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MLB Outfielders Throwing Out Runners at First Base

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Refresh Rejoice (1 day ago)
Half of these are cause the runner dogged it, this is why you hustle
I wanna see billy Hamilton get thrown out from the OF
check meowt (17 days ago)
I wasn't a very good player in little league hence why I played right field. But one day I charged at a one hopper towards my chest and at they moment everything was in sync. I gunned the runner down with the perfect throw to first base. My team was silent. I retired that day after that game at 12 years old.
Score that a groundout, 9-3...
Louis Franco (1 month ago)
Missing Raul Mondesi.
Hectorlf (1 month ago)
For those wondering, these are also called 9-3 putouts
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess (2 months ago)
I did that once from centerfield at summer camp when I was ten and the batter took his time going to first.
namelessrocker12 (5 months ago)
This is the best play in baseball for me. So much zip
Withdraw (5 months ago)
By far the most embarrassing thing in baseball.
Elizabeth Palita (9 months ago)
your video adds at the end block the view of the last clip on every video, you do!
Blake’s Adventures (9 months ago)
That’s why you hustle
Danny Boy (10 months ago)
I never realized thi happened so much
JYaBoi38 Striker (10 months ago)
zrv0city (11 months ago)
Go Sox!!
ZJ75 (11 months ago)
Casey HAD to be #1 lol
ceedee1945 (1 year ago)
Unhook the trailers guys...
Seth Heasley (1 year ago)
Doesn't count if it's a pitcher though. Look at the outfield positioning on some of these. It's just being thrown out from deep 2nd base.
Dan Rod (1 year ago)
Few bad calls
DonteKeys (1 year ago)
Watching this is mildly satisfying for some reason.
Andrew Walnoha (1 year ago)
Daylight At Night (1 year ago)
the last guys home to first time was literally 8 seconds
Daylight At Night (1 year ago)
cano shouldve been here. he pretty much plays shallow right field.
WesIsaLeo (1 year ago)
What did that 1st batter hit the ball with...sounded like metal clacking.
Neil Pisarri (1 year ago)
Really come on my Tigs that last one just wow...
szn (1 year ago)
Ha that last guy is so slow
Noice The Noiceman (1 year ago)
Forgot Julio Teheran
roygbiv330 (1 year ago)
all the batters didnt look so dissapointed. since the money valuation by each team would be +1.
Cory Van Treuren (1 year ago)
that first clip. now THATS how you make a call . Buck Martinez is bad ass
K Mckivey (1 year ago)
Haha love when they call it a base hit...outfielders like nope not today.
Marley Kingston (1 year ago)
rockysocky (2 years ago)
I feel like in addition to many of these being pitchers as someone stated earlier, many are wearing blue. Does blue slow you down lol?
Dirty Beef Curtains (2 years ago)
A lot of pitchers. Poor fellas
Hassan Muhammad (2 years ago)
and that's why you always run it out
RangerHunter (2 years ago)
Can anyone tell me why that the Toronto broadcast has that sound every time someone hits the ball?
Rustedblade (2 years ago)
Ok I don't get this, I just came from the video "MLB: Avoiding the Tag" and came here to cross reference. In the other footage I clearly see first basemen catching the ball while standing on first base and the runner doing some duck and dive and touching the base that the baseman is clearly standing on with the ball, yet they are declared safe. What gives? And so many of these home base runs, if the catcher is standing on the base with the ball whats the go with the need to tag? Its like 2 versions of the same game. I'm Australian and baseball isn't real big here, can somebody explain please
Williamkurk (2 years ago)
The last play was the most impressive. Of course it was...because: White Sox! #FromLeftField
NotAleky • (2 years ago)
Go Cubs Go Hey Chicago What do you say the Cubs are gunna win today!! 2016 World Series Champs
ryanatparks (2 years ago)
most of these batters are pitchers so they were playing super shallow
Julius Banks (2 years ago)
Is that 7-1 groundout the first in history? lol it really might be though
Alan Olivieri (2 years ago)
Julius Banks it is a 7-3 not 7-1 it's not like the left fielder threw it to the pitcher
Julius Banks (2 years ago)
7-3 my bad
hicks727 (2 years ago)
all pitchers
TheRanhughes (2 years ago)
Carlos Gomez SUCKS!!!!!
Nathan Lamberson (2 years ago)
thats why you RUN!!!!
Hi, Neighbor! (2 years ago)
Thrown out at first from left field wow
Kenneth Fisher (2 years ago)
The first play was awesome because he was fielding deep and the runner was running hard.
nakedfaves (2 years ago)
Wait..............no center fielder or left fielder has ever tried to throw the guy out AFTER he rounds the base and starts running towards second base for 2 - 4 feet? I'd attempt that all the time.
Julius Banks (2 years ago)
They round first in case the OF's do some stupid shit like trying to throw them out at first..... So they can just take second
Steven Juris (2 years ago)
+nakedfaves runner still has a huge advantage if he's far enough from first to be caught like that, he will just take second base.
nakedfaves (2 years ago)
+Steven Juris No, just after he steps on 1st he usually steps a few feet towards 2nd then turns around and jogs back to 1st. But the left fielder or center fielder can wait until the runner is JUST GETTING to 1st (knowing that he isn't going to be the runner there initially) and then whip the ball towards 1st with full speed (instead of lobbing it to 2nd). If the runner doesn't see what's happening the throw might get to 1st before the runner can get back to 1st after rounding the corner for a few feet. Once the 1st baseman catches the ball he just tags the runner while the runner is trying to get back to 1st.
Steven Juris (2 years ago)
You want to force the runner to the next base
DanielSong39 (2 years ago)
These guys could use baserunning lessons from Billy Hamilton...
Greysen Gagne (2 years ago)
Who would have thought it was even possible to throw a dude out from LEFT field....
Billy Collins (2 years ago)
Slow runner + right fielder playing in + hard hit ball to right +ball hit directly at outfielder = out at first.
Liam Donnan (2 years ago)
These are amazing tbh
ryan phillips (2 years ago)
BAWWWWWWWWW TEEEEEE STUHHHHH that one at the end from left field...i hope they waived the fat fuck who was out there lol.
ryan phillips (2 years ago)
even then bro, should be able to get to first, cmon.
Jacob VanHorn (2 years ago)
He thought the third baseman caught it so he wasn't running and started running when he saw the ball in left field
Fleck Smugbrother (2 years ago)
One play from other than right field. Amazing......
WesIsaLeo (2 years ago)
Was hoping to see someone hit one to LF and get thrown out. ^_^ They say Ernie Lombardi was so slow he'd often hit one off the wall and get thrown out by OF's playing the hops. Can you imagine his lifetime BA if he had any speed? As it was he won TWO batting titles w/ two different teams and hit .306 in his career. Struck out 262 times in 6351 plate appearances (!) and even stole 8 bases (!!)
Artkos19 (2 years ago)
Lol was at that game when Casey did that
CrociatoAzzurro (2 years ago)
I was watching the first one at the time it happened. And I think the 2nd one (again by Bautista against the Royals) occurred in the same series. I love how on the 2nd one the Royals 1B Coach is just looking at his player.
CrociatoAzzurro (2 years ago)
that last batter should be ashamed of himself.
Stuie K (2 years ago)
0:13 is it just me, or did that ball hit KC's right fielder in the head before it dropped, he recovered it, then got the clueless blue jays hitter out with the throw to first? it looked like a battle of the doffus' on this one and the doofus in right field just happened to get the upper hand lol
Joseph Hyde (2 years ago)
Most are pitchers running and the right fielders are playing somewhat close to where a second baseman would play in a shift on a dead pull hitter. That last play was crazy.
swordfish00007 (2 years ago)
super awesome video... thanks for sharing this
Jason M (2 years ago)
Moral of the story, if you want to get on base don't hit to right field. And if you go left, make sure you actually run to first
ZeCockOfTheWalk (2 years ago)
0:31 thats some quality broadcasting right there.
Taiyo (2 years ago)
That last one is epic
Enzo Gorlami (2 years ago)
The one from left field..wtf. Oh the shame ..
Flakes x 73 (2 years ago)
Video in a nutshell: There's a bass hit to right AND HE THROWS HIM OUT AT FIRST!!
GiantsOLB53 (2 years ago)
The RF is almost always playing shallow in all these plays
Julius Banks (2 years ago)
It's not a coincidence either
T L S (2 years ago)
I hope these batters feel awful letting this happen. I hope they got a good hustle lecture too. I mean c'mon even if you're a pitcher ya know u gotta hustle. You can see the timing of it right in front of you, the right fielders about to have ball in hand when you're just barely past halfway down the line it's time to put the after burners on. I'm pretty sure every player makes at least 500k. I'm getting paid 500k I'm gonna be feeling the burn in my muscles on every play that could sway.
TMWSITY (2 years ago)
Lunch has been canceled due to lack of hustle.
Studa Baker (2 years ago)
I've actually done this a few times in my little league career.
Aaron Anon (2 years ago)
If you're getting payed Hundreds of thousands or even millions per year to play the game, put some fucking hustle into it.
Steven Juris (2 years ago)
+Brobskie most of the right fielders were playing a very shallow position which made it easier
Brobs (2 years ago)
Most of these guys are pitchers and are told not to sprint so they don't get hurt or tired. but I get what your say.
Martin Gardner (2 years ago)
Funniest part is every announcer saying 'base hit to right'.
Ja zz (12 days ago)
Martin Gardner it’s the closest base to first
Alan Olivieri (2 years ago)
Kenneth Busler (2 years ago)
The majority of the batters should have been fined by the manager or benched for a couple days due to lack of hustle.
Kenneth Busler (2 years ago)
not fined by Major League Baseball, but there are managers particularly in the eighties and nineties like Tony larussa, Tommy Lasorda, and Cal Ripken senior who used to fine their players and bench them for not having enough hustle on the basepaths. it would be some minor amount like a hundred bucks or something, and they would use the money and donate it to charity or something along those lines. I read a lot of baseball books biography autobiographies and such and I've read many instances of that. that's why I said it's a kangaroo court run by the players not anything sanctioned by Major League Baseball.
DrunkSamurai (2 years ago)
+Kenneth Busler Nobody has ever been fined for not running fast enough.
Martin Gardner (2 years ago)
+Kenneth Busler I'm saying they're running feel speed BECAUSE they can see the play developing. The camera is watching the ball not the runner so you can't see how fast he's running.
Kenneth Busler (2 years ago)
+ Martin Garner . That doesn't matter. There could easily be a missed play or an error. Just ask Bill Buckner in '86 , or Yasiel Puig every 3rd day.
Kenneth Busler (2 years ago)
as I said ...lack of hustle. Many clubs have a Kangaroo Court where they levee a small fine or bench them for not running out a ground ball or a pop fly.
Michael Meloche (2 years ago)
A lot are against pitchers.
Drew Steele (2 years ago)
some thing that needs to be taught to the young ones playing this game, always run em out you don't know what could happen, yeah you may be a sow pitcher or think it's a foul ball but at least run
i PHoeNiK (2 years ago)
people need to hustle
Axle Grind (2 years ago)
right fielders in rover position
Xingyu Lu (2 years ago)
I never watch baseball. Why this is play on first base special?
Steven Juris (2 years ago)
+steamyhotpoo not too mention it usually happens when a pitcher is hitting and the fielders aren't playing deep or even middle
steamyhotpoo (2 years ago)
It's rare because the outfielder is almost never in a perfect position to throw out the runner and usually the runners are too fast anyway. In all of the clips the fielders ran in a somewhat straight line and had a running start directly toward first.
ccycx (2 years ago)
Normally when the ball drops in the outfield it's almost guaranteed that you can reach first base.
Jbrill Cards & gu (2 years ago)
It doesn't happen much
Westcoast Hub City (2 years ago)
Sean Casey over there looking at the 3rd base coach like what the fuck happen.lol
Nick Zepeda (2 years ago)
bush league shit fake ass shit this is gay
BaseballFan31 (2 years ago)
Random Name (2 years ago)
Tom Vessey (2 years ago)
Stevie Janowski thrown out from left.
Nick V (2 years ago)
played with a dude who was extremely lazy. saw him rope one to left field and got thrown out at first
Austin Skrundz (2 years ago)
+Subaquatic Succ you play right field
John Diego (2 years ago)
lmao okay
Rawk4Life (2 years ago)
Most of these throws would never take place if the runners would quit walking to first like they just got a free base after a hit into right field. Even Tony Gwyn hustled despite not being a fast runner. Always run through first base, even if the ball "looks" like it might be a routine fly out because it's not a guarantee until it's trapped inside the glove.
James Bond (2 years ago)
Man you had me looking to see if Prince Fielder died. Cool thing is he retired with the same number of home runs as his dad.
yutternutterbutter (2 years ago)
+Steven Juris i know
Steven Juris (2 years ago)
+yutternutterbutter I hope you mean the musician and not the player because the player retired and did not die
Jon Matthews (2 years ago)
I agree wth what you say, but Tony Gwynn was surprisingly fast. Early on he stole over 50 bases one season, and even late in his career was sneaky.
yutternutterbutter (2 years ago)
hustle is the name of the game, people can make fun of people like Prince (rip) but at least he played 110% every night
Klxws (2 years ago)
I swear this happened like 10x against the Dodgers in 2014
Varun Rajesh (2 years ago)
he said against. puig is on the dodgeres
Aaron Anon (2 years ago)
Because Puig?
Chapy (2 years ago)
That last one really came out of left field
XxXxXxXx (2 years ago)
The batter tripped and fell he also thought the third baseman caught so when he got up he started walking
TheRanhughes (2 years ago)
Mark Anthony (2 years ago)
A true LOL just happened on my side :)
Martin Gardner (2 years ago)
You win the internet for today.
I_ Hakdhu (2 years ago)
Lol so many happened to Dan haren
SteelCityMM (2 years ago)
This is how you get booed at home especially that left field throw
White Wumbo (2 years ago)
Holy shit the Tigers guy
yutternutterbutter (2 years ago)
sean casey had feet made of fucking bricks, yo
Saiyan Ninja (2 years ago)
yeah and his name is sean casey
Garfunkel Gronk (2 years ago)
at 0:18 the first base coach last name is "Kuntz" LOL
Danny Boy (10 months ago)
pronounced: KOONTZ
Austin Hansen (2 years ago)
His first name is Rusty.
Joey (2 years ago)
Anyone else get annoyed in MLB the show when the ball goes to the right fielder for a base hit and you can easily throw out the runner at first but the first baseman doesn't even pay attention
I thought that was just me
Rhino Athlete (9 months ago)
So annoying
memescoper (1 year ago)
?? what? the game isnt broken, you should be able to make it to first, or perhaps if you hit it THAT hard, and aren't that fast, and the RF has a killer arm, maybe you should be out?
dhlord64 (1 year ago)
because balls get hit way too hard to RF and it happens every game. Game would be broken if you could throw out runners at 1B all the time. Game fixes this by having the 1B be off the bag.
Neil Pisarri (1 year ago)
Anton Bouchette (2 years ago)
These fucking prima donna lazy pricks that don't go hard to first would be sitting on the bench until their asses couldn't hold anymore slivers.
Captain Cardsworth (2 years ago)
I was like "where's the Sean Casey from left field one???"......then it was there and I was happy. Carry on!
Cambridge Hathaway (2 years ago)
Freaking RUN!!
Carlos & Lisa Hidalgo (2 years ago)
a compilation of slow runners
Brett Hilbert (2 years ago)
+DeNick Productions still slow tho
Capo Carlos (2 years ago)
+DeNick Productions yea that could be true 🙃
White Wumbo (2 years ago)
Maybe there older
Steven Rye (2 years ago)
I was gonna type, has a 7-3 ever happened before.. What do you know. Lol
E Drew (2 years ago)
Even though I knew what the end result was going to be (otherwise, it wouldn't have been in this compilation), I still thought "No way, it can't be!" It was. Casey must've thought the ball was caught by the 3B.
Steven Rye (2 years ago)
Run you clowns
White Wumbo (2 years ago)
Some are slow most of them are
Ricky X (2 years ago)
fielders should do this more, most of the time they just pick up the ball and lazily throw it back in
mkvmyfast (2 years ago)
Thank You so much for making this video. I really enjoyed it. That last out from left field was awesome!
Max Decoursey (2 years ago)
a lot of these could be solved if the base runner added a little hustle. hard to watch
Ross Radtke (2 years ago)
Im gonna disagree. Some of them were running full speed and still got thrown out. Ill get a stop watch and do some research
Lance Bolton (2 years ago)
They are mostly pitchers and sadly, that's their full speed
Nicholas Kent (2 years ago)
0:30, bases loaded and you get a 'base' hit yet no runs scored. How awful is that?
Martin Gardner (2 years ago)
It's just an out, it's not a hit.
NothinButRock (2 years ago)
Force outs take precedence over runs, so no, unless the force outs didn't cause the inning to end.
Rawk4Life (2 years ago)
Shouldn't the run to home count since he tagged the plate before the throw out at first?
That was Mike Redmond, the former Miami Marlins manager lol
O Mn (2 years ago)
Do catches throwing to first to pick people off
Ben Rubenstein (2 years ago)
Many of these putouts were possible because the hitter didn't bother to run hard. Great video.
AndyRips (2 years ago)
1:46 That wasn't a good throw. I know he had to be quick but still.

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