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Does TSdates.com work? Is it a legit TS dating site?

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Read our full TSdates review on: http://mydatingdirectory.net/sites/trans/tsdates.com/ Does TSdates.com work and is it a legit TS dating site? Tsdates seems to be clearly a cut above the competition. This popular TS dating site is used all around the globe and seems to be the first starting point to find casual fun in the Transsexual / Tranny dating scene. But does TSdates.com really work and is it a legit TS dating site? Please read our review, share your thoughts and experiences and feel free to check out all our other dating site reviews on: http://www.MyDatingDirectory.net - Your Top Guide in Dating
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Text Comments (17)
Tee pom (2 months ago)
Yeah there all ns i havent found one single legit tgirl site yet and its 2019 wtf
Tee pom (2 months ago)
I need my a tgirlhottie in my life lol
uglyblokeonabike (5 months ago)
As soon as you sign up they want your money this site is a scam!
Naji Afrika (6 months ago)
856 974 0643 baby
HDSME (8 months ago)
this guy is totaly full of shit probally works for them! im on that site 4 yrs you will find many gay and some couples and a few trannys its mostly couples the site does work if you put a ton of time into it! oh and money its not free free members cant even see the listings lol slick cunning site wacth your credit card
9 g (9 months ago)
Do not waste your time it's a scam
Tee pom (8 months ago)
Go figure
MyDatingDirectory.net (8 months ago)
Can you share why: https://mydatingdirectory.net/sites/trans/tsdates.com/
jake farrow (11 months ago)
Id love to find one I'm in Massachusetts
c bakary (11 months ago)
I'm trying to join you but is not go
justen laney (1 year ago)
Love to find a transgender woman I’m from Michigan
1stclass cinema (8 months ago)
@kim m hey please write me
Tomie Mosley (9 months ago)
no not yet. im in tempe/mesa az
goldie mack (10 months ago)
Yo where they at
Nutellaboytv (11 months ago)
kim m hey love i want a transgender wife
justen laney (11 months ago)
Do you wanna talk wanna look me up

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