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How To Lucid Dream In 5 Minutes

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Let's talk easy lucid dreaming, How to Lucid Dream & How to do Dream Yoga: So you're wondering how to Lucid Dream, or perhaps you're wondering: What is Lucid Dreaming? Well in this video I'll explain what Lucid Dreaming is, give you some of my top Lucid Dreaming Tips, show you how to Lucid Dream yourself, and get you started on your Lucid Dreaming journey with how to become lucid. You'll learn easy Lucid Dreaming rather than being given one of the harder techniques right off the bat, since after all this is a guide on How to Lucid Dream for Beginners - and is designed to help you have your first Lucid Dream ever. What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid Dreaming is the art of being aware that you are dreaming from within a dream. Once you learn how to Lucid Dream, this will also come with the ability for you to control the dream. So, Lucid Dreaming means unlocking control over what happens during your sleep. Being able to end nightmares early or turn them into positive dreams. The ability to turn into your favourite character or superhero. Flying around endless, using super-powers. Facing your fears. Practising skills. These are all just a small select sample of things you can do when Lucid Dreaming or practising Dream Yoga. As you can see there are many reasons why it's worth learning how to Lucid Dream. How to Lucid Dream: So, how to Lucid Dream? Let's discuss how to have your first Lucid Dream. In order to Lucid Dream, you need to get yourself into the REM cycle of sleep, preferably the longest one which starts around 6 hours into your sleep. Once there, you can perform a Lucid Dream Induction Technique to increase your chances of having your first lucid dream. Easy Lucid Dreaming is only one step away now! How to Lucid Dream in 5 Minutes: But wait, it's a 9 minute video!? How can this be How to Lucid Dream in 5 Minutes? Is this clickbait? No. Once you're ready and set and awake during an REM cycle, the method for how to Lucid Dream itself will actually only take 2-3 minutes, so you'll be Lucid Dreaming in no time. We'll just call it 5 just in case it takes you a little longer to fall back asleep. How to Lucid Dream for Beginners: So, is there some difference if you're trying to learn how to Lucid Dream for Beginners? Well yes, beginners often overcomplicate Lucid Dreaming by trying harder methods like WILD or by using things like Binaural Beats that simply don't work for a lot of people. By using the technique outlined in this video (which is a variation of the MILD technique), which is really for easy Lucid Dreaming, you'll learn how to Lucid Dream a lot quicker. This method is what I used at the start of my own Lucid Dreaming experiences, and by the second night of using it I was able to induce a Lucid Dream of my own accord for the first time. --- So now you know you have your answers to the questions: What is Lucid Dreaming, as well as How to Lucid Dream, along with what you can do in a Lucid Dream and why you should start with this method for your Lucid Dreaming journey. Now that you know how to have a Lucid Dream, you've started your Lucid Dreaming journey for real. If you want to continue that journey and see how far you can go with it, I have a 14 part audio course where I detail everything from the basics of Lucid Dreaming to more advanced techniques like creating your own dream locations. If you'd like to check it out, you can find it on Gumroad, here: https://gumroad.com/products/iLPxp/ Enjoyed learning this easy Lucid Dreaming method and Lucid Dreaming Guide, and want to learn more? Want to find other methods to help you Lucid Dream tonight? Then check out the rest of the Lucid Dreaming playlist to learn more about Lucid Dreaming & Lucidity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBHhOrqQKUw&list=PLJcVz2-eKH2oOMSAGxmZGdmaJJRM_cTdb --- If you would like to book a private consultation with me where you can get detailed answers and help on any subject, via text, audio, or video format depending on your preferences, then send me a private YouTube message by heading to my channel page, clicking "About", then clicking "Send Message" in the top right. Please include what exactly you will need help with, rates are flexible depending on what you need. -- http://www.tipharot.com/ Leave a like, comment, and subscribe for more! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE http://bit.do/SubscribeToTipharot BUY THE 14 PART ADVANCED LUCIDITY LUCID DREAMING AUDIO COURSE NOW https://gumroad.com/l/iLPxp BUY THE 4-EASY STEPS TO MANIFESTATION E-BOOK NOW https://gumroad.com/products/mJTgD CHECK OUT TIPHAROT ON Twitter ► https://twitter.com/tipharot Tumblr ► http://tipharot.tumblr.com/ Google+ ► http://bit.do/TipharotGplus Gumroad ►https://gumroad.com/tipharot
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Tipharot (9 months ago)
I just reviewed a supplement that I think will make a huge difference for those hardcase beginners who are struggling to get lucid, or finding that their lucid dreams are few and far between. If that sounds like you, or if you've been considering taking supplements to increase how many lucid dreams you have, check out my review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-pa779R1OU - in general though, look for anything containing Huperzine-A or Galantamine if you want something that actually works.
owo OoferAyo! (1 day ago)
Every time i go to sleep i have to take sleeping medicine cause i cant sleep on comand.Will that affect anything?
Rishab Patel (5 days ago)
+10 MIN TV this is the WILD method that he has explained - wake induced lucid dreaming
Catherine Q (19 days ago)
Aw I thought I was gonna get rick rolled or something :/
Landon Plotin (30 days ago)
I was at work in my dream and i noticed i was dreaming when the floor started swirling. I FLEW OUT OF THERE THROUGH THE WALL. Then i talked to my mom trying to tell her she was in my dream and she yelled at me telling me i was stupid
Bamboozler (1 month ago)
does it matter to set a alarm for 6 hours and do a dream journal? because im too lazy to do that
NeilAdrian Policarpio (4 minutes ago)
Can I study while lucid?
Ynigo 11 (7 minutes ago)
I had a lucid dream and got my phobia of falling like only 1 meter
WingedBunny (4 hours ago)
I would try to face my fear (the fear of getting burnt) but I'm too afraid to try facing them because recently I had a really terrible non-lucid dream about cooking and almost burning my house down.
PaytonTheRavenpuff (6 hours ago)
I’m gonna try and sleep and dream about sleeping in my lucid dream. *DREAM-CEPTION*
haise keno (6 hours ago)
I gonna fuck my crush in my dream
Sharkk vlogs (6 hours ago)
I'm gonna spoil myself 😏
TBX (7 hours ago)
Video starts at 4:41
BenJamin Debruyn (7 hours ago)
/gamemode 1, /fly, /summon enderdragon
Annihilasian (8 hours ago)
How to lucid dream in 5 minutes Is 9 minutes
Annihilasian (8 hours ago)
Wait I just read the description
GalacticGamerX7 (8 hours ago)
I will comment how I do starting today can’t wait to go in a ufo👽🥁👽
XxReiko7xX (9 hours ago)
So I had a dream where I heard noises in my basement and because I’m (*White*) I decided to investigate, I saw my mom with no head looking at me then I couldn’t see and was dragged to my room. I said this is a dream but they said it wasn’t. I was terrified. I woke up and went down stairs and say my mom standing in the middle of her room. I PISSED my self. She asked me if I wa okay. that was the scariest movement of my life
DarkShadow (9 hours ago)
*I still see your shadows in my room*
Wolfyshii • (9 hours ago)
I had my first lucid dream like 2 weeks ago. It was a normal dream, then one of the extras said, “you know you’re dreaming right?” Then I was like omg I am. Then I threw a party.
wh ut (11 hours ago)
Your voice is so calming, thanks for this video. I'm going to try this in the following weeks, my sleep pattern is pretty bad though. The only thing I'm worried about is sleep paralysis. Apparently these steps can cause it.
Ricsi (12 hours ago)
Never tried but almost everytime i lucid dream but its random
Dominic Galante (13 hours ago)
Can I get confirmation that this actually works?
Cuppa Tea (13 hours ago)
Let's be honest we all know why we wanna do this.
Martin Huszár (14 hours ago)
I used to have a dream journal and was actually shooting for lucid dreaming a lot. I had 3 vivid dreams every single night. A dream journal is really THE crucial thing here. When I finally had my first lucid dream, I got so excited about it I instantly woke up. Getting too excited just wakes you up. I got super mad after that experience and stopped. Might give it another go.. :D
CorgiLover 162 (14 hours ago)
*Me lucid dreaming* _cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs! YoU hAvE bEeN aCcEpTeD iN hOgWaRtS sChOoL oF wHiTcHcRaFt AnD wIzArDrY!_
Fizzy TV (16 hours ago)
Once, i was dreaming i tried quiting the game but wouldn't let me i was in black ops moon map i ran because i didnt want be hurt then a hord of zombies ran after me i slipped 2 bit me and thank god i woke up
Aysha Rahman (19 hours ago)
The video starts at 4:37 You’re welcome
Glorbnork 124 (20 hours ago)
One time I lucid dreamed on accident and I was playing tag with my friends and my mom came to pick me up then as I was about to get in the car I’m like wait I’m dreaming so I ran back to my friends and continued my game of tag but I was flying and I had eagle vision when I woke up I loved it and I thought it happens random but apparently not so thanks for your help
s lx (22 hours ago)
i still see your shadows in my room
Blue Pencil (1 day ago)
Jerome Lee (1 day ago)
Naghahanap ka ba ng tagalog na komento?, ge andito lang ako.
_ xQuizet (1 day ago)
I’ve been having Lucid dreams, I didn’t even know what Lucid Dream was until I watched this video
Rui Chan (1 day ago)
Having dreams for me is so rare, I literally have just in three seconds of darkness and I wake up but when I actually “dream” for me it’s either an image I can’t see clearly or I lucid dream and I always can feel myself squinting really hard because everything is soooo blurry and out of focus so I always realize that I’m dreaming
Kieya Chan (1 day ago)
Bye y’all I’m bout to have my fictional anime kinks come to life
Batman (1 day ago)
Time goes by mad fast for me
Connor Dolan (1 day ago)
Em0 Purple (1 day ago)
Why am I even here..? *I have **-fucking-** sleep paralysis.*
Oioioi (1 day ago)
Can I dream that my dad comes back?
Sub 2 Pewdiepie (1 day ago)
I once had a dream when I was in a house with markiplier,jacksepticeye ,pewdiepie and their girlfriends and we all played Video games lol
Danny Music (1 day ago)
Followed the instructions but my dreams are now at 2 FPS
Diana Plays (1 day ago)
I can’t do some of these things and I can’t understand some of these things r.i.p me ( I’m a 9 year old )
Wolfspire 38 (1 day ago)
Did this work for anyone?
mr. i wanna die (1 day ago)
im just tryna have wet dreams
Cutie bunny (1 day ago)
In my dream I wanna kill Donald trump
TensionSlap (1 day ago)
A good thing to note is if you smoke marijuana it may be best to take a week tolerance break before this as weed makes dreams less common and less vivid.
-/\иоиγмоᏌs (2 days ago)
Before i can lucid dream I need to learn how to dream
_Yasir_ (2 days ago)
I got my first lucid dream when i didnt even knew what it was. I then research about it then now i get lucid dreams but they are short asf. Sometimes someone calls me other time my friends come to wake me up or sometimes even sunlight wakes me up or loud neighbours and many times it just doesn't work. I have never had more than one perfect lucid dream.
The Awesome taco (2 days ago)
I’ve almost found out how to lucid dream all the time I sometimes don’t lucid dream but mostly I do Edit: the only thing I need is a sleeping habit
JI Beats (2 days ago)
Everybody always says when they fall in a dream they wake up but I don’t usually. When I hit the ground or fall I feel like a tight sensation that doesn’t really hurt
Thatanondude (2 days ago)
5 mins?
Thatanondude (2 days ago)
I’m gonna be thanos.
Patrick Star (2 days ago)
I haven't had nightmares in years, and I like to think it's why I sometimes lucid dream
AnonyMouse The Mouse (2 days ago)
It worked last night my dream was that the world was like Pubg everybody had guns and killed each other then i died And then i woke up
Lewis Baools (2 days ago)
Tried this annnnnnnnnnnnnd I got sleep paralysis. Yeah, I didn't have a nice, fun dream. I watched some demon stare at me from my bed as I heard clawing sounds on my closet door.
Dávid (2 days ago)
My only lucid dream experience was like this: I suddenly realized im dreaming, i said oh luuul im lucid dreaming then the dreams continued and nothing happened xdd
Patrick Star (2 days ago)
Those have happened to me a lot. I guess after you are aware of this, then maybe later you can control them
Pug_dc (2 days ago)
I hate whenever my dream gets good and then I wake up
Hellsangel (2 days ago)
im a simple man. I just wanna dream of shrouds fat cock
Apache helicopter (2 days ago)
Apache helicopter (2 days ago)
A lucid dream can be scary and disturbing if you have a messed up or over imaginative brain.
Alt Dragonite (2 days ago)
Me: but I only had 3 lucid dreams Him: don't worry maybe you will have more lucid dreams Me: I will right those dreams and never forget them Him: but if it is a lucid dreams can you control and open your eyes if you want? Me: yes Him: goodluck! Me: *sleeps* *2 hours later ✌️* Me: *wakes up* JESUS
Shadow Blade (2 days ago)
I still see your shadows in my room
Spectre (2 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah (2 days ago)
yeah when i got my lucid dreams working at the start i just went and drove a car
Fowler Flowers (3 days ago)
Its kinda hard to go back to sleep after 6 hours
Nxmb Mee (3 days ago)
*Looks at title* Brain : Fuck ! 💀 Me : I HAVE THIS LUCID DREAMS......
Bruh (3 days ago)
I did it but got sleep paralysis instead
Zyon (3 days ago)
0:50 hmmm any object 🤔➡️👩🏼
Whenever i become aware in a dream, I wake up immediately
YaBoiJesus (3 days ago)
I've never had a lucid dream
Reid Ramsey_7 (3 days ago)
One day in and I’m already remembering my dreams. We got glazed donuts making my own movie and sword fighting a fucking predator.
XXX (3 days ago)
Im a huge fan of x and I got to meet him in a lucid dream (after his passing) I started crying so fucking much I woke up
nope tunk you (3 days ago)
I lucid dreamed the first time trying this. It was amazing. I Reccomend anyone who do this and who wants to have a very real feeling sensation and to control your dreamscape to try the alarm for 6 hours trick. And aim for about 7-8 hours of sleep. have fun sleeping :)
KingConnor9404 (3 days ago)
Who else was high and wanted to lucid dream
ANBU.ABISAI (4 days ago)
Dreams go way too fast but it feels like it takes forever
Michael Robles (4 days ago)
Bruh, why do my dreams have such bad graphics. Can’t wait for the next update to fix this bug
BRUH 559 (4 days ago)
I heard the next update was going to be on feb 30th but not sure
Toxic Plus (4 days ago)
Instructions unclear; I’m now watching this video on a calculator....
S. A. (4 days ago)
Set alarm clock for 6 hours after ur s leep Me; AW HELL NAH
Paranormal 707 (4 days ago)
Haha, so I was in a dream and became aware of it, and I was in a party and I’m like, oh there’s that girl I like, so I bring her in my room, and she turns into my little brother.
Red Somera (4 days ago)
You forgot to suggest to do not pee in a dream
ImAcRo (4 days ago)
Imagine if life is just a long lucid dream and when you die you wake up
BRUH 559 (4 days ago)
Thats tough
Paranormal 707 (4 days ago)
ImAcRo That would be terrifying
Fr4g R4Z0R (4 days ago)
"How to lucid dream in 5 Minutes" "Step 1: Wake up 6 hours later." Cool cool
Claudio Garofalo (4 days ago)
if this doesn't satisfy me I'll buy the DLC bundle
Dark Side (5 days ago)
I have this lucid dreams where I can't move a thing
BurdsEye View (5 days ago)
Thanks for helping me dream about getting surrounded by zombies
Miss Hinohana (5 days ago)
im only doing this so i can meet my anime senpais okay, •_•
Shredded Humans (5 days ago)
•Avacodo • (5 days ago)
I thought your username was: trip thot. Lol but then I actually read it
Paranormal 707 (4 days ago)
•Avacodo • Lmaooooo
Bubbabluehorn (5 days ago)
One time I had a dream where I fell off a cliff for 10 mins while lucid dreaming and when I hit the ground I woke up. IRL I fell of my bed and when I hit the ground I woke up
Jamir Diaz (5 days ago)
I had uh uh in my dream before
Ian Reams (5 days ago)
I've had these for years and I have insomnia.
wade_welch 180 (5 days ago)
Time to go fuck my crush
MadisonPR (5 days ago)
4:40 thank me later
Best ROBLOX Parodies (5 days ago)
He looks like a mix of jacksepticeye and markiplied
anonymous Guy (5 days ago)
Don't u guys love when you accidently lucid dream but then yOU FUCKING WAKE UP DURING THE PULL OUT THEN UR SHEETS ARE STICKY 😃
Trey Mentiras (5 days ago)
Everyone’s using this for sex ? I just want to get to know her
Trey Mentiras (5 days ago)
I’m not like other guys
Mr. CashMoney (5 days ago)
4:38 yw
I once had a dream that I had a lucid dream but it was not lucid at all
Janelle (3 days ago)
TheReverseBurnt Twinkie I fucking hate when that happens lmao I was trying to kiss someone and the me in my dream Imagined that the person pushed me away and I was so pissed at myself
Dovis K (5 days ago)
well personally sometimes *I GeT tHoSe LuCId drEamS WhErE i caN'T mOvE a tHiNg*
CorgiLover 162 (14 hours ago)
Welcome... To Sleep Paralisis
Dovis K (18 hours ago)
+felipe idrc
felipe (1 day ago)
that was waaayyy to late to be funny
Colonial P (5 days ago)
I'm just gonna forget all this and accidentally fall asleep
Chakshul Pandya (5 days ago)
My dreams have 9999 ping
Chakshul Pandya (4 days ago)
+Paranormal 707 better than Ninja's XD
Paranormal 707 (4 days ago)
Chakshul Pandya What’s pc do you use?
Hannah Moss (6 days ago)
Well I almost met Billie Ellish in my dream and I was at the front but someone wanted to get in front of me... and I let them I’m to nice.. they won’t get past me next time😂
Sophia Redwood (6 days ago)
But... but... isn’t the sun always up somewhere in the world? Does that mean I have to stay awake all the time in order to dream? So lucid dreaming is really just staying awake every day and being awake 24/7 to the point that you’re so tired you forget you’re awake and then you think you’re controlling your dreams?! I’ve won. I found the secret.
someasiankid (6 days ago)
these hacks doesn't work
someasiankid (6 days ago)
who else had a dream fucking their crush
Undertalelover 170 (6 days ago)
Meet any person shoot the cast of stranger things

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