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Around Town: San Diego Padres' 2016 Uniforms

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Everything you need to know in :60!
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Harry Prince (2 years ago)
why are they poop and pee colored
Whitemania Gaming (2 years ago)
Oh yea, because Brown is not a color and neither is yellow. GTFO
Chicken Soup (3 years ago)
Fucking hate the new uniforms! It has Brewers colors and high school level design, so sad
Daniel Boone (3 years ago)
I don't care what these guys uniform look like. They better win, which they haven't. We should pick a uniform already don't change it; then worry about winning. Successful teams have had the same uniforms for years.
Longobardi Lounge (3 years ago)
brown and gold!! Best choice of colors in SD baseball history! hands down

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