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I Got WWE 2k19 Early! Unlocking The Secrets of Gameplay - WWE Super Showdown 6 Man Tag

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WWE 2K19 Gameplay featuring Super Showdown 6 man tag The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre in the new WWE 2K19 on PS4 Pro Gameplay. WWE 2K flew me down to get an early preview of the game at the WWE Performance center and Now am able to play it at home with Duhop
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Text Comments (331)
HBK 23 (5 months ago)
Wow you guys are idiots 😂
Todd Farrand (27 days ago)
You're a idiot
WWE WWE (2 months ago)
HBK 23 eat it yeah
Angie Davis (2 months ago)
Your are a dick head nigga you a pussy
Wrestling Fan (3 months ago)
HBK 23 I went to super show down
Karyn King (3 months ago)
Cecilio Soto (9 hours ago)
If you go to settings you can get 3 finishers
FURIOUS LJB (3 days ago)
Sierra Hotel India Echo Lama Delta
Ty Cunningham (10 days ago)
Grim I swear if u do that again I will unsubscribe to your channel
Myesha and Mesha (14 days ago)
I got that game
Joshua Gaming02 (24 days ago)
You can do the triple powerbomb
Chan Thy (1 month ago)
Wow I love you but your really bad
King_Breaker63 (1 month ago)
Hey grim I have been watching your videos for a long time and was wondering if one day if you would like to play wwe 2k19 on ps4 just wanted to ask
fornite and wtf (1 month ago)
Wow good
Lance Harris (1 month ago)
Dude you can download the shield outfit s
Khalid Lehyani (1 month ago)
اتحداك انت ؤاكبير
Nickolaus Knight (1 month ago)
wy u fart so much
Heber E. León (1 month ago)
I have wwe2k19
Aiden Tube (1 month ago)
18:59 19:00 kid saying beat it
Michelle Walker (1 month ago)
Fuck it bich
Michelle Walker (1 month ago)
I fuck it
Tdfdrzczxara Lawrence (1 month ago)
Kelvin Cloyd Cabellon (1 month ago)
F**K you HBK
Rosa McGlaun (1 month ago)
Me and my girl has 2k17 4 Xbox 360
Frank Horvath (2 months ago)
You guys Are awsone
theresa amituanai (2 months ago)
I play WWE 2k19
Wrestling Fan (2 months ago)
I went there
ZombieGuy 563 (2 months ago)
To to downloads and can find your self
وين العرب
Matt Bungarz (2 months ago)
Why do you say bad words
Charlotte Loubser (2 months ago)
Charlotte Loubser (2 months ago)
Seht lost His BELT and Rome lost HIS BELT Brock Has Romen 's BELT DEAN HA 'S Seth 's BELT
Charlotte Loubser (2 months ago)
They lost their belts
Strider England Gaming (3 months ago)
Df sucks
Forest Neuman (3 months ago)
Red Rowdy gaming (3 months ago)
Make GTS on the game
Damien Brady (3 months ago)
shadow gamer (3 months ago)
At the start of the video the Reflection from the TV on dohops
Trevin Farr (3 months ago)
Roman is the best roman number 1
Link Shot (3 months ago)
When dolph ziggler came see on the bottom of his name heel ziggler
vahid sepahi (3 months ago)
like man what a finish😂😂😂
Tyson -t (3 months ago)
Roman has luekimea
latoya ashley (4 months ago)
Jeremiah lying 788889 me and brother
Rose Fields (4 months ago)
I I'm good at wwe 2k 18
Wyatt Pombier (4 months ago)
grif are you keven owens
weird meme fan (4 months ago)
Funny when grim said stop cranking on me
luke Halliwell (4 months ago)
Duhop deserved that win
عبيري الحدري (4 months ago)
ياخا مل ميسرع😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠👹👺😾😾😾😾😾
GamerKid 114 (4 months ago)
brawn strowman never lost his briefcase, well he did cash in and the bell rang but the referee didn't disqualify brawn strowman because the match never started. And then the next week on raw they let brawn cash in so that he gets a wwe universal title match at hell in a cell but brawn strowman didn't lose to Roman because Brock lesnar shows up
JC3 Gaming (4 months ago)
Blaton Johnson (4 months ago)
Grim good at kiking out but duhop better at pining hagts
Blaton Johnson (4 months ago)
Bet sheild comes out with tag team titles you can uptdate
ben lacey (4 months ago)
jk but I like roman my fav
ben lacey (4 months ago)
i like roman I am unsubscribing
Ivan Ooozee (4 months ago)
Hell of a match
Zhion Johnson (4 months ago)
1 like =1 breath for dohop
BloodBolt Yt (4 months ago)
Who wants them to make a Ppv called super snow-Down
Lacey Ford (5 months ago)
Barbara is salty. ModeEat it eat you
quanny d23 (5 months ago)
Anas Nasir (5 months ago)
Too good
wwe anamitions (5 months ago)
Alysa Westergard (5 months ago)
duck you both
Sherlene Harris (5 months ago)
Stop calling him drew mcincheese thats making me !!MAAAAAAAAAD!!
Damario Brown (5 months ago)
Drew mcinchese
Karar. .Skull3 (5 months ago)
علي من العراق
Karar. .Skull3 (5 months ago)
Rennie Yardley (5 months ago)
Duhop won
djb presents (5 months ago)
gts gicarian toy show (5 months ago)
Oh yeah. Grim
WWE Fan (5 months ago)
you can make the shield come out in the crowd
WWE Fan (4 months ago)
yes bro I have it dumb ass
weird meme fan (4 months ago)
No duhhhhhh
David Hitchings (5 months ago)
I feel bad for DUHOP GRIMS farts stink
Taahirat Wesley (5 months ago)
That's cool that you got an early copy
aa (5 months ago)
How do you cash in after a match in universe mode?
Darragh Connolly (5 months ago)
The tv was already on
Rock Star Justin (5 months ago)
MitchTheSaiyan (5 months ago)
Young Zoomi (5 months ago)
THQ please come back i want WWE Smackdown VS Raw back
VD vlogs (5 months ago)
Play WWE2K 19 with your will
Bruce Raynard (5 months ago)
Richard Harris (5 months ago)
Wow Grim how the hell you got the game early and Duhop beat you in your own game its seam like Duhop got the game early before you and he was practicing before and you should practice before you play the game and then play Duhop Grim now you aint down with that we got three words for yea EAT IT YEA
rointz2003 (5 months ago)
The guy in the white t-shirt looks hybrid of Kevin Owens, and Bobby Roode.
It's Gaming Time (5 months ago)
Finally douhop I missed you
Anto Milanisti (5 months ago)
that counter R2 always make me angry year after year,,, i hope the counter just like smack down here come the pain,,,, so it will be fun to play it,,,
Paul Gray (5 months ago)
You guys are great
Odir Franca (5 months ago)
GnR1090 (5 months ago)
Why am i having black lines on the sides of the screen when i'm playing? Can it fix it?
SvR2011XBOX360 (5 months ago)
Wow excited like 8 yr olds over a game that's totally gonna blow as usual! :)
Looking For a clan (5 months ago)
The didn’t update it because the real game Is not out yet
BigDog (5 months ago)
please turn off your autism
Aqua (5 months ago)
Aqua (5 months ago)
0:10 look in his glasses tv is already on lmaoo
Up Next (5 months ago)
I purchased Black Ops 4. Damn I want this game.
Emmanuel Guillergan (5 months ago)
Why does the game have a small screen
King The one (5 months ago)
King The one (5 months ago)
Do yah always keep the door open??
Nice Treatment (5 months ago)
Loved the video really cool. Keep up the good work
Jumbo Toxic (5 months ago)
walter green jr (5 months ago)
Have fun and fight on ok
Hemakumar Kandappan (5 months ago)
Can anyone tell me how many consoles can play at a time? is it 4 or 6?
abdullah 543 (5 months ago)
Good video
Jonryan Entertainment (5 months ago)
I got it before you 😉
Ermin (5 months ago)
after all these years the game is still garbage... defjam is the only game that did wrestling right
Amanda Olson (5 months ago)
Awesome video
Asante Jeffrey (5 months ago)
Funny guys keep it up bros
John Dubose (5 months ago)
I got WWE 2K19 Early also it's so good. I enjoy ur GTS wrestling it's very entertaining I would join if I wasn't from Texas I've been in wrestling school for 3 years I need 2 more years of training but I don't train anymore I train a rookie

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