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Reviewing The Color Rush Uniforms For All NFL Teams

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Some teams nailed it with their color rush designs, and some didn't. Rick and Jayar Jackson break them down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below! SUBSCRIBE to TYTSPORTS for more free sports news and content! ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tytsports Rick Strom TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rickstrom INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/rickystrom FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RickStromSports/ TYT Sports - one of the most dynamic sports shows on YouTube - is coming to Tune In! We cover all the latest need to know NBA, NFL, MMA, World Football [soccer] and breaking news specifically tailored to the young, dialed-in, and pop-culture savvy sports fan. Subscribe today and prepare to get hooked.
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Text Comments (210)
Secmarion Gulley (1 day ago)
Panthers+the jaguars good
Sxprxme_savxge_916_ (3 days ago)
Wheres Cowboys??
Sandy Beaches (4 days ago)
Football is a rugged sport. Why the feminine colors. Get you some young girls to play football.
Jonathan Voth (4 days ago)
First of all, they are ugly as fuck. Second of all they were debuted at a time of high racial tension to subliminally get POC to attack police officers.
Keyan Ritz (1 day ago)
Whatever. They look awesome. End of story.
Willy Reynolds (7 days ago)
You can only have one helmet per season
Cole Hollander (4 days ago)
Willy Reynolds why did the broncos have different helmets then
Kyle Northcutt (18 days ago)
Bears all orange jerseys? I’d like that
DCUPtoejuice (1 month ago)
All of the neon ones are trash. Stick with bright numbers on dark whenever possible.
As a hawks fan, my personal favorite rush Jersey is the giants. I like the old helmet and just the whole retro feel of it
chicken strips (1 month ago)
Rams 😎
M.O.E (1 month ago)
I love the Buccaneers color rush. Hell, I bought one!
Evangelos (2 months ago)
really youre judging uniforms not team performance. You said yes to the jags then because they arent winning. Then you said no to the browns because they arnt winning. flip flopers. man
RobotWookiee (2 months ago)
Sorry, guys, the Oregon Ducks jerseys are garbage because the "University" is garbage (it's like a glorified kindergarten). Garbage in, garbage out. Garbage.
Jane Doe (2 months ago)
They all look like 3 D Morph suits and completely ridiculous and made the players look like little femmies pussies!
Armani Fenika (2 months ago)
The Seahawks
Dale Jr. 88 Fan (3 months ago)
Seahawks,jets,patriots,vikings,dolphins,rams,chargers,jaguars,broncos,browns,panthers,bills,ravens,steelers,and falcons are my favorite color rush jerseys
Dale Jr. 88 Fan (2 months ago)
+Austin Madore uhhhh no
Austin Madore (2 months ago)
So basically the whole league?
Kaein Gullo (3 months ago)
the f-ing packers should be all green with yellow helmets
Ezzoxa (3 months ago)
My Eagles
Clinton Robinson (3 months ago)
Redskins uni’s are way better than the cowboys uni’s
ItsYaBoyNick (27 days ago)
Clinton Robinson i don’t like the yellow on the redskins
Defaultskinqt (3 months ago)
Clinton Robinson yeah
Jurgis Schmedlen (3 months ago)
THE LUCKY TITAN (4 months ago)
Any uniforms without a big pop: Bears, Eagles, Patriots, Texans are boring as heck
LiteWork _ (3 months ago)
Patriots are clean in game
XTT Rage (3 months ago)
THE LUCKY TITAN I agree not the eagles
Josh Muhlestein (3 months ago)
I agree except for the pats
Arod Studios (4 months ago)
No cowboys
fab smg (4 months ago)
We’re are the redskins
RobotWookiee (2 months ago)
You only had one job and that was to write one sentence that makes sense.
Grammar Nazi (4 months ago)
32. New York Giants 31. Baltimore Ravens 30. Washington Redskins 29. Cincinnati Bengals 28. Seattle Seahawks 27. New Orleans Saints 26. New York Jets 25. Tennessee Titans (2018) 24. LA Chargers 23. Tampa Bay Bucs 22. Green Bay Packers 21. Atlanta Falcons 20. Carolina Panthers 19. Dallas Cowboys 18. Oakland (soon to be Vegas) raiders 17. New England Patriots 16. LA Rams 15. Jacksonville Jags (2018) 14. San Francisco 49ers 13. Indianapolis Colts 12. Buffalo Bills 11. Cleveland Browns 10. Houston Texans 9. Pittsburgh Steelers (my team) 8. Minnesota Vikings 7. Detroit Lions 6. Kansas City Chiefs 5. Miami Dolphins 4. Chicago Bears 3. Denver Broncos 2. Philadelphia Eagles 1. Arizona Cardinals Critique me if you want.
CLIMAX TV (16 days ago)
#1 panthers #2 saints
Cruizee 87 (1 month ago)
Marlowe V riiight?!?!?😂🤦🏻‍♂️⚡️
some whiteboy (1 month ago)
Your high
Marlowe V (2 months ago)
You can’t put chargers at 24 YOU JUST CANT
TricksTV (3 months ago)
+Defaultskinqt I agree Redskins is dope
Atarius Farmer (4 months ago)
James Klein (4 months ago)
Steelers Jersey looks really bad ass I like it because I am a Steelers fan
Clinton Robinson (3 months ago)
James Klein isn’t that kute
TYT Sports (4 months ago)
Yea it’s dope. -Rick
Desolate LAN (4 months ago)
Screw you the browns are the best
Nick Nick Post (1 month ago)
u wish with ur 3-36 season record
TYT Sports (4 months ago)
The best? -Rick
BenAnd Zack (4 months ago)
Seahawks were great
BenAnd Zack (4 months ago)
+TYT Sports agreed. And I also agree a lot with Jayar in saying that there are only a few of them that are white, or off white, because when it comes to "color rush" it needs to have the biggest color pop, and brightest visual appeal. Also, I agree with his helmet points, its kinda off putting to look at a really bright uniform, and a completely neutral and standard helmet.
TYT Sports (4 months ago)
*were. It’s sad to see this near-dynasty fall. -Rick
Daniel Tobey (5 months ago)
Giants have the best.
Vin Amadeo (4 months ago)
Stephon Love (5 months ago)
The lions have an all black color rush, the all gray are their new uniforms
Panda 89 (5 months ago)
Seahawks is the worst. 49ers vikings chargers jaguars and the rams are the best
ChiefsBeastMode (5 days ago)
Madden NFL 18 I 94 well tbh I like the Seahawks Color rush coming from Steelers fan
Madden NFL 18 I 94 (4 months ago)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers have good color rush jersey
Madden NFL 18 I 94 (4 months ago)
Hey Lions Packers and Steelers have nice color rush
Panda 89 (4 months ago)
Madden NFL 18 I 94 dude they looked like fucking glow sticks on the field they could have done way better
Madden NFL 18 I 94 (4 months ago)
I'm sorry my guy Seahawks have a decent color rush jersey and this is from a Steelers fan
Joe Rivera (5 months ago)
The Redskins are the best
Defaultskinqt (3 months ago)
garrett ramirez (4 months ago)
UnboxSports (6 months ago)
I really love the pats!
Kumari Howearth (6 months ago)
Yes to my Panthers, bengals, and falcons.
Jb Hughes (6 months ago)
No titans
NIMDA (7 months ago)
The Chiefs’ is just their alternate uniform, not color rush. NFL needs to not be lazy and make the Chiefs blackout
NIMDA (7 months ago)
shaunhan murray I’m aware, that’s why it’s lazy. It’s just alternates that we’ve seen since Nike introduced the NFL uniforms in 2012. Nike needs to make the Chiefs color rush gray or black, not all red.
shaunhan murray (7 months ago)
Nimda 07 Nike designs them
Maka Heimuli (7 months ago)
RAIDERS all black would've been nice
Kevron Harris (7 months ago)
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers all red uniforms looks like a ketchup bottle lol
Darrell Hall (7 months ago)
Hey guys, this uniform for the Browns is much better than their present one. No CLEVELAND across the chest or BROWNS ran up or down the pants leg!!!!
Christopher Waits (3 months ago)
Darrell Hall And best of all, they win when they wear it
Cool men Chuy 9 (8 months ago)
You guys suck
Adilenne Rios (8 months ago)
I thought they were reviewing uniforms so why did he say that anything to do with Gronk is a no
Farmboss Bob (8 months ago)
It’s so hard when it’s sucky
Levi Marts (8 months ago)
Color burst😂😂😂😂😂
Dankie Pop (8 months ago)
We’re are the cowboys
Tyler Martinz (8 months ago)
12th man! Seahawks!
Kaya Isabel-jones (8 months ago)
color burts 😂
Levi Marts (8 months ago)
Kaya Isabel-jones *burst*
mike holleywood (8 months ago)
The black guy knows what he's talking about
Queen Supreme (8 months ago)
How TF u guys don't even like the cowboys color rush lmao ITS WAY BETTER
Thomas Bobbitt (8 months ago)
As a proud saints fan, I’m not a big fan of the color rush uniforms. I just don’t like the predominantly white, but I know I would hate predominantly gold SO much more, so I guess I’ll take what we have.
Julian Shipp J.R. (8 months ago)
Thomas Bobbitt I love our color rush unis if think they look really cool
KillaRafael (8 months ago)
I feel like it would be harder to make it all gold...Maybe if they added a few more gold or black stripes to it.. I have a Color Rush Drew Brees jersey, love the numbers on em.
poop poo (9 months ago)
How the fuck do you like the dophins uniforms but not the eagles mother fuckers!!
87 Cheez its (8 months ago)
Lennard Gross please just stfu your gay
Winter Whittle (8 months ago)
Chill ur tits
87 Cheez its (9 months ago)
Noah Fridrich (9 months ago)
Lennard Gross lmao calm tf down bro it’s a uniform review. You’ve commented three times cussing them out for dissing your uniforms. Salty much?😂😂😂
poop poo (9 months ago)
Eagles haters!! I love the eagles dont under estymate them!!
VapeTime (8 months ago)
Lennard Gross estimate*
LoKey (8 months ago)
You made 3 comments
Winter Whittle (8 months ago)
Chill ur tits
87 Cheez its (9 months ago)
Eduardo Healy (9 months ago)
Lennard Gross you really left 3 comments wow
Carlos S (9 months ago)
Tampa Bay needs black letter instead of the ugly gray ones, for rn thought hey look pretty ugly
TheBadShaggys 123 (10 months ago)
Why no to Gronk asshole?
Tamerlane (4 months ago)
Remember his dirty as fuck hit on that bills CB that only got him suspended for ONE game? That's why fuck that dumb fuck "gronk"
Connor S (9 months ago)
TheBadShaggys 123 cuz he's an asshole
Youvseendanny (10 months ago)
Wtf is up with the chiefs uniforms its colorush don't take the bottoms of the home or away jerseys and top of home or away jerseys and just say there that's our colorush jerseys WTF like bruh😔
a Doozy (10 months ago)
Is the TYT THE Young Turks ? If so , you people are the most pathetic pieces of shit ever. Nobody in your organization is worth breathing our oxygen.
VapeTime (8 months ago)
Donald Maxey yes it is
ChitlinJr (10 months ago)
I like the Giants white so much more than there plain blue , looks bad ass with the blue helmet
Kai223noa (10 months ago)
Everything you like, I don't like.
CLOWNEY _90 (10 months ago)
I don’t like the white guy he a lil bitch
Madden NFL 18 I 94 (4 months ago)
Hol hol hol lil bitch - Kendrick Lamar
WinterBundle343 (10 months ago)
No ur wrong unsub packers are great you suck
Korey Calderon (9 months ago)
WinterBundle343 go bears bitch
RaMoN (10 months ago)
I love the Raiders and Saints Uniforms
Ramen Noodles (10 months ago)
Love saints I really love there color rush
Ramen Noodles (10 months ago)
Why is that like colored lightning and some of them are boring like colts😩😳😯
Steve Schahn (10 months ago)
Benjamin Bateman (10 months ago)
Joe Frank (9 months ago)
They showed the Steelers uniforms and they both said yes
savagepanda 99 (10 months ago)
The patriots should make new uniforms
DarkcrossGamerTV (10 months ago)
Jaguars and lions is the best color rush to me
Brodie Martin (9 months ago)
Ismael Dela Rosa I don’t like them as much
DarkcrossGamerTV (9 months ago)
Brodie Martin why not
Brodie Martin (9 months ago)
Ismael Dela Rosa the jaguars, really?
Amber Moran (10 months ago)
Y’all forgot the saints
dF ZepTro (10 months ago)
huettcooper 1 (10 months ago)
They did them
huettcooper 1 (10 months ago)
Amber Moran yes they did
Yung Frogger (10 months ago)
The best one is the Jags tbh but always GO PACK GO
Korey Calderon (9 months ago)
Fuck the pack don’t sleep on DA BEARS 🐻
chavita 11 (10 months ago)
Lil Seat Belt lol no
Spartan (10 months ago)
"Reviewing the Jerseys" "Nah sorry we don't like the Browns one because the team is bad."
Titanfan10 (10 months ago)
Where are the titans
Joe Frank (9 months ago)
At 4:58
Redskinsman10 (10 months ago)
Bucs, Seahawks, Raiders, Jets, Pats, Vikings, Dolphins, Rams, Chargers, Colts, Lions, Broncos, Bengals, Panthers, Bills, Ravens, Steelers, Titans, Redskins, Saints, Falcons are all good. The Jags are ugly as fuck. If they did it with the teal then i would have liked it. But they look like if throwup was a uniform.
jeff carey (10 months ago)
Dolphins, Jags, Rams, Cardinals, Bucs, Panthers, Ravens, Redskins, and Saints all look good.
Karo French (10 months ago)
Swoosh idiot not check
Adam Barringer (10 months ago)
49ers, Jets, Patriots, Vikings, Rams, Chargers, Jaguars, Texans, Broncos, Panthers, Baltimore, Washington, and Falcons uniforms look great.
Itsyaboi Cryptic (11 months ago)
The cowboys are not in there
Queen Supreme (8 months ago)
patronif they are lol
Itsyaboi Cryptic (10 months ago)
Nevermind I don’t see them
Itsyaboi Cryptic (10 months ago)
Oh ok
jeff carey (10 months ago)
yeah they are
Zipter 34 (11 months ago)
patronif ya they are
Danger Cobra (1 year ago)
"He looks like the grouch" -facepalm-
Terry Mclaughlin (1 year ago)
"Anything to do with gronk is a no " fuck this guy
Raiders should have its Color Rush all BLACK, and it would be the best color rush uniform
of course i am
jeff carey (10 months ago)
Your a Raiders Fan, of course
zacman269 (1 year ago)
packers should go with all yellow color rush uniforms next season
Eli The L Giver (9 months ago)
Korey Calderon. L
Korey Calderon (9 months ago)
Go bears 🐻
Eli The L Giver (9 months ago)
zacman269. Yes I've been thinking that, I was so disappointed with the wines we had this season
Blake's Films (11 months ago)
Bianca Pacheco (1 year ago)
Dope as fu..
Xero Zero Ice (1 year ago)
They all look like shit
tHaNoSiSgAy 69 (1 year ago)
They said yes to the jags ugly uniforms😅😅😅
Queen Supreme (8 months ago)
Rockcity gamer LMAOO
tommy O11 (10 months ago)
Rockcity gamer Mygrants YOU SUCK.
Jairus Kendle (1 year ago)
The Ravens Color Rush is cool guy on the right is terrible at JUDGING!!!!!!!
Queen Supreme (8 months ago)
Danger Cobra ig a yes or no vid lmaoooo
Danger Cobra (1 year ago)
Yeah he only said yes to the teams that he likes wtf whats the purpose of this vid then
Jayden Kardasz (1 year ago)
Where my Detroit fans at? There color Rush jerseys are bad ass
Hunter Shook (10 months ago)
Det for life
Dylan Sebuck (1 year ago)
We finna do big things with patricia this year!!!
The dude with glasses says no to some simply because he doesn't like the team or the players. Wtf. You're supposed to be reviewing the uniform not the team
Zach Elbadwy (1 year ago)
I like all of the teams color rush uniforms but for the broncos because their uniform are it is the old uniform for the broncos
Martin Davis (1 year ago)
Henry Alfaro (1 year ago)
49ers hands-down have the best color rush uniform.
tHaNoSiSgAy 69 (10 months ago)
Na there's better ones than that
Danger Cobra (1 year ago)
naw the jets ones are clean as fuck
Ye Fuckk (1 year ago)
Henry Alfaro steeler ones are better tho
Mike Youngblood (1 year ago)
The Jaguars uniform is Hideous. Also, so Gronk makes one cheap shot and you hate him Rick? Ok...
Cesar Acosta (1 year ago)
The ravens color rush jerseys are sweet asab
Thomas Giandomenico (1 year ago)
You both said no to the saints. The white and gold are sick
TagusMan (1 year ago)
Guys, first rule of journalism: What when who where why and how. None of questions are answered. What the hell are NFL Color Rush uniforms?
Jalin B (1 year ago)
This nigga is not even giving his real opinion he is just going off weather he likes the player or not
dude, stop interrupting and talking over Jayar. Jesus Christ, by doing this, you're essentially leaving your audience unable to decipher what dumb-ass point, or comment you're trying to make....and it's kinda rude.
BigBa$h786 (1 year ago)
I've been watching TYT sports for years now...this channel is dead to me since francis and jason stopped making vids together
The Bengals one sucks because of the helmets the helmets need to be white too
Darkduo (10 months ago)
You can only change helmets if it's a throwback
Eryk Blicharz (1 year ago)
Don’t disrespect Gronk 😤
superjawes (1 year ago)
Side note: Raiders should get a silver jersey and Saints should get gold. Fans would LOVE those jerseys.
superjawes (1 year ago)
Too many color rush uniforms are just slight variations of the existing 2-3. Instead, Nike should have added blackout/whiteout jerseys for some teams (blackout Colts would be dope), and maybe like a “modern classic” to come up with 32. And yeah, color rush should be able to do helmets, too.
color burst...... come on JR color rush

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