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'CloudSurfer' - Lucid Dreaming Music with Subliminal Triggers & Brainwave Entrainment - Sleep Music

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MP3 DOWNLOAD: http://www.binauralbeatshub.com/?product=cloud-surfer-lucid-dream-induction Subscribe and stay up to date on all the latest state-of-the-art brainwave audios: https://www.youtube.com/user/BINAURALBRAINWAVE?sub_confirmation=1 CloudSurfer is the most powerful lucid dream audio yet, featuring brainwave entrainment audio in the form of binaural beats / isochronic tones, and subliminal affirmations to encourage a shift in consciousness without disturbing sleep. The audio also features ambient lucid dreaming music, which has been composed with sleep in mind. The binaural beats cycle through Theta during in the first 30 minutes, then deep sleep Delta until the hour mark, followed by a quick ramp up to Alpha to kick your brainwaves into a state of relaxed-awareness. Combined with the subliminal messages, the objective is to provide enough wakeful brainwave activity for lucidity, but not so much that you are awoken. This 90 minute sleep cycle repeats two more times, though if you wish to go beyond that, you can loop the audio with this website: http://www.infinitelooper.com Because isochronic tones are used in addition to binaural beats, headphones are optional for this lucid dream induction. If you choose headphones, have a play around with the volume beforehand and find a level that is non intrusive. It may help to spend 10 mins before sleep just relaxing your body and focusing on your breathing. You may also wish to use this video beforehand, which features PRE-SLEEP subliminal affirmations to prepare and precondition your mind for lucidity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_8fo3lb_iU THE SUBLIMINAL AFFIRMATIONS A combination of first and third person affirmations have been used. These have been embedded subliminally at 1:05:00 during the alpha phase of the lucid dream induction "I AM BECOMING CONSCIOUSLY AWARE" "I AM THE MASTER OF MY DREAMS" "PERFORM A REALITY CHECK" "YOU ARE DREAMING" "YOU ARE TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR DREAM" "I AM AWAKENING WITHIN MY DREAM" "IS THIS A DREAM?" "WHEN DREAMING, I RECOGNISE THAT I AM DREAMING" "YOU ARE NOW DREAMING"
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Text Comments (361)
Tiger Tae (4 days ago)
can I listen to this without earphones? will it still work?
Riley (14 days ago)
Sounds great and very relaxing and effective but I think the messages should have been a bit louder because I listen with very reduced volume otherwise I can't sleep. Please consider a more loud message video that's not as subliminal
Velymoo (14 days ago)
I have to listen it in full ?
Gavin’s Friend (15 days ago)
In my last lucid dream I went head on into a horde of monsters with only a sword
Cewl Cat (18 days ago)
If its not working for some people keep a dream journal. Write down your dreams it helps!
Yelamini Keen (20 days ago)
everyday been getting nightmares of someone tryna murder me, imma try lucid dreaming, need a break 😹
Adhere_to_Q Q (21 days ago)
Very interesting. Before I fell asleep, as I was listening, a wave of heat began to rise up my back starting from the upper glutius area. This was my kundalini energy rising. No lucid dreams for me, yet. I will repeat this one a few more times to see if the lucid dreaming effects develop. I have listened to 3 or 4 other sleep music tracks, this is the first one which provided a noticeable effect.
Nick O. (1 month ago)
bruh i had a lucid dream and i got some girl to suck my dick then i nutted on my sheets🤦‍♀️
Mesum Shah (1 month ago)
this gave me sleep paralysis
Chris D (1 month ago)
I think I might have a problem. because whenever I watch one of these videos and I am transitioning into the out of body realm my entire body tenses up and my heart beats extremely fast I can't hear ec.t I don't know why this happens during my transition plz help does this happen to anyone else????
Blank Faces (26 days ago)
I'm pretty sure what's happening to is astral projection (I think that's how you spell it) which is basically like you said, it an out of body experience where basically your spirit is free to roam while your physical body sleeps. Its normal for some people.
Awesomegamer 241 (2 months ago)
It didn’t work or 😐
Ryan (2 months ago)
*What is Sleep Paralysis:* (I’ve seen comments of people worrying about it, so I decided to just leave an explanation.) Sleep paralysis isn’t harmful. It’s just that your body focuses on moving around when your asleep, and when you wake up it’s takes a while before your brain starts using your muscles once more. Not harmful, merely a delay.
Ryan (18 days ago)
Cewl Cat I’ve not had hallucinations when I first had sleep paralysis. The first time I woke up in the middle of the night, it was one of my legs. The second time it was one of my arms.
Cewl Cat (18 days ago)
yes but during this people become afraid because they cant move. ive also heard you get scary hallucinations?
ArsoPenguin (2 months ago)
Why am I to scared to hecking do this?
Sukh Sidhu (3 months ago)
I will listen to this but what else do i do for me to lucid dream?? I want to so freaking bad I honestly think it’ll help my depression lol but yeah can someone tell me what they do
Cewl Cat (18 days ago)
Sukh Sidhu Write down any dream you have in a journal and make sure you have a goid sleep schedule. Also maker sure your not too warm or hot and be calm when going to bed.
steven kister (3 months ago)
What's there whispers at 237?
Bobaly (2 months ago)
steven kister ikr, I almost peed my pants because I thought it was coming from my room
I had a dream I went to Vidcon. It was pretty wack.
Sehun Min (4 months ago)
I will update 2 morrow ! EDIT:
Pilot Pj (4 months ago)
Is headphones recommended ,or just better to play out of phone speaker?
Jon C (5 months ago)
I had to do an extreme cycle adjustment to get on a new work schedule. I listened to half of this before bed, and had one of the most vivid lucid dreams since I started learning. I'm going to keep using this! Thank you!
Justyna Wąsik (5 months ago)
How? I cant write about this i dont belive whats happen,wtfffffff. Im pesimist and I dont belive in things like this. But i think its a bullshit and its help me to sleep, only sleep. Wtf XD
ok kid (6 months ago)
De ラフル (6 months ago)
So am I have to listen to it while sleeping?
ZolexWolf (6 months ago)
I am only 11 and I hope I don't get sleep paralysis
fujic de dankster (2 days ago)
Dont worry, you wont until 16 years old.
ZolexWolf (6 months ago)
If there's a person u met online and u don't know how they look, CAN A LUCID DREAM SHOW U?!!
Bobaly (2 months ago)
ZolexWolf no
Azn Boii183 (6 months ago)
Damn, now and days there’s ads in your sleep!!!!
Bundi Mc Unk (7 months ago)
Why do i feel like im the only one who wants a subliminal video to give me lucid nightmares?
Virgil LeFort (3 months ago)
Bundi Mc Unk it would be like a video game, almost a virtual reality like experience. Sounds fun and terrifying, when you’re lucid while being in a dream you control what happens. Imagine being in a lucid nightmare and you will be :)
May TK (7 months ago)
I need to listen to this while I'm sleeping?
Mobile Master (7 months ago)
I got sleep paralysis
ZolexWolf (6 months ago)
N I C O L E oof I am sorry,
a.p _5_ (7 months ago)
is it weird if i hear something. this is creeping me out
Tanner Eubanks (7 months ago)
It looks like earth in the top left lol
SpicySucc (8 months ago)
GUYS IT WORKED imma tell you my dream. OK, so I realized I was dreaming when my friend and I were just walking around someplace, and I'm like, "wait" she's like "what" "I'm dreaming" "no your not" I started to fly away it was the best, then I went to Starbucks and robbed Starbucks and it was fun, and theeeen there was this random guy and I punched him in the face IT WAS THE BEST DREAM EVER
Jonas jj (18 days ago)
Omg hahaha
ItzEmHereX (2 months ago)
SpicyKalahhh I think everyone says I’m dreaming when they have lucid dreams? I said it too.
omfg sksjskjs
Lak WasRedestDu (5 months ago)
THE GAMING CHANNEL (9 months ago)
Alright this really Actully works and I'm not even joking like dead ass on everything. Ppl normally say it works so they can keep watching but I Actully new I was dreaming but the only thing that I had 3 dreams yesterday all in 2 hours but they were creepy dreams. But I'm not gonna call it a nightmare cause I didn't die it was just like a dead person with his nileck twisted chasing me but I end my dreams my holding my ears and eyes down really hard and opening back up before someone catches be but anyway hopefully I have better dreams tonight. (May 7th Sunday 2018 4:29 am)if tall know what I mean
PickleOnFleek (9 months ago)
Lucid dreaming terrifies yet intrigues me. I want to do it, yet I am scared of the risks it possesses, mainly sleep paralysis. I really want to avoid sleep paralysis, as I have experienced it once before and it was truly petrifying. I know lucid dreaming poses a large risk of sleep paralysis, so any tips on how to avoid sleep paralysis completely or nullify the hallucinations?
fujic de dankster (2 days ago)
+Flying Dorito Dillow I suggest reading qur'an, I used to get sleep paralysis twice a week and now I never get alhamdulilah.
What did sleep paralysis feel like for you?
Brett Chaflton (2 months ago)
In a sense you get sleep paralysis every night, it's just you aren't aware of it. In fact NOT getting sleep paralysis is a medical condition generally termed sleep walking, which can be quite dangerous. In this state people act out their dreams physically completely unaware that they are doing so. During REM sleep you release GABA and glycene that stops your limbs from moving to protect you from acting out your dreams, with lucid dreaming, binaural beats etc. your conscious mind wakes during this period and you become aware that you are dreaming and can also become aware that you are in this state. Don't panic your body is just doing what it does naturally to protect you. You have simply become aware of it, and the hallucinations aren't really hallucinations either they are just you conscious awareness of your state affecting your dream state so they are really just dreams, but you perceive them differently because they feel more real to you. When you move out of REM state you release a different hormone that stops the production of the inhibiting hormone, and your paralysis stops. You can actually look up how this works in physiology text books. It usually very short lived, but may feel much longer if you feel frightened. Once you realize it is normal and doesn't last long it tends to stop happening.
Ryan (2 months ago)
Sleep paralysis isn’t harmful. It’s just that your body focuses on moving around when your asleep, and when you wake up it’s takes a while before your brain starts using your muscles once more. Not harmful, merely a delay.
Devlin Fitzgibbon (2 months ago)
Counting how many times you said "sleep paralysis"
Star Flame (9 months ago)
Not lucid but super vivid . I think i went to a different reality foreal
Smiley Cloutier (10 months ago)
I have a question...let's say I'm lucid dreaming and idk I have a nightmare and I scream will I scream irl or just in the dream?
+Flying Dorito Dillow oh okay thank you!
Flying Dorito Dillow (1 month ago)
+jimin, ya got nO jams * no, not unless you do it painfully slow (like stabbing yourself) I'd suggest jumping off a high place. If your nightmare is really bad I'd suggest you kill yourself in the dream if you can't change it.
+Flying Dorito Dillow do you feel pain in your dreams?? :0 I dont wanna kill myself
Flying Dorito Dillow (9 months ago)
Smiley Cloutier no, btw if it's a horrible nightmare kill yourself in the dream.
Rina Park (11 months ago)
Binaural beats ?
KillaCam gaming (11 months ago)
I like all videos I watch on YouTube thank you
Mystery _ (11 months ago)
I used this but got a very terrible dream 0/5
what happened in it?
Bryttany Stewart (11 months ago)
It worked! Had the hardest time waking up for the most realistic dream! Nothing scary though. Kind of wanted to stay in it, but alarm clock 🤷🏾‍♀️ Sweet dreams from Georgia, US
FOUR (1 year ago)
So i had one time a lucid dream i was in front of a building when i realised i was dreaming and decided to do something before i wake up but that moment my head started to hurt so bad ... Was that normal ??
sams nipples (1 year ago)
I've never had a night without a lucid dream when listening to this. Ive had lucid dreams two days in a row. Thank you for this because the rest dont work :)))
Rhov Anion (1 year ago)
I think it began to work. I felt like I was standing on a ledge or cliff, and I thought, "Wow, is this like what you see in movies, jump off the edge and you'll fly?" Just as I thought that, a woman shrieked in my ear, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?" and I was shoved from behind. The shout jolted me awake before I could even think about trying to fly, and I could not fall back to sleep again. I had to listen through the video while awake to make sure there were no jump-scare shouts in the middle. I'll try it again and hope my subconscious isn't so impatient next time.
Turtle Kingdom (1 year ago)
I have had lucid dreams before, but, they were all nightmares when I was younger. Ever since then I have had good dreams, but none of them lucid. A lot of my lucid dreams were my getting ready to go to school then waking up like, well am I still dreaming or is this for real. 😂
how scary we're they? I mean like, what happened in them? I'm scared to try.
RqaN (1 year ago)
I've started to become more & more lucid every night! Last night I dreamt a really strange dream about something goimg down in my cellar. And my cats would understand me. They said yes & shaked their heads when I asked them things.. pretty cool haha
Eric Talkington (1 year ago)
I've been having lucid dreams over the last several months, never at night, only if I take a nap. I dream every time I'm asleep and I start dreaming as I fall asleep which is odd, I always have. That's how I know I'm falling asleep. I have become self aware quite a bit during naps lately and I have been able to fly! They don't last very long though. I had a dream one night and I became self aware, I looked around to see if it was a dream and I concluded it was not, I remember looking around to see if it looked out of the ordinary lol, but it didn't, and then I woke up. Huge opportunity missed that time!
Loud Cloud (1 year ago)
this ones a classic
Bowl of Rice (1 year ago)
I never got a lucid dream from the brainwave things sadly
Lissett Martinezzz (1 year ago)
Wassup hit me up we can lucid dream togetha forevaa
Hussein Al-zuhairi (10 months ago)
Lissett Martinezzz 😂😂😂
Mallory Conaway (1 year ago)
Everytime I use this I have very vivid dreams that John Goodman is my dad. Needless to say I'm not complaining, and I'm back again.
Lilith Amethystius (1 year ago)
@BlueSlimeGamer You listen to it when you want to sleeo and relax.
Mayumie Villanueva (1 year ago)
Its very good.I have lucid dream when i hear this.
Hor Net (1 year ago)
Love these videos, they are my sleeping pills.
Jonas Kossow (1 year ago)
ALTER VERHURTE SCHEISSE!!! Ich bin todentspaannt das video is ziende und dann packst du zum schluss werbung rein??? Is das dein ernst?
H. C. (1 year ago)
Jonas Kossow 😂😂😂 Hat's wenigstens trotzdem geklappt?
Ryan (1 year ago)
Do you have to watch it the whole way through? Or can you stop watching at any time?
Ryan (2 months ago)
Can you listen to it in your sleep?
Mobile Master (7 months ago)
BlueSlimeGamer you have to watch all
silver salen (1 year ago)
This bill shot socks it didn't give me lucid flicking dreams
Weirdo Party (1 year ago)
Am I supposed to do something or do I just lay here and listen to the music...? Edit; yeah nope. No. No. No. Every time I shut my eyes I panic because I'm afraid I'll end up seeing something horrific! I'm sorry but I can't watch this...I'm going to go watch cat videos now....sorry....
Cewl Cat (18 days ago)
Your just hurting yourself. If you never try it you will be missing out on something incredible. Being afraid could even cause nightmares.
Carlos Flores (4 months ago)
Just listen and tell yourself "I will control my dream tonight" 10x as u go to sleep and listen
JetGamerGirl275 (6 months ago)
Weirdo Party same
broken theatre gaming (1 year ago)
This video makes me want to buy a new felt mouse pad so I can have G L I D E P O T E N T I A L
Cross (1 year ago)
I wouldn't recommend this music personally, sure I fell asleep and had a lucid dream but what happened to me was that I had supposedly 'woke up' in another dream thinking I'm awake. Then I wake up again In another dream a little after telling my mom about the lucid dream I had, (NOTE I'M STILL IN A DREAM AT THIS CURRENT POINT IN THE STORY). She woke me up the first time in the dream right after the lucid dream, saying something. This dream repeats twice but the next time she wakes me up, I freak out and say things I didn't mean to say. And my dream went haywire from there. Eventually in that dream i force myself to wake because it was getting out of hand quickly. Please if anyone has any idea as to how I can control my dreams, I would appreciate it a bunch. This dream isn't probably caused by the music, so take these dreams with a grain of salt. You might not have the same experience as I did.
Bobaly (2 months ago)
Cross oh shiz, now I’m scared
Kirsten kristianson (1 year ago)
Crossing omg this sounds EXACTLY the same thing that constantly happens to me, except that I didn’t kno I was dreaming all of it... but I knew that in the dream that that I kept having false awakenings! Did u ever find a way to make it stop?! If so, plz let me kno! 🙏🏻
Cross (1 year ago)
So in short, I had a bad case of dream inception...
Andres Villena (1 year ago)
Lo intentaré esta noche, ahí les cuento cómo me fue
# 57. A (1 year ago)
excellent! i had a LD last night
Emil EhmedliVEVO (1 year ago)
I do astral projection with this music!!!!
- enriquelette - (1 year ago)
will I get sleep paralysis if I go to sleep with empty stomach while hearing to this ?
GALVANIZER (1 year ago)
Holy shit the last time i had a dream about jason vorhees i was six and woke up with piss in my pants. Last night i caught myself lucid dreaming and jason was chasing me and i stopped and had a friendly conversation with the dude and he turned out to be a pretty nice guy.
Winter Jade (1 year ago)
VERY important questions: will I get sleep paralysis? Is it likely I'll get nightmares? Will I see things when I'm awake? How do I stop sleep paralysis if I get it?
8Bit0carina (1 year ago)
Hey Jaz Jaz to answer your first question, I know from a recent experience that sleep paralysis is hard to get unless you try and listening to this will only aid that if you try. Nightmares usually come from natural causes so you are also safe from that. And 3: you can't see sleep paralysis when your awake, cause when you "see" sleep paralysis your already in a lucid dream. Now its extremely unlikely that you will get sleep paralysis but if you do just move around its very simple. Now to tell you about me, I know how you feel about sleep paralysis cause I was like that too. I was terrified of it, and when people said its not scary they just annoyed me. But a couple of nights ago I wanted to face my fears, I willingly entered sleep paralysis. Heres exactly what I felt: My whole body was buzzing like when your foot falls asleep I didn't see anything scary cause my eyes were closed, I also didn't here anything but my ears were ringing a little. I kept calm but woke up after a minute cause I simply moved. And thats my experience. Tonight I'm gonna give it a try and I will have a lucid dream. I hope this helps.
Amanda M (1 year ago)
Worked for me
Its_Saul (1 year ago)
Woke up I think in 1 hour and felt light headed.
Girl With Glasses (1 year ago)
I quit, I’ve tried and nothing works, I was tired and I let everything go and focused on my breath, but I didn’t go to sleep! I fucking give up ✌️
Eshan Chowdhury (1 year ago)
Unbelievable!!!! This actually works! After trying all the techniques and listening to all other audios, nothing worked. But, this made my dream come true. Adding to my no.1 list. Thank you so much.
Rory Huntzberger (9 months ago)
Eshan Chowdhury when did you listen to it. While sleeping or?
Aleta (1 year ago)
Didn't work
That FoxHound (1 year ago)
Do I listen while I sleep
Lust For Lana (1 year ago)
Can i do this while sleeping?
Orthodox Goy (1 year ago)
one of my favorite types of dreams is when in my dream i'm dreaming. i'll wake up, go about my business and realize that i was asleep and that i am still dreaming. Shortly afterwards, i wake a 2nd time.
Kirsten kristianson (1 year ago)
Jackie Estacado this happens to me too alllllll the time! A dream within a dream!
Willie Billie (1 year ago)
how do i use it?do we listen to this while we sleep?
DethronerX (1 year ago)
I put this on play last night, i had many dreams, but the coolest was, that the world was ending tomorrow, because of some humans and aliens plan and i was walking and running around in the neighborhood, watching people destroy their own work, before it was shattered by the apocalypse. One guy came out of his house and started smashing his paintings. I thought of all the possessions i had. Would I destroy them or leave them be. I ignored that question and went venturing in the town i lived in, by the sea. The gravity was changing in weird ways, I would jump while running, much higher, like on the Moon, but my speed was normal. The water was drying out in pools and lakes, but not sea. Far ahead in the sea, where a lighthouse should be, there was a giant plane, that would bring the destruction on Earth, was starting its engines and was beginning to move. I felt no horror and was ready for it. So i went on walking and running in the town, that was half in ruins due to gravity shifts and some tremors and earthquake waves and I got a chance to go inside many houses and secret alleys revealed. It was almost like in a video game. Thank you for this!
Zninja 1162 (3 months ago)
That sounds so cool! :D
RqaN (1 year ago)
DethronerX I use to try imagine myself running & jumping in a city so I could see everything from above. And sometimes that helps me to get into a lucid dream. Cuz it makes me forget about what's actually real or a dream 👍
Weirdo Party (1 year ago)
DethronerX, long comment, but interesting 😅
Harper Rich (1 year ago)
Welp I'm going to try this tonight. I've wanted to have a lucid dream since like two years ago, so hopefully this works...
Gonzalo Perez (1 year ago)
i wish there were no adds
supercool tubergirl (1 year ago)
Wow I had a lucid hf ghostdb fbfjfbfnjf fhhf hf ghostdb ghostdb doodhfvd toosfhf UFC r. cbcb. DOODLE GOD
supercool tubergirl (1 year ago)
I stop reading the [email protected]*cin comments and go to fu"@in bed and have a lucid dream to find the meanin of life
:lowĸ: zєy (1 year ago)
supercool tubergirl "find the meanin of life" life is like a circle, it's pointless. Also, I wouldn't be talking about the meaning of life if my name was "supercool tumblrgirl" and my only video was about a fucking fidget spinner. Take several seats down.
Peter Gregorio (1 year ago)
I had my first Lucid Dream last night,it was incredible#TRUTH
The Brainwave Hub (1 year ago)
Girl dips (1 year ago)
Thank thank you sooooo much!!!!! I actually had a lucid dream listening to this at 4!!!!!! U don't know how grateful I. Am!!!
Rory Huntzberger (9 months ago)
Girl dips when did you listen to it
Susan Kay (1 year ago)
I want to remember it.
buedro28 (1 year ago)
Boring i fell asleep
Girl dips (1 year ago)
Do u listen with headphones or can u just listen on speaker?
JahmaiSoFly (1 year ago)
A.O flip dips You can listen on speaker you don't have to listen with headphones on this one it says in the description
pinkspices (1 year ago)
been trying different videos for lucid dreaming, first time to remember my dream clearly, it felt like i was having a vision. thanks for this will probably listen to it more often :)
Gaming Blob (1 year ago)
when I did this i got up in the middle of the night and started looking around then I started dancing out of nowhere now this is coming from everyone who was down stares at the moment so this was really weird this has never really happend to me before so it was kinda weird to here it but I was lucid dreaming the whole time because I remember it so well it's insane so yeah that was kinda weird for me so I guess keep your door shut when you are sleeping and locked but yeah I was flying so that was cool I guess and it was over China it was so buetiful I have always wanted to visit China so yeah I really recommend this guy's vids for helping to lucid dreaming
JahmaiSoFly (1 year ago)
The First Sensai lol cool
Polar Star (1 year ago)
This track gave me my first "false awakening" going to be my go to track from now on.
Sweetfly Rachel (1 year ago)
So...do you listen to this while you sleep or something?
JahmaiSoFly (1 year ago)
Sweetfly Rachel yes
。Kiki Huang。 (1 year ago)
last night it worked but i got so scared that during the process of getting into the dream, i woke up so quickly and i couldnt move my legs but i could open my eyes. trying it again tonight
Rory Huntzberger (9 months ago)
。Kiki Huang。 did you listen to it while sleeping or
Barbeque Sauced (1 year ago)
。Kiki Huang。 did it werk?
Oh Yea Yea (1 year ago)
Hi...Newbie here. Lol. Does it mean it is working if I feel like I and floating in my bed and I'm tingling a bit in my body? And I also am getting a little sick feeling in my stomach when I focus on the music while I'm sleeping...anyone who can help me?
ZolexWolf (6 months ago)
The Raven same!!
KaylaBusley (2 years ago)
im really scared about sleep paralysis, does anyone get it ?? if i get it, what do i do ?
Barbeque Sauced (1 year ago)
Irish_ginger_potato courage is not the absence of fear. overcoming is enlightenment
KaylaBusley (1 year ago)
+killan001​im scared tho
killan001 (1 year ago)
Irish_ginger_potato everybody has sleep paralysis it is natural. Google it, it is one of the reasons you don't poop when you sleep.
Zeniada Guzmán (2 years ago)
This did not work that's why I give it a 👎🏽
Shalu Dhiman (2 years ago)
hi, I have a question pls answer.. i think lucid dreams are very scary then why people want to dream it? if not scary then pls tell what is it?
Caezia (2 years ago)
no they r not scary at all . u can do what ever u want in lucid dream .
hello youtube! (2 years ago)
hockeyman8799able (2 years ago)
can i listen to the audio while i sleep?
ugam khetani (2 years ago)
I listen to this every night! ❤
Loud Cloud (2 years ago)
my hearing is so advanced it always has been...I can hear what the subliminals are saying even with shitty headphones..."i am now dreaming" "this is a dream" "i recognize that I am now dreaming" etc
some buttered potato (1 month ago)
Virgil LeFort (1 month ago)
some buttered potato “it was a variation and I can think of a Microsoft third!”
some buttered potato (1 month ago)
+Virgil LeFort I saw your Pic and shouted 'don't get ahead of us Microsoft nerd!!'
석진's ricecake (3 months ago)
Virgil LeFort (3 months ago)
Turn down the volume. Hearing the affirmations renders the video useless.
Loud Cloud (2 years ago)
p.s. you dont need to listen while you sleep....even if you watch a tv show after listening, then go to bed it will still work...just try n listen to lucid dream music twice a day and you will eventually lucid dream...i dont ever listen to music while i sleep it keeps me awake
Turd Ferguson (2 years ago)
I had a lucid dream last night; when I woke up I was stuck to my sheets. is that normal? I'm afraid my mom is going to beat me; like that time that I didn't finish my oatmeal.
fujic de dankster (2 days ago)
+너에게 불쾌 해 했니?sorry did i offend u? Look, you might not believe me but I stopped sleep paralysis Do you know how? I read qur'an before I sleep Not a joke..
+x Sav Really? I've had sleep paralysis many times but i've never seen any demon figures or anything? Strange, because i'd expect that. Considering I only get sleep paralysis after a nightmare..
Queen B (5 months ago)
o a t m e a l
x Sav it’s a hallucination
x Sav (10 months ago)
That’s sleep paralysis when your in it you practically can’t get out. You will most likely also see a demon figure like a dark creature in the side of your room with all the lights off and sometimes that dark figure demon will choke yolk and drag you across the floor and it’s so real you can feel it
Loud Cloud (2 years ago)
1:05:40 listen to the quiet subliminal voice
Pupheus (1 year ago)
Book Lover Goal Setter "This is a dream"//"...reality check"
Warriorcatslover 2257 (1 year ago)
What Ever What did he say? I heard tg...or something
Loud Cloud (2 years ago)
this is underated....amazing for lucid dreaming

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