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Meaning & Interpretations Of Dreams Explained Part 1

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HERE IS PART 2: http://youtu.be/MswQJ6eLfbE The Lord spoke to us recently saying that many of us are having lots of dreams these days. We are to pay careful attention to these because He is giving us precious downloads. He told us to begin to encourage everyone to listen closely and seek to understand what He is speaking through our dreams. This is the first video along those lines from John Paul Jackson (Streams Ministries - www.streamsministries.com). Write your dreams down and inquire of Holy Spirit...The Lord enjoys watching us discover what He has for us! IN JOY... meaning of dreams, interpretation of dreams, dreams explained, dreams mean, dreams and their meanings, interpret dreams, meaning behind dreams, what do dreams mean, interpreting dreams, the meaning of dreams, prophetic dreams, dictionary of dreams, dreams interpretation, meaning of dreams, dreams dictionary, dreams meanings, dreams meaning, book of dreams, dreams and visions, dreams their meanings, the interpretation of dreams, free meaning of dreams, about dreams, Music In Video is royalty free from Pond5.com Song Link: http://www.pond5.com/stock-music/8833023/blessed-assurance.html License Link: https://www.pond5.com/legal/license Do you want to know the meaning of dreams or the interpretation of dreams. In this video you will find dreams explained, and dreams and their meanings. Learning how to interpret dreams and the meaning behind dreams is critical in our growth in Jesus Christ. When you wonder what do dreams mean you will find interpreting dreams, the meaning of dreams, especially prophetic dreams will unlock hidden manna. On www.Legaboom.com we will post a dictionary of dreams and dreams interpretation to the meaning of dreams in this dreams dictionary.
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Shay White (8 months ago)
I been having dreams of celebrities and I'm a writer I like to write music.i been having dreams of certain celebrities either chilling with me or they kissed me .I'm trying to find out why God is given me celebritie dreams.
Edie Smith (8 months ago)
This word renown came to me in a dream I want to know what that mean
l bolen (9 months ago)
in my dream i was at a horror attraction and i needed to get a couple of my things from the front but my family decided that they where going to leave me while i got that stuff. then i was on a tower shooting zombies with a rocket launcher and nearly died from this flying guy with a machine gun. then i got back and my friend was gunna give me a ride but a saw my god sister and she wanted to come over but she needed stuff for her car and as soon as we got to the car she changed her mind cause she wanted to go home and make cupcakes out of her hair. this is what happens when you eat sweets before bed.
Emmanuel Ogunmeyin (9 months ago)
Good afternoon from here in Roma. I have been in Roma for 1year 6 months now I have been having a dream seen my self in my country up to 8 times now up to last night. Then after seen some of my family friends then i what to go back to Roma. That is wen I we know that it was a dream then I we now woke up
Bryan Sy (10 months ago)
Im having this dream that I was doing the old bad things. And also the woman that I had affair with. It's haunting me. I want to draw near to God. But when i dream of this, when I wake up, it feels like i have sinned against God and the joy is gone. Somebody pls help.
Margelita Hivino (10 months ago)
I born in January 1 1971
Faith Full (10 months ago)
EVIL DREAM CANCELLATION “I cancel that negative dream I just had about ___ (fill in the blanks) in the name of JESUS. I decree that it shall NOT manifest in the physical in JESUS name. I release the fire of GOD on every satanic actor in that dream. I plead the blood of JESUS and I hold up the banner of victory in CHRIST JESUS . Let the angels of LORD go on a “search and destroy” mission in the land of the living and of the dead … to destroy every evil power,every lying tongue, marine spirit, demon, personality, device, unclean spirit, sexual perversion, sorcerer, witch, psychic or animal serpent programmed to attack me in the dream. Henceforth, let nothing trouble me in the dream, or the physical, for I bare on my body the marks of the Lord JESUS CHRIST Amen” Ask the Lord to forgive you of all your sins, then pray the prayers below before bed. I bind every spiritual attacker in my dreams and destroy all there activities in the name of Jesus. I take back all my stolen virtues, blessings from my dreams with the blood of Jesus. I command all satanic manipulation through my dreams be destroyed by the blood of Jesus. I command all arrows, gunshots, wounds, harassment, oppositions in my dreams return to the sender 7 fold in the name of Jesus. I rebuke every evil spiritual load placed on me through the dreams in the name of Jesus. All spiritual animals (cats, dogs, snakes, crocodiles, birds) paraded against me be bound and sent back to the senders 7 fold in the name of Jesus. Blood of Jesus, purge my blood from satanic foods and injections from my dreams, in the name of Jesus. I break every evil covenant and initiation through dreams in the name of Jesus. I declare I'm redeemed by the blood of the lamb from all evil darkness set against me in the name of Jesus. I loose myself from every curse, hex,vex, spell, bewitchment and evil domination directed against me through dreams in the name of Jesus. I break all ungodly powers against me and command them to die by fire, in the name of Jesus. I command all my past satanic defeats in my dreams be converted to victory, in the name of Jesus. I rebuke every infirmity introduced into my life through dreams in the name of Jesus. I command all attempts of the enemy through dreams back fire on your owner in the name of Jesus. I command every marine spirit through the dream to die by fire in the name of Jesus. Blood of Jesus cleanse and purge my life for greatness in Jesus name. FATHER I thank you for fighting my battles in Jesus name
sunil j (11 months ago)
I dreamed god teaching me then I go fishing...One fish ...2 fish...People dismissed me....I was running dumb hiding from others then I catch a big fish...And all followed....What that thing does mean...It felt good anyway...By the end of the dream...hh
P Dyer (11 months ago)
I would like to have a dream/vision from the Lord but it seems like I don't dream and if I ever do when I awake I don't remember it. can you tell me what is wrong?
Victoria Delgadillo (11 months ago)
I dream God .walking with a beautiful white ..like gown ..but I couldn't see he's face but when you saw him it was no other feeling experience
Leslie Kiser (11 months ago)
I keep dreaming that I am continuously laying my hand on foreheads while rafting out demons in Jesus's name, "On the blood of Jesus come out of her", saying it twice usually, because after the 1st time I say it the DEMON manifests in the person's eyes while staring at me, & then after the 2nd rebuking the DEMON flees. The CONFUSION I am having is that in EVERY DREAM I struggle to get the WORDS OUT, AS IF SOMETHING IS TRYING TO PREVENT MY WORDS FROM BEING SPOKEN AS I STRUGGLE TO PROCLAIM THEM- ( like my speech/my tongue is being strangled at the same time I am casting out demons), ALTHOUGH I ALWAYS STILL PREVAIL IN CASTING THEM OUT OF PEOPLE. I wonder what is God saying to me????
I saw a bridge collapse in a flood in a dream. A huge bridge! I often dream about things that are disasters but I don’t like those dreams. I like the dreams I dream that are like things in the Bible.
Fareeda Bhagelou (1 year ago)
I saw some kill my kid n after I saw my kid become like n angel n fly n playing with another angel what is this resemble
Derek Campbell (1 year ago)
Some native Americans are told by elders that you don't try and interpret your own dreams ..you simply tell someone close your dream and ask them what they think it means so it's an unbiased opinion
milky south (1 year ago)
I have had several dreams. I have had dreams about casting out evil spirits, the end times, and some were personally for me about my spiritual life.
Fatumata Fahnbulleh (1 year ago)
I dream I was telling story
Richard Sanchez (1 year ago)
what does it mean if I am watching two president talk and preach and then I end up at a ocean with them and I am looking at beautiful statues bridges and other stuff they have given to other countries and I tell them look at the dolphins in the water their beautiful and im standing in-between them while saying this and they walk away or leave after a small little agreement i left for a small while and said hello and introduced my self to people on the beach a bit nervously I had a leader of another country come to inspect the waters and the gifts in them their was a moldy sea horse rocking thing like at a play ground and she was disgusted by it but I told her wait watch I pulled the waters closer to me with all faith in God and they covered it up and she was astonished then I went home my dad left and my brother and I started fighting a bit then worked it out
Brittney's Cloud (1 year ago)
I had a dream last night that I was washing my hair with three different shampoos. My hair turned out to be really soft and curly. The only thing was in my dream I mostly focused on washing the front part of my hair and didn't wash the back of my hair, which was still dirty. However, in the dream I eventually washed my entire head and it was clean, soft and shiny. I read somewhere that it means I will be appreciated by the opposite gender or that I will be lucky in a new situation. I'm not sure exactly what it means considering I haven't been in the best moods lately, but hopefully it means something will happen in my favor.
i redsky (11 months ago)
You are trying to keep up appearances in three different ways to the public but you are a different person at home or in secret.
tsapi mokgalagadi (1 year ago)
GodsGirl (1 year ago)
tsapi mokgalagadi. Yes they are! watch more of his videos, he explains many symbols! Peace and love to you💕
Tacoria Valentine (1 year ago)
82 in I'm born in September I've I had a dream the messiah came to me down from the clouds he was so beautiful he didn't show his face until the 3rd time in when I awoke I was so peaceful in so happy my husband thought I was having I sugar attack) hyper
1485 kindness (1 year ago)
I saw a dream twice just after days I accepted him as my only God. ..in one dream he was being introduced by my brother to me on phone and when my brother gave the phone to me ,i said hello and then he replied saying hello to me..that built my faith more and then on his glory n blessing started happening to me and ya my brother was the one in actual who led me to christ so I believe that God spoke to me that night 😊God bless you reading this
Sue Chircop (1 year ago)
I had a dream about Jesus falling while carrying his cross.He was wearing a bright red cloak.He looked straight at me and i woke up in peace and calmess.thank you
Isaiah W (1 year ago)
But thats my opinion you can belive in it not trying to be mean btw
Isaiah W (1 year ago)
This is actually fucking stupid all dreams are is your thought that your mind lets go into dreams this is really dumb and i am 50% christion but this is bs
Richard Sanchez (1 year ago)
Isaiah W I have had dreams that have came true
Misty Taylor (1 year ago)
In my dream I found out I was pregnant with twins I was surprised didn't suspect anything like that. What does that mean?
Dahlia S. (1 year ago)
Misty Taylor babies speak of responsibilities
HealthyLady (1 year ago)
Misty Taylor That dreams shows you awaiting the "birthing" (launching) of new a ministry or vocation with a dual purpose. Great dream!
Extreme Queen (1 year ago)
I had this dream where basically every person is switch into different dimensions but when you find this one, everything is upside down until you basically are aloud to move normally. Last night I was there with my mother and grandmother and we all for some reason we needed water. When we found it, it switched to a highway. People all walking to this bridge. People who were there grabbed these red robes like god robes. They all then began walking some where I followed my mom and grandmother. I watched as huge waves approached and people dived into them. Last time I was there I didn't wear the robe, no one in my family did. I could fly like many. But I then remembered you were suppose to sacrifice yourself in the rainbow ocean. I quickly went to my mom and grandmother asking them we we weren't suppose to kill are selves right? My mom said of course acting like it was nothing. I instantly began crying my mom and grandmother annoyed. But before anything everything switched back to where I last was in the dream before anything but I knew after the people went into the ocean everyone on the planet forgot about them and I was the only one who knew. My mom was dead and gone, no one knew her and I then woke up. What does that mean
Natasha Defoe (1 year ago)
I am just starting to have dreams. I dreamed about being raptured last night *actually felt everything, including ascending*. Can't lie, It's scaring me to death! HELP!
Sherry Eaton (1 year ago)
Natasha Defoe wow
Sharda Norman (2 years ago)
This is such a blessing, what is the speaker's name?
Steve James (1 year ago)
I could be wrong, but it sounds like John Paul Jackson.
Lil-lia seer (2 years ago)
I had just relocated with my girls being obedient. I was going through was getting treated horribly by a friend. As I was walking the Holy Spirit said look up and I seen something that looked like a open septor as large as the sun pointing towards it. It started of white blended to a beautiful royal blue then opened up to a gold sparkling the most beautiful colors I ever seen then it faded away.
Lil-lia seer (2 years ago)
Thank you this is very helpful my daughter and I see when we are sleep and awake. I seen something last year as a was walking down the street with my baby and I asked The Lord what it means but I haven't got an answer
Aki Papaja (2 years ago)
Someone explain me my dream, left corner siting eagle that is looking right , in the midle above is small eye. The eye is moving towards me become big and bigger. In the midle between down and up are lines like waves or frequency about 3 or 4 between the eagle and the eye.
ask God,these men and women can't help you understand the dream.
MrHawkwind (2 years ago)
Rachel, sorry to hear your daughter is having bad dreams, but some dreams are just dreams, or nightmares, depending on whether you are sorry to wake up or glad to wake up, they are not necessarily from God. I know, I had a childhood filled with the worst night terrors you can imagine and I don't think God sends children night terrors, do you?, the Devil is a far more likely source. On the other hand it is even more likely that she has seen something disturbing, perhaps at school, or at a friends and that now it is playing on her subconscious. Interpretations of dreams are just that, interpretations, somebody else's idea of what is going on in your head, as if they would have a better idea than you, this is no better than astrology or palmistry, psychological bibble babble to mislead the 'no offence', gullible.. This speaker is not to be trusted, he mentions his book 'surprise, surprise' and Gods's names????. God has only one name he tells us to call him by that I know of, Jehovah. The one with many names is Lucifer and this guy is on his payroll. Best regards.
George Schlaline (2 years ago)
Cram 72 hours into 90 minutes
Guy Baldridge (2 years ago)
I've heard that this is like telling someone's fortune and fortune tellers are demonic
Blessed Beyond Belief (1 year ago)
Dreams & dream interpretation is not daemonic. It talks all throughout the Bible about people having dreams and being interpreted.
Karen (2 years ago)
It depends on if you are trusting God or not. He will not give you a stone if you ask Him for bread.
Debie Kalindah (2 years ago)
My cousin told me that she was going to visit me, so that night i had a dream that she already arrived and she was having her bf that i don't know. As we walked in the hood I saw something like a big crocodile up in the sky. it was so big and it occupied such a big space and everyone could see it so clear. I stretched my hand to show my cousin that thing in the sky. people said it was a reflection of fish from the sea that was being reflected in the sky but to me it didn't seem so. As i continued looking, I saw Jesus in white clothing and a white rob crossing his chest. He was like kinda hidden in the sky but I could see Him.so right then I knew that it was the second coming of Jesus. I started thinking if I have done anything that could make Jesus not to go with me then I started repenting asking God to forgive me my sins. I saw clouds coming down then I remembered the verse in the Bible that says that the way you saw Him go up like clouds He will come the same way.
REd Isaacks (2 years ago)
Could someone help me please...what does smoke mean..like i had a vision of a foggy or smoke filled city.. i was on a bridge, on a small bike on my way to the city but could'nt see in front of me, then i saw two shadows in the the mist.
i redsky (11 months ago)
The god of this world has blinded the people that they cannot see. Two shadows? Hmmm
Sam Lopez (2 years ago)
Blessings Rudolph, It's an honor to help you solve any problem or question(s) you may have,
REd Isaacks (2 years ago)
+Fierce Love Readings Thanx, I recieved revelation concerning my faith.
Sam Lopez (2 years ago)
clear your mind. you have small faith (that's not bad) you have faith. you need guidance.
Rachel loves Jesus (2 years ago)
what does bathroom stalls with handrails with dead bodies chained to each handrail in each bathroom stall mean? my daughter has many dreams from the Lord but we dont understand exactly what they mean😕
i redsky (11 months ago)
What do we do in washroom stalls? We release. They also signify privacy. Whatever amount of stalls there are, signify certain events in your life that you haven't truly forgiven but still hold on to. The dead bodies are the people you haven't forgiven. Forgiveness is the key to freedom. Let them go. Only then the Holy Spirit will heal your wounded and broken spirit, then you will be truly clean, free and alive. Remember, if you will not forgive men their trespasses against you neither will our heavenly Father forgive us our trespasses against him.
LifeBeginswithAseed (1 year ago)
When I had a dream about a bathroom, it was a dream from god telling me I was in the process of flushing something out of my life....unforgiveness and hurt, to be frank.
LifeBeginswithAseed (1 year ago)
Bathrooms are a place of cleansing. You're probably about to clean a particular area of your life. Not sure about the dead bodies, If that would be from the Lord or not. Sounds scary and god doesn't give us a spirit of fear.
Angie L (2 years ago)
Ana Ana I used to have the same exact dreams! They were shameful dreams. Overflowing filth, knee deep in filth in public restrooms. Disgusting. I interpret them as having no safe place to go to for even basic human needs. Betrayal of my trust, insecurity, repression, constipated emotions, abuse and being lied about. Shame on all the people in my life that betrayed me. I trust in GOD. In HIM I put all my faith and love.
Sam Lopez (2 years ago)
Wow, did you recently move into this place? It feels like she may have gift that you are unaware of past down from her ancestors! From what i get from the dream is she is being shown about Past Present or Future event. chain people being transported, human trafficking basically. She maybe are shown warnings but are unable to discern them.
Heather Bennett (2 years ago)
Could someone help with mine, please. The other night I dreamt I was in my garden hanging the washing looking at the stars. It was a clear night and suddenly in the stars I see a crown of thorns placed in the stars followed by three king as looking up. I shout for my mother repeatedly each time more frantic so she can see. when she does come out the kings are replaced by a shining golden crown but my mother can't see though it's clear and I fall weeping.
i redsky (11 months ago)
The garden is something you must tend to. The clean clothes is the washing of water by the word keeping your garments clean also by a repentant heart. Looking at the stars is setting your heart on the things that are above. So that where your heart is, there you may be also. The crown of thorns is to keep your eyes from seeing the ways of this world. Keeping your ears from worldly music and keeping your mouth from drinking, smoking and filthy language. In doing so will help you attain a crown of glory. Share that with your mother.
Heather Bennett (1 year ago)
latest two visions. 1) From a small opening of a beautiful green field a white dove flies to me with a pink rose (not an olive branch) within his mouth where my spirit embraces it feeling at ease. The triangular opening to the garden/ field shuts swiftly after the dove leaves. 2) An owl flies to my right from the darkness and lands on my right shoulder. Followed by a double headed eagle landing on my left shoulder. The dove then follows but stays in front .
Sam Lopez (2 years ago)
Its a blessing to assist you,if you have any more dreams you need interpreted just send it through and ill respond every morning @ 7am Many blessing to you and the family...
Heather Bennett (2 years ago)
Fierce Love your response is spot on and not the only dream I have had situated in my garden. Many times i have dreamt jesus saying "the time is nigh" however put it down to my own vivid imagination. This dream though is more like an actual memory. I worship frequently in my garden though and look to the sky for answers. Thank you xx
Sam Lopez (2 years ago)
The Angels was transmitting in a way where you could understand simply, the garden is a place where you actively pray. The hanging the washing looking at the stars feels like you often cry out to heaven and they are telling you that your prayers are received ,I don't know do you? The crown of thorns placed in the stars is showing you the divine creator at work,hes confirming to you he is king of kings. The three kings you see are what you would refer to as Divine "TRINITY" there were looking up affirming his divine creation as you see it. The reason the kings were replaced is whats for you is only for you! Angles, Spirits requires a personal relationship.
James Griffin (2 years ago)
Brother i need your help on this , two nights in a row i've had these dreams that seem to be telling me something is coming , But i need some help understanding them , the first one was huge waves crashing over me as i was trying to get home , i was scared for my life but just knew i needed to make it home , the second one was of a blood moon and the end times where people were hunting other people , just to clarify i had not been watching a TV show or reading anything like what the dreams were about , could you help me please
ラルフralph (2 years ago)
ラルフralph (2 years ago)
Thank you for the word, I really appreciate that, I didn't mean to offend you at all. Peace.
Lisa Tyree (2 years ago)
Seek and you shall find the truth. Ask God, and you shall find the truth. As long as your seeking from a honest heart and not a heart with wrong motives. As long as your asking the right God, not the wrong god. Our Creator knows your heart. No man can fool Him. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is the one true God. With an open heart, He will show you the truth. He is a God of relationship, not religion. He is very personal and respectful about who you are and how He handles each ones heart. His love and truth, are for us, even when we don't love Him back. Because He is love, He doesn't just have love. He is amazing and we are made new and one with Him, heirs to all He has accomplished for us. All we have to do is seek, learn and accept Him and His word. In exchange, we have within us, and available to us, His strength, His wisdom, His peace, His authority on this earth. The man in this video, understands this VERY WELL. He understands that God's people learn how He speaks to us and leads us, to protect us. John Paul is with God now, and we, who believe and know his relationship with Jesus, treasure his words, because we know God blessed John with wisdom and insight, to help us. Be careful mocking such an awesome man of God. You obviously don't really know truth, or seem wise enough to search it out, before you make comments. I pray Yeshua reveals the right truth to you.
ラルフralph (2 years ago)
Lisa Tyree (2 years ago)
Ignorance, that's your interpretation.
Debie Kalindah (2 years ago)
I was tired and I decided to take a nap in the day then I saw my mother possessed and she was laying down and I was with my friends. I was praying to my mother holding her as I called to the name of Jesus but then when I was just about to call on the name i kind of couldn't say it clearly. like something was preventing me. My mother told me to stop but I insisted to pray. I asked my friends to come pray with me so they came and we surrounded my mother. before I called them she asked me if I was ready to what happens because when the demons come out of her they will come out screaming and I said yes i'm ready. so we were praying and I called the name of Jesus with a very loud voice and I saw something like green lightning pass through my mother's body. That thing was like electricity or something like that. The more I called the name of Jesus loudly, the more that thing like lightning passed through my mother's body. Immediately I woke up to pray. I wonder what that dream was about.
Maryann Henry (11 months ago)
Debie Kalindah Hi the word of God say believers have been given powers to perform miracles, cast demons, speak in strange tongue, even when you pick up a snake or eat poison nothing will happen to you. Power to lay hand on the sick and they shall be well.
Debie Kalindah (2 years ago)
Thank you Rachel for your reply. Since then I have never had dreams of her like that, but before that I have had dreams of me casting demons in the name of Jesus many times. Recently, few days ago I had a dream calling the name of Jesus loud to help me because I was dreaming that there was a bad spirit in my bed when I was sleeping. Whenever I call onto that name of Jesus, I always get the help that I need even in the dream.
Rachel loves Jesus (2 years ago)
ive heard green means the holy spirit of counsel..
Rachel loves Jesus (2 years ago)
idk but i think i would go try to cast the demon out of her?
Cupcakes plus Unicorns (3 years ago)
God has change my life true dreams
Its Me (3 years ago)
Can someone please INTERPRET THIS PROPHETIC DREAM I HAD first of you can get it on the moment but I Want to be there in a few minutes ago I will call you in minutes and all that Plus I just want a beer with my friend Hypocrite the moment so what are your life and I will be at your Work and all Your friends with the old man who has a Video on Flickr galleries of Scotland is the next entry into it was something else in a few hours ago from the message that was it is good to be true that was the way the world of a while I know I know U want it is good for Fullerton Okay I'm going to the beach and I agree on a good time with you can get www site and the way the moment in a few celebrities who has the same time are you out of love not because it's www dot net income of the internet isn't a lot to me when u can get it in a while I will be at your house o don't know what you doing tonight or not even driving down to work with a lot about the way the truth is a lot to say it was something that saddens the same way about me and that is the one I just saw message lol but so I know it's a good day for me when your here is good to me when your home and the Life is blessings to work on your own Kid and the way u get out more than one getting ready took the summer is going on your Way in which we are u going home and all the way t to hear you at work I will have the power of a while back in morning and the people of a good day to day I just saw on my phone is a good day at your Work is going find a sitter the same time with your videos to work at a good friend to be in the same way about me and that is the same lol I'm just asking We can talk about the moment but I Want you have to share with the loss of a lot to me when you can Angel of the internet isn't that was it is a big fan of the internet isn't that was it Ponting and the Life coach Mike Brown has to go forward and the way t to work at all the way the moment so I will have no problem we will see what u want it is when u have any pics on Facebook but the Church and all of you lol but it's a lot about you and Remind him of my Life is a good friend and the people that was
i redsky (10 months ago)
Makes absolutely no sense
Rose Roses (3 years ago)
I dreamed that I was in the middle of so many singing Angels praising to God. Their words were so beautiful sang and the melody was out of this world when I thought in my dream to open my eyes to record this beautiful melody and words that the angels where singing... but at that moment a hand had stopped me and when I looked whos hand was I realised it was Jesus and I felt Him coming into my body then at that moment my eyes had open and my ears still had the angels singing ..on that day all day my ears did not stop listening to the beautiful sounds of the angels... from then on my whole life has changed to be closer to Jesus Christ.
angeline justine (3 years ago)
i have a dream where there 2 angels spoke to me said "jesus will come soon" and i awake from sleep and began to think about my dream and still i dont get it till this days.
Maryann Henry (11 months ago)
The angles are telling you Jesus Christ is coming soon.......if you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and saviour .....The angles are telling you it time to turn to God.....and tell everyone that he is coming soon
Rachel loves Jesus (2 years ago)
+5314 😁
5314 (2 years ago)
+angeline justine maybe that jesus is coming soon ? ....
FloofyFoxerz (3 years ago)
Is it bad that I usually have bad dreams. They are mainly bad but the one I had last night is when I got scared by this character from a horror movie, but I escaped the character and my friends helped me in the dream. Even when I am allowed to control my dreams in a process called Lucid Dreaming, it is still scary in a way. Should I worry at all?
Sis crook (2 years ago)
Stop watching scary movies. You can't play with the devil and win. Pray the St. Michael prayer for protection daily. Just google St Michael prayer and it'll come up. Ask Jesus to protect you from evil and rebuke the demons away from you.
Priyanka P (3 years ago)
priyanka prasad (3 years ago)
I had a dream where, I was in under construction building, and in that building three floors are there, in first floor everyone dancing and praising lord, second also they are dancing and praising lord in third floor I am telling her that, hearing trumpet voice and saying Rupture is going to take place come fast my friend. Reply •
Veronica Alvizo (3 years ago)
I had a dream were i was cooking rice and beans for my husband iguess and when i was done n placed it on the plate there was less on the plate there wasnt much food nomore and i was like but i cooked alot what happend see yesterday i was reading about Ananias and safiras lie well i was reading and ive been thinking abiut how we need give God watbis his and cesar wats his idk but do u know if u can help me here im praying but also looking for testimony's and preaching videos it can mean anything
i redsky (11 months ago)
You have received much but sow little. You sow little you'll reap little. You reap what you sow.
Pat (3 years ago)
+Veronica Alvizo Have you checked out 'papa's dream forum' this is a Christian sight with help in dream interpretation. God bless.
Jonnah Callar (3 years ago)
In my dreamed.....i saw Jesus from the sky coming into earth with his thousand angels ,they are so bright and he told to people on earth that a lot of people want to go to his father kingdom but have few people selected...that made me scared when i turned back i saw hundred of peoples there.....i saw Jesus in the sun and beside of it the transparent map...our own map...
Tacoria Valentine (1 year ago)
Jonnah Callar I had 3 dreams of him in they where apocalypse type dreams the first one demons couldn't harm in I flew towards the heavens in each time I wasn't harmed I'm trying to figure out the rest
Jonnah Callar (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for sending these interpretation of dreams actually I dreamed a lot about Jesus and the people.
William Son (2 years ago)
Psalm 19
Jonnah Callar (3 years ago)
i can relate this ....LORD Jesus talked to me in my dreamed not only once,twice or three times.....how many times talked to me and show me what possible happen on earth and to our country too..he shows me about the war, flood, tsunami, a lot of people die in the sea, ..he shows me too the people who wear black dress and have like came from outer space...they are not human they look like animals but made of metal or iron....alot of things i dreamed..i cant understand it clearly...
Laura Mongta (3 years ago)
I had a dream that there were hundreds of snakes flying in the air from left to right. And then on top of that it started raining snakes! there were thousands of snakes and i got bitten all over my body! but mainly on my neck. What does this mean?
i redsky (11 months ago)
Learn to cast down every imagination and everthing that exalts itself above the knowledge of God.
Laura Mongta (3 years ago)
Thanks heaps! 😊 i had a dream lasnight and people were really distressed coming upto be telling me o be really careful. I woke up and prayed for potection it freaked me out
daman j (3 years ago)
Ask God to give you his strength to help you overcome and what is causing you to dream this dream God will allow us to see the plans of the enemy so we can pray against it.
Laura Mongta (3 years ago)
+daman j Really? Im a really self concious person who lacks confidence alot. Mainly because of my appearance. Maybe thats it.
daman j (3 years ago)
Also ask your self these questions what color was the snake was it a dark dream or in color.
Universal035 (3 years ago)
Please pray for me. My soul is embedded in the worst possible pain daily. I come from a negative, divided, confused, cursed family that has negative dislike toward another. Majority of my family aren't married. Whoever we encounter that we like or want to be friends with or be in a relationship with, negative souls ALWAYS encounter us & bring more hell, more frustration, more misery, more sadness, more yelling, more fighting, more pain, more confusion, more hurt in our lives. Positive souls reject us. For me growing up, I was the only child with no friends. I was raised by my mother & grandmother. There were no other kids on the street that I lived on. We lived in front of a church. I never had the blessing of friendship, I never had the blessing of any sincere true friends, I never had the blessing of any friends period. I was always & still am lonely. People never wanted to be my friend. I couldn't relate to other people. People made fun of me when I was in school. It's been like this my whole life. Since I graduated from school back in 2008, I never had the blessing of going to college, I never had the blessing of ever having a woman in my life, I never had the blessing of my first kiss from a girl, I never had the blessing of ever having a job, I never had the blessing of having any male figures in my life to teach me how to be a man, my father was never around & wasn't the type of father that was there for me. I never had the blessing of experiencing & getting out in life, I lack learning how to be a responsible young man. I suffer from a learning disability in terms of not being wise & becoming a good listener. When my mother was pregnant with me, my great-grandmother told my mom that the guy she got pregnant with was shockingly a relative. Had my mom knew earlier, I wouldn't be here today. She told me that she did not plan on having me. I was an accident to be here on this earth. That's another hurt that I live with. I suffer from a lot of other hurt, hell & pain daily. The woman that I truly love, that's an incarnate angel sent from the gates of God's Kingdom of heaven, rejected me & married a dangerous, hood, hustler, thugged out staff sergeant that looks like the birth of a murderer. This rare incarnate angel from heaven liked me & told me that she was sure that we'd be friends for a very long time. I poured out my blessings to this angel sent from the gates of heaven, by sending her flowers, cards, candy & gifts to her. The most I've ever done for a woman in my entire life. It was also the first time I ever sent a woman flowers. I touched her heart & made her smile by telling my thoughts to her. I wont ever forget her being in awe & told me that she was sure that we'd be friends for a very long time. Then a few months later, she suddenly takes a trip with a guy, gets proposed & asked to marry him right in front of the white house. The incarnate angel that God & Jesus made shockingly said "Yes". That killed my soul. She got her marriage license & is with him now. No matter how hard I cry my soul out to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit everyday to revive my soul from that pain, I'm not healed & it's hard to move on from a deep hurt that takes you life of soul away because I truly love her. She is one in a zillion souls in this life that God & Jesus made rare, so rare that you just don't come across a soul as beautiful as hers. Sometimes I ask & think to myself, "it's bad enough that I suffer from majority of everything here on this earth, why would a angel from heaven reject me"? I truly love that Angel from heaven. She is everything & different from any other soul here on earth. My soul is so hurt, ripped & destroyed in sadness from the love I have for her. There's not a day that I don't think of her. It's hard to erase her out my mind. I have prayed for God's Will to be done that I have her as my Ultimate Blessing in life. I don't want people or God, Jesus & Holy Spirit to think I'm covet or lusting after her now that she has her marriage license. Some people got controversial, wanted to say I did & thought that I put this angel first before God & that's a lie. My soul has a hole inside that's filled with a water fountain of tears inside each day. I always put God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit first. I suffer from a lot of other pain such as horrible folliculitis, alopecia. My skin has been prone to folliculitis since 2013 of May. The dermatologist can only give me ointments & antibiotics, but neither of them have helped my skin heal completely, I still get sores, dark spots & bumps. I also learned that I have alopecia a few years back as well & I'm going back in my 20's. I strained my eyes by vomiting real bad in 2010 & I strained my eyes. The veins in my eyes have been permanently damaged & my eyes have been inflamed since then. The glands in my eyes swell up daily since then. I went to several eye doctors here in my city & they act like they couldn't identify my diagnosis. I'm still in constant pain to this day. I finally went to see another eye doctor. He examined my eyes & said that I have GLAUCOMA. He wanted me to get an MRI, to get to the real root of my problem & find out more about the condition of my eyes. But my health insurance did not pass through so I can get an MRI. I'm still suffering in excruciating pain with my eyes & my eye doctor said that there isn't anything else he could do for me. I have to wait another six months to see him. So I'm still in pain daily. My optic nerve, the root of my eyes keep shooting piercing pains inside the core of my eyes. I'm afraid & don't want to go blind. I cry in pain at night daily. So please pray that God who sit of the Great Powerful Holy Throne In heaven, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth & The Power Of The Holy Spirit will please heal my eyes, hear & read my prayers on here. Another pain that I suffer from is infection from facial ingrown hair that curls back inside my skin. I suffer in the worst pain. I put God, Jesus & Holy Spirit first & so does my family. My family & I are born-again Christians. Some people in my family look at God's word & scriptures & interpret them differently. I just got through arguing with my family about God's word in the bible & want to say that I'm the confused one. I don't EVEN like to argue, especially about God's Power Holy Words in the scripture!!!!!! I'm so hurt, torn & tired of negativity, confusion, frustration, arguing in my life & family. We all feel like chickens with our heads cut off & its always frustration, poverty, being poor our whole lives, more hell, more misery. NEVER A POSITIVE OUTCOME. My family & I try to strive to stay positive each day as well, but differently. It's always division in my family. Sometimes I've told my family that maybe in heaven we (my family) won't be having negative differences of opinion & that we will all be in positive peace. It broke my heart to tell some people in my family that because there's always controversy. I want God, Jesus & Holy Spirit to PLEASE! 100x times please break this curse in the souls of my family & my life. Please ask God, Jesus & Holy Spirit to please help me overcome my fear of driving. I just had a car accident months ago. I have never been the one eager to drive fast like a lot of young people these days. At 25, I still don't know how to drive. I'm determined to drive. I want God who sit on the throne in heaven to please help me overcome that fear & please be with me in Jesus name. I pray for my bipolar next door mean neighbor that always lies that my family & I bother her. That's another hurt I been dealing with for years too. My mom almost passed away from a blood clot back in 2012. I prayed, cried & gave God praise that she is still here. My grandmother's house got broken in 3 times from 2011 - 2014 & took some sentimental items that cannot be replace. Every month of June, something bad always happens the worst. Whether its a death, someone breaking in our vehicles, an apartment being on fire, me almost getting arrested one time & a relative getting beat up. It's always hell & confusion in this family. I pray to God who sit on the throne in heaven, Jesus Christ & holy spirit that they will please send me a positive sincere loving angel from God's Powerful Great Holy Throne in heaven & beautiful children that have special souls from heaven. A month ago, A 10 year old anonymously emailed & told me that "God sent me to tell you that he has great big plans for you". That brought tears to my eyes & my soul. I NEVER had that happened to me either. I believe that God who sit on the great powerful throne in heaven, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth & The Power Of The Holy Spirit heard my prayers. I was at the store last month & a woman felt like something in her soul needed her to pray over me, so she did. That has never happened to me in my 25 years of breathing on this earth. I told her that GOD & Jesus must have whispered in her soul & sent you to pray over me. She said "yes". Then I told her about my life & the pain that I live with. She was so touched & moved, she sent me a flyer to her church because they had a Men's Conference about Men becoming more stronger through CHRIST JESUS. So I told her I'll go to the invitation on May 1- 3rd, 2015. I went to the 2015 Men's Conference & it was a blessing of an experience. I got to hear from different speakers from Apostle, Bishop, Doctor & Prophet talking about different topics such as Spiritual Warfare, Wearing & Being An Amor Of God. I'm still reading my bible, worshiping & praying to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit every single day. Everyday its hard for me to survive in this poor hard life. My soul is weak, lost, damaged, in pain daily. I don't have the blessing of having a car. I still live with my mom & the guy that she's been with for 12 years is going to marry her. Me & him don't get along well. Him & my mom argue, he loves to yell. I almost had to break up a fight between them recently. My mom got on me & told me not to interfere with them fighting because if it happens next time, he's going to put his hands on me & fight me & I don't want to fight. I was just being a peace maker. I don't want to live with them when they get married. I feel so stuck in my four wall room every single day since I graduated back in 2008. Being lonely everyday, never having the blessing of any friends to talk to or blessing of getting out to experience life is a pain, struggle, heartache. I've tried finding jobs, finding ways to get out of the house. I don't have a car & I'm still suffering from everything. Even if I had transportation or money, I'm still scared to get out in life period because I don't know how to be a strong, wise, responsible young man to know how to achieve my goals & survive. I am weak minded in my soul & whole body. I've been like that all my life. My soul feels permanently destroyed in sadness from all the hurt that I just told you. I don't hold onto grudges, I don't blame anyone. Why I say this, is because in my other prayer posts on youtube, anonymous people read my comments & don't understand my hurt. They want to be so critical, thinking that I'm self-centered & want attention. They look at things the wrong way & don't have a clue about what goes on in my life. Please keep me in your prayers daily. Also please pray for my hand. Please pray that God will heal my left hand. I went to the Emergency Hospital back in Jan 2015. The nurse drew blood from my left hand & purposely burst the vein inside my left hand. And since then my left hand has been in pain daily. So please continue to pray for me. Pray that God will heal my soul & break this curse that's in my life & the souls of my divided negative confused family. It's a generational curse. :'( Everyday I fight Lucifer. He keeps attacking & talking in my mind. Earlier this year, he tricked me into thinking that I didn't feel loved from God or Jesus :'( Today, I was thinking... for an angel sent from heaven to have rejected me & to not have the blessing of any friends in my 25 years of living, I'm afraid to think that I might be rejected from the lord. I feel so hurt as I type this because I feel so lost, hurt, sadden, damaged, empty, lonely & destroyed in sadness from how my life & family is. The pain takes a lot out of the soul & life that is in me daily. I feel like my soul was never meant to be happy here on this earth. I have been praying, crying my life, breath of soul out to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit for help :'( to please break this generational curse in my family & in my life. I'm suffering horribly. I feel so empty inside. I don't what my purpose here on earth is if I come from a negative, confused , divided, cursed family that's filled with rejection from positive people, suffering in health, never having any good positive blessings. The hurt that I live with makes me wonder was I really a mistake to exist on this earth due to this painful hell I'm going through. The only thing I can possibly do is pray, read my bible scriptures, worship God, Jesus & Holy Spirit & please pray that they will break this generational curse of negativity, rejection, negative division & a lot of other hurts. P.S. I like Photography. I never studied everything about it, but I've been taking photos since I got my first digital camera back in May 2009. I just recently got a new camera on my 25th birthday last month on April 10th. Pray that God will lead & open a new door for me in photography. This month of May I had went to the library for free computer basic, ancestry & internet basics, each two days out each week. I'm still failing becoming a young responsible man. Two days ago I was late for my computer basic class, but they let me in. This morning, I missed my free class session for ancestry today. My family yelled at me some more today. I'm so hurt, destroyed & sadden. I don't know why I was created :'( My soul is suffering. I felt empty & rejected by every good thing this morning thinking about my life, God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. I don't know if the lord is with me because my soul felt completely empty this morning while I was at the library. Now my mom made an appointment for me & her to see a counselor & we argued some more today. Now the counselor is sending two more people to help me & my family. I don't like this because it's always negative hell & confusion. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. I did something in my life for the first time in my life. I bought my dad a birthday card from the little bit of birthday money I recieved & mailed it to him. God knows the hurt & history about me & my dad. My dad was never around me in my life to teach me how to be a man. I am only trying to do what God says in his commandments & that is honor thy father. I just want to please & make God, Jesus & Holy Spirit happy everyday. I'm reading my bible, praying, worshiping them & hoping with all my life & soul that they will reply back & help me in my life.  I just got through watching two videos on breaking generational curses & before that I had a minister pray to break the curse in my life & I still was suffering.
Strive Endlessly (1 year ago)
Universal035 Were you able to get this sorted out? What videos did you watch about information on Breaking generational curses? Check this out https://youtu.be/b5ITqCvigPk
Universal035 the devil comes to steal kill and destroy Jesus came to give us life abundantly. Please get tested a psychological test find out if you have autism symptoms. This could explain your lack of relationships. Also your obsession with the woman you idolize and call an angel.
Universal035 (3 years ago)
+Bedeborah I continue to cling on Jesus. This angel is brilliantly amazing. Please pray and ask Jesus and God to make a way for me and the angel to cross paths again. This angel is one in a million with a mission she says.
Pat (3 years ago)
+Universal035 the young lady you called 'angel' may leave as earthly angels do. But Jesus declared to you that He would never leave you. So spend time loving and leaning on Jesus. Life can sometime deal us a low blow. But Jesus is evidently a friend that can stick closer than a brother. Learn to trust and lean on and cleave to Him. He'll make all things new and take you farther than you've ever been.
Ana Ana (3 years ago)
God is so amazing. He speaks to me through dreams and I understand the meaning also. He is King of kings and All glory is to him. He is my savior and with out him in nothing.
clarivel evans (10 months ago)
Ana Ana why inpt eat anmal food
doug hart (1 year ago)
AwesomeDesertTrains (2 years ago)
priyanka prasad (3 years ago)
Faith Fajuyigbe (3 years ago)
God bless Jesus that am writing on my mentor wall today 24 of Jan 2015. Thank you Lord because i will live to testified to this day one day in Heaven. That i find a mentor that dream like me. The connection was so strong the first day i saw you on Tv sir. May God be praise for the powerful gift that he as giving to you. I tap into this same order gift that God as giving you sir. I know Angels are happy right now that i have find my root. I love you Jesus your daughter Faith.
marsha okhiria (4 years ago)
In the bible, whenever the scripture is talking about someone having a dream, it's always associated with sleep. It feels real. It's like something that you would never fathom about. That's prophetic dreams. Visions in the bible, happens when the person is awake. Either sitting, lying down, praying. the person is seeing things like watching a movie. So vivid.... More or less in a trance like state. Daniel is a great examples of dreams and visions.
The Payne Game (4 years ago)
I had a dream that I was working on a construction project below a bridge. This world seemed pure to me, we never felt the sting of fatigue, we never got tired. As we were working my boss, a fat man with a bald head and had suspender pants. Anyway we were working and he called us to leave, we got into a grey van and drove to a place that looks very similar to where I live, except that there was a beautiful field at the right of my house instead of mu neighbors house and the dead trees that are there year-round. We went inside and I realized just then, that I didn't know any of the people I was in the van with. They were strangers to me, but I felt I was good friends with them and knew them all my life. I stepped outside for a minute to reflect on this revelation and looked upwards. The sky was BEAUTIFUL. There was a neon green and purple tint to the stars this night, the stars looked so close and looked 10x more beautiful than the stars we would see if there was no light pollution. I was standing there looking at the marvel and one of my friends came outside with me (a girl with red hair and freckles on the face.) I told her excitedly..."Look at the sky tonight, it's so beautiful!" and she said "Yes, this is the sky we see every night, what of it?" and I said "No! This sky is really different!" she just smiled at this comment. I then asked her "Do you want to look at the stars tonight then?" We layed down on the grass, (The grass felt so real and so...pure.) We watched the stars, and I fell asleep. This was the end of this dream.
Desert Lotus (4 years ago)
I had the same dream with the same three tornadoes again a week later after the first one, but this time I was in the desert almost looked like vegas, but not sure. I was sitting in a restaurant the kind that are high and rotate, and I look out and see them coming toward all the buildings. I have never been in a rotating restaurant in real life, only seen them, so I don't know why I was even there.
i redsky (11 months ago)
Three tornadoes... could be three years. This year. Tornadoes speak of destruction. Pray up.
Desert Lotus (3 years ago)
+daman j thanks, they are usually dark, big and almost sounds like a roaring thunder. . Problem is I had the same dream a week later in a different environment, the beach. Looked like santa Monica, and all the people were taking out their cell phones to video while three huge tornadoes over the ocean were coming toward land, I wasn't afraid on this scene just an observer wonder why all these people were not running away from it..I keep having these types of dreams more frequently and each time more intense with more added destruction. .. One I Remember was earthquake, tornado and hail the shape of a triangle and the size of a compact car. .each time one hit the ground the point of the hail would strike the gravel slightly splitting it but completely stand straight up...i believe we are in for a rude awakening that no man will ever be able to control and no scientists with their theory will be able to explain...
daman j (3 years ago)
+Desert Lotus Tornado's are coming trial and tribulation depending on the color if it is dark it is a storm from the enemy. The reason you are high up and rotating is because is because God is allowing you to see at all angles so you wont be supprized he allowed you to see the dream so you could pray against the storm. Hope that helps
Desert Lotus (4 years ago)
I have a specific dream every year and usually twice but in different settings. The first time I was at the beach and the sun was setting but black clouds were rolling in and as I looked toward the ocean I could see three humongous tornadoes. In my dream im never afraid I always sense someone standing next to me, but there is never a face just the presence of someone. I turn and look at all the people and start wondering why they don't run for safety, everyone is just doing their daily routine.
Please get in touch with me sometime.
sakil ahmed (4 years ago)
well made video , if anyone else has beensearching how toan easy method to interpret your dreams it's worth thinking about - banfan incredible dreamer genie (I think its on http://incredibledreamermiracle.banfangenie.com/)? Ive heard some incredible things about it from my colleague sweet dreams
JesusisKing777777777 (5 years ago)
WOW...  I needed this SO BAD... Yes, The Lord has called me in a dream, and I must step out in faith.  WOW... May the Lord bless you Saints of God. 
Lacri Taut (10 months ago)
We are a small comunity here at http://christiandreaminterp.freeforums.net/ and we are helping and geting helped in interpreting dreams God's way. Also you will find a dream dictionary of symbols, a dream journal, and lots of teachings from the word all for the Glory of God.

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