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Final Fantasy VII Remako HD Graphics Mod - v1.0 Release Trailer

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Return to a Midgar like you’ve never seen before, in this faithfully remastered graphics mod for Final Fantasy VII (PC). The Remako HD Graphics Mod features improved graphics with 4x the resolution of the original. This was accomplished by using state-of-the-art neural networks to upscale the game’s graphics. The mod improves the quality of among other things the pre-rendered backgrounds, battle, world textures, as well as the game’s full-motion videos (FMVs). Remako is also compatible with many other mods, such as The Reunion (R03C) or 3D model mods, for the ultimate Final Fantasy 7 experience. Remako Mod is compatible with all PC versions of FF7: the CD original, the Square Enix Store version and the Steam release. You can find the download links, installation instructions, screenshots and much more over at: https://captrobau.blogspot.com/2019/05/remako-mod-version-10-released.html Let me know what you think of in the comments below. Credits: Trailer music is Mistake the Getaway by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed CC BY-SA 3.0. You can listen to it here: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4060-mistake-the-getaway/
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Text Comments (216)
Serkan Altınbaş (1 day ago)
This mod is amazing. But if you can remove the black bar at the bottom of the screen it'll literally be perfect.
Alberto CK (4 days ago)
Y este nuevo mods, no se ha pensado en implantarlo ya en los propios juegos de serie como remasters???
ZbuntowanyGwindon (4 days ago)
I just wish that this mod had simple installer like Moguri Mod, other than that it's PERFECT!
Tomás Delizia (5 days ago)
Is this compatible with the Reunion mod?
CaptRobau (5 days ago)
I've gotten it working with the version of Reunion in 7th Heaven. Not R05C though (yet)
MultiJellybones (6 days ago)
is there something similar for 8? i know there is one for 9 but havent found anything for 8
CaptRobau (5 days ago)
Not at the same level I think. There is going to be an official remaster released later this year by Square Enix (E3 announcement).
Alex20 (7 days ago)
Wow it looks amazing. The only problem is the installation, which is a damn mess. But the rest is perfect, except for the annoying black bar.
EricTheCleric (8 days ago)
Which version are you using in the trailer? Considering getting the Steam version but I also want to remove mouths.
CaptRobau (7 days ago)
Celticrapsodia (10 days ago)
omg FF9HD and now this... gorgeous!
fndrn8 (12 days ago)
this will hold me over til remake comes out. looks as good as the original on a old tube tv!!!!
GaB 64 (12 days ago)
Omg this is so beautiful. Yesterday I finished the game for the fifth time, (switch version) but seeing this makes me want to play it again.
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
I wonder if you could use AIGP to improve the look of the first two Fallouts.
futurestoryteller (12 days ago)
That doesn't make much sense to me, but I'll take your word for it.
CaptRobau (12 days ago)
People have tried, but it's pretty hard to make look right. Pre-rendered backgrounds with 3D polygons walking around works best. If everything is pre-rendered 2D backgrounds/sprites, it doesn't blend well together.
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
I just love how unsubstantial the difference is in every comparison I've seen, lol, there is just no way to do it justice until it's plugged into the game. THEN you see it looks completely different
ATB (13 days ago)
For the difference this makes, it also shows that FF7 was a masterpiece in its original form. Great video.
funknotik (13 days ago)
Hi I got remako working, but I would like to do the upgraded fmvs and gameplay etc. how do I add these mods to 7th heaven. Thank you btw this is amazing, I’ve been to Swuare Enix cafe and store in Tokyo, I’ve seen the live distant worlds concert, and I have a lot of FFVII merch, this is my favorite game. So you can only imagine how happy I was for this
CaptRobau (13 days ago)
Upgraded FMVs and gameplay? Which mods do you mean?
Anáil Mhín (13 days ago)
Good work =) I am still fine with my PS1 cersion though
Ryrin (14 days ago)
Too bad the install process is a massive pain in the ass. You really should make that a little more simple.
Ryrin (12 days ago)
@futurestoryteller I've gone through the process before, but it's definitely enough work to keep most people from even trying. Even someone with advanced computer knowledge might just see all those steps and decide they're not interested enough to bother. Most people find out about the mod through the various articles on mainstream sites written about it, so it's not just enthusiast eyes on it anymore.
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
It's not half as complex as it sounds, most of it is just prep for modding the game in the first place. It kind of assumes the niche appeal that leads to more regular or intermittent modding. Most mods have a kind of operating system of their own since the idea is to change the game without breaking it. For this reason you have to engage in a few technical operations to change the game files yourself, which are distilled into the most simplified state that the community itself is willing to tolerate. 7th Heaven, the current mod manager for the game is less game breaking than previous managers, but can get kinda wonky. For example: my game won't start, whenever I try, I get an error message. I learned that if I click the launch button and then hit enter to confirm the error message doing so indefinitely ensures the game will eventually open into a window, with mods loaded. Just the nature of the beast, honestly.
Kumatora (14 days ago)
Finally something that doesn’t look like a zoomed in painting
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
... Most of them are "zoomed in paintings" though
Level 99 (14 days ago)
who needs FF7 Remake when we have this?
xXDragonTribalXx (14 days ago)
When modders create a FF7 remake faster and better than square for free with no budget though. F U Nomura
Star Bombere (15 days ago)
This looks really fantastic! You did a great job at preserving the original art. Are you considering doing a similar project with FF8 or 9? Not ANY time soon, as you've been working on this for awhile so a break is completely justified, but are you at least considering it?
Ippiki Õkami (15 days ago)
Android emulation software can give a much richer quality of high definition than this... Very little changed upscaling, I've legitimately seen and played a greater quality high definition than what I've seen here, I believe using FPSe on Android, the option that unlocks the full potential of the settings and tweaked around it and... Yeah it has a few graphical issues, it's nothing major or game breaking, in fact, it wasn't really noticeable and was in fact ok to have just to see how great it looked properly upscaled to high definition, rather than this which is running the upscaling from the emulation software so has less access to ram and therefore, a lower grade of high definition, like the jump from 50hz to 60hz in the UK, people think it looks good because they've not seen just how good it can be, but there'll be people like me what have seen or played better that can see little difference between original and what this is
Silly Skeleton (16 days ago)
I'll take this over the upcoming remake any day of the week.
Timmy P (16 days ago)
Oh man can that AI process other prerendered backgrounds from other games? So many ps1 Squaresoft titles could be enhanced.
jstdun (16 days ago)
Look at H-8 Productions channel. He is playing a mod right now that truly looks incredible. Think it is by Tsunamods? Not to discount the work done here, but it honestly doesn't look like a huge improvement
Dododo Martabak (16 days ago)
Just wondering did you guys really think this is amazing or just give some high level sarcasm???
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
Download it and see.
Kenneth Larson (17 days ago)
Doesnt matter now. You either have or had the mods that been out for years or own it on your consoles or downloaded it on psn. Time to move on. Remake will Defy everything 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
tony r (17 days ago)
Now can we have legend of dragoon
Ato mas (17 days ago)
Looks the same ,to be honest!
BenXC (16 days ago)
Watch it in fullscreen or on TV
kevin bradford (17 days ago)
0:48 Not to be a hater. I like ff games. But all I see here is a line crossing the screen. Doesn’t even look like a before and after. Looks the same.
MarcAFK (16 days ago)
Badly designed trailer, for a start the whole screen needs to be filled to better highlight the poor resolution originals, and certainly scenes with little visual difference should have been used. The train in the opening shot is a excellent example, as well as the battle animations, but the included battle scenes missed the parts of the action which really benefits from the AI upscaling.
brijor6ff7 (17 days ago)
I can't tell the difference, but then again I've been avoiding the optometrist for about 11 years, so I don't count for much 😔
Loki Odinson (17 days ago)
Can they please do this with the original Donkey Kong Country for SNES? Also Final Fantasy IX.
Loki Odinson (17 days ago)
@Zen Woah. Did not know that. Badass! :-) Would love to see the three Donkey Kong Country games redone, especially the first one.
Zen (17 days ago)
this was already done for ff9, it's called Moguri mod
Christopher Anderson (17 days ago)
It looks almost exactly the same to me.
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
It's substantial in game.
BenXC (16 days ago)
Watch it in fullscreen or on TV
Terry R. (17 days ago)
This is perfect!
Lt. Surok (17 days ago)
This is amazing.
Grant Lionheart (18 days ago)
I knew when gigapixel showed up great things were in store.
lostn65 (18 days ago)
incredible. SE should license these off you.
lostn65 (12 days ago)
the art is the property of SE, but the upscales are not. The guy used his own techniques, so SE can't just take them and put it into their own game. They'd either need his permission, or find a way to get the upscales done themselves (which they will never do).
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
The tech is not theirs... Presumably it's not his either though so...
BrDaCoZ (14 days ago)
Uh, it's the property of SE in the first place anyway
Caged Hercules (18 days ago)
Any chance you’ll work on FFIX too at some point?? The backgrounds in that game are really great and deserve a proper upscale
Caged Hercules (15 days ago)
Galios Elvensong wow I had no idea, thanks so much!
Galios Elvensong (18 days ago)
There's a completed mod already for FFIX. It's called "Moguri".
russischbrot (18 days ago)
give me that instead of this shitty Action Remake Enix does
sushiporo (18 days ago)
Congrats and thank you it's genius! I want to see every places and every details in the towns now
Felix Walton (18 days ago)
this is remako-ble
DavijoMan (18 days ago)
These filters have been around for a long time. I'm personally not a fan of them. They make everything sharper at the expense of smudging out details and adding artefacts to the images.
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
Sorry, but you simply don't know what you're talking about. They aren't "filters" he didn't put them through one sharpening pass in photoshop, and blow it up, he used an artificial neural network, think of it as the equivalent of having a computer render literally the "fill in the blanks" that you'd do in your mind. Where you see "oh, that kinda looks like a pixelly gun" the computer goes "that's a gun now." It's a lot closer to that than what you're talking about. There are imperfections to be sure, but it also has only so much to work with, and no actual imagination of its own, I have noticed details that I'm fairly certain I never did before. It's impressive.
ichdichhasserwasser (18 days ago)
Not in this case
Josh Stockinger (19 days ago)
No joke I just finished playing through FFVII for the first time 2 weeks ago using the older version of the mod. I am so unlucky.
ichdichhasserwasser (18 days ago)
Go again
Terron29 (19 days ago)
this is a great example to show to people who dont know what a remaster is and think remaster and remake is the same thing. Years of people clamoring for a ff7 remaster when in fact most of them ment remake.
Jayrol3 (19 days ago)
I need s PC asap
DonProduction (19 days ago)
i don't want to replay FF7 because i don't want to refresh my memory about the game before the remake
russischbrot (18 days ago)
The remake will be shit. Action Bullshit from Enix
trey wickesser (19 days ago)
so wait this works on fmvs now!
Taikaru (16 days ago)
I know!!! That's what's most exciting... for years emulators have been able to render 3d models at higher res, but the FMV couldn't be helped. But now the modder found a way to use AI Gigapixel to upgrade FMVs too, and even has a guide on his site on how to do it. I can't wait to see what's next!! Xenosaga? FFVIII? Will they find a way to add to console games? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve Owens (19 days ago)
Waste of time/garbage.
Steve Owens (18 days ago)
@ichdichhasserwasser Your name will be Butthurt Vagina #1 in this comment section.
ichdichhasserwasser (18 days ago)
Your mom yeah
Narukami鳴上 (19 days ago)
When the final fantasy VII remake came out before the final fantasy VII remake
Ultimalisa (16 days ago)
I believe in my boy, Nomura
JustaSlime (16 days ago)
@Ultimalisa it will be hilarious when the real final fantasy Vll remake comes out and it sucks just like XV.
Narukami鳴上 (17 days ago)
Welp looks like we have a mood killer
Ultimalisa (17 days ago)
well that's not very funny
ExusLab (17 days ago)
@Ultimalisa wooosh
captaincasual (19 days ago)
Praise it.
David Knowles (19 days ago)
Here hoping you mods can salvage what ever Square Enix releases.
ice (20 days ago)
Have a backpat buddy
Hyou Vizer (20 days ago)
This is what Square Enix should have gone for not only FF7 but FF8 and FF9 too when porting all 3 to modern consoles and Steam. Once again, modders do what devs won't and for free too smh.
Matt Kennedy (18 days ago)
Hyou Vizer Tell me about it.... I was kind of disappointed when playing the switch version. The backgrounds aren’t even as crisp the original Playstation version. The only improvement (to my eyes at least) are the upscaled character models. It’s 2019!? What a crock of shit!
wienerlord (20 days ago)
what are the system requirements for this mod? :D
wienerlord (17 days ago)
@M1ndblast chill out man I was just asking :P. It works perfectly on my PC anyway
M1ndblast (18 days ago)
The pictures, textures and video's are sharper. If your pc is so old that this small amount of extra data is too much for it, you have different problems.
LiquidRaid3n (20 days ago)
Would not worry about that unless you have a PC from the Stone Age...
SonofRiggnarok (21 days ago)
Luis Alvarez (21 days ago)
I was planning on replaying it soon, now it will be asap! thx a lot!
Rudi Dellama (21 days ago)
Awesome work, sadly the way to mod the game it's very confusing, I still can't make the FF7_GameConverter_7H to work proper
Rudi Dellama (19 days ago)
@EQ2Alyza I'll look forward to the update
EQ2Alyza (19 days ago)
I'm working on an update that will hopefully resolve patching issues.
MisterFly24 (21 days ago)
Help me, I did everything you said on your page, but the high res movies are not playing, everytime it plays the low res. Can you make a tutorial video on how to setup the videos
CaptRobau (20 days ago)
@MisterFly24 Great news!
MisterFly24 (20 days ago)
@CaptRobau Fixed it! Had to run gameconverter again and make it run the movies from the right place there
MisterFly24 (21 days ago)
@CaptRobau I tried, even though my movie path is my ffvii/data/movies in in the settings menu nothing happens. But I'll try again today
CaptRobau (21 days ago)
@MisterFly24 ah it's playing from the CD. There should be solutions to that if you Google it.
MisterFly24 (21 days ago)
@CaptRobau it plays the videos from disc drive instead of the ffvii/data/movies, even though I have set it to play there in opengl settings. Everything else works fine
AlexanderArts (21 days ago)
Some of the signs need a little touch up by hand by an artist. The Shinra Logo for example. Other than that, it looks pretty amazing! Very cool project!
futurestoryteller (12 days ago)
Genuinely bothers me that some signs still can't be read. It's at times the only indication that the source material wasn't used in the execution. Which just makes it all the more infuriating that Square lost those materials. Who knows if the artists even remember what they're intended to say.
fonarte (22 days ago)
Meanwhile people having been putting actual work to remake the backgrounds entirely in high res 3D. http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?board=15.0 http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=17791.0 There have been a ton already done and eventually they will have the whole game. You should support these guys and spread their project around. Yes they aren't 100% the same but they are damn near close considering they have to be made from scratch. Example https://i.imgur.com/aYqrA9e.jpg And videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhCEmHkrKfE&feature=youtu.be https://youtu.be/UQaw_UCTTas?t=38 Mulitple people are doing different backgrounds and they look incredible.
Señor Poodles (22 days ago)
Not sure I really see a difference...
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
They're being ridiculous. You're not blind. You will see a clear difference if you use the actual mod. No video or screenshot you see is going to do it justice, it just isn't.
M1ndblast (18 days ago)
Then you're blind.
Post Pictures (22 days ago)
Awesome! I've been using the beta mod for my latest playthrough, can't wait to install the full version!!
tortuga388 (23 days ago)
This mod are sick.
EQ2Alyza (18 days ago)
It's a classic.
tortuga388 (19 days ago)
@EQ2Alyza 😁I'm still waiting to be scolded for my poor grammar by someone who doesn't recall that line.
EQ2Alyza (19 days ago)
This comment are win!
Advanced Koishi (23 days ago)
oh man, i can't wait for 8 to get this treatment, i might even buy the steam version of FF7 right now (since my emulator won't cooperate with me.)
Evil Koala (23 days ago)
Just how much loved this game really is to get such treatment from fans? Time to give the game another shot
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
Yeah... it's not overrated.
ᵗʰᵉNight★Star (19 days ago)
Kinda depressing really, since it's kind of the most overrated Final Fantasy.
michael.perry (23 days ago)
check out A.I. Gigapixel
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
It's a bot
CaptRobau (23 days ago)
Are you talking to me? Because AI Gigapixel is what Remako was made with.
pagb666 (23 days ago)
Amazing. But I'm missing higher res fonts
Ger L (23 days ago)
AMAZING! And now... FFIX and Vagrant Story! :D
Ger L (23 days ago)
@Elixir , oh, thank you! :D
Elixir (23 days ago)
Try moguri mod for ffix steam.
Dave Oshry (23 days ago)
Miles Tails Prower (23 days ago)
This is amazing! This will definitely allow me to play FFVII in a complete fresh experience. This mod with the hipoli models it will be just fantastic! Great job! 👍
Алый Закат (24 days ago)
А русификаторы станут? Русские кто пробовал откликнитесь
Luis Gustavo (24 days ago)
Luis Gustavo (23 days ago)
​@CaptRobau Well that is sad. Amazing work btw
CaptRobau (23 days ago)
I have looked into that, but the PC original releases are not available widely and hard to mod. Would be perfect fit if they were on Steam and as easy to made as FF7.
FryCookKing Gaming (24 days ago)
Oh wow! Fantastic! A job very well done!
Spencer Soares (24 days ago)
I cannot wait to dive into this!!! I would love if you did this with other games of the era. I have never been satisfied with HD mods that reinterpret the textures. I would love to see FF9, Mario 64, -- OH MAN, what about Donkey Kong Country 2 or Mortal Kombat 2? What I am saying is I am here if you make a patreon.
Icằŗūs Kūŗøı (24 days ago)
Dude can you tell me if there's a mod to usealong that puts back things removed from steam version?
Dave Anderson (24 days ago)
Amazing. I have been checking your blog daily since the beta announcement. I can't wait to test this out.
CaptRobau (24 days ago)
Have fun. I think you'll find it was worth the wait.
The King (24 days ago)
dj alarkon (24 days ago)
Mac versión plissss😭😭😭 wonderfull versión 😉
Christopher Young (24 days ago)
Does anyone know if this is compatible with other mods like New Threat?
Lucas Nascimento (24 days ago)
Incredible work man!!! Well done!
Matt Dawson (24 days ago)
Wow, this is amazing.
Victor Damázio (24 days ago)
Why wait around 4 or 5 years to play a Final Fantasy VII Remake that is not turn-based and is going to be episodic?
Damian Bomm (24 days ago)
Honestly those really kill it for me, not to mention the ff15 combat system turned me off big time.
Burnouts And Bourbon (24 days ago)
Amazing 🙌🏻
Groucho (24 days ago)
I have no idea why someone would dislike this.
xg223 (4 days ago)
@Alex20 LOL
Alex20 (4 days ago)
@xg223 Ok, can you summarize it? I don't want to read all that.
xg223 (5 days ago)
@Alex20 I wrote that in my first post up there.
Alex20 (6 days ago)
@xg223 Do not you like the idea of ​​it being remastered? Or do not like the result?
xg223 (7 days ago)
@Alex20 Well clearly I disagree that it looks excellent at all.
Tobias Tobitobman (24 days ago)
How about Emulators?
CaptRobau (24 days ago)
Only for PC I'm sorry
HusbandoAndWaifu (24 days ago)
This is f'ing amazing! Thank you for creating this!!
Lycorex (24 days ago)
Looks good I guess it's time to replay again.
Thomas Müller (24 days ago)
I see no difference....
Groucho (24 days ago)
Subscribes to multiple Nvidia channels, can't see obvious graphics updates. GG.
Felipe Correa (24 days ago)
This is GORGEOUS, it's been a week since the last time I tested the 0.1 beta (?) and already found it to be amazing. I've yet to test this latest release.
Hailey Matthews (24 days ago)
Nowhere near enough of an improvement.
futurestoryteller (13 days ago)
Actually it is, unless you're expecting a miracle
IMaximusDMI (24 days ago)
Its almost like he re-rendered the original backgrounds from the source material.
Thomas Forsythe (14 days ago)
Think that was sarcasm lol
michael.perry (23 days ago)
check out A.I. Gigapixel
Sati Zakito (24 days ago)
My hat it's off to you and only you, I don't know your motivation behind this but you're THE MAN.
CaptRobau (24 days ago)
I like tinkering with stuff like this and I like FF7. Match made in heaven!
jon doe (24 days ago)
You did everything except improve the horrible combat fps lmao
SketchAndEtch (24 days ago)
This shit is some advanced techno-wizardry right here.
DrGoldsylver (4 days ago)
You just need the photoshop materia equiped in your slot
M1ndblast (18 days ago)
And you might want to prepare getting used to this sort of thing. Neural networking is only getting better and better.
Fabrizio Furnari (24 days ago)
FF8 please, it's my dream
ichdichhasserwasser (24 days ago)
Extremely impressive, coming from a 1997 on fan
Gabriela Arce (24 days ago)
you work is amazing!!
good job !!!
Wave Play (25 days ago)
Shit, here we go again.
Robert Eldritch (25 days ago)

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