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How European polyglots learn multiple languages through travel lifestyle in 10 languages

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Language Tsar's free travel course 👉 http://bit.ly/2vtoZDn Language Tsar's free language course 👉 http://bit.ly/2D0OvVo Click [cc] icon for subtitles in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Catalan, German & Dutch! Buy 1 lesson & get a 2nd lesson free with italki by clicking through on this special offer: http://promos.italki.com/language-tsar/ Email list signup: http://eepurl.com/bgDMNr Website: http://www.languagetsar.com In this video you will learn about my interests and how my travels have helped me to speak in 10 languages. As this is a multilingual polyglot interview, I will reply to Jan's questions in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Catalan, German and Dutch. You can view subtitles of the video's transcript by selecting the language you want in the 'cc' box or 'closed captions' box. So far I have added this option for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, German, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLanguageTsar?sub_confirmation=1 Website: http://www.languagetsar.com YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/languagetsar Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/languagetsar Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/languagetsar Instagram: www.instagram.com/languagetsar Jan's website is http://bit.ly/2efyo6F Please check it out! :) Languages: English, Français, Italiano, Español, Português, Русский, Română, Català, Deutsch & Nederlands.
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Text Comments (87)
evija Reinfelde (22 days ago)
well done
You think you are better than me ?
Sergio Sánchez (10 months ago)
You need to reduce your Spanish accent, I don't know about the other languages,
rymd pojke (10 months ago)
Saai. 👎😩
A a (11 months ago)
Great =D Greetings from Brazil.
Calmis Vasile (1 year ago)
greetings from G er many
Calmis Vasile (1 year ago)
Respekt man!! I speak 4 languages but you !!!
Jeannette Marcelli (1 year ago)
Wow..not only did i love this video, I actually understood most of it!! I'm a bit of a language nut myself--learned Spanish, French, German, Italian, in high school/college, and still try to practice those. I've been teaching myself biblical Hebrew and now conversational Hebrew, and this year will add on Chinese, and Lakota Sioux, just because I've always wanted to learn a Native American language. Should have done what these guys did, and traveled the world...
Glad to be an inspiration! :D
Tatiana Klimova (1 year ago)
Well done Conor! Вы пять гласите по-русски!
Verbale Mondo (1 year ago)
I can Speak: Spanish, English, Intermediate Japanese and Basic French.
Geraldo Neto (2 years ago)
Congrats, my friend! Keep goin' on! Wish you the best! Love your channel! ;o)
Thanks for the support!
Mária Bošelová (2 years ago)
Your Dutch is slightly mixed up with German and English but I´m sure you improved a lot during your stay in the Netherlands!
Yvonne Campbell (3 months ago)
Well....he was near Eindhoven. Kidding.
Never heard that critique before ... what words were mixed up?
Tarek Wisdom (2 years ago)
wow amazing !! by the way ... does really the guy who ask the questions understand the answers in these different spoken languages !!?
Yvonne Campbell (3 months ago)
No..just Dutch. Normally we learn English, French and German in school. Then you can choose to learn Latin, Greek or Mandarin as an extra foreign language....I did at least. Just not Latin.
Tarek Wisdom (2 years ago)
Language Tsar wow he is a polyglot too... amazing
Yes, he understands what I said in all the languages.
Tu Espanol es buenísimo 👏, Tu canal es muy bueno para motivarse. Saludos 😃
¡Gracias! :)
Michaël Gisclair (3 years ago)
I'm sure you're already well aware of this, but most native Hispanophones in the Americas call their language "español" when speaking Spanish rather than "castellano." I believe they call it "castellano" in Argentina, though. Anyway, hablas mucho mejor que yo...Et j'peux pas juger tes autres langues mais tu parles très bien le français. :)
Raven (3 years ago)
10 langues !! Juste pour dire bravo !! ;)
+Raven Merci ! :)
MsPiruu (3 years ago)
You speack very little romania?
Jocelyn Ferreira (3 years ago)
amazingg!!! Ich glaube Portugiesisch war nicht seht gut, aber it's toll!! la verdad increible, mucha capacidad de aprendizaje 
Muchas gracias!!! :)
Abraham Alata (3 years ago)
Without word!! Awesome!!
Gage Fischer (4 years ago)
And I thought high school french is hard, WOW amazing.
Libor Supcik (4 years ago)
Fair play to you. There is a little mistake in the English CC at the end of the Russian section imho (you said you often travel around Russia not 'to')
Thanks, corrected! :)
Hi, Im Carlos from PERU, I do speak several languages and I would like to find people who share the same passion to practice them.
Good luck with your Spanish!
디 트렐DetrellTV (2 years ago)
COSMOPOLITAN WORLD, Meeee, I study hard on my Spanish
Théodore Lavilotte (4 years ago)
Je comprends bien son russe mais je suis incapable d'articuler quelquechose dans cette langue. J'aime bien son roumain qui me rappelle mes années d'INALCO et l'Université d'été de Iasi.
Théodore Lavilotte (4 years ago)
And it's good for mental health isn'it? parlare molto lingue è molto bene per la ...salud... creo que si , falar muito lenguagens procura um grande prazer,es clar que si,i ja crec que si, que que tot això es molt bé per a nosaltres  e credi que cau contunhar a aprener hèra lengas e dab un gran plaser, si în plus este foarte bun pentru sa dezvoltam aici o tare plasticitat mental, un duh de tolerantia, ba da! ... das ist so gutt, ist es nicht? Russkij iazik , hmmm, ia panimaoiu iesli vî gävaritie miedlenia. Vive le multilinguisme qui fait voyager l'esprit.
Yvonne Campbell (3 months ago)
Doing word puzzles and sudoku's too. Or keep on learning anything new...Just keep your mind active and stay of the fluoride, haha.
Yes, indeed. The scientific evidence supports the benefits to our mental health. :)
Cabinda -ilha (4 years ago)
You are amazing!es increible, gracias por mostrarme que tambien soy capaz.Neste momento ja sei tres linguas. Salut
Glauco B (4 years ago)
Hello, as an Italian native speaker I'd like to give you a piece of advice: NEVER try to imitate the italian rhythm. It sounds grotesque, no one speaks like that, it really sounds like an Englishman imitating (badly) an Italian. Your pronunciation is not bad at all, and I don't mean to be rude, but the rhythm is the hardest thing to pick up in my language if you want to sound credible. It takes years for most people. You should focus on the pronunciation of words and try to sound more natural to your ear, if you speak correctly there's no need for a forced rhythm. PS: I know it's hard to study/speak both at the same time... but Dutch is not just German with an accent. ;) Keep up the good work!
Steven Wheeler (4 years ago)
+Glauco B Out of interest, what did you mean about Benny's attitude?
+Glauco B I welcome constructive criticism. :) You will hear me in Italian more in future videos. Thanks for the tip on looking for trained actors to get a better idea of the correct prosody in Italian.  Good luck with improving your languages! :)
Glauco B (4 years ago)
I wasn't expecting you to "apologize" for your prosody, I was just pointing out something I noticed in lots of so-called polyglots, especially those whose native language is English, like Benny Lewis for example (whose attitude towards language learning leaves me puzzled, most of the time). For foreigners, grasping the prosody of Italian is very hard, because trying to imitate it usually leads to something that sounds more like a parody. I don't think I have enough academic knowledge to give you the wise advice you're looking for, the only thing I feel I can suggest is this: try to expose yourself as much as possible to the language, watching movies, listening to the radio/podcasts, whatever fits you best and you enjoy more. You will notice that stressing some words happens only in certain accents, so the best thing would be to look for movies or programs where the people speaking have been trained: usually actors are supposed to study some diction, but in lots of movies their accent is important "plot-wise" - does this word even exist? - or "character-wise". About you sounding like an Italian from South Tyrol: you just don't, at least not in the fragment of this particular video. Of course I would like to see a longer video where you speak Italian so I could, perhaps, give you some advice if you like. I realize that "judging" from such a short talk can't lead to anything useful, I was just trying to help. I would also like to highlight that I didn't mean to offend you as a person/student/polyglot/language enthusiast in any way. Something I noticed under loads of videos of "polyglots" (ugh) I watched on YouTube, is that the general attitude is praising everybody for learning the language: I saw people speaking horrible Dutch, and by horrible I mean awful pronunciation and the vocabulary of a 3-year-old, and read comment from Dutch or Flemish people saying how "uitstekend" or "geweldig" their Dutch was. This attitude is just wrong, on the long run. People who want to help should also do it by pointing out errors and, as you say, suggesting solutions when possible. I consider myself a perfectionist when it comes to languages, so personally (I repeat: *personally*) I'd rather speak 4 languages and speak them really good than speak 10 so-so (not saying it's your case). This means, even though I've been learning English for 15 years, and I consider myself a good speaker and writer (I have a C2 more or less), that I accept every criticism gladly, because it can help me think about what I do wrong and try to improve it. Of course when I have to speak English and I'm in a rush or I'm stoned I have a strong accent and, as most of YouTube's polyglots appear to think, I just do what matters, i.e. getting the communication going, but I know that I can do better. And I hope I can in the future. Good luck to you and keep enjoying one of the most amazing and interesting ways of opening one's mind there can be.
Prosody (rhythm) is separate from the pronunciation of the individual words. Luca Lampariello and Idahosa Ness both have some great videos explaining rhythm and how to separate this from pronunciation per se. You should check out them if you haven't already done so. English is my native language. No apologies if I sound to you like an 'Englishman' when speaking Italian. On the contrary, more Italians say that I sound like I am from Alto Adige/Südtirol than an 'Englishman'. If you have any constructive suggestions for how to train my prosody closer to that of a native Italian speaker, please share them. :)
jUish1978 (5 years ago)
perche' non mai studi il tedesco? 2nd question, is that hard to maintain , if there are too many languages nel tuo cervello
Nellie K. Adaba (5 years ago)
For me too, Spanish and Italian were easy to learn because of my French. I need to learn Latin, Portuguese, German, African and Asian languages, and re-learn Dutch.
Nellie K. Adaba (5 years ago)
French is my first language (Brussels, Belgium).
Nellie K. Adaba (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing.
Don´t despair, tim ak! Speaking a second language like a native speaker doesn´t necessarily have to be your goal. Communication is the essential objective.
tim ak (5 years ago)
speaking a language like a native speaker takes forever!
Gràcies! :)
Bueno. ¡Suerte con tu croata! :)
ElizabethxPete (5 years ago)
es interesante :) para mi es un poco differente.. a mi me encanta el idioma croato, es mi favorito y, para mi el mas bonito, pero tienes razón, todos idiomas tienen algo especial :D
Verdad y además se habla el catalán en Alguer (Cerdeña), Andorra y los Pirineos Orientales (Francia). :)
Es difícil de decir ... amo muchos idiomas. :) Para mí es contextual. Por ejemplo, cuando estoy en Brasil, estoy feliz de hablar en portugués y cuando estoy en Rusia, mismo para el ruso. Todos los idiomas tienen algo especial. :)
ElizabethxPete (5 years ago)
de nada(: cual es tu idioma favorito?
Dank je wel. :) Groetjes uit Brussel.
Nice evaluation, Rick. Thanks for the encouraging words. :)
Difficult to say ... I had French classes at school and then at university before I went to study in France ... a few years at least.
Gib raltar (5 years ago)
how long did it take you to learn french?
Merci ! :)
Rick Jones (5 years ago)
Continued: His Russian was well pronounced and the grammar was spot on. Time did not permit a longer slice of Russian. A good test would be a five minute interactive conversation with a native speaker. His English seemed very good but he only spoke a few sentences. I would assume that he speaks English well if he lived in Washington DC for a couple of years and worked there. Overall, it was a very impressive peformance and an inspiration to us all.
Rick Jones (5 years ago)
No polyglot can speak every language at the same level. I am not sure that mention was made of the native language of this polyglot. However, I am familiar with Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian and German. I cannot comment on Dutch, Catalan or Romanian. It is my feeling that the speaker has a very strong command of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. His German appears to be good and conversational but I would defer to a native speaker to evaluate.
Mikado720 (5 years ago)
Tu parles bien français même si on voit que tu hésites parfois mais continue !
ElizabethxPete (5 years ago)
dat was heel leuk. je spreek zo veele talen en dat doet je best goed. groetjes uit Denemarken
Yvonne Campbell (3 months ago)
Very good. Just a slight correction here. Dat was heel leuk. Je spreekt zo veel talen en dat doe je best goed. Jij trouwens ook, haha.
Muito obrigado!! :)
Ferinoification (5 years ago)
Você fala muito bem essas línguas,especialmente o português.Parabéns!
Moltes gràcies pels consells. És veritat que vaig passar algun temps a l´Aguer, però no crec que ha influït en la meva pronunciació tant. ;)
A més a més, si vols aprendre el català central (parlat a Barcelona i a la majoria de la Catalunya Sud): -en català occidental crec que sí que és molt comú dir coses com "en el nord d'Espanya", però seria més estàndard dir "al nord d'Espanya" -has dit principalment, pronunciant la "t". està bé, però tinguis present que la "t" en "-nt" només es conserva en valencià i català insular. -les "e"s atòniques es pronuncien com neutres (schwas) en accent central Però no sé quin dialecte vols aprendre :)
Yvonne Campbell (3 months ago)
Funny, didn't know that. Thanks for the info.
Deixa'm fer una petita crítica constructiva del teu català: -la "ll" i la "l" no es pronuncien iguals, en tots els dialectes menys l'alguerès. alguns parlants pronuncien la "ll" com una "y" castellana, però ningú fora de Sardenya no la pronuncia com una "l". -d'origen, d'Espanya; no de origen, de Espanya - no te'n oblidis que les vocals es mengen -"origen" és una paraula de gènere masculí - d'origen llatí, no d'origen llatina -es diu "llengües romàniques", no llengües romàntiques Ànims!
Vielen dank Robert! Ich hoffe, dass ich der 'Polyglottegemeinschaft' viele weitere inspirierende Videos in der Zukunft gebe. :)
¡Muchas gracias Julio! :)
¡Hola! En los próximos meses voy a cargar vídeos en todos estos idiomas. Todos los comentarios sobre cómo mejorar mi nivel lingüístico son bienvenidos. :)
WalAlons (5 years ago)
Hablaron muy poco en Español, no podría decir que nivel tienen.
CreateYourWorldBooks (5 years ago)
Sorry, no modern Russian literature recommendations.
Obrigado! :)
I've read many from the Golden Era of Russian Literature by Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov ... and some modern by Solzhenitsyn and Nabokov. Any recommendations on more current Russian literature?
Go raibh maith agat Brian! 'Reactivating' my Irish is definitely also a goal of mine. :)
gugamoro (5 years ago)
Damn! Very impressive! His portuguese and spanish are very good! (portuguese native speaker) ;)
Brian Doherty (5 years ago)
Conor Dots here, very impressive.I think your American is perfect any chance of a cupla focal.
CreateYourWorldBooks (5 years ago)
Nice background with the windmill:) I am glad that Conor likes Russian literature. Which books in particular?

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