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Incredible wii sports cheats,hints tips,tricks,and even bonus- SECRETS (walkthrough of the cheats)

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Yes these are wii cheats,hints tips,tricks,and even bonus- SECRETS well this is in incredible quailty so ill even be nice and post them in the description if they fir so here they are! AND YES I MADE THIS ON MY WII! always win in tennis When you go to tenis you click on all the dark figures so it has your mii as the only mii there. Then when u play, you serve but just watch it go to second bounce.it's awesome. (will only work in single mode.) Change the Tennis Court To change the tennis court to the blue practice court, press and hold (2) at the warning screen that shows after selecting characters. Make the crowd laugh On bowling throw the ball into the other alley to make the crowd laugh Baseball best speed Do you feel like you aren't getting enough speed? You can go faster: by just flicking you wrist. You can get up to 93, 94, and 95 mph. I never got higher than 95 mph. Wii Sports Hint - 91 Strike in bowling In the "Power Throws" training game for bowling, you might notice 2 red buttons at the end of the alley - 1 left and 1 right. When you get to the final bowl for 91 pins, you can bowl the ball along the top of the barrier on either side and hit this button. Move your Mii all the way to the left or right, and turn the aim 2 or 3 clicks towards the barrier. Let go of the ball at the highest point possible, with just a bit of spin to keep the ball on the barrier. If successful, you will hear a click, the screen will shake and all the pins will fall down.This may take lots of tries or u may just get it right away good luck. Super serve When you are serving, just when the ball is at the highest point quickly flick your wrist. You will see white smoke from the ball and it will be difficult to hit. This may require some practice. Golf: No maps or meters on screen Hold 2 when making a choice at the course selection screen. The power meter, map, and wind speed indicator will no longer appear. Scare the public in bowling When your about to throw the ball throw it backwards. Quicker fitness tests You have the option of taking a fitness test which includes stamina, power, and speed. Because of the default settings, you can only take the test once a day and must wait until the next day before retaking it. Use the following trick to take the test as many times as desired a day. Go into the Wii system settings and select the calendar option. Then, just move the date up by one day. The game will think a day has passed and allow you to retake the test. Hole in wall in Tennis In Target Practice, intentionally miss the target to hit the brick wall. The section of the wall you hit will darken slightly. Keep hitting it until the bricks begin to break. After breaking enough bricks, a large hole will form. When your ball goes through the hole, your training will end. Silver Boxing Gloves After you've beaten the Grand Champion, Matt, in a boxing match you'll be able to wear silver boxing gloves. To do so, hold (1) when the screen becomes black before a boxing match. BOWLING BALLS Red Ball |Left Arrow Gold Ball |Right Arrow Green Ball |Down Arrow Blue Ball |Up Arrow Boxing INSTRUCTIONS Once you have to fight Matt just stand there and don't fight at all because he won't hit you until you hit him first and once his time runs out you win the round.
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Faith Connors (3 years ago)
Ayy lmao, people still watch these videos?
Thomas Hubbard (3 months ago)
Great spelling 👌🏼 😂
john farrar (4 months ago)
Okay Dad I'm going to f*** you
john farrar (4 months ago)
Just buck it. But you are f****** believing
Grey (7 months ago)
It seems so
Naxzar (7 months ago)
Only Rivera (15 days ago)
Who’s watching in 2019 because your sad
Burger slider (16 days ago)
You can play tennis in the practice area? I don't knowing this
Burger slider (16 days ago)
I did touch the other alley pins, the ball no touch the pins :0
DepressoExpresso (26 days ago)
I remember watching this video with my brother like 9 years ago!!! damn im 20 now :( time flies
Rory Shinkle (1 month ago)
4:54 at this part of the song I found hidden lyrics! Try to find it
NOOT NOOT (1 month ago)
The pins should really do synchronized swimming in the olympics that form was beautiful
MKmiksu (1 month ago)
Yesterday, this video turned 10. Wow. Time flies.
Mathinus Wolters (1 month ago)
2019, this video is nostalgic 👌🏻
Braders57 (1 month ago)
Foot 106 (1 month ago)
Watching February 2019?
Katlyn Dobransky (1 month ago)
If you didn’t know about the backwards bowling ball then you obviously never thought “Hmm what happens if I throw the Wii remote backwards”
Alexotic (1 month ago)
2019 anyone?
secretivecoolkid 811 (1 month ago)
Jade P (2 months ago)
elevated sno (2 months ago)
Here in 2019, god I miss classic wii
Florian Hollman (2 months ago)
Nice tv
Manon Gambey (2 months ago)
5:36 music
Manon Gambey (2 months ago)
4:22 music
Manon Gambey (2 months ago)
Manon Gambey (2 months ago)
Jayce Baller (2 months ago)
I knew all of these. Fat dislike
Thomas Hubbard (3 months ago)
Wat tv do u have?
Sienna Zwetsloot (3 months ago)
*Me, clicking this video withan evil smile* *FBI break through windows, destroying my door, firing their guns*
Super Luigi Bros (2 months ago)
Exactly. I understand
FaZe Dankoli (4 months ago)
For some reason, I decided to watch it 9 years after it was released.
Bald fish (4 months ago)
I just hit a 150 fastball today
4:23 sparta in extended remix
Desantos123 (4 months ago)
2:00 song name?
Cool Rix (4 months ago)
You trying to win bowling
john farrar (4 months ago)
F*** you
Jason the nintendo boy (5 months ago)
2018 cheats
blueslime_plays (6 months ago)
The only one I didn't know was the rail bowling trick, none of the others were secrets or cheats.
SHARPASFLINT gaming (6 months ago)
The baseball pitch doesn't depend on your sensor bar, it depends on the speed of which you shake your remote, I know because I have a wireless sensor bar and I have it turned off and I still get to 99
Kuro Neko (7 months ago)
Wow 😂
y21 (7 months ago)
Pro bowling strats I see.
lol i'm bad (7 months ago)
ik the 2nd one so funny 😂 lmao
Finity (7 months ago)
Anyone here in 2018?
Lars Okkenhaug (7 months ago)
Immunity yes
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (7 months ago)
Who else already knew all of these?
cool boi (8 months ago)
It worked
Gorillah Preacher (8 months ago)
Mood Edits (8 months ago)
Anna Wuertley (8 months ago)
5:47 was the point of that to say that you can break the wall? Everyone knows you can do that lmao
Pablo Sarró Sánchez (8 months ago)
Anyone 2018? jaja
dallas adderly (8 months ago)
MAngleD / Mr.Mangy (8 months ago)
so I guess you do like Sparta remixes do ya XD I do too
[SFD] Instant (8 months ago)
Figured out 2 already before
Humble (8 months ago)
77 as your age *OOF*
Stevie Brown (9 months ago)
Anyone watching in 2018
The Angry Box (8 months ago)
Stevie Brown yep
patrickcollins574 (9 months ago)
The Gamer (9 months ago)
anyone watching in 2018?
Connor Boismenu (9 months ago)
We already know some of this stuff
Bob (9 months ago)
1:51 I did this soooo many times x)
Yung lean Sadboy (9 months ago)
this is in my recommended
JB/VidsAndVlogs (9 months ago)
I literally already knew all these hacks
Niels Riegman (9 months ago)
What is the last song called? Sounds like a Windows remix....
void pckalbis tryhardbtw (9 months ago)
2018 :D
the man Lucio (9 months ago)
Oh yes
MeadowSin (9 months ago)
Almost 10 years...
Clean Pug (9 months ago)
LibraWarrior 2004 (9 months ago)
Did I just hear a Sparta Remix?
Brayden Hale (9 months ago)
Anyone Watching in 2018?
A HUMAN (9 months ago)
2018 !!! we r og wii fans x)
Zoey Darkstar (9 months ago)
I remember I would always throw the ball backwards because 12 year old me thought it was the funniest thing
Nitrogens (9 months ago)
Zoey Darkstar same lol
Sabres Edits (9 months ago)
watching in 2018
The Dank Memer (10 months ago)
5:42 Mexicans Destroying Trumps Wall
The Dank Memer (10 months ago)
I accidently did the button for automatic strike one in Wii Sports Resort
Water Melon (10 months ago)
Everything is spelled wrong or repeated
2-Bit (10 months ago)
Watching this in 2018
Reed (10 months ago)
this is cool
Twig (10 months ago)
My favourite is the hole in one on hole 7 hehe
Lewis Noble (10 months ago)
Adam Dybalski (11 months ago)
That tv tho
Mr LuRe (11 months ago)
It’s 2018 still watching
Pj Casey (11 months ago)
Warrior 15951 (11 months ago)
5:15 wooooooooooooooooooooow
ratato (11 months ago)
why am i here
THEbirdtoons4 (11 months ago)
thanks for wathcing
Sebastrion (11 months ago)
Thats are High Quality videos back in 2009
Qaayms Corner (11 months ago)
Everyone knew most these
R.A. M (11 months ago)
2:57 Sound like somethin blew up
R.A. M (11 months ago)
I just did that too, but I got 564 pins with a silver medal
R.A. M (11 months ago)
I just did that too
R.A. M (11 months ago)
I actually did the cheat to how can you play at the blue tennis courts
Creepman489 (11 months ago)
oh yes
CubeGamer3 (1 year ago)
Uh my name is Derek...
ToastersMakeTea (1 year ago)
Ah yes, I can taste 2009
Awesome Wrecker (1 year ago)
Any one in 2018 this video is 9 years old
Gangplank (1 year ago)
Came for the tricks, stayed for the nolstalgia of everything in this video
mrsteve682 (1 year ago)
anyone watching in 2018
Windcutter 5 (1 year ago)
yes, they do
Nick ThePancake (1 year ago)
:T its 2018 and im still watching
Mikeoloco (1 year ago)
Annoying ass fucking music
Alex Mason (1 year ago)
Some of this music is cringey
R.A. M (1 year ago)
I do that all the time to practice 3:40
R.A. M (1 year ago)
I also do that too 5:15
R.A. M (1 year ago)
What the hell 1:40
• DaMemeKang • (1 year ago)
Music using sounds from windows 98
Sanabria Antonio (1 year ago)
Min 5:33 te ves en la pantalla
Super Luigi Bros (2 months ago)
Guys, in English, this means “5:33 you see yourself on the screen”
Gay Fish (1 year ago)
Whos watching this in 2020?
Super Luigi Bros (2 months ago)
Nobody yet
J (1 year ago)
9 years later.
Kevin Piccinelli (1 year ago)
How do you do it cause its pretty hard to do what you did with all those strikes and stuff
sad (1 year ago)
i should be doing my homework
Giancarlo Villanueva (1 year ago)
Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta (1 year ago)
Bowling does not work.when i do it it goes all the way and it says 0 pins

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