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Text Comments (1599)
Hinds Nydz (17 hours ago)
I jus need 5000 to start my business so one day the hard work pay off an I can be like you'll
Mel Mel (4 days ago)
I am watching this video and I am torn. I will keep my thoughts to myself.
SayNoToClickbait (5 days ago)
even you can´t affor that
Deep Patne (7 days ago)
What's the name of the background music being played ?
LandMaster (12 days ago)
0:37 - looks like a massive bud plant
- gígglєsfrσmєd - (14 days ago)
Who else is watching videos like these just to feel wealth and happy?
juliaboryczka (1 month ago)
Great vlog
Ramanuj Deka (1 month ago)
I miss Marcus
Alex karai (1 month ago)
so spoiled btw
Andrea Wolff (1 month ago)
Jon what r u thinking vloging while on the toilet hahahaha ur funny...
S Yarbro (1 month ago)
Weird and gay
International Pilots (2 months ago)
✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ✈️
Marlon Turner (2 months ago)
All I can say is DAMN
mnk379s (2 months ago)
I was thinking who this guy remind of me of and then it struck me, Jared Leto long lost twin.
Rambling Ramul (2 months ago)
Man time flies.. this WAS TWO YEARS AGO ALMOST?!! thought it was last year xD
Stranger Happened (2 months ago)
*THE "HARD WORK"* part is a nonsense, though. There are many people who work much harder like two-three jobs and they are still very poor.
juliaboryczka (2 months ago)
cool vlog <3
TysonIsKetchy (2 months ago)
too much money is 99% of the time the root of all evil
TARXONY 5 (2 months ago)
But why dony u fix ur TEETHS?
bradley booth (2 months ago)
A billionaire and they have a plane that make their legs touch? 0_0 okay then....
A Running Journey (2 months ago)
3:41 what are the name of the sunglasses anyone?
Winner Wiktor (2 months ago)
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Be Better (2 months ago)
Stunning 👌🏼
BILLZ OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
i watch shit like this because i’m broke
Ian Terry (2 months ago)
“I feel a bit more broke” Mannnnnnnnnnnn
Schmitt Djeson (2 months ago)
*why are you begin donald trump bro😂*
ووو ككك (3 months ago)
ياحظهم ماشاءالله
Jackielyn Legaspi (3 months ago)
a bilioner have a lamborghini or a koenigsegg or a old cadillac
At the end of the day📅it's all just fools GOLD 🎃
Andrew Black (3 months ago)
how do I become friends with a billionaire
Glenn Mcgollie (3 months ago)
Gofundme.com/GMAC84 it would be much appreciated
Yanis Step (3 months ago)
Have any one noticed the spelling mistake ( billionare) or it is just me.
Bermorben Gaming (3 months ago)
I wish my GTA online wealth can come to reality
Maroon Ap (3 months ago)
I know the captain very well fantastic boat and crew !!
Eliza Rose Coaching (3 months ago)
So refreshing to hear the presenter, speak as if what is happening is fun and normal. Well, a little crazy. But not continually saying "wouldn't that be good", "stupid rich people", blah, blah. We all spend frivolously at times, it's just that the rich get to do it with bigger things. That's what life is about - Having fun. Thanks Jon and your fabulous team.
papi cheikh (3 months ago)
I wonder how much this whole trip cost...damn
Anna Lis (3 months ago)
do they talk about money all the time? so bouring!
Mihai Timofti (3 months ago)
Boring !!! What are you doing? Take playn and drive a.boat? In a cave? Realy ?i don t whant to be rich ...i aspect to go dyving also chill on a beach with coctail s and disco and music wtfk?
Tallented Josh (3 months ago)
This is some good stuff! Please check out mine when you get the chance=)
Pastor Peewee (3 months ago)
Hi new here but what does this guy do that made him a billionaire?
CptEnricot (3 months ago)
fuck you cancer ! vanity and juste a fucking son of who saying he have work hard for that
axel (3 months ago)
..can he give me 300.000,00$ pls...
Jackson Monson (3 months ago)
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Brianna 1001 (3 months ago)
please make me your wife
Bony- B (3 months ago)
Darren B (3 months ago)
It’s at this moment I realised no matter how hard you try or how much you work your ass off I’ll never get close to this life style 😂
Eric Jones (3 months ago)
Id be happy with 100k to start over
Stephen Norwood (3 months ago)
I need to talk with him wish I could have a trip with him and work and learn. On the way there and back. #Bossup>MR.LITTZ
Josep TC (3 months ago)
Song 2:38 ??
Haider Mirza (3 months ago)
I bet he's giving a boy job to everyone. He's even sitting like a girl. Damn. You Gary faget
Haider Mirza (3 months ago)
This guy in white who was holding the camera in the toilet looks and acts GAY!!!
christopher wilkinson (3 months ago)
Wtf is this shit
ANTHONY TROUGHT (3 months ago)
luis fernando contreras (3 months ago)
👀 WTF!! 2:53 🙏
Derail07 (3 months ago)
WTF is this "heeyyyyy look at be shit"? Tiny dick doushbags
TigerChuu (3 months ago)
Mariano (3 months ago)
The Mansion, The Yacht, The Private Jet, The Helicopter, The Ikea Furniture And The Blonde Scandinavian Girl. No Offshore Drilling?Jejejejeje And Kroners. I'm Thinking About A Money Market Account.
Simon Auderset (3 months ago)
digitalsiler (3 months ago)
life of a cunt
spoopy transgirl (3 months ago)
Have fun when the coming revolution comes ;) #EatTheRich #ViveLaRévolution
Whitehead Official (3 months ago)
MrHali1988 (3 months ago)
So what does Henric do?
good morning 15/7/2018
Campbell Peters (4 months ago)
The only fairdinkum blokes I observed on this video were the pilots, the rest were bat smokers.
Lil Flex (4 months ago)
What is your hair doing😂
cyrus4400 (4 months ago)
Two strange types the world can do without you. Just monkey 🙉 🐒😂 😂 😂
Horror freak London (4 months ago)
Glad i am poor and happy with no pressure
Dinosaur (4 months ago)
ah, this is how I found you from about 2 weeks ago today is 8/7/18
gasp gash (4 months ago)
Baron Mendozssa (4 months ago)
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Luís Gonçalves (4 months ago)
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Chang Liu (4 months ago)
Jon!!! US Navy veteran here and been watching your videos for quite some time. That battleship that you saw in Monaco was the USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 which is the sister ship to USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 based out of Yokosuka, Japan where I spent two years of my life. I've been active posting on Quora and the question of "What's it like to be a Billionaire?" came up and then I remembered you had a video about that when you and the crew went with Henrik to get the Yacht. So I went back and revised by post to add this video to my answer. My answer on Quora is here: http://qr.ae/TUplob and I added your picture with Benny in there along with Nico Rosberg partying it up like rockstars! I hope you don't mind the exposure on Quora.com. I've given you the credit of being a super duper badass. Stay in touch and keep smiling! All the best, Chang Liu, Supply Corps Officer, US Navy veteran
Weird, funny, IM JEYRIN (4 months ago)
The life of a broke person..which is me..
LIFE OF THE VLOGGER (4 months ago)
Hdh Jbdjdk (4 months ago)
Tambah ulasan baru
Good morning now27/6/2018
ahmed adbul (4 months ago)
fuck you
wish he would come and visit me
Alkhazred1 (4 months ago)
Where are the fucking 19 y.o. chicks with great ass?
Frick TV (4 months ago)
Anyone here got a dollar to spare real quick? LMAO
Black Jack (4 months ago)
Where the puck is that d!ck
Youngblood68 (4 months ago)
who is Henrik???
Daan Made in Holland (4 months ago)
These guys ar dutch ?
Keith Kalfas (5 months ago)
Bro your videos are super inspiring. Your work ethic is insane Thank you for pavinf the path. 100% for sure I'll hit 2MM subscribers one day. Hopefully soon I'll hit your level. I just hit 54k subscribers. Keith Kalfas
Dmytro Shcherbak (5 months ago)
I wish I make more likes to this video :) You guys are awesome :)
Sudisti (5 months ago)
If you are a billionare, do you have to pretend you are happy cause billionares can't be miserable right? Right? If I would be really rich I would enjoy the most the beautifully and useful luxury items :)
vimal bhojwani (5 months ago)
Nice. Costs 115k to rent per week😂😂
John Smith (5 months ago)
I'll better watch this https://youtu.be/kwetRM-An_Q
youngvisionary1985 (5 months ago)
johnny cash (5 months ago)
I though he was the owner of jets, or yatchs... or helicopters, 🤔 but he just owns house in marbella , partment. And drive cars he doesnt owns. If its the main thing of his videos it really dissapoint me... i mean, compare the rich kids of beverlly hills, or arabs emirates, this guy just doesnt fit. The real ones are so fuking crazy. Hahah.. bye! 😄😄
Summit X (5 months ago)
Good for you Jon, looks like you are having a great time making the most of and enjoying every day.
Hungry Visionaries (5 months ago)
Check out online entrepreneurs exposed ! https://youtu.be/YY6fgJdr7KU
VUNDI VLOGS (5 months ago)
he never looks anyone in the eye for too long
Tim3W4rp (5 months ago)
Dude, we can actually see your dick in the video @ 2:55.
simG4 (5 months ago)
thanks dad and mom ;) fucking capitalist
Asheville Consultants (5 months ago)
Fake ass pussys. Trip over their 2 inch peckers on a daily.
Zarah (5 months ago)
Jon: Seeing all this, you can see what you can have with hard work and being smart. Richard: I gotta wake up an hour before I go to bed. LOL!
T B (5 months ago)
You should make another vlog with him!!!
freez draino (5 months ago)
Make sure you buy him dinner
Dontblink29 (5 months ago)
That boat is so perfectly put together! Love the design and look!! One life to live!!! Thanks for sharing this untouchable lifestyle!

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