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50 Most Beautiful and Talented Actresses of Old Hollywood (My preferences)

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A countdown of the 50 most beautiful and talented Old Hollywood actresses (mostly from before the 1960's). Please no rude comments. All of these women are amazing in my opinion and I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way! I hope you enjoy this video! The images are from Google Images. The music is 'Unchained Melody' from the soundtrack of the film, 'Ghost'. Here is a link to the music if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o3ck_UmqQI :)
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Brian Merkey (57 minutes ago)
Most of these women were true "triple threats" .... they could sing + dance + act (stage AND screen) Love your list, but IMO you left out the superb Leslie Caron 😍🤩, but I have to put a new girl on "my list", the very striking Veronica Lake! It's great remembering how beautiful Jayne Mansfield and Brigitte Bardot were, and Barbara Stanwyck's beauty was much deeper than just her face 😃 Gene Tierney is often over looked in these types of discussions, so thank you for including her! ps - you shouldn't title it with "...Old Hollywood", but say Golden Era and Silver Era. Great list though!
Danny Chavez (4 hours ago)
Judy Garland was never billed as a beauty queen but she was. She should be in the top 10. Look at her in For Me & My Gal or Babes On Broadway or The Pirate or A Star Is Born or Girl Crazy. The list goes on and on.
YouCrack MeUp (22 hours ago)
Hedy Lamarr would be at the top of my list
Dominick Esposito (1 day ago)
On the whole, a "VERY GOOD JOB!" -- True Beauties -- "All Of Them!"
yankeewatchdog (1 day ago)
Not a sour note in the whole bunch
Åsa S (2 days ago)
Wish we had some "celebrities without makeup" pictures of these movie stars.
StephBer1 (2 days ago)
I'll never forget the scene at the end of Showboat where a sick and dying Ava Gardner blows a kiss goodbye to the showboat as it pulls out. I was probably about 6 when I saw it but I have always thought from that moment on that Ava Gardner was the most beautiful woman in the world. No real make-up, nothing to enhance her eyes and yet...stunning.
google user (3 days ago)
Now these are what you call movie stars.
Todas las actrizes del pasado son hermosas mi actriz favorita era Doris Day
Julian Marsh (5 days ago)
No myrna loy? no gail patrick? tsk
Glenn Palmer (5 days ago)
Lots of beauty and tons of talent; but the list is never long enough: Vera Miles, Stephanie Powers, Lee Remick, Myrna Loy, Janet Leigh, Rosalind Russel, Eva Marie Saint and on, and on and on.
rageagainstroy (6 days ago)
Well that's just your oppinion man.
Trudy Renee Parsons (7 days ago)
Lauren Becall. #1 Classy lady
Jan Miller (8 days ago)
I vote for Elizabeth Taylor, hands down number 1!!
Raymond Belarista (8 days ago)
Got to be kidding!
LaSonia Seay (9 days ago)
They never thought in that moment they were making memories to look back on
Madeline Tramantano (10 days ago)
Alan Wright (10 days ago)
Hedy Lamar, Gene Tierney, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor--all the rest are lovely also-rans.
Nancy Stone (10 days ago)
Denise Davies (10 days ago)
Louise brooks???? Where is she?
Devi Bizcochin (10 days ago)
G Paz (10 days ago)
Good group of dames. Joan Bennett is a favorite of mine.
Rob Sieger (10 days ago)
NO rude comments but the pics of Bette Davis do not show the actress's best looks. Anything from the 1930s would have been better, especially the Pre-Code films (such as "Three On a Match"). By the time she was Margo Channing, ...
SLAY MOONLIGHT (10 days ago)
Ivonne De Carlo and Maureen O'Hara were turned into protagonists of their extravagant films. But neither of them managed to overcome María's marvelous stage presence, nor her charming narcissism, nor was she as unique as the most convincing of the escapist film queens that would be perpetuated as the * Queen of the Tenicolor *, as none of her heirs will receive So lavish title. According to Jerry Vermille, in Screen Facts, No. 13, Vol. 3 (page 19), 1966, USA.
E tudo passa 😓
Dwight Hannah (10 days ago)
Susan Hayworth #42..seriously??? nice list tho
Michelle GRUBER (10 days ago)
It was a pleasure to see so many beautiful Women. Most of them are dead but their beauty remain intact thanks to the cinema.
Nessie Ness (11 days ago)
Where is Ingrid Bergman? The most luminous and incandescent of actresses?
P2055516 (11 days ago)
Anna May Wong instead of Natalie Wood? Oh pshaw! And no Gene Tierney? Somebody bumped their head I’d sneak Anne Baxter in there too
lincbond442 (11 days ago)
I would include Linda Darnell, Louise Brooks, Yvonne DeCarlo, Simone Simon, Natalie Wood, and Loretta Young.
Giovanni Funaro (11 days ago)
Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder . . . . obviously we see things with different eyes.
Mitch Cooksey (12 days ago)
JeanFleetwood (13 days ago)
chuck webster (13 days ago)
Truth be known there's more than 50. They put Hollywood to shame these days.
Robert McGowan (13 days ago)
Ida Lupino
Roxana Romero (13 days ago)
Who maked the list. !!!!!????
SLY SPY (13 days ago)
Most of these women were from my parents era 30's,40's and I remember how they used to talk on how Hollywood was special then I see why now , what an era now gone
SLY SPY (14 days ago)
While this is a great list I'm sure there;s more who could or should be added , the fact is they are all beauties each with there own style . For me a great pair of eyes does it for they will look into your heart and make you melt
Lastman Standing (14 days ago)
What a pleasure to watch...it makes me sad to think how we've lost so much beauty in our world.
Chuck Cummins (14 days ago)
So many comments Wow! Thanks for sharing ... and as you say "your choice" still I can only say to see Elizabeth Taylor in the flesh during the 60's ..... was beyond description truly Elizabeth, was the whole package ... she Eclipse anyone else around her ..... unfortunately, somewhere in Time no longer exists!
SSArcher11 (14 days ago)
Merle Oberon
Andy hodgson (14 days ago)
When I see old films I always get Vivien Leigh and Hedy Lamarr mixed up. I think they look alike.
helen ellevsen (14 days ago)
I love Susan
Phone King thao (14 days ago)
ladys and gentlemen but these are the most talented and to top it all, All natural no aditives or preservative . Love these actresses 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Jeff Allinson (14 days ago)
Marilyn Monroe at number 1? No thanks.
orangeblueandlavenda (14 days ago)
I would say Gene Harlow, dorthy lamour, and Lana Turner are the most beautiful
orangeblueandlavenda (14 days ago)
Audrey hepburn
orangeblueandlavenda (14 days ago)
I like Betty Davis and Gretta garbo
Mia Christian (15 days ago)
Bring back Hollywood glamour. Thank you. You certainly have a "type" you consider beautiful. Your list has many I would include but certainly not in your order. Out of curiosity what is your age. I'm 40 and a lot of my friends can't understand my love of the old movies not to mention the music during this time.
Alexander TheGreatest (15 days ago)
CleverPeterSmart (15 days ago)
Claudia Cardinale Katharine Ross Catherine Deneuve My Mom But not all the drop-nosed ladies on your list.
alfred j. Lebrio (15 days ago)
I would re do this list to 100 actresses because you left out loads of beauties ann Sheridan jean Arthur myrna loy, bebe neuwirth, Loretta young, lupe velez,alice faye, fay wray, linda darnell, Ingrid bergman billie burke, Jennifer jones, Raquel welch, Ursula andress, mitzi Gaynor, vera-ellen, natalie wood I guess you know where i'm going with this......
alfred j. Lebrio (15 days ago)
i agree with your list almost 100%. but how can you have ethel waters and Katherine Hepburn on it but not carole landis and gina lollabrigida?
Tom Paine (15 days ago)
Dang Liz Taylor was beautiful when she was younger. I'd rank Olivia D'Haviland higher and Doris Day much lower, if not dropped, but a pretty pleasing video over all. They are all beautiful even Doris. Hard to get too much of looking at pretty faces. Oh, I'd probably move Barbara Stanwick up the list, too. I especially like the very early one of her.
Shuo BAI (16 days ago)
All dead
Julia K (16 days ago)
Katharine Hepburn and Maureen O'Hara are missed, and many of the listed actresses should not be mentioned at all! Indeed the #1 is heavenly beautiful Rita Hayworth!!!
Ramzes (16 days ago)
MM the best!
Dennis Mitchell (16 days ago)
1. Ava Gardner 2. Lana Turner 3. Grace Kelly 4. Linda Darnell 5. Rita Hayworth
Randall Denison (16 days ago)
Totally agree Marilyn #1
Randall Denison (16 days ago)
Doris day n Lucy were very attractive in there prime.
Randall Denison (16 days ago)
Dorothy dandridge is white why do people say she is black.
Randall Denison (16 days ago)
Truly amazing. Hard to pick one as the most beautiful but everyone has an opinion.
jeff edger (16 days ago)
They missed so many beautiful women, don't know what they were thinking.
talltexan64 (16 days ago)
No Raquel Welch = fake news! What the Hell is this world coming to.
Gerald King (17 days ago)
Thank you for including the silent film stars. Clara Bow!!! And Marelene.Clark's heart broke when he lost Carole.
Wanda Rogaczewski (17 days ago)
Could someone tell me the song playing can't quite put my finger on it. From Qld Australia.
Joe Marispini Jr. (18 days ago)
So many beautiful women. It's hard to choose the prettiest. Kim Novak is so precious.
Bunny Bgood (18 days ago)
You like the hard look.
Bunny Bgood (18 days ago)
Joan Crawford is ugly, imo.
spikey 27 (18 days ago)
Thanks for sharing. As others have pointed out, many more were not included. I recognized most of the names, but couldn't have identified more than a dozen.
Helen Peck (18 days ago)
thank you for sharing all these woman and many more left a wonderful legacy behind of being a woman 🌸and all talented and beautiful
katins s (18 days ago)
I wonder how many of these actresses were sexually exploited and abused by the males in the industry back then? If only they had a voice now, I hate to imagine what they did to tthose women.
rhr (1 day ago)
frank brennan (18 days ago)
In her heyday, I would not put Joan Crawford at 50
Glory Mosby (19 days ago)
Not surprised that Marilyn Monroe was number 1
Jeff Terbush (19 days ago)
Yvonne DiCarlo
Attila Lázók (19 days ago)
1-Vivien Leigh 2-Greta Garbo 3-Marilyn Monroe 4-Jayne Mansfield
Ewa Iga (19 days ago)
I do not see Pola Negri here ?
dondon8978 (19 days ago)
kim is no 2
Lawrence Cerf (20 days ago)
To put Joan Crawford at number 50 and leave out Ingrid Bergman—Shame!
Gen X (20 days ago)
Liz Taylor and Vivien Leigh.... 1 and 2
Omar Torres (20 days ago)
Is it me or does Elizabeth Taylor in her 20's look like another dead ringer for a real life Dawn from pokemon
green eye (20 days ago)
Ava Gardner je ubedljivo najlepša.
Julie Harless (21 days ago)
Are you kidding me???? Where's the beautiful Ann Blyth and Tuesday Weld??????? Ann blyth is sooooo pretty, the brunette version of Marilyn monroe
Mike Vick (21 days ago)
Alexis Smith 😍
Darrell Guss (21 days ago)
Susan Hayward...what a dish! The new Hollywierd actress' can't hold a candle to some of these women.
SLAY MOONLIGHT (17 days ago)
maria also popularized the technicolor and universal pictures when they were not so big, do you already see ali baba and the forty thieves , cobra woman, sudan, arabian nights, white savage, siren of atlantis well is she
SLAY MOONLIGHT (21 days ago)
The truth is that it hurts me a lot not to see here the queen of technicolor Maria Montez Dominican actress who triumph in hollywood, so great was her success that she was recognized as the queen of technicolor for her films filmed in technicolor, she was an exotic beauty in the 40s as the best actress of universal picture, it is difficult to remember her because she died very young at 39 years of age of a myocardial infarction of drowning in the bathtub of her bathroom at home in France with her husband the French actor, Jean -pierre aumont, and they had as daughter the actress tina aumont, a legend in the Dominican Republic as well as in holllywood where she knew how to leave a mark, her beauty, her charisma, and her talent put her in the eye of fame, completely precious. she was a beautiful woman and sure of herself, may she rest in peace even though many now do not give her the recognition she deserves, she will always be a Dominican legend and pride
Marshall Felder (21 days ago)
Alas Hollywood's golden age will never be again. Nowadays, it is mostly filth with a touch of inane thrown in. There really aren't any rare beauties like this. I mean there are good actresses but not these screen goddesses of yesteryear. I would add a few....Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell, Greer Garson, Palette Goddard, Maureen O'Hara, Gloria Swanson, Jennifer Jones, June Haver, Ingrid Bergman, Marion Davies and of course Loretta Young.
Kevin Doran (21 days ago)
You won't get any rude comments from me. I am a 63 year old baby boomer and I feel that I was born about 30 years too late. All 50 of these women were (and are) amazing talents and beautiful and classy looking women. Every time I see a picture of young Lauren Bacall, I just can't take my eyes off of her. If you wouldn't mind I would like to add two more to the list. Ida Lupino (High Sierra with Bogart) and Donna Reed. I am sure that many of us could turn this list in to the top 100. Great post. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
jill boniske (21 days ago)
It would be interesting to see them all without that period makeup. Would they be beautiful by today's standards with today's makeup?
Ferdje Braganza (22 days ago)
Elizabeth Taylor she's the prettiest of all no doubt
Betsy Warrior (22 days ago)
April Oliver, Dianne Carroll, Tuesday Weld, Leslie Uggims, Merle Oberon, Nancy Kwan
bobie Hanners (22 days ago)
Love it ty...
Nelson Fuentes (22 days ago)
Ingrid Bergman, Nataly wood,Gina Lolobrigida, Barbara Eden, Elizabeth Montgomery?
Gill Man (22 days ago)
I really enjoy the comments . Conversation provoking for the fact that there are many more than fifty beautiful and very talented actresses ( called actors now ) from the golden years of Hollywood .Very nice upload . Thank you Ell1997 .
Mike Alex (23 days ago)
Hedy Lamarr was agenius and inventor of the internet before it was the internet
Cod4 Wii (23 days ago)
great list
Ronald Tipton (23 days ago)
Hedy Lamar would be at the top of my list. Marilyn Monroe a close second
Wine Adventure Club (23 days ago)
Back when the major studios had greater control over their talent.
Oana-Maria Uliu (23 days ago)
My top picks would have been: 1. Lana Turner; 2. Grace Kelly; 3. Olivia de Havilland; 4. Debbie Reynolds; 5. Vivien Leigh; 6. Deborah Kerr; 7. Rita Hayworth

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