watch your tutorial from the very beginning to the end ... yeah , I learned a lot .. thanks a lot .. expecting many more such tutorials from your end .. thanks again ...!!!
Rock Music News (2 years ago)
this was painful to watch. so much destructive techniques used here that would literally get you fired asap from any professional job.
Gopinath Krishnan (8 months ago)
i want to know what is exact techniques people used for professional job
Peter Hruska (2 years ago)
Touchup (2 years ago)
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Sowmiya Seetharaman (2 years ago)
hi sir !! wow really wow :D its very tricky tech for the product photography. thank you for the vedio :) its helpfull for the creaters
tomhendry1 (2 years ago)
Excellent video! Thank you so much.
Ionut Balanean (2 years ago)
Very nice advices, but considering you took care of all the little smudges, it would've been nice if you cleaned up in Photoshop that big fingerprint at the top of the logo.
Supreet Sahoo (2 years ago)
good work
Eric Neumann (2 years ago)
Make sure when using Photoshop to use non-destructive techniques whenever possible. It's a good rule to never edit the original background layer.
Dan Woodward (1 year ago)
I was in tears throughout the editing section. Keep duplicating the layer bro!
Francisco Ortega (2 years ago)
Hey sir,I just bumped onto this video as Im venturing into product and food photography. Ive been shooting portraits and such for a few years now but where im located its difficult to get subjects let alone clients. I still love to shoot Fashion and artistic portraits but this genre allows me to get in close and learn more about lighting at a slower pace. This is one of the best tutorials in general as rarely does a photographer show from concept to finished product. That's the way my mind works and is part of the fun for me - the planning is part of the shot also in my mind. So great to find like minded folks out there.  Im actually checking out your site now and I look forward to seeing more. Sorry I got to this video so late.CheersFrank
Kym McBride (2 years ago)
Loved your teaching ability and so happy to see the entire process. Great job, I will be following you from now on.
Greg Allen (2 years ago)
Thanks... PS has a really really steep learning curve and this helps out tremendously! Cheers, Greg
Wahid (2 years ago)
Thanks for the nice tutorial. It's helpful.
Lauren (2 years ago)
What app do you use to sketch out your plan at the beginning of the video?
Omel Garcia (2 years ago)
the best!
amandajo28 (2 years ago)
Excellent video! I will be sharing!
[email protected] (2 years ago)
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Focus Amlu (2 years ago)
good video and good technics tank you sir
George Sekonda (2 years ago)
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George Sekonda (2 years ago)
Check out the book 'Product Photography Tips for eBay and Ecommerce'.
Spillevinken (2 years ago)
Great video! You have a way of calmly explaining everything so its very pleasant and easy to listen to. Thank you for your help! First time visitor, and now a subscriber :)
Infipark.com (2 years ago)
very helpful video!!!
Danny Geveling (2 years ago)
this tutorial is awesome. you explain very good and even take the time to add details like: "you need to have snap on for this function to work" so if I try the exact same it wil actualy work because you say it step by step without skipping small things. this is one of the best tutorials I ever watched.
RDDC (2 years ago)
Well you just cleared up some features of photoshop I was wondering what they were used for. I'm just getting into product photography...awesome video taking it from step one to finish! I subbed!
enerdhil (2 years ago)
You are an awesome! Very painless and loads of tiny tings that are otherwise hard to learn!
Jasmine Body (2 years ago)
Great tutorial!
Blake Johnson (3 years ago)
This is brilliant. Very quick and easy.
Stephan Paris (3 years ago)
Great thorough video. I curious as to why you used a strobe pointing up and reflecting it using the foamcore up top instead of pointing the strobe directly at the pen?
fusionaut23 (3 years ago)
Do you know how to " apply all"to RAW photo's in Photoshop in Camera RAW? I am doing a time lapse and I have 360 photo's and I know how to do one but I don't want to do all of the photo's individually. Thanks!
Filip Trubač (1 year ago)
get lightroom
Clipping path Lab (3 years ago)
Impressive. Thank You
Tony Guillaro (3 years ago)
I like the shot and everything you were trying to convey during the shoot, It was very helpful! But the your editing techniques need much improvement.. There are much more effective ways to retouch that pen than the way you went about it, also you never used layers, that's just a disaster waiting to happen! This is not meant as hate by any means :)
Magnum (3 years ago)
Wow! I need to learn a bit more about Photoshop. I am amazed that it can do all of that. I had no idea it had all those capabilities. Nice job!
Blake Johnson (3 years ago)
+Magnum You should subscribe the Phlearn's youtube channel. They cover everything about Photoshop. I learnt about 80% of what I apply from them.
Bun ny (3 years ago)
Hello Tanaka, The video was helpful..Can u Help me out for Shooting a Indian Saree? Need some help in Setup, Lighting Equipment & Camera to be used. Will await for your Reply.
David D Justiss (3 years ago)
Great Video, Forrest, thanks.
Henri Brownell (3 years ago)
Very nice video!
Diomedes Ventura (3 years ago)
Thanks for it, can you tell me the power of each flash please
Malinda Thennakoon (3 years ago)
Whats the exact Camera & the lens you have used for this please?
DJ Ashwath (1 year ago)
Malinda Thennakoon it's a canon 5D MK II with 70-200 shot at 200mm with f13 ISO 100
Guy Richardson (3 years ago)
This is a great tutorial! Although, I think if you used a strong magnet setup to make the pen stand on edge, it would be easier to edit. Something to consider if you shoot a lot of pens :)
Guy Richardson (3 years ago)
Well, I have a large neodymium magnet, take it under the table, then place some smaller magnets in the base of the pen.. :D I got the idea from a magic trick where you stick a needle down a wooden match stick and make it stand up in someones hand using a magnet in your sleeve. Play around with it, it could be an effective method to avoid editing out the fishing line after the shot. If the pen is metal it may just work anyway.
Kilo Five Airsoft (3 years ago)
+Guy Richardson How does that work because I'm thinking of doing this?
casvans (3 years ago)
those aren't gobos, they're shutters
Kuldeep Ghadiali (3 years ago)
Which iPad app you are using to plan the set-up ?
Kuldeep Ghadiali (3 years ago)
Thanks Steve,it's a great app
Steve Smith (3 years ago)
Hi Kuldeep, the app looks like Paper by 53. its a great app and there is a pencil take you can buy to aid in the drawing work. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paper-by-fiftythree/id506003812?mt=8  
Phil Larragoite (3 years ago)
Nice insight into the workflow, thanx for the tips
Joao Afonso (3 years ago)
So great!!! thanx Forrest!!!
Graphics Path (3 years ago)
Thank you, Very informative video tutorial. I enjoy it.
Gathering No Moss (3 years ago)
Even knowing nothing about photography and not much more about Photoshop, it was mesmerizing watching you produce that beautiful image. Thanks
FMJFilmMedia (3 years ago)
Very nice job...thanks
odysseus011380 (4 years ago)
Excellent. Thank you kindly.
Clipping Path Experts (4 years ago)
Overall Excellent tutorial! I really enjoyed.
Clipping Mask Asia (4 years ago)
very useful information. It becomes easier for us to do post shot processing if the shots are taken properly like this one.  
Bob Garlick (4 years ago)
I think you missed the fingerprint but a really nice tutorial with some great tips.
ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ (3 years ago)
+Quincy Bendal  did you earn any money yer?
Wow! This was a fantastic tutorial. Thanks so much Forrest :)
Jack Torrence (4 years ago)
Elias Nesser (4 years ago)
A lot of great information here. Thank you!
Andrew Flores (4 years ago)
Nice tutorial thanks
James Mustard (4 years ago)
Brilliant Thanks!! 
Josh Harrison (4 years ago)
Great video. How long did this photo take from start to finish not including the creation of the tutorial?
Lenwood young (4 years ago)
Mr. Tanaka, What kind of sketching program was that on your i-pad? I loved how you showed us the step by step approach from start to finish!
Kamile Zaleskyte (4 years ago)
You actually should never flatten your PSD-Images... At least that's the thing we always learn (and teach others). So you can always adjust things! 
Product Photo Canada (4 years ago)
Great! There are many techniques to come up a perfect image and I think you showed it all. Thanks
Madan Rautela (4 years ago)
Khaled Taha (4 years ago)
I really appreciate your effort .. valuable information, Thanks Mr Forrest Tanaka.

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