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Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

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Listen to Fearless from Taylor Swift here: https://taylor.lnk.to/FearlessPlatinumID Shop official Taylor Swift merch here: http://taylor.lk/merch Music video by Taylor Swift performing You Belong With Me. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC #VEVOCertified on April 16, 2011. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified http://www.vevo.com/watch/USCJY0903499?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=ytd
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Text Comments (307832)
Cathyrine Contado (3 minutes ago)
Who's here at 2018? 😍
Klenoshua Lozada (3 minutes ago)
November anyone?
EnterAbdulWorld _ (1 hour ago)
Who's here before 900 Million and 1 Billion?
Shandee Casalme (1 hour ago)
she was the other girl
Chestryc Concepcion (2 hours ago)
November 20 2018?
Justin's Beliber (2 hours ago)
This song is for me 💜💜❤❤ yesssssssssssssssss 🙌
Aira Mancilla (2 hours ago)
In my whole childhood i hate the brown hair bit*h in this song .I cant believe that was actually taylor swift the actress in jumped out!😅
Cigdem Yaman (2 hours ago)
,, (^_-)(^o^):-\:'((^_-)(^_-)(^_-)
Noah Struck (2 hours ago)
Str**m mire guts....2M to go for 900M
Ayagil Mikaela (3 hours ago)
an army from neverland (3 hours ago)
1:33 is that taylor swift??? omg i cant fokkkkk
•Siobhan & Scott• (3 hours ago)
These songs were the best!
Kagura Misaki (3 hours ago)
Hmud Ryohie (3 hours ago)
898.223.705 M
jung hoeseok (4 hours ago)
It still will always amaze me how I never realised the brown haired girl is Taylor in a wig
Kyle Millar (4 hours ago)
Options: slutty tayler swift or sweetheart tayler swift 😂😍
Ruqaiyah Lakdawala (5 hours ago)
Who’s before 500 million views???
Wan Mohd Khairul Aswad (5 hours ago)
angus macgyver?
LIL DIY (6 hours ago)
Who else misses this Taylor
Qtaro Kujo (6 hours ago)
Taylor acting as the Bad and Good girl here
Erin Montefalco (6 hours ago)
Ashlyne SATYAWAN (7 hours ago)
Taylor if your reading this can you please go back to this taylor. I miss this taylor. P.S your concert in Auckland was Awesome. tell Charli XCX and Broods that The did awesome at the rep tour. you to Taylor.
Rainbow Leprechaun (7 hours ago)
Tay-Tay was having an identity crises XD
Hannah Harris (8 hours ago)
this reminds me of my crush who i am literally texting right now it is amazing
Tsunami Raze (8 hours ago)
allie vinci (8 hours ago)
This song cheered me up from my depression Taylor I love you I thank God everyday that you exist
Gia F (8 hours ago)
Sis.... 5 year old me? I slayed! And i still know all the words.
Trần Linh (9 hours ago)
In my English test recently, it has a question: "The house belongs .... my aunt". Instead of filling the sentence with "to", I write down the paper - "with" just because I remember the title of Taylor's song: YOU BELONG WITH ME! LOL :v
Daniel Wheeler (9 hours ago)
I wish a girl dreamed about me like this.
Gia F (8 hours ago)
sugar bear (9 hours ago)
this is literally my life.
OP Santuy (9 hours ago)
San Dara (9 hours ago)
Lorrane Rodrigues (9 hours ago)
Kanasha Lewis (9 hours ago)
I love this song
m. thuraupdates (9 hours ago)
2019 Anyone?
Tudo A2 (10 hours ago)
Drawblogs Place (10 hours ago)
I'm Sad, What Happened To This Taylor? 😢😢😢😢 I Miss You Taylor 😭😭😭😭
Tati Philips (10 hours ago)
I love this song
That guay with dark brown hair that das creepily staring at taylor as she walks into the room reminds me of my pervy ex he kinda of looks like him too
eriena nasha (10 hours ago)
i seeing this video n realize that GUY is acting in McGyver n i love his act so much. greeting from Malaysia guys n now November 2018 😍😍😍
Emma Rodgers (11 hours ago)
i just realized for all this time that the mean girl is taylor
It’s Me. (12 hours ago)
This is a good love song. :)
Bel Gon (13 hours ago)
T Ta Tay Tayl Taylo Taylor Taylo Tayl Tay Ta T
Beginner Guitar World (13 hours ago)
I love your video
Catmown509 Cat dog (13 hours ago)
I never noticed the girl friend is har in a wig never
gidgethedoge (13 hours ago)
Taylor Swift=😍 Even though it’s 2018
*-* JulyPuffball *-* (13 hours ago)
I JUST realized that the cool girl or whatever is Taylor :p
Driely Sol (13 hours ago)
I love this music
T S (14 hours ago)
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
still here in 2018
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
I love listening to your songs
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
I love your songs because there the best
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
Taylor you have. always done good
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
it’s never to late for this song
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
you are very popular
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
your songs are good
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
Taylor Swift thank you for doing all you done
Thomas Waggoner (14 hours ago)
yes this one thank you
Edgar Ruiz (14 hours ago)
faria bungdon (14 hours ago)
My whole high school 🌸😩
Saray SC28 (14 hours ago)
Y de aquí, amigos míos, es la inspiración de todos los libros cliché que leemos en wattpad :''3
suada corovic (15 hours ago)
My childhood ppl
suada corovic (15 hours ago)
who is stilling listening it to 2018?
im a loser (15 hours ago)
Lilah Shapiro (15 hours ago)
me tooooooooooo
Kemilly Presciliano (15 hours ago)
you beautiful ❤️
Pink Anonymous (15 hours ago)
Lilah Shapiro (15 hours ago)
there playing a lot on the radio "disney" but only disney
Jenny Gachagirl (16 hours ago)
Shes the same girl but with a wig XD 🙌🙌🙋🙋🙋
Diego Eduardo (16 hours ago)
900M Are Coming😍🔝
p1eq snyder (16 hours ago)
2018 ???
Erika Avila (16 hours ago)
kamile Vit (16 hours ago)
Safat hasan (16 hours ago)
Nice song
DjStriden level one (17 hours ago)
Teacher tea cher 🍒
Emiliano V (18 hours ago)
900M are coming omg
Cattyrena 3028 (18 hours ago)
2018 nearly 2019
I like poatos :3 (18 hours ago)
9 years still listening..........
Amanda Kisner (18 hours ago)
Damn I miss my childhood😂
Vhoss James Rizon (18 hours ago)
And then I get mad to his girlfriend , and didn't noticed its just also Taylor. I'm sorry Taylor haha😅 Iloveyou by the way❤
Aniela Slodownik (18 hours ago)
Am I the only one who thinks she looks a little bit like loren gray?😅😅
Karissa Stewart (19 hours ago)
who is that boy?
Bl (19 hours ago)
Just realised the brunette girl is Taylor 😂😂👏👏
Ohno Shun (20 hours ago)
still loving this song .......
Kubilay Yüksel (20 hours ago)
Happy Peoples in the City
Kubilay Yüksel (20 hours ago)
Very Good , Beautifull Musics ,Thanks You ,Can and Know Speaking,Writing,Listening,Reading English ...
Saar Deceuninck (20 hours ago)
xxx nice
Samara Dos Santos (21 hours ago)
Alguem é do Brasil?
Brittney Pennington (21 hours ago)
She's pretty 🤩😍😘
Fiona Ashley Buenafe (21 hours ago)
I miss this song💟💟
simkit2011 (21 hours ago)
and you blong with me
simkit2011 (21 hours ago)
l lake taylor swift
Novita Anjani (21 hours ago)
Best song ever of my life. Still listening at 2018??
Kaushiki Gupta (22 hours ago)
does anyone else think that the reason they are writing and talking is because taylor doesnt have a phone?
apoorva kaniti (22 hours ago)
Omg today i came to know that both girls r same. Taylor 😂
Masked Guy (23 hours ago)
Str**m shake it off....swifties c'mon....the game has begun....(it is against roar)...go str**m.....shake it off.... shake it off....shake it off... shake it off....shake it off....
Masked Guy (23 hours ago)
Guys let's do this....go stream really....we should make Taylor the first female to reach 3b
Masked Guy (23 hours ago)
Don't use the word s.t.r.e.a..m straight....
Divyanshu N Singh (23 hours ago)
Brings memories
sudesh shetty (23 hours ago)
유지연 (23 hours ago)
So sweet🤭🤭
KaMira Love (23 hours ago)
is it sad that i just realized that they’re both taylor 🤦🏽‍♀️ 😂
يارا الحربي (23 hours ago)
The was. Omg😍😍😍😍😍

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