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Create a Catalog-Quality Man's Pose with Lindsay Adler

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Learn more! http://cr8.lv/laposing101yt In this clip, Lindsay Adler guides a man through a series of standing poses. Watch her capture cool and confident male portraits by guiding a model through subtle movements. For more information about this course click here: http://cr8.lv/laposing101yt
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Govind Singh (6 days ago)
Faizul Royal (3 months ago)
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AllAmericanGuy01 (3 months ago)
As with most subjects, this one was very stiff. As a photographer, it is our responsibility to correct that, and yes, it can be corrected. When my subjects tense up, I find it useful to have them inhale deep, hold it and exhale. In the process, I tell them to drop their shoulders and just let them hang. This tip works on all subjects I photographed. Not only do you see the change in energy, but the subject energy is much more workable and pleasant.
Syed Qasim Ali (4 months ago)
Nice video.. All tips are right! Thanks for sharing!😍
U if fbk Ttg (5 months ago)
This is a horrible example! She clearly wants him to be gay. Never let a female photographer tell you how to pose. She doesn't know what a real man looks like... Probably why she likes finger fucking fags while she sucks them off.
AJ Hubbell (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Jason jamie (6 months ago)
For me the model guy look so uncomfortable...which ain't look natural but more like statue....but anyway, you are smart
Jamil Gotcher (2 months ago)
Have you ever worked with an inexperienced model? I can tell he doesn't know what he's doing. This is why professional models exists, they're more than good looking. It's 50% photographer and 50% model, if the model can't do their 50% then it's a really hard photoshoot for the photographer, even when the photographer used to be a professional fashion model like I am. It's super hard to pose inexeperienced models. If you tell them to be themselves and do what they want it's even more disastrous than looking a little too posey.
She is hot too, I'm horny now.. great video!!! Jk 😇
PhottixHQ (8 months ago)
Great video, very informative. Thank you.
KHAN BD (8 months ago)
Sm editz & hacking (9 months ago)
Mahmud Salih (9 months ago)
You have three flashes or spotlight so how you can to use shutter speed and I so
Charles M (9 months ago)
Lindsay Adler you are very skilled
akash chaudhary (9 months ago)
Okay i just got a crush on this women 😍
bejaHalik (10 months ago)
focus-beeping noise? really ?
canaldelalfred (5 months ago)
I remember years ago the beep was seen as unprofessional and amateurish, but since a few years ago I've noticed that most professional photographers are using it. I personally have found it to be valuable as it's an audible on-spot focus confirmation so I don't have to see the green dot at the bottom of the screen and I just concentrate on my composition. A matter of tastes I think
Abhi Jadhav (1 year ago)
I will do it
Ini Go (1 year ago)
i love it
Varun Kamal (1 year ago)
this is such basic bullshit
MyDream MySoul (1 year ago)
I am still not a basic bitch..lmao..
Varun Kamal (1 year ago)
SoulChangingDream yes stopped watching after the first two mins... but even to know it's bullshit... you need to watch a bit... dumb bitch...
Ben Jones (1 year ago)
Almost every male has a hard time shifting their weight to the back foot/hip (as you can see the guy in the video had). A simple solution is to place a short piece of a 2 x 4 under the front foot. This will force them to put all their weight on the back hip.
MrBluesfly (1 year ago)
Moni H. (1 year ago)
Robert Pattisons brother?
Akhmad Gazali (1 year ago)
Hashmat Alikozay (1 year ago)
I'm actually way better poser than him, or maybe cuter too! lol Check my profile Instagram @hashalikozay
FELIX ASIEDU (1 year ago)
Hello Alder, i guess you good. i seriously like the way you teach and take the pixz. i wish you can teach me more and i'm ready to learn tho. i hope to hear from you . thank you
Archetype00 (1 year ago)
Best thing that works is to have your model constantly move, so that you capture more candid snaps which appear more natural. I find generally it's cheesy if you say, "Cross your arms and look forward". By getting your model to move and constantly follow direction, they become less aware of themselves and the camera, and their body moves more naturally. It translates well to a still image. But it does vary on experience and models comfortability in front of a camera. If someone is stiff you need to direct more basically, and gently, so the shoot takes much much longer. A professional model knows what you want before you ask it.
Healing Meditation (2 years ago)
Thank you for the video! By the way, I also make a video of photo posing. Look on my channel.
Pavitra Kumar Kunder (2 years ago)
you are good girl!
MrJcasilva (2 years ago)
All shots look good, except for the fingers into the pocket, but the thumb and the other must be showed; it seems the model has his fingers cut..
MrRaigami (2 years ago)
is it me or all the photos looks terrible? made the model looks very stiff
Varun Kamal (1 year ago)
Ben Jones that is tooooooo long to get good :D
Ben Jones (1 year ago)
Few women know how to photograph men well for some reason. Yes the poses are rather stiff and awkward IMHO but sher is probably just starting out. I though i was a good photographer for the first 15 years or so. I didn't really get "good" at it until year 16 or so.
Corey Rankin (1 year ago)
yes, pretty bad pictures
Archetype00 (1 year ago)
Yeah they're basic poses but not done very well. The crossed arms for example should have had a variation: What I wouldn't done is told him to slump a bit and roll his shoulders forward a little (not so that it looks too intentional), then probably have him put his right hand on his left bicep and keep the other crossed - just so that it's not a basic "my arms are crossed". Then you tilt his head down, and the crown a little away or towards you. Very small movements make larger differences in the final image. I often tell my models to take a sharp breath in, and then breath out, as it softens the shape of their body (not holding their breath for the shot, which a lot of people subconsciously do).
Matthias Baumbach (2 years ago)
The problem is she. Beeing so stiff and unappealing reflects onto the model.
Arpad Krokovay (2 years ago)
your laugh is just superrr cutteeeeee
Markdean Masanque (2 years ago)
As soon as I saw that the camera she was holding is Canon, I immediately subscribed.
Cosimo5206 (1 year ago)
For absolutely no good reason. A box is a box. Brand loyalty in this arena is an amateur distraction.
Josh Morgan (2 years ago)
+Markdean Masanque lol why?
Alexander Onguko (3 years ago)
Abajabba Dahatt (3 years ago)
This is actually very helpful!
Arturs Neitals (3 years ago)
creepy laught
John Reid Patrimonio (3 years ago)
This could help me in our contest :)
Risimati Peter (3 years ago)
y is he not wearin a watch atleast
Amrit Singh (4 years ago)
Thank You. =)
sandy kotiya (4 years ago)
I love you linday.
Japanica Hunter (4 years ago)
superb training thank you so much, greatly appreciate it
CreativeLive (4 years ago)
Create a Catalog-Quality Man's Pose with Lindsay Alder In this clip from last week's workshop, +Lindsay Adler walks you through the steps to create catalog-worthy posing for men.
CreativeLive (4 years ago)
+Muneka gonzalez: We agree, it's all about the "special sauce." Don't you think that Lindsay does an expert job of giving the shoot the right mood?
Muneka gonzalez (4 years ago)
Nice outfit. The male fashion is really process in the tops like the music and many more. IS all about the good culture and the happy humor of you're own kindness.

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