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Man's Suit Jacket Fits Too Tight - Men's Clothing Alterations - Male Style Advice Video

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http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-ebook/ Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men's Style and Fashion. Have a mens style question or want to help answer? Check out my new Mens Style Q&A website - http://www.mensstyleqa.com/ Did you know that Antonio has a NEW 600+ page premium eBook with a 14 hour audio companion? Click here to learn more - http://www.mensstyleadvice.com/ Man's Suit Jacket Fits Too Tight - Men's Clothing Alterations - Male Style Advice Video
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XiAmFAUSTX (28 days ago)
Antonio, should a suit jacket vs a blazer fit differently? I find a 44 R looks better on me but I can't raise my arms or move them past my chest. A 46 R looks a little big on me. What should I go with? I need to lose weight, but wast size only a little (36 currently want to be a 34 at least or a 32 at the most). Chest I am a size Large and don't want to be a medium or a XL.
DJ Transaction (1 month ago)
I know this is a video from 2012 but I was wondering if you know super tight suits are in style now in 2019? Half the people I know who are also wealthy. They tailor their suits so tight, there is a big X stretch around the stomach area. This is so crazy that I'm also starting to do it. It don't even look nice but people want tighter and tighter now in NYC.
Cheri Millington (3 months ago)
Thanks God bless.
Paul Marchegiano (7 months ago)
Well said
Mark Pratt (7 months ago)
You need to speak slower...some of your word are not anunciated properly
@GENZ with all respect, announciated is not a word
GENZ (5 months ago)
@John Carter announciated...
John Carter (6 months ago)
sifujiefu 62 (7 months ago)
Great video!!
Matthew Dobbs (7 months ago)
A very pleasant presentation and very professional!
mike (9 months ago)
geez get to the point already!
Joe Ventorini (1 year ago)
SLIM FIT suits are for slim-skinny people. If you have a belly then u need a classic fit suit and have the alteration ppl adjust pants and jacket accordingly.....
italianChic (1 year ago)
You should say in the beginning that this is not a tutorial & that you are not going to actually "SHOW" how to make a blazer bigger ! Wasted my time 😠
a tib (1 year ago)
Why do men listen to their mothers regarding suits. Ask a tailor or another male
teammm (1 year ago)
a tib - or ask you cause you’re fine asf
Quoc Hung (1 year ago)
my shoulders are narrow. plz help me
MrJoecr7 (1 year ago)
Can i get a 42r tailored to be a 38r? Thanks
Ivan Last (2 years ago)
Duxitisation B (2 years ago)
Dude, all you have done is confuse people more. Main check, if you have your shirt/jacket on, pretend like you are showing off your guns with both arms, then bring your arms in that show off position together in the middle and if your elbows are not able to touch, then it is too small.
lewstone1934 (2 years ago)
The most advice I can give to any man is this: stop being narcissistic and try being modest. I want to see cutting room scissors - not someone's mouth moving (again!)
Sun Wu (2 years ago)
Malaysian parents. They always ask you to buy a size larger. Man, I have had to shake off this habit when I started changing my style. Now, all my clothings are so damn well fitted.
Michael Kaldani (2 years ago)
you shoulders fit like shit in this video....divots come from a suit not fitting you properly. Please do your research first and ask some tailors. Someone said below divots come from a good body, wtf.
Lazar Arsović (2 years ago)
Michael Kaldani Before you write a comment, do your research. He is a tailor, and he makes custom-made suits for men. He is also making Youtube videos about it for years.
Jickdaw Monelason (2 years ago)
Michael Kaldani coats have shoulder pads. end of story....... Cramming your shoulders & arms into coats is a NEW fad, one of which I could give TWO SHITS about. I'd much rather reference my elders..
mitchell (2 years ago)
I have narrow shoulders and they are about half inch to an inch too small for my xxs racer jacket anything you can do about that?
UrbanDanger ! (3 years ago)
Those damn Mum's that want you to look like a Potatoe Bag :D
Yuzy Fuzy (2 years ago)
hahaha...I know right
Francisco R (3 years ago)
what about the back of the suit?
Gerrid (3 years ago)
Those divots in the shoulders drove me crazy during this video.....
Alex J (11 months ago)
+charles montgomery - No, divots often occur because a person's arms are too wide for the armhole so the armhole distorts, becomes wider but also shorter in height hence the collapse in fabric. It has nothing to do with having a good body and everything to do with the jacket not fitting that person properly on the arms and shoulders. 99 times of 100 going up a size will correct this pretty serious issue. Yes, that will necessitate alterations elsewhere - waist taken in etc but it's worth it. There's nothing worse than a bad fitting suit on the shoulders. It completely ruins a suit.
MrNewcaledonia (2 years ago)
Exactly! Divots come with the territory of having great arms and shoulders!
charles montgomery (3 years ago)
+Gerrid All of my slim fit suits have slight divots, and I wear them proudly. Women don't seem to mind them. I think the divots come from having a good body.
Gerrid (3 years ago)
I did not look at the dates. Just noticed the divots which drives me crazy lol.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Gerrid Have you seen my latest videos? :)
Pat P (3 years ago)
I just got a sport coat tailored and it was only taken in at the sides but is now too tight through the back. When I do the handshake test and hug test now it really pulls against my back. I think the armholes are too high. So the question I have is if I bring the jacket back to the tailor, could she let out the jacket some more or would she have cut off that material and thrown it away? Also is there an easy way for me to check to see if that fabric is still there by looking under the lining? thank you
Keyser Söze (4 years ago)
+DerHalbeEuro They threat you better because you seem to be having more money when wearing a suit
bea arriola (5 years ago)
LOL I love your joke at 1:58.  :-)
Terrence Williams (28 days ago)
She shoot's !
Darren Lee (5 years ago)
what about arms? What if the arms are tight? Can it be expand?
r (6 years ago)
gavin begg (6 years ago)
switched off once it was a sales pitch to start with.zzzzzzzz
milanvdv (6 years ago)
Entertainers/musicians who wear suits on stage, often need a lot of movement/work-out.
Natsu (6 years ago)
best comment ever
antonc108 (6 years ago)
Is it possible to adjust my two-button suit's button placement from low to higher? Its making me look short... Thanx for any advice.
TheAvesMYSTR (2 years ago)
antonc108 you're more than welcome to move the buttons... but you can't move a hole... can you?
master89x (6 years ago)
i've bought a tommy hilfiger coat but it's a bit roomy in my back while my shoulders and my sleeves fit very well. is it possible to tighten in a little bit on the back side?
Zane Deen (6 years ago)
Hi Antonio...Great videos. I got a question...i bought a suit recently and I loved how it looks on me. But there's a problem...i cannot button it up. What should I do? Wear it without buttoning it or go out and buy another suit with a larger size?
Lam Thai (6 years ago)
thanks this is what I looking for :) I will try to have a tailor to fix it for me
Timothy W. Peter (6 years ago)
The bottom of my jacket does not cover the bottom curve of my buttock and it looks very awkward, what can be done regarding the problem? It's quite frustrating considering it's my first suit jacket. :(
dainese01 (6 years ago)
Thanks Sir. I just bought a tm lewin in 36 slim, and noticed the middle is pulling when buttoned. Will find a tailor in Sydney. Thanks again.
opsonization2 (6 years ago)
this guy gives me a headache
dphotos (6 years ago)
Good advise. If you have not done so you should do a video on how to store a suit. I do not wear suits often and the other day I pulled my suit out of the closet and a moth destroyed the suit. It was in a garment bag too. I had to get a new suit. I now have a better garment bag with a cedar hanger and cedar blocks in my closet.
locomotive147 (7 years ago)
uh... I'm pretty sure that's the only time I wrote that. Maybe you know more about me than myself but who knows...
BRUNO LUXURY (7 years ago)
hahaaaaa! I cant knock out 30 pullups in a suit jacket lol thats funny
ChantalMikaela (7 years ago)
I happened on this video looking for something else, but it was a great watch! You're a great speaker, funny, and super good looking. LOVE the Grimace reference, I always thought he was an eggplant, but considering it's McDonalds I doubt it haha.
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
Usually, yes. The easiest alteration is to tighten the wrist and cuffs up a bit. Narrowing the whole sleeve will be much more involved, and anything that involves adjusting the actual armscye (the hole where the sleeve meets the body of the jacket) is a fairly major alteration. At that point you're basically reconstructing the shape of the whole jacket!
waynecoolkid (7 years ago)
hmm,can a tailor tighten the sleeve of my blazer? it's kinda roomy in the sleeves
David Williams (7 years ago)
Shoulders are usually the only thing you can't have altered.
Matthew Blackmore (7 years ago)
So if my jacket is a tad tight in the shoulders and a little loose in the midsection, can I do the same thing? (Let out the shoulders)
Victor Almeida (7 years ago)
You should take them to a tailor to have them slimmed at the waist. Depending on how much you need (they can take 3 inches) to have taken, perhaps a bespoke/made to measure is the better option.
OnlyTheWeakNeedHelp (7 years ago)
Im kind of at the opposite end of this situation. I have really broad shoulders and more of a skinny waist. When i where suit jackets, i get the box look that you were describing. What should i do to prevent this look? I also have a similar problem with dress shirts. I want a slim look, so i get a tighter shirt, but then im uncomfortable at the shoulders.
texjames2000 (1 year ago)
OnlyTheWeakNeedHelp yeah, this is my problem as well. Find a solution?
Dhruv Kakkar (7 years ago)
Simple answer - buy a new one -_-
locomotive147 (7 years ago)
This channel got me laid, thanks :)
ccinbrooklyn (7 years ago)
Lol I didn't think people worked out in suit jackets! Good video

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