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Top 5 Best Irish Actors of Hollywood

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Watch Top 5 Best Irish Actors of All Time fro Hollywood Movies Colin Farrell Irish Actor Cillian Murphy Irish Actor Pierce Brosnan Irish Actor Kenneth Branagh Irish Actor Liam Neeson Irish Actor
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Text Comments (35)
mrcool beans mc gee (1 year ago)
richard haris , peter o toole, daniel day Lewis? .no crap list
flip inheck (7 months ago)
Daniel Day Lewis is English
Ganzorig Jalayir (1 year ago)
Wheres Conor Mcgregor and Chris Weidman , Luke Rockhold, Mel Gibson
Flapyrapy (1 year ago)
Ganzorig Jalayir Conor mcgregor isn't an actor Luke rockhold is American and isn't an actor Chris Weidman is American and is not an actor and Mel Gibson is American
flip inheck (2 years ago)
Both Kenneth Branagh and Liam Neeson are Britsh not Irish.
mrsamsung2468 (1 month ago)
You're desperate. You're an uneducated idiot with a very obvious language disability.
flip inheck (1 month ago)
plastic paddy smith Says the moron who can not even read a profile, I bet that chip on your shoulder is plastic as well.
john smith (1 month ago)
+ flip inheck touched a nerve eh , was expecting you to pop up it's definitely the chip statement that guarantees the reply LOL
flip inheck (1 month ago)
john smith Yes, you are wrong (again), no chips on my shoulder Mr plastic paddy.
john smith (1 month ago)
+mrsamsung2468 that's right he's all over the net with his anti Irish agenda , reading between the lines i'd say he's born in Ireland with a british planter background i may be wrong but he's definitely got one series chip on his shoulder

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