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Most Popular Hollywood Actors From The 70s Then vs Now

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Best Hollywood Actors From The 70s Then vs Now How The Famous Actors From The 70s Looked Back Then vs Now Some Hollywood careers last only a few months, others can span decades. The actors on this then and now list are some of the most popular actors of the past few decades– they have all been around for years. These are truly some of the best actors of all time. Many of these famous people launched their careers in the '70s and are still famous from the work they did decades ago. Others were famous before the seventies, but experiences their height of fame in that decade. They may have been some of the best actors during this decade, as many starred in the best movies of the 70s. But how have these stars held up over the years? Some of their careers got better with time. For example, male actors like Michael Douglas & Clint Eastwood's performances became increasingly nuanced over time. Other people like Gene Wilder & Charles Grodin left the spotlight. This before and after list will let you see exactly what each of these actors was up to back then, and what they're up to today. Robert Redford (1977 and 2016) Clint Eastwood (1977 and 2016) Burt Reynolds (1972 and 2016) Sean Connery (1975 and 2015) Jane Fonda (1972 and 2016) Robert De Niro (1974 and 2016) Robert Duvall (1972 and 2015) Jodie Foster (1976 and 2016) Gene Hackman (1971 and 2011) Harrison Ford (1970 and 2016) Maggie Smith (1970 and 2016) Michael Douglas (1970 and 2016) Harvey Keitel (1973 and 2016) Anthony Hopkins (1973 and 2016) Candice Bergen (1970 and 2016) Al Pacino (1973 and 2016) Michael Caine (1970 and 2016) Meryl Streep (1976 and 2016) Dustin Hoffman (1970 and 2016) Cybill Shepherd (1970 and 2016) Jeff Bridges (1973 and 2016) Jack Nicholson (1970 and 2016) Sylvester Stallone (1976 and 2016) Richard Dreyfuss (1975 and 2016) John Travolta (1978 and 2016) Catherine Deneuve (1977 and 2016) Charles Grodin (1972 and 2016) Geneviève Bujold (1970 and 2013) Louise Fletcher (1976 and 2016) Brooke Shields (1979 and 2016) Lee Grant (1971 and 2016) Sally Kellerman (1976 and 2016) Malcolm McDowell (1973 and 2016) Valerie Perrine (1979 and 2015) Woody Allen (1977 and 2016) Paula Prentiss (1970 and 2015) Bruce Dern (1968 and 2016) Dolly Parton (1970 and 2016) Bo Derek (1980 and 2016) Carol Kane (1982 and 2016) Donald Sutherland (1975 and 2016) Elliot Gould (1971 and 2016) Dyan Cannon (1979 and 2016) Ellen Burstyn (1975 and 2016) Gene Wilder (1979 and 2013) Barbra Streisand (1975 and 2016) George Segal (1964 and 2016) Gérard Depardieu (1976 and 2016) Faye Dunaway (1970 and 2016) Goldie Hawn (1972 and 2016) Jacqueline Bisset (1976 and 2016) Jamie Lee Curtis (1977 and 2016) Joanne Woodward (1971 and 2012) John Hurt (1977 and 2016) Glenda Jackson (1973 and 2015) Olivia Newton-John (1970 and 2016) Martin Sheen (1978 and 2016) Michael York (1974 and 2014) Pam Grier (1972 and 2015) Mia Farrow (1979 and 2016) Peter Fonda (1973 and 2016) Ryan O'Neal (1970 and 2016) Sissy Spacek (1976 and 2016) Diane Keaton (1978 and 2016) James Caan (1971 and 2016) Teri Garr (1968 and 2016) Beverly D'Angelo (1970 and 2015) Gena Rowlands (1977 and 2016) Isabelle Adjani (1973 and 2013) Raquel Welch (1965 and 2016) Shelley Duvall (1981 and 2009) Timothy Bottoms (1978 and 2015) Julie Christie (1976 and 2016)
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Text Comments (12)
voikunsh (3 months ago)
The gallery of horrors.
Nadine Schneider (3 months ago)
Paul Newman forever. Where is Paul Newman.
olddogg eleventy2 (9 months ago)
I felt so verklempt when I saw Babs!...lol
aaardvarkkk (10 months ago)
If you're going to do a "then and now" video, at least find a NOW picture and not one from 1993. Plus, half of these "now" pics should be of a casket. I'm 54 and I don't know who half of these people are.
Cameron Larson (1 year ago)
Who was the cowboy looking dude? John Wayne?
S.W.A.G Nation (1 year ago)
sorry gentlemen but Jack Nicholson is #1
Robert James (1 year ago)
Isn't Gene Wilder among the great departed ?
Robert Scott (1 year ago)
What, no Scott Baio!
Al Gerbitz (1 year ago)
back to a day when celebrities didn't have an opinion on politics
Tebbé Davis (1 year ago)
read up on history and you'll see that your statement is wrong. Civil Rights: Harry Belafonte, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, Sammy Davis Jr., Dick Gregory and Sidney Poitier Democratic Party: Marlon Brando, Theodore Bikel, Diahann Caroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Charlton Heston (also the President of the NRA), Burt Lancaster, Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt, Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor. Republican Issues: RONALD REAGAN! John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Cljnt Estwood, Gary Cooper, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra Gene Autry. Google USE IT.
John Baker (1 year ago)
Shelley Duvall looks exactly the same.
Maria Ortiz (1 year ago)
The best is Robert de Niro.

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