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Top 10 Most Expensive Actor's Mansion Homes

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Here is the list of top 10 most expensive and lavish homes and mansions of some of the richest actors in the world. Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/top10recordofalltimes Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Top10record Subscribe Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/top10record Follow us on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/b/105238426426865755533/+top10record/posts?gmbpt=true&pageId=105238426426865755533
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Text Comments (1260)
Rad G Crypto (3 hours ago)
wondering if Arnold and his famous actor buddies are buying any crypto these days ..;) Bitcoin, Litecoin, and such ..
Risa USA (1 day ago)
Self True (3 days ago)
Many if not most of these "stars" are bleeding heart liberals--but only liberal in their words, not their actions. How can you claim to advocate for the poor and downtrodden, and advocate for stopping global warming while you live in such opulence. Such utter hypocrisy.
Steve McFarland (6 days ago)
No televangelists?
Lengkuas Puas (8 days ago)
As long you never become the richest person in the world, God wiwill never look at you and Hell are waiting for you
hujjesb (10 days ago)
WTF only 7 bedrooms in these . I got 7 bedrooms
Marc Simmons (11 days ago)
#10 is not in Bel Air...…..it is in Ocala Fl at a flyin community, He doesn't have his own personal runway. It belongs to the association. Jumbolair, which was owned by Nautilus equipment founder Arthur Jones unitl he sold it off during his divorce.
fekadu eshetu (14 days ago)
SilverHouseHD (21 days ago)
one day.......
John Branski (23 days ago)
what is the point ?
Saint Rich (23 days ago)
Don't fail to see the light. we are aware that there are lots of people on social media pretending to be agent of Illuminati. Be careful, not everyone you see is real. This organization is for PEACE, WEALTH, POWER and FAME. The organization requires no human or blood sacrifice If interested, kindly Whatsapp the grand master with +1315-791-2840 if you are interested
Saint Rich (23 days ago)
Don't fail to see the light. we are aware that there are lots of people on social media pretending to be agent of Illuminati. Be careful, not everyone you see is real. This organization is for PEACE, WEALTH, POWER and FAME. The organization requires no human or blood sacrifice If interested, kindly Whatsapp the grand master with +1315-791-2840 if you are interested
jess jesse (25 days ago)
Freemanzion lodges are in Every country on global check the street names logdes al
jess jesse (25 days ago)
Ten actor are freemanzion members the voodoo gay cult ? Actors 28 degrees brainswashed by 30 degrees members used james king bible voodoo ! Check facts !
rayfl502 (26 days ago)
Travoltas house in this video is not in belair but instead Jumbolair in Marion County Florida.
Ray Zimmerman (1 month ago)
I hear most of those homes are up for sale since all the hollyweird libturds moved to Canada after Trump kicked Hildabeast ass, oh wait, that's right, they haven't moved yet, Fucking libturds.
Pierson Tam (1 month ago)
Who the hell needs 9 bathrooms?
Warren Currier (1 month ago)
Travolta's 'house with an airport' is not what it seems but to the mentally challenged who want to believe in all the stupid shit they can find.
d'Anginou Marcianou (1 month ago)
in propossed and real, life. to say a million of each's worth. to set off the no paper chase of things, of commodity. these are all mine, before Marital and such. I am a withold of, presevation areas natural, and of course the effect of food. as shown by way of, before animals human etc.. insects were even around. Life universe, gallaxy. seeing things built by way of, earth doing. traking this. knowing things of whome there. whether think. a life form came here and planted seeds of rock mountains stars, stars collide, remote controled. -aeni Marcianou. ice. Polar Bears only eat ice. please stay away.
Thomas Denboer (1 month ago)
Just drove by a homeless man's place. Several rooms built with sheets of wood all covered with a tarp. Imagine if everyone who drove by donated one dollar! His home stood out as one far more attractive than the stars, because in the middle of it all was a flag pole with the American flag waving proudly in the breeze.
Smell the Glove (1 month ago)
Leo with a bargain buy of 4M in 1999, wow
Gail Novak (1 month ago)
Kind of way over the top
Hebrew Chapter 11 (1 month ago)
I lost the house. I am poor. God told me not to look up these houses.
Benz G 63 A (1 month ago)
End= 50cm+200cm🤣😂🤠✝️☠️
GR. CHILLIE'S (2 months ago)
Crow T. Robot (2 months ago)
Travolta's airport/home is near Ocala, not Bel Air. It's in an airpark with other aircraft owners sharing the runway.
James Sale (2 months ago)
my house on the beach front on 3 square miles of real estate has an in-door pool, and out door pool, a helo-pad and a runway for my airplanes. The seaside dock has room for both yachts and the submarine with a special platform for the racing boats. The 5 acre farm yields fresh produce each day and the beef cattle provide plenty of specialty meats to accompany the fresh seafood my fleet brings in each day. All the rest is just ordinary middle;e class stuff -
Eva Woodrruff (3 months ago)
Good for them.!As long as they didn't steal or defraud other people to get their money ,l am for it.Live your American dream.
Magali Moreira (3 months ago)
Nossa pra que tanta casa assim será que eles ocupam tudo isso.? é muita casa.
ivR bone (3 months ago)
if I wanted to read I wouldn't be on youtube . thats what google is for
Adil Ahnaf Mahi (3 months ago)
Where is Shah Rukh Khan house?
Prasenjit Dey (3 months ago)
Chip Barkhouse (4 months ago)
Capitalism ! - Chip Barkhouse The Drummist
Michael Hastie (4 months ago)
More money than sense! NOBODY needs all those cars and houses! I can see the sense having a private jet in their business though.
Zip Molly (4 months ago)
Damn Brad pitt!!!😩😬💪💯
Zip Molly (4 months ago)
damn John Travolta Livin luxuriously in reality!!! He even has an airport🛫 I'm highly motivated!😍
Janet Jordan (8 days ago)
Love his home with the runways and planes unloading directly into his house....practical minded luxury living !!
melvitacalle (4 months ago)
John Travolta house, the o e you show is in Anthony Florida, in Jumboair Estates, next to Ocala. I live close, so I’m sure that you are wrong.
Metiss Ivanovich (4 months ago)
They got theirs here on earth... Which is a pity, it wont last them even a century.:)
Lombardo Lombardo (4 months ago)
anyone want to help me pay my $450.00 rent.i had a operation and had to pay for car repairs?
Party poster 555 (4 months ago)
I want John Travoltas just for the runway and 707
Debra Scott (4 months ago)
This video states that John Travolta's estate is in Belair. That is dead wrong. His estate is in Ocala Florida. There are several other errors on this video, too numerous to mention.
John Edmonds (4 months ago)
I wonder if any of them are for sale? I like Will Smith's estate, John Travolta's and Brad Pitt' s estate in France.
Francisco Brenes (4 months ago)
Why there's always more bathrooms than bedrooms??? Who needs this kind of houses. I barely stand my family visiting for a week!
Sherry Setliff (4 months ago)
A. Jones' old 707. Still, not bad to have one outside your house.
joonudsch (4 months ago)
Ok, ok. I understand. Theses actors never paid for these mansions, because ”they brought" them. But where did they bring them from? 🤣 🤣 🤣
J R Deckard (4 months ago)
Interesting that all the CA homes have green lawns, while their neighbors sit in sand pits.
Yellow Submarine (4 months ago)
So much money just for dumb down the sheeple!
Mario Enrique (4 months ago)
That is French
Mario Enrique (4 months ago)
Mario Enrique (4 months ago)
Only rich people can afford it
alan cornelious (4 months ago)
Just Seen My First Lamborghini SVJ ,What A Car 😀😀Take One In Black,One In Red!Just Wapped And Send,Thank you😀😀😍😍😍😍
PHOTO7 (4 months ago)
No matter how much you are worth,, don't these home drain your bank account? Could you be worth that much to maintain them year after year>?
m t (4 months ago)
that John Travolta mansion is not in Bel Air, it's in Anthony, Florida.
susan hyland (4 months ago)
they look like luxury hotels
William Kellibrew (4 months ago)
Minor, but I noticed the use of 'brought' vs 'bought' in the captions. Probably an easy fix. The correct word is 'bought' and that is about it.
Sergio baranita Soares (4 months ago)
Sergio baranita Soares
Mister C (5 months ago)
The actors all "bought" not "brought" their homes...
moosemieser (5 months ago)
Being an Illuminati puppet/pedo gets you lots of material things and an eternity in hell
Lee Justice (5 months ago)
I nkow for a fact that #10 is incorrect. Totally wrong side of the country. It's in FL
Simon Taylor (5 months ago)
Good taste can't be bought, no matter how much money you have. You either have it or you don't
007scallywag (5 months ago)
Will Smith ??? He is a moron.
007scallywag (5 months ago)
And yet, none of them do anything of substance for America.
George T Peppel (5 months ago)
Did you get any facts right for this video?
Ted Carpenter (5 months ago)
Gee all that money and he still lives at the airport!
saif osman (5 months ago)
Heru- deshet (5 months ago)
They better enjoy them. They can't take it with them.
andrea macgillivray (5 months ago)
How can you justify all these rooms? You can only use one at a time. And no, I am not envious. Just think the size is silly.
andrea macgillivray (5 months ago)
William Elliott (5 months ago)
I'll take rainy old Seattle over these any day. We don't make as much noise about it, but there are a few rich folks up here too. :)
shrikant konapur (5 months ago)
only idiots live in such big houses
sdeban kim (5 months ago)
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Frank Farago (6 months ago)
I was with this list more or less for the first 6 homes, but then from No. 4 down to No. 1, they lost it in outer space with the home values totally. For example, the A. Sandler house is really not worth a penny over $8.5M.
Naima Ali (6 months ago)
May God Almighty also guide them and help us all to attain true peace and happiness. By loving Him with all our heart and soul and being loyal to His system of life and governance which He has revealed through His esteemed Prophets. Our lives on this planet will soon end and in the Grand system of life created by The One True God our possessions mean very little ,it is what we do with these possessions which is either damning or profound in blessings."Every soul shall experience death ,and so only in the dimension of Judgement shall you be completely requited, only the ones who are saved from the dimensions of torment and admitted to the dimensions of bliss will have attained the objective of this earthly life for indeed it is naught but goods and chattels is deceptions." Quran chapter 3 ,verse 185.
Adhi Mahe (6 months ago)
These all actors have to know that in heaven you have bed space only available
T1 (6 months ago)
I dont need all that space I rather have a basketball court. Bowling alley arcade room looking over the ocean
keri caye (6 months ago)
wait...that John Travolta's house is NOT in Bel Aire its in Florida and the entire compound of homes COMES with a runway...1 big runway ....planes or not!
Neelav samrat de (6 months ago)
I don’t own a house but these mansions are great anyways!
sunflower40 (6 months ago)
Chateau Miraval Rose' , simplesmente explendido, do meu gosto, gente, e' so' opiniao. Sincera.
MedFace (6 months ago)
Putin laughs looking at it
Antoine GK (6 months ago)
Please change brought into bought.
Nebraska Paramotor (6 months ago)
It's kind of funny...I noticed that all most all of these houses had some kind of service van in the driveway. Always getting work done!!
Beetle Juice (6 months ago)
that thumbnail though....
Paul Warwick (7 months ago)
People have too much money.You can be happy with a lot less.Insane
Gogh Phucough (7 months ago)
John Travolta’s House is not in “Bel Air” it’s in “Jumbolair” in Ocala Florida. I live in Ocala. It’s on NE Jacksonville Rd. At least the one that was shown here....
sappan devkota (7 months ago)
why they built in a village?
Bill Armstrong (7 months ago)
His swimming pool cost 50,000 dollars.
Alberto Scagliarini (7 months ago)
They live like a former dictator in exile from a sub-Saharan state , the same excellent aesthetics, they miss only the military decorations.
iamcompass (7 months ago)
So many spelling errors.... >:[
SHERRY ELWOOD (7 months ago)
John Travolta's house in NOT in Bel Air. It is in a small town called Ocala in northern Florida. About a half an hour south of Gainesville
Willam Tomczak (8 months ago)
And theas assholes wine why don't they take Mexican people in you fuck heads
Random Melons (8 months ago)
Thas ain't no house thas a village alredy
Yap Yudelito (8 months ago)
These are just bunch of trash wheh the real kingdome come.
sage nunion (8 months ago)
So that's how u live when you sell your soul.... Rather live in a cave man.
Catherine McCandless (8 months ago)
remember cant take it with you, you need to store up treasures in heaven, not these that burn up and the moth eats. your gonna die someday. people.
Catherine McCandless (8 months ago)
these ungrateful slobs forget how and who got them their millions. to bad for them, maybe when they start making 269 dollars a movie maybe they might remember.
what is mansion houses..if theres no big dick living there! i'd rather living in a small house..if theres a big dick!
Mohamed Ali (8 months ago)
Joe Turner (8 months ago)
35 bedrooms? Smh
tweetytintin (8 months ago)
ams 15292 (8 months ago)
Who will inherit these mansions after they all end up in a 6x2 boxes.

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