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Top 10 Most Expensive Actor's Mansion Homes

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Here is the list of top 10 most expensive and lavish homes and mansions of some of the richest actors in the world. Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/top10recordofalltimes Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Top10record Subscribe Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/top10record Follow us on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/b/105238426426865755533/+top10record/posts?gmbpt=true&pageId=105238426426865755533
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Text Comments (1107)
Paul Warwick (9 hours ago)
People have too much money.You can be happy with a lot less.Insane
Gogh Phucough (9 days ago)
John Travolta’s House is not in “Bel Air” it’s in “Jumbolair” in Ocala Florida. I live in Ocala. It’s on NE Jacksonville Rd. At least the one that was shown here....
sappan devkota (10 days ago)
why they built in a village?
Bill Armstrong (19 days ago)
His swimming pool cost 50,000 dollars.
Duduk X (20 days ago)
They live like a former dictator in exile from a sub-Saharan state , the same excellent aesthetics, they miss only the military decorations.
ray fallins (21 days ago)
Not bad at all guys
iamcompass (22 days ago)
So many spelling errors.... >:[
SHERRY ELWOOD (26 days ago)
John Travolta's house in NOT in Bel Air. It is in a small town called Ocala in northern Florida. About a half an hour south of Gainesville
Willam Tomczak (1 month ago)
And theas assholes wine why don't they take Mexican people in you fuck heads
hi fam (1 month ago)
Thas ain't no house thas a village alredy
Yap Yudelito (1 month ago)
These are just bunch of trash wheh the real kingdome come.
sage nunion (1 month ago)
So that's how u live when you sell your soul.... Rather live in a cave man.
Catherine McCandless (1 month ago)
remember cant take it with you, you need to store up treasures in heaven, not these that burn up and the moth eats. your gonna die someday. people.
Catherine McCandless (1 month ago)
these ungrateful slobs forget how and who got them their millions. to bad for them, maybe when they start making 269 dollars a movie maybe they might remember.
what is mansion houses..if theres no big dick living there! i'd rather living in a small house..if theres a big dick!
Mohamed Ali (1 month ago)
Joe Turner (1 month ago)
35 bedrooms? Smh
tweetytintin (1 month ago)
ams 15292 (1 month ago)
Who will inherit these mansions after they all end up in a 6x2 boxes.
newsimbashop info (1 month ago)
kal art (1 month ago)
I have a phorbia of living in large houses
Stuart Little (1 month ago)
Yup...but Hannity and Tucker Carlson think it's unfair to raise taxes on the rich!!... Lol... I guess right wing conservatives think more taxes will cause undue hardship on multimillionaire's quality of life. And there are Trumptards who actually believe that nonsense!!!... allowing more than 50,000 Americans to die every year because they have no health coverage sure seems to pay for a lot of mansions and private jets and runways.
Amrita Lenka (1 month ago)
I even don't have a personal bedroom of mine 😂😂😂but still I'm alive 😂😂😂😂😂😂and happy though
Riyan Gajbhiye (1 month ago)
Tom Cruise best
Karen Wilson (1 month ago)
fred flintstone (2 months ago)
Sure at least one of them has gone looking for their lost keys or wallet.
BH (2 months ago)
Dud I just read that Brad Pitt's house has 35 bedrooms? What?
joel serrahn (2 months ago)
All just VULGAR displays of wealth!!
beatrice tripp (2 months ago)
Their paradise is on 🌎
ben vas (2 months ago)
must see ben vas 5 vedio here
It's All About You (2 months ago)
If these guys can place families in a house of their own with all their wealth I think many of them will live longer with GOD's favor,smile
It's All About You (2 months ago)
Wow can a person live in such a place, some people has three bedrooms homes and never use parts of the home..I need a house lol
ALEC GRIMES (2 months ago)
I'm sorry, but I Know a person can do whatever they want with their money....but these homes are ridiculous for 1 person or even a family of say....8 people. I mean....I am sure they don't even go into every damn room. Being single....I would never want something that big.
ALEC GRIMES (2 months ago)
Clint Eastwood and Arnold's homes are ugly as fuck.
Tin Din (2 months ago)
Toy Bus Productions (2 months ago)
Wait, Adams house is so small and 42m wtf...
Toy Bus Productions (2 months ago)
You forgot mine😉🙃
Peter Lee (2 months ago)
U Lot . Don't Live in The Real World Just Money gos 2 Money .Just Like UK
Avik Datta (3 months ago)
Where is neverland manch ??
Riki Mahoney (3 months ago)
Wow xxx ..... great!!!
Matt Andrews (3 months ago)
It's bought NOT brought!!!
William graves (3 months ago)
and funny they all want left wing to run this country the same that wants to tax the $hit out of the rich. Let the left run the country and see how long they live in houses like those. DUMBA$$E$
Kennerth Allen (3 months ago)
Living in an airport? Lol! These properties were ugly for the most part. This video proves that money can't buy good taste.
see saw (3 months ago)
Michela stewart (3 months ago)
John Nist (3 months ago)
Any housing for the refugees ?
LeRon NIPPER (3 months ago)
Wait, shouldn't Will Smith have the bel air mansion
Alif Nazri (3 months ago)
Surya Maja (3 months ago)
Manteb https://youtu.be/h16DjUvNqmY
Surya Maja (3 months ago)
Manteb https://youtu.be/h16DjUvNqmY
Jennifer Annison (4 months ago)
Who wrote the copy for this video? A five year old? An illiterate adult? I felt like I was reading an email from a Nigerian prince. Maybe get someone else (who graduated from fifth grade) to proofread it before you post it.
Murugan R (4 months ago)
Love is feel
Saifi G Prince (4 months ago)
Very nive
Gary Lee (4 months ago)
Dicaprio and his climate change mansion with 6 cars......hypocrite
C P (4 months ago)
Was looking for where the immigrants reside
Michael Miljour (4 months ago)
All of these homes are a "prison with golden bars"!
Lanta (4 months ago)
John Wheet (5 months ago)
Keep paying those taxes baby!
brandotodd (5 months ago)
Check your facts first before you post a video. I immediately stopped the video after the very first house was mistakenly listed as Travolta's in Bel Air.
Alexander of Macedon (5 months ago)
yeah and in Vancouver 2500 sq. ft apartments sell for 15mil... go figure
DJ Lowe (5 months ago)
Where is Michael Jackson’s mansion?? I thin the price is in the twenty millions
bks bks (5 months ago)
They are prisons .for the ones living in them.the poor prisoners
Robert Reynolds (5 months ago)
Brads is the coolest. I like Clint’s too. The rest just look like hotels.
directtalk1 (5 months ago)
To whoever downloads movies illegally; What the hell is wrong with you? How messed up is your moral compass.? Can you now see the effect on celeb's and movie industry people's lives having in these conditions.? Do you need more evidence? Stop downloading. Pay a high price from your low wage job to watch the next ground breaking film with original storyline, script and totally unpredictable ending via a breathtaking combo alternating CGI to plastic studio scenes, for over 90 minutes, like Pacific Rim Job, or one of Disney's new Star Wars: Chewy Has A Massive Wank.!
polite critique (5 months ago)
Roseanne the fat pig just wont die satan is waiting fatty
yogirajsinh dabhi (5 months ago)
Indian actor shah Rukh Khan has 33 million dollar house coast
Corey Mullis (5 months ago)
Some seem to look like compounds.
liljoka318 (5 months ago)
Brad Pitt shit look like a city😭😭👌
rlachermeier (5 months ago)
I think Adam Sandler got screwed.
Getting Along Alone (5 months ago)
I live in a Trailer,..have a cat and a Vegetable Garden. I am blessed:)
Ramond Benzel (5 months ago)
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Jaya Shree Earth (6 months ago)
Micheal Jackson.. Neverland Home too... Nice idea... More 😍 for
Jaya Shree Earth (6 months ago)
Nice.. Jealous of their home's.. Soo kind... Much Love... Pray to build even more Big mansion,villa,palce.. Bless more from 🌍.. Earth Father tooo bless them
thomas scoot (6 months ago)
Why do they need so much space?
Moksh Desai (6 months ago)
1000th comment is from me
BigCone (6 months ago)
Think they forgot to mention Tom Cruises underground rape dungeon for all his male slaves
Sakke L. (6 months ago)
Sandler's house must be a joke, LOL. $4.500 top, not a penny more.
Crooning4Leftovers (6 months ago)
How very vulgar.
Swimming with Sharks (6 months ago)
WHY ?!
Sarita Choudhari (6 months ago)
My child will do molding very soon
kevin (6 months ago)
you can not bring that home to your grave,,,help people built a cheap home in california...
Karen Wackerly (6 months ago)
It is something with these people they have okay homes but I could find much better, I have to have a heart transplant so most likely it’s over for me. If you stars are watching this please take care of each other
Ravindra Meena (7 months ago)
Can anyone tell me name of the song in the background of this video pleaseee
Riccardo (7 months ago)
How does sandler’s house cost 42.5m??
Federico Di Giacomo (7 months ago)
Tom hecs
Federico Di Giacomo (7 months ago)
Arnold sfhashnegeher grande attore grandi film sylveters stallone italiano
Federico Di Giacomo (7 months ago)
Che bella John Travolta che bello eeedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Fred O (7 months ago)
you can only sleep in one bedroom at a time! What is 25 bedrooms meant for? LOL
Ladonna Caldwell (7 months ago)
David Lindstrom (7 months ago)
They might have big houses and stuff the only thing missing is they don't have a place to run around in the soft sand the prerequisite of Life they should be building a sand race track so they can all learn to experience what it feels like to run in the sand losers you're all a bunch of losers with stuff with stuff
Hot80s (7 months ago)
its not in bel air moron
Danielle Marshall (8 months ago)
John Travolta lives in Ocala Florida, not Belaire
AnimusFlux (8 months ago)
Actors are overpaid. That is all.
valerius39 (8 months ago)
these fuckers preach to take in millions of migrants from shithole countriess, but if all of those hollywood scumbags give up their mansions and money they alone can make the difference to eradicate poverty in those shit countries, every manchion of thos libtards can suport at least 1000 peoples
MJ MJ (8 months ago)
Where is Michael Jackson house???? 😨😨
Blonde Tigress (8 months ago)
Why don’t all you stupid fuckers on here stfu and stop putting down people with money. You hypocritical morons talk your shit but if you suddenly came into millions upon millions of dollars you would go out on huge spending sprees. Buying your nice home. Your dream cars. You would replay your Toyota piece of shit with that dream, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes or any other dream car you’ve ever wanted so stfu. You only live once and if you were rich, you’d do the same you stupid retards. Unfuckingbelievable!!
Perduli Berbagi Ilmu (8 months ago)
Are they happy?
Danny Banton (8 months ago)
Brad Pitts estate though 😍. Take around 68 million off the pricetag and 500 acres off and you have my home
OA Gamers (8 months ago)
Bought not brought!

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