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Top 10 Richest Actresses In Hollywood

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Top 10 Richest Actresses In Hollywood. It is amazing how much money actresses make in a year. On this list, we will be talking about the most wealthiest actresses in Hollywood. TOP 10 NERD - NEW CHANNEL - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF5tN4DO3Eh-BBOddG09gHw FAN MAIL: P.O BOX # 14015 2408 Lakeshore Blvd W. Etobicoke, On M8V4A2 MORE VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE AS WELL: Top 10 Successful Celebrities Who Dropped Out Of High School : http://bit.ly/2lAib2Q Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of All Time : http://bit.ly/2mexXgV Top 10 Stars Who Had Their First Kiss With Another Star : http://bit.ly/2mSor6h Top 10 Most Successful Bands Of All Time : http://bit.ly/2mx1aGk SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBINYCmwE29fBXCpUI8DgTA FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- https://www.facebook.com/MostAmazingTop10Videos/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/missrebeccaj/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/rebeccafelgate VIDEO EDITED BY: Ryan Wazonek PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Sasha Wood
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Text Comments (271)
최고다임윤아 (1 day ago)
I Love You Emma Watson.....❤
Panasonic Youth (30 days ago)
why are you in the middle??? narcissism
Nikola (2 months ago)
This list is BS. If you are making video on richest ACTRESSES you should only count money they made acting
Nayeli Trejo (3 months ago)
Salma Hayek? She’s worth 7 billion
Courtney (6 months ago)
Oh, what about Meyrl Streep as in now she's worth over 95 million dollars
Myaukh_ Play'z (7 months ago)
Where is Emma?!!!
Where is emma watson???? Fake video .. but Emma is best ..
Greatest fan!!!!! Of Emma Watson she is Dam!!! Good actor ...
Vijay Pradhan (9 months ago)
Emma Watson
Roman ZMLV (1 year ago)
Where is Salma Hayek with her 7 billion?
Pramod Sherpa (1 year ago)
where's Emma watson
Katie Mouland (1 year ago)
I only realy know Nichol kidmen from her husband, Keith Urban
Lia Middleton (1 year ago)
#friendsforever!!!!!!! SOOOOO pleased it's on Netflix now!!!
Vminkook lover (1 year ago)
Where is emma watson
asdfgh j (1 year ago)
just look to nicol kidman she so rich 😲 maybe her family is was rich whene she was kid i read before she have 4 billion $ !!!
Polo Chulca (1 year ago)
Wat about Emma Watson
Mohd Yousuf (1 year ago)
Where is our Emma Watson 😡😡😡😡
Anna Banana (1 year ago)
The two Jennifers
janet lewise lewise (1 year ago)
Dina Meyer is also a sizeable figure of net worth which is $5 million. I love to see her acting in Restitution Road. Keep it up, Dina Meyer.
jess Salmon (1 year ago)
can Rebecca do top 10 cbs tv shows please. very big fan. I watch top 10s every day
Christopher Fraley (1 year ago)
#2 I didn't see coming hahaha
Soushi Miketsukami (1 year ago)
I'm here for Friends
Caiden Frasier Jacob lee (2 months ago)
Ryuu Ken (1 year ago)
I'm a simple person, I see Emma Watson and I click....however there's no Emma Watson...Needless to say I was not happy.
Vijayant Govender (1 year ago)
Jessica alba I love you
Camila Cabello (1 year ago)
I was here for Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston, lol
Hamza Hamza (11 months ago)
Hell....l like emma watson and jennifer aniston too.and l want talk with you.
gracie gonzaiez (2 years ago)
I came for Emma Watson for Harry Potter
Anand Vijaya (2 years ago)
Autumn the Kiwi (2 years ago)
Rebecca, I just want to say, I love your style and love that it's very similar to mine! :D =^w^=
ketchup_ 137 (2 years ago)
I love friends 😙
anisha jha (2 years ago)
raise your hands if you love jennifer aniston🙌🙌
Caiden Frasier Jacob lee (2 months ago)
I do she kinda nice ((:
Altaf khan (4 months ago)
anisha jha ✌
There's no black people
Grill Doctor (2 years ago)
Rayhana Chowdhury I did as well since she was Belle in Beauty and the Beast which just came out yesturday and it's amazing, so BE OUR GUEST.
Ahman Millener (2 years ago)
You do realized that Oprah is an actress also, then there is Vanessa Williams. Some of the richest Actresses have to or even three types of careers.
Stormagedon (2 years ago)
Bryce Savoy (2 years ago)
definately will change
Emmasha Medonza (2 years ago)
jessica alba
Arvind (2 years ago)
its pronounced looooo-eeeeeee dry-fus lol
Gamer Jeanie (2 years ago)
L like Emma Watson lollllllll. She acts as hermione in Harry Potter and acts as the beauty in the beauty and the beast.
The Stelartomato (2 years ago)
no one died no one is sick no one is sad pls sub fo4 my honesty
Abby Morales (2 years ago)
My favorite actress is Emma Stone
Zachary Agler (2 years ago)
A lot of these actors are overrated
Syednemath Uddin (2 years ago)
i thought that emilia clarke would be there in this list did anyone thought the same?
foxysome (2 years ago)
hi most amazing top ten!
Baker Jalal (2 years ago)
where is emma stone 🙁
Jennifer Karlsson (2 years ago)
what about scarlett and meryl?:/
Annie Porter (2 years ago)
I had a dream that I met Jennifer Annistan
Caiden Frasier Jacob lee (2 months ago)
@Hamza Hamza she is nice
Hamza Hamza (11 months ago)
Hell...we all like jennifer anniston...and l hope you can meet her soon.
wiktoria gawecka (2 years ago)
Am I the only one that didn't know half of the people on this list
Rebecca Martin (2 years ago)
My fav actress is Meryl Streep
King Con (2 years ago)
Hi guys!
Do top 10 Emma Watson facts
Lex Fetko (2 years ago)
What r your sources?
Grace Bishop (2 years ago)
Oh that's who she was in the boss
Joseph Walfish (2 years ago)
Is it me or is Rebecca just annoying
- A (2 years ago)
Joseph Walfish its just you
Luigi Gamez (2 years ago)
On the play screen, it has a picture of Emma Watson. Surprisingly, she was not in the top 10. Big fail most amazing top 10 :-(
Sarah Nawaz (2 years ago)
I wish Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham and Candice Accola were on this list
Paru Ap (2 years ago)
i thought julia louis-dreyfus would be number 1 because her father is a billionaire lol
Luca Fell (2 years ago)
someome should make a compilation of Rebecca saying babe
Petar Vujčić (2 years ago)
Caiden Frasier Jacob lee (2 months ago)
I love JA
Helena Mihaljcic (2 years ago)
Petar Vujčić where are you from?You have serbian name just like me
Brett Gagle (2 years ago)
My favorite is jennifer L.
MIRACLE 123 (2 years ago)
Rheanne Unicorn (2 years ago)
Do other ppl see this?? 856 likes?
Extinct Pringle (2 years ago)
Yeah like what da hell.... 19 599 views and not even 1000 likes....
Mark P. Leclerc (2 years ago)
you're so hot
Silver Twist (2 years ago)
Jen Aniston😍
Aleena Alam (2 years ago)
no scarlett johansson
Garance Art (2 years ago)
Where's Danny?
Joshua Ocampo (2 years ago)
jesus such a lame top 10 bring danny burke back he doesnt show this broing stuff
720 213 (2 years ago)
Where is Emma watson
Luna Moonchyld (2 years ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is awesome she's such a good actress I saw her in passengers and it was amazing she did really well considering she was like 1 of the only 2 ppl in the movie yes ik there were others but nobody that really had that much screentime 99% of the movie was her and the other guy can't remember his name but he was good to either way I do think she will top this list in the future at the rate she's going
Cats and dogs (2 years ago)
Margo Robbie is my favourite actress in Hollywood
can u do the richest singers in the world
Erin.b girl (2 years ago)
WHERE'S EMMA WATSON!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
La Nicky (2 years ago)
5:47 I spy with my little eye Johnny Cade from The Outsiders. Can you spot him. 😊
Neil Liversidge (2 years ago)
Why put Emma Watson on the picture
Joe Hajjar (2 years ago)
I love how the male actors top 10 made sooo much more money
Aditi Mohta (2 years ago)
Well, I was surprised when I found out Scarlett Johannson was not in the list
HILDA RUIZ (2 years ago)
I actually thought Ellen Degeneres was in the list!😰😱
Shreyas Govande (2 years ago)
On which spot is Emma Watson then??
LiL Bleach (2 years ago)
Wow all of them were girls feminist JK, I know this is the richest people not girls it's just fact
Dean Kruger (2 years ago)
what about the girl from Big Bang Theory
sam neale (2 years ago)
dam the things I'd do to sleep with Jennifer aniston and she's nearly 30 years older than me
kIDNEYKid 1999 (2 years ago)
sam neale I feel
Narwhal Nessa (2 years ago)
what about alexandra dardio
TrueBaccaFTW (2 years ago)
Im suprised Emma Watson isn"t in this. Huh?
Mayank (2 years ago)
love jennifer lawrence :)
Mayank (2 years ago)
no scarlett johansson??
xunknowx gtabeast (2 years ago)
u suck girl
Cubicle Fun :D (2 years ago)
WHERE IS EMMA WATSON ON THIS⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
? What ? (2 years ago)
We're is Oprah
Eyebrawl103HD batman (2 years ago)
Can I get -1 likes
Andrea Smeelie (2 years ago)
Julius-Dreyfuss is Princess Anita from A Bug's Life?! Mind blown! :)
Chris Swinerton (2 years ago)
bullshit list
TheBeanieBlogger (2 years ago)
You put Emma Watson on the photo so why sent she on the list
Silly Willy (2 years ago)
Who else loves Emma Watson?! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻
Mohd Yousuf (1 year ago)
Hind Najjar (1 year ago)
WillFamm (2 years ago)
WHAT Dame Maggie must be there
Harry (2 years ago)
What's the best thing about dead baby jokes? They never get old
ItsMeDezi (2 years ago)
@τσxιcατed υηιcσrη he wasn't making dead baby jokes thta wrong I don't think dead baby jokes are right either but I was just saying he wasn't telling a joke he was just making a joke about a joke and you have no right to call me dumb if you don't even understand what I'm saying it what he is saying so.... You don't have to be rude to him or me
ItsMeDezi (2 years ago)
he wasn't telling dead baby jokes he was just making a joke about dead baby jokes (if that makes sense) so stop saying I'm triggered that's such a stupid word
hannah rlu (2 years ago)
what you said was very true, don't trigger me is a jerk with no heart at all.
hannah rlu (2 years ago)
good comeback
Jack Daniel (2 years ago)
Joe Williams (2 years ago)
You guys should do a top 10 on the top 10 YouTubers who disappeared from YouTube
Hi hello (2 years ago)
emma waston
Daniel Lee (2 years ago)
so where dafuq is Emma
Hind Najjar (1 year ago)
Rayhana Chowdhury (2 years ago)
Who else thought Emma Watson was going to be featured 🤑
AvaPlaysMC (1 year ago)
Polo Chulca (1 year ago)
Rayhana Chowdhury me I did too
Mohd Yousuf (1 year ago)
I also here for Emma Watson
Hind Najjar (1 year ago)
Rayhana Chowdhury me
iEcLiPeZz _YT (2 years ago)
Emma Watson is better than all of them
cristian cazares (2 years ago)
YESSSSS Melissa McCarthy 😭😭😍😘❤️❤️
Don't read my comment
Eva Lu (2 years ago)
That's the 6th time I've seen you

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