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Travel Sahara Desert, North Africa - Tour of Life in The Sahara Desert

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Take a tour of Life in the Sahara Desert in Morocco -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Almost as large as Europe, it is the world's largest desert except for Antarctica. Although the Sahara is mostly inhospitable, desert plants and animals have managed to survive here. Among those animals are humans, roughly 4 million of them, who dwell in the sands. Many of these people have adopted special ways of living to survive the desert climate. A good number are nomadic and follow the scarce resources of food and water. Some permanent civilizations, notably the Egyptians, have managed to make the Sahara their home. For many, there is a rugged beauty to the desert that must be recognized and respected. For example, the awesome Saharan dunes can look like waves in an ocean of sand.
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Mike Hughes (2 months ago)
Man, I could really go for a cold glass of water right about now.
Scary Monsters (6 months ago)
"Among those animals *humans*" SO TRUEEEE 😂😂💔💔
Mary Edwards (1 year ago)
Raouf (1 year ago)
Yes helpful.. absolutly yes coz egypt is in north africa !!!! What a shame
sajid ali (1 month ago)
humans = animals? you should delete that part
J Cole (1 year ago)
Mustafa Elattrib We are and you’d know that if you weren’t uneducated.
Catherine Wu (2 years ago)
These videos are really helpful for second language teachers. Thank you!
Jim want to make love to you.
Mr bozz Haze (3 years ago)
Amine (3 years ago)
is humans animals?
Birappa K (16 days ago)
Sn dk. D. D ggei. R. Fj. Ddj. Vndk
Nikola Maric (1 year ago)
RobertsDigital (4 years ago)
about 4 to 5000 years ago there were large lakes and rivers and thick forests with will animals on the sahara
DoggosarenotPuppers (2 years ago)
+RobertsDigital The Sahara was still the Sahara, same as you see today.
Rose1989 wall (3 years ago)
Very true
wmeule (5 years ago)
1-4: The Sahara Desert is dry because it has a water deficit (more water leaves than arrives). The Sahara Desert is surrounded by water (Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea) but the water does not hydrate the landmass. Water is kept out of Sahara by mountains along oceanfront. The minuscule amount of moisture eventually exits the Sahara Desert to the south and east as it is blown on the wind. Because of the preceding; Sahara is expanding to the south as evidenced by the now dry Lake Chad.
wmeule (5 years ago)
4-4: The concept of a canal system into the Sahara from the Mediterranean Sea is not new. A hundred years ago the French spent many francs researching this idea. For some dramatized discussion; read: Invasion of the Sea (French: L'Invasion de la mer) by: Jules Gabriel Verne’s book. To accomplish this will: Locally; bring water to many and along with water comes hope; Globally; allowing the water into Sahara will reduce the sea level a bit and a re-hydrated Sahara will reduce global warming.
Luis Alaniz (5 years ago)
It was really hot

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