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MLB Perfectly Placed Hits

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Kevin Miller (4 months ago)
I think the fielders show just field the ball & try to throw t-he t runner out @ first rather than waste time trying to de cide whether or not the ball will.stay.fair or not. This wo uld come in handy,.especiall y with a no hitter on the line.
Benjamin Krawetzki (5 months ago)
"Look at this butt" :)
HowardTheAlien (10 months ago)
Can you people that know nothing about baseball, stop, next, your going to be asking, but it was strike 3, why can he run? BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE RULES!!!
Sport Edits (10 months ago)
These comments are horrible
SamWolfGaming 478 (10 months ago)
(●●) ______
Pavel Adamek (10 months ago)
Is that Greg Gibson at 2:52?
Jag Gar (10 months ago)
2:05, look, *69*
Math Blaster (10 months ago)
Where is Barry Zito's from the 2012 world series?!?!?!?!?!?
Cosmos (10 months ago)
The best placed hit is a home run.
Kn1ves0x (11 months ago)
I don't understand, I though a foul was when the ball landed directly in the foul zone and not when it lands in the field and then rolls in the foul zone.
bluntman3180 (11 months ago)
Can they dig the dirt out along the chalk line so the ball will naturally role foul in the cases of the video? Like, just walk back and forth nonchalantly shuffling your feet. Or is that frowned upon?
Josh Ennis (11 months ago)
That’s why I like the Reds
Richard Aguirre (11 months ago)
I don't play baseball but why do they let it roll when it's near the line ?
la pechochia Gaytan Morin (11 months ago)
Brittany Carlin (11 months ago)
What did the annoucer say at 1:41 after he said stay fair?
InfiniteBlaze (10 months ago)
Stay fair... Stay in there... And it will... Everybody's safe.
Samantha Frahm (1 year ago)
Family Email (1 year ago)
A perfect hit is over the fence
revinevan87 (1 year ago)
1:09 even physics breaks its rules for the yankees.
Jayden Deane (1 year ago)
Jayden Deane (1 year ago)
Nick Miller (1 year ago)
Why does no one understand you need to touch the ball in foul territory for it to be foul in these situations. Watch a video you know the rules about.
J Rod (1 year ago)
I hate you
walawalawalt (1 year ago)
they should allow for curling rules along the line just to make things more exciting.
Trevor Boyll (1 year ago)
i still say one of my own favorite perfectly placed hits happened while I was playing in a slow pitch church league. For whatever reason, I didn't hit the ball very hard and it stopped about three feet in front of home plate (There was not grass in the infield). Strangely enough, it was not the only time I saw that happen (though the others were when I was catcher)
Kingjackson999 (1 year ago)
That is awsome
Kingjackson999 (1 year ago)
I love baseball
bobbysfishing daily (1 year ago)
hi i just subcribed
Jakson Stewart (1 year ago)
MLG Bird (1 year ago)
You Should Make A Video A About Players Not Listening To There First Base Coach Or 3rd Base Coach, Or Any Coach
Willdagamer0 2 (1 year ago)
0:13 Altuve is the best
Sam Talley (1 year ago)
it is so retarded that they watch the ball just roll when they could just pick it up and get them out and they wouldnt be safe and it could help their team win the game
Andrew Leo (1 year ago)
Sam Talley, calm down. It's just a gain of a base.
SammicH (1 year ago)
now you know, the yankees are the kings of the third base line
Rowan Mccain (1 year ago)
Xavier Corbitt (1 year ago)
Brent Smith (1 year ago)
I disagree because if the runner is already at first let it go foul
Sellbros (10 months ago)
That’s the point that’s what they are trying to do
Keaton Gohman (11 months ago)
Brent Smith well if the ball doesn’t go foul there’s not much you can do except get the ball in fair territory
spybloom (1 year ago)
1:58 If the pitcher left it alone that could've been an out at first or at least a play at the plate.
Sellbros (10 months ago)
No he was already basically at home and first and he would have to turn and throw it
Matt Goodwin (1 year ago)
My friend hit a pop fly that hit third base without touching the ground
Benjamin Krawetzki (1 year ago)
Wow, your friend should be in the majors someday!
The Phantom 2018 (1 year ago)
3:30 "state fair! State fair! State fair"
Quentin Mead (1 year ago)
Nicolas Gleason-Boure you mean 2:30
Jayden Cordovez (1 year ago)
In order to get a perfect place ball, place it over the fence
Dane Coleman (4 months ago)
Andrew Rivedal (1 year ago)
Brendan Mertz (1 year ago)
1:15 the ball went foul
Family Email (1 year ago)
Brendan Mertz on the line is fair and if it goes foul and back fair
Ruth Montesa (1 year ago)
Brendan Mertz it doesn't matter. If it goes foul the player has to touch it to be foul. But if it roles fair after it stops it is a base hit.
Braiding Statham (1 year ago)
LasershowFan 15 (1 year ago)
Why don't they just pick it up in foul ground?
Sellbros (10 months ago)
That’s what they are trying to do did you not watch the video at all
Micah Jaynes (10 months ago)
LasershowFan 15 they can't
EDWIN PRADO (11 months ago)
LasershowFan 15 sometimes u react slowly
Jacob Lee (2 years ago)
Plz subscribe to me when I hit 5 subscribers I will do a giveaway
Rage_Sneaky (1 year ago)
A giveaway of what?😂😂😂 your legos?
This was pretty awesome nice compilation
Matthew Springer (2 years ago)
angels vs rangers
captain churro (2 years ago)
get it have hit ?
Some Guy (2 years ago)
2:26 Listen to the impartiality of that announcer! I wonder who he is secretly cheering for...
Darron Willcome (2 years ago)
he was a Seattle announcer, I'm a brewer's fan and we have brewer's announcers that cheer for the brewers
Dan Calahorro (2 years ago)
all these foul balls
GANGSTA ! (2 years ago)
Get it base hit 1:51
Sellbros (10 months ago)
Omg I just noticed that lol
jmandabest (2 years ago)
At 1:16 look closely, the ball rools foul and then goes back fair
Magical Corgi (2 years ago)
NimbleHat If the ball is touched in fair or foul territory then its either respectively. Doesnt matter because on that play the ball never fully rolled foul. It stayed on the chalk and rolled fair and rolled on the chalk again
Darron Willcome (2 years ago)
jmandabest don't quote me but I think the ball has to land fair when it passes the bag in the outfield or roll back into fair territory to be fair
Will M (2 years ago)
James Friedenberg (2 years ago)
1:15 it clearly goes foul
Willow (10 months ago)
Painekiller12 the catcher is standing in foul territory, that’s the third base line
Robot404 (2 years ago)
Ooh, I'm not OP but the camera perspective confused me as well. I thought where the catcher was standing was foul as well haha!
Magical Corgi (2 years ago)
James Friedenberg That's fair territory. The catcher is standing in fair
James Friedenberg (2 years ago)
if you freeze frame at 1:16 the ball is entirely in foul territory
Magical Corgi (2 years ago)
James Friedenberg I dont think we are watching the same thing. Im telling you, it never rolled into foul territory. Not even close. It rolled into fair territory once but then that was it
ASB Trickshots (2 years ago)
When it goes foul, can you pick it up and it would be a foul ball?
Dew Drop (2 years ago)
cool video. although most were fair by accident
Marval410 (2 years ago)
Was hoping to see Rajai Davis bunt over the head of the charging 3rd baseman. Still, nice video
crankinthembass tv (2 years ago)
why wouldn't u just get the out because the player is running around the bases while ur running with the ball the whole time
Master Chief sports (2 years ago)
I'm this close to failing my classes
Some Guy (2 years ago)
Why on earth were they watching the ball. Get the out.
si (2 years ago)
1:17 pause it. Is it just me or is every one blind?
King Muzula (10 months ago)
Crimson si Is it just me or does this dude know nothing about baseball?
Xavier Schneider (11 months ago)
Crimson si if it goes back fair it is a far ball if it doesn't pass the first of third base bag you can even here them say in some points of the video, "it rolled back fair!"
BASIAN 87 (1 year ago)
Everybody in comment go back to tee ball because it was fair if it's on the line
BASIAN 87 (1 year ago)
Lol_noobs Lol your right
GalacticSealBoi (1 year ago)
Ok, it can go foul and come back fair idiot
Isaiah Jurca (2 years ago)
Can someone explain the bunt that rolled foul at 1:03? Why isn't that a foul?
Cole Douglas (2 years ago)
Bobsonomatic because if it rolls foul and then goes into fair play again it isn't foul. If they wanted it to be foul hey would have to touch it when it was foul but it's wherever it lands after it stops rolling or if it crosses first base and hits inside the line and then bounces out it's still fair
Ramoon (2 years ago)
Bobsonomatic it crossed first base before it went foul
Mason (2 years ago)
around 1:10 the ball went foul TWICE if the idiot grabbed it?!
Dylan Knotts (2 years ago)
Dylan Knotts (2 years ago)
So go cry yourself to sleep
TheTurtleRejects (2 years ago)
Dylan Knotts the cubs are my favorite team
Noah Fulkerson (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing your opinion. What does that have to do with the video?
generic username (2 years ago)
I'd rather throw the out at first or save the run home than wait for it to roll over the line.
i kegel (2 years ago)
everything that ever happened in baseball, ever
NotAsian (2 years ago)
bunting was always my favorite thing to do a lot of times the other team would freak out lol
FF Vexilar (10 months ago)
NotAsian especially at the 12 to 13 lvl
Diego Rojas Sebastian (2 years ago)
I'm no baseball expert by any stretch of the word, but am I missing something? Are they not allowed to pick up the ball until after it crosses the lines of the bases? I mean, couldn't they just have picked up the ball immediately to play it to a base?
coleaddison (2 years ago)
No.  It's a foul ball (a strike) if it rolls outside of the line before it passes the base.
Willsie _ (2 years ago)
Diego Sebastian they wanted it to be foul, so they didn't play it
Evan Hubbard (2 years ago)
That's not a foul ball at 1:17?
Dustin Wellington (2 years ago)
coleaddison yes, as long as It gets back infield before it passes 1 or 3 Ed base or comes in contact with a player
coleaddison (2 years ago)
Thank you!  I was wondering the same thing.  So if the ball rolls foul and then rolls fair again (before it crosses the bases)... it is a fair ball?
Otis L. Richardson (2 years ago)
we call this bullshit bunt cheese
Samuel Aquino (2 years ago)
1:03 "Look at this butt" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mehrzod Hasan (9 months ago)
Mr. GOATee no
Mehrzod Hasan (9 months ago)
OfficerLongDeek k
Angela Garcia (10 months ago)
He said bunt
OfficerLongDeek o
Pewpew Men (10 months ago)
OfficerLongDeek I
Dur an (2 years ago)
Dillon Olvera (2 years ago)
Why is this in my recommended? I don't even like baseball....
Angela Garcia (10 months ago)
Then why are you watching anyway?!
Ryan Ballum (1 year ago)
White trash Boi well look at ur username jk
Sunken Militia (2 years ago)
Jack Jazzdeathform how do you know I'm talking about American football? I didn't specify whether it was European football or American football
Jack Jazzdeathform (2 years ago)
i meant football (soccer) not that stupid game
Build a burger (2 years ago)
It went foul twice at 1:15 and 1:20
Dpower244 (5 months ago)
i know the ctacher fucked up
MDK KRM (9 months ago)
If it goes foul and the player doesn’t touch it then it goes back fair it a fair ball
Page 27 (9 months ago)
Build a burger c
Mitch Frazz (9 months ago)
Ended foul though
Sellbros (10 months ago)
It only goes foul if it goes out of player or a player touches it while foul it can also stay fair if it touches the bag at all
gary27 (2 years ago)
Can you plz like my last vid guys?
Perfectly placed bunts not hit.
Noah (2 years ago)
Carlos David Vera Bermudez bunt is a hit though
Jasper (2 years ago)
more like bad judgement from the catcher/1st baseman/3rd baseman if you ask me. lol
Rory Bennett (2 years ago)
1:15 foul
Luke Smiley (2 years ago)
Russell Cottrell says the bandwagon. Go cardinals
magknight (2 years ago)
Shoulnd't have touched the ball then, when it was outside? I guess he thought the ball will continue rolling out.
Russell Cottrell (2 years ago)
Cubs all day you don't know anything about baseball and you are also probably a bandwagon fan
Mike Z (2 years ago)
Cubs all day the ball has to be touched while in foul territory before the 1st & 3rd base bag to be ruled a foul ball. if a player does not make contact, the play is still live
Andres Guerrero (2 years ago)
can someone explain, I thought it was always a fair ball as long as it landed inside the fields, not rolling
Zachary Zweifel (2 years ago)
the ball has to reach first or third base before it rolls out for it to be a fair ball. even if the ball lands in play and then rolls out before first or third base, its then a foul ball
Wesley Chu (2 years ago)
lands foul, but rolls fair before going more than 90 ft. from home plate = fair lands foul, rolls fair after 90 ft. = foul lands fair, rolls foul after 90 ft. = fair lands anywhere, but is touched by a fielder while in fair territory = fair lands anywhere, but is touched by a fielder while in foul territory = foul
Issa Khalil (2 years ago)
what the hell are you guys talking about?
jx14aby (2 years ago)
The rub of the green.
Wyatt Brown (2 years ago)
I don't know, some of those bunts I mau have played rather than waiting to see if it goei foul
rom-dealer (2 years ago)
1:08 Irving Falu, "Try me Billy Boy. I dare you... you red ostrich."
Danny Jackson (2 years ago)
Sporting Video's- Good job making only 1 dislike!! That means you have good channel.I haven't even watched the video yet!!!!👍👍👍
Gold base baseball (2 years ago)
Gold base baseball (2 years ago)
Gabriel Gagne (2 years ago)
love it thanks for the uploaf
Fortnite now (2 years ago)
Yarno Voets (2 years ago)
nice vid!
Yarno Voets (2 years ago)
Rene Batista (2 years ago)
Yarno Voets to y8v5ryogurts to get the with ycf8ctycy8usijejehdhgctdty8cfcf8c8fh8chgcucfyicfiyct8

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