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Male ASMR soft spoken crystals and minerals

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Here are some colorful and interesting crystals and minerals. Paypal donations: paypal.me/meandbigboyasmr If you like my channel , you can buy me a coffee at http://ko-fi.com/meandbigboy thanks much
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Text Comments (21)
yoits 90slizzle (2 months ago)
Hope to see more
Rafael Meza (3 months ago)
Just came across ur channel but I really enjoyed ur videos !! Can't wait till you're back hope everything is going great
Vivianne Soares (6 months ago)
I've been marathoning your videos. I love all of them! Especially the belt ones! I wish you would come back to youtube!
Hannah Coates (1 year ago)
We miss you on YouTube ! Hope everything is ok and that you come back soon xx
Articulate Design ASMR (2 years ago)
Man I have been on a marathon of your videos haha. I think this is my favourite so far, that square crystal is just insanely beautiful! Wonderful work and wonderful collections :) Just a slight word of help, if you hold the palm of your hand behind the boxes, it will help the camera to focus on the object infront of it :) (i think anyway!)
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
glad you like my videos
Dtella A (2 years ago)
12:35 to the end was amaze
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
glad you liked it
Samantha Cerasoli (2 years ago)
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
Tom Thomas (3 years ago)
Unusual cystals, very nice. Do you have some standarr ones you could sell in your asmr store? I agree, it is a good shirt.
meandbigboy ASMR (3 years ago)
Louise Norman (3 years ago)
Please do another role-playing video. You are a great story teller.
meandbigboy ASMR (3 years ago)
Lucas Huckeby (3 years ago)
Amazing video I love crystals and I love your channel
meandbigboy ASMR (3 years ago)
Thank you:)
FAT (3 years ago)
those crystals are awesome! great video, do u think u could make a ear to ear video it would so good!
FAT (3 years ago)
@meandbigboy okay thank you:)
meandbigboy ASMR (3 years ago)
Thank you. Watch my guided meditation video.
krokan (3 years ago)
Love your shirt!👍🏽
meandbigboy ASMR (3 years ago)

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