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5 - Adding css, js, images on codeigniter for beginners

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This tutorial will show you how to add assets like css, js, images etc. on your codeigniter application using base_url(). For more basic tutorials please subscribe to this channel or visit www.webprogs.com
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Alex Computer Mania (1 month ago)
Thanks brother, helped a lot.
Drama Jer Lebih (8 months ago)
how about js?
A. S. (8 months ago)
Thanks man you save my day!
SF CoxCMS (1 year ago)
I am kind new to this but in your description it say's "js", I do not see any "JS" being demonstrated in this video, it might be me again I am new.
Hello @SF CoxCMS In that tutorial it means including files using base_url(). The I forgot to include the js so below I will give to you the script Here is the code <script src="<?php echo base_url() . 'assets/js/yourjs.js'; ?>"></script> or you can do <script src="<?php echo base_url('assets/js/yourjs.js'); ?>"></script> The result is similar :-)
Remus T.MUTHOMI (1 year ago)
Thanks I was almost giving up on codeigniter
Mélissa Da Costa (2 years ago)
thx !!

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