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In this tutorial you will learn how to make a skirt for a little girl. These skirts are good for any age of girl age 0 to 14. They are very easy to make and go very fast. I hope you enjoy this video. If you do please leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you. Dont forget to follow me on instagram @organizedbydawn -Dawn [email protected] SOME OF MY FAVORITE VIDEOS 3 RIBBON HAIRBOW TUTORIALS: https://youtu.be/HFiUAoMx9Uw 5 MINUTE SCARF TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/F-4_iaxtF50 HOW TO CURL YOUR HAIR: https://youtu.be/xbaY8vP11Xc SLOUCHY BEANIE WITH BOW: https://youtu.be/_XYrqIzTWEA DIY TURBAN TWIST HEADBAND: https://youtu.be/Sii-cefbpHk HEADBANDS NYLON AND CHANGEABLE ELASTIC TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/2mMtOCAj628 SIMPLIFIED PLANNER REVIEW: https://youtu.be/vMtlBrl_C1M BEANIE TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/hZvksQ8XfTE WHERE I BUY MY FABRIC: https://youtu.be/MM-2uxj6XBw FELT BOWS TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/TB5wscgr6TQ CROCHET HAIRBOW TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/wF9dd7_6tJI 8 BABY BOY NAMES: https://youtu.be/r9be80lV61U [email protected]
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Text Comments (49)
kanya bairwa (5 days ago)
وردة الجوري (8 days ago)
twin babies (14 days ago)
sri teja (21 days ago)
Can I use this method for a size 2T, using jersey knit fabric?
+Eat Craft Clean Thanks!
Eat Craft Clean (29 days ago)
Yes you can. It will just make the skirt flow more.
Marie Barone (1 month ago)
I suck at sewing and followed this tutorial and made a PERFECT (in my eyes) skirt for my 13 month old! I am so excited, thank you!
Eat Craft Clean (1 month ago)
Yay!! Your comment just made my day. I'm so happy for you.
Umaru Hassenetu (1 month ago)
Pls ma what is the length and the width of the fabric u used thank for the tutorial
Deepaanju Kharb (2 months ago)
Very nice 👍
Navu Choudhary (2 months ago)
Ladie hawk (2 months ago)
Could you give some measurements, as I would like to make a few skirts for my granddaughter, but she lives across the country and am unable to measure her, she is 6years old. thank you
Eat Craft Clean (2 months ago)
you can look up skirt sizes on google. I would just type in skirt sizes for kids. Or size chart for kids and it will tell you their waist size and stuff. It is hard to guess because every child is built differently.
Bubbles n Lipgloss (2 months ago)
You need to ask who ever she lives w to measure her. Every child is different
Pratibha Thangaraj (3 months ago)
It's so pretty and easy...thank u ...keep posting such stuffs
Kamaljeet kaur (3 months ago)
Stella Najjingo (3 months ago)
Very easy to make thanks dear
Sunita Gupta (3 months ago)
V bad
SHASHIKALA D (3 months ago)
Measurmnt plzzz fabric and lastic belt ki 2 year old girl ki plzzz
Sanu Kumar (3 months ago)
Uma K (3 months ago)
Sanu Kumar You
Sanu Kumar (3 months ago)
Which fabric
Eat Craft Clean (3 months ago)
Measure the waist of thr child you are making it for and subtract 1 inch. That's how big your elastic should be.
Subha Saran (3 months ago)
+Eat Craft Clean mam elastic inches?
Sanu Kumar (3 months ago)
Eat Craft Clean (3 months ago)
Cotton fabric
Sanu Kumar (3 months ago)
Which clothes u used
lakshmi senthil (4 months ago)
super madam👌
Shilpa Krishna (4 months ago)
Nice simple mini midi 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍
chris cullen (4 months ago)
it was so inspiring watching thar
Esmanur Esmanur (4 months ago)
Very good
Mirinchon Raikhan (4 months ago)
What is the name of ur fabric mam?
Eat Craft Clean (4 months ago)
This is just cotton. You can buy it at Walmart or pretty much anywhere it's very easy to find
Roshmi Khomrang (4 months ago)
keisia charles (4 months ago)
u make sewing so easy .my new hobby .gonna try this one
Eat Craft Clean (4 months ago)
Yay!! Thanks for the wonderful comment.
malagueña malaga (4 months ago)
Very good can't wait to make my granddaughter some thankyou
Las aventuras de Bri Guz (2 months ago)
Bar Sasson (6 months ago)
So easy and cute! Im going to make it and add suspenders: )
Eat Craft Clean (6 months ago)
That would be so cute!!
Lou Lou (8 months ago)
I just made a skirt and matching headband 😍 it’s so cute!!
Leah Esquivel (2 months ago)
Lou Lou y3
Lou Lou (7 months ago)
Organized By Dawn I’ll send you pictures.
Eat Craft Clean (7 months ago)
Yay!! If you have Instagram I would love to see it.
CindyLoustodos Allen (8 months ago)
How cute ❤️❤️my mind is racing ... skirts with match head bands !!! I have a 2 month old grand daughter and an almost 6 yr old grand daughter ... fabric stores here I COME ! Thanks Dawn adorable 👍🏻😁😎
Varunya Mani (1 month ago)
Saad jan (2 months ago)

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