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DIY Photography Hacks - Phone Photography - Photography Tips & Creative Photo Ideas

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songs Pyae (1 day ago)
Copy cats from 5 minute crafts 😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠
Sharif Hawladar (2 days ago)
Copy maker
alice le (2 days ago)
Muhid Alkatiri (3 days ago)
you copycat
Mini Wolf (3 days ago)
Copy cats this is from 5 min crafts
mahmud antu (3 days ago)
Thùy Duyên Nguyen (5 days ago)
Con me mac vay mau đo sau
Copy carts😠😠from fife minute caft
king j porton (6 days ago)
Mga gayagaya gago
Raquel Lopez cruz (7 days ago)
Le copiaron a 5 minutes crafs
Charlstone Fragata (7 days ago)
All of them are from 5 minute crafts!😠😠😡😡copy cats!😡😠😠😠
Charlstone Fragata (7 days ago)
All of them are from 5 minute crafts!😠😠😡😡copy cats!😡😠😠😠
irfan Dachi (8 days ago)
Copy cats from 5 minute crafts
Carol Dimacali (9 days ago)
Copy cat you can guess make your own
قصص miga Town (10 days ago)
الي عربي يسمعني هذه الأفكار مسروقة
Tube Pro (10 days ago)
I like
Tube Pro (10 days ago)
Nice photography friend
Allison Santiago (10 days ago)
Love your videos but you shouldn't copy from 5 min crafts
Agus Nawi (11 days ago)
i hate youuuuuuuu ,you are not creatif ,you are copy 5 minutes craft
Vannia Diaz (11 days ago)
Vannia Diaz (11 days ago)
Son unos copiones eso la sacaron de 5 minutos craft saquen sus propios trucos
Hanna Wong (11 days ago)
Copy cats 🤬😡😡😡 1.16 did the exact same thing
امونه امونه (11 days ago)
بس شو نفس حرف ابداعية بالضبط ماكو اي اختلاف
ARTEMIS KAZADORA (12 days ago)
Pinches copiones de 5 minutos craf a esto le doy un dislike😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠
sara Rabea (12 days ago)
مقلدين حرف إبداعية و الله
Umi Latifah (12 days ago)
No creatif!!
Umi Latifah (12 days ago)
Copy cats😠 from 5 minute crafts.!
agnesia angel (13 days ago)
XTy Ty (13 days ago)
Mai Anh Trần (13 days ago)
Vừa xem đoạn đầu đã thấy bắt chước gì rồi !!!???
Abraham Gatchalian (13 days ago)
King and quenn of copy
Ahsan Kobir (14 days ago)
your toilet
Niel Reean Beldad (15 days ago)
T studios more like t series. Lol. Copycats 😡
Cool boy YT XD (15 days ago)
U copied 5 mins craft...
Hasina Pereira (15 days ago)
Cheaters you guys copied 5 minute crafts 😡😠
bé nguyêt (16 days ago)
Sabi Turcan (16 days ago)
Ora mi dovete dire chi ha copiato chi!!!!! La fatto identico 5-minute craft
Afifa Hossain (16 days ago)
copu cats from 5 minut crafts
Tran Nguyen (17 days ago)
5 phút thủ cong
Shimaa Reda (17 days ago)
يا جماعه القناة دي بت قلد 5منتس
Instant Help (17 days ago)
Everything is copied
Trinh Tu (17 days ago)
May anh chi bat truoc 5 min craft
ajla 123 (17 days ago)
Devender Sharma (17 days ago)
U guys are copied this from 5min craft...
gab alegarbes (17 days ago)
copier,you copied 5 minutes craft!!! WTF!!😡😡😡
Shalima Amar (18 days ago)
You copy 5 min craft cause i seen these photo tricks in there youtube channel
Ivelisse Almonte (18 days ago)
Se copiaron
Anees Kareem Bawa (18 days ago)
They copied 5 minute crafts
Zewdi k Gilazgi (18 days ago)
You want to steal 5 minutes craft😡😠😡
Helen Hernández (18 days ago)
Hello I'm love
Matilde Boglio (18 days ago)
Copioni di video
Gisel yazlin (19 days ago)
Disculpen que camara utilizan para que yo lo descargue
yby1974 (19 days ago)
You crazy because you copying 5 minutes craft and blossom
Jasel Cabaluna (18 days ago)
Yes your right , copy right ?
Birendra Rawat (19 days ago)
Please tell the aap name please please
yby1974 (19 days ago)
Copying always the 5 minutes craft and blossom
Rajesh Gunti (19 days ago)
you followed in 5 min craft 😒
Lalisa Vanessa (20 days ago)
You copy 5 minutes craft
Thien Phu (20 days ago)
Toan la nguoi viet nam khong,a va con gia bo lam nuoc ngoai nua chu
yby1974 (20 days ago)
I Don't Like T Studio Because You copy My 5 Minutes craft 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Christine ARTILLERO (20 days ago)
You copy everything
Dương Nguyễn (20 days ago)
Cho hỏi ai trong đây là người Việt Nam ạ
Ls Nguyễn (21 days ago)
Just like 5 minutes craft
sri purwanti (21 days ago)
Itukan karya 5 minute crats
Mamta SAINI (22 days ago)
Cheating of 5 minute crafts you are a cheater😢😢
Kenia Lopez (22 days ago)
Inventen sus ideas como 5 minute crafts lo hizo
Elaine Ilagan (24 days ago)
Ginaya nyo lng po yng 5 minutes crafts ehh
ghina muthiah (24 days ago)
You copy 5 minutes craft
Unnah Rzandraj (24 days ago)
Copying from 5 minutes!😠
Fion Foo (24 days ago)
υ αяє ¢σρуιиg fινє мιиυтє ¢яαfтѕ
Yên lỳ (25 days ago)
Copy from 5 minutes craft
pokèmon champion (25 days ago)
You just copied all of this
Ghulam sheikh (26 days ago)
No originality make your own
Ghulam sheikh (27 days ago)
Your copying 5 minutes craft
Salam P (27 days ago)
copy man
Salam P (27 days ago)
copy man
All things (29 days ago)
You cheaters
Curious world (29 days ago)
Exqlusive_Builds (29 days ago)
Anybody else think that the girl with the red dress her dress is to small? No? Just me? Ok 👍
MJ Lopez (29 days ago)
Copier but so cool so nice! I'm a half hater & a half lover
Oklyn Lovely (29 days ago)
Dont think that i dont know thiss all meaning in the comment some people can be the same like 5 minutes craft and blossom there spme that different 👈🏻 example is that even a copy cat huhh
Oklyn Lovely (29 days ago)
Please dont tease this video from down here the people doesnt know what to make please Dont comment like this or you will be in the jail for maybe like a years idk but please dont Tease if u guys tease alot of video you will be in jail stop from now dont say copycat again Iplisss stop i know we may not copy others If this video copy then why u guys need too tease is just this problem not like fighting problem 😡
lina ayman (1 month ago)
كل الناس بتقول انكم بتقلدو 5 minutes craft
Kani Mozhi (1 month ago)
copy of 5 min craft and 123go hacjs
Kyle T. (1 month ago)
Copy from 5 minutes craft
moda dunyam 01 (1 month ago)
You copied 5 minute craft. You chinese are such a copycat
Odio el vídeo copiaron a ideas en 5 minutos
MEGAN FOX (1 month ago)
you guys are copycats this tricks is originated from "5-minute crafts"
rubaina ismail (1 month ago)
They did not copy ...this video was published on 7 October 2018 but 5 minute craft published on 22 October 2018
rubaina ismail (1 month ago)
Guys check the date they published the video..... u can't just say that they copied. Check the date first
Suhail Syed (1 month ago)
Copying from 5 minutes craft
Amarjit Mahto (1 month ago)
All hacks are heat from 5minute crafts
Another Perspective (1 month ago)
AWESOME VIDEO! I created a Video which also might be interesting for you (Macro Photography Ideas to Shoot at Home): maybe you come and take a look? Cheers
mark pinote (1 month ago)
Guys stop copying 5 min. Craft and blossom I know that sticks so stop acting like they don't know all this tricks
SophieDefne Evers (1 month ago)
Dont copy :(
Pek Su tv (1 month ago)
Bắc chước ghê nhờ
Erick Quiroga (1 month ago)
Que ¿
Belma YT (1 month ago)
I'm so angry😡😡😡 You can't copy 5 minute crafts. This is the most important thing..... All this hacks you copy from 5 minute crafts
Luisa miranda (1 month ago)
Vcs imitaram as idéias incríveis seus imitao
Nasima Chowdhury (1 month ago)
You are a cheater. You copied 5 minute crafts.😤😤

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