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HILARIOUSLY AWESOME DANCE 3 by Carroll Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders

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The Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders perform an all new dance for the halftime show of the student vs. staff basketball game at Carroll High School. Ellen, we want to be on your show!!
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Yajaira Amaya (29 days ago)
I literally saw some boys as girls...(O^O)
JMasta Flex (30 days ago)
I can't believe this is a thing... I thought it was just a joke from King of the Hill. So glad this isn't a thing in my state. To each his own I guess though.
AnimationArts! (1 month ago)
I would pay to watch this really.
Anastasia Wilson (2 months ago)
They're so in sync, I love it
Nacho Nacho (4 months ago)
This guys r awesome and super talented💖💖💖
Destiny Agnew (4 months ago)
Omgosh!! They. Were. AMAZING!!!! 😍😍😍😍🤣🤣 LOVE THEM
Wolfie Studios (5 months ago)
Omg. Their all guys in skirts. Didn’t see that one it’s beautiful 😂
Tyler Corbin (6 months ago)
DANG. That was great. Is there anywhere I can find this mix??
Ivane Wilson (6 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Dane Oliver (6 months ago)
Where can I find that version of Thriller??? I NEED TO KNOW
Shey Taylor (6 months ago)
I have watched so many of these but you can tell these guys practiced a lot. Their timing is spot on
Kitana Perry (6 months ago)
2018 this never gets old 😂 I miss cheer leading
Chlo ee (6 months ago)
Great video quality as a 2009 vid
Maryanne Rapana (7 months ago)
Wanda Brendle-Moss (7 months ago)
Deanna Gonzales (8 months ago)
They need to make dance team for boys and girls or do they do that now. This guys rock 2018!!
Lynn Weeks (8 months ago)
OMG this is hilarious
Knuckles Uganda (9 months ago)
i knew it 4:24
Sharon Taylor (10 months ago)
They really were good.
Grizzly Gaming (10 months ago)
Thats why im watching this
Grizzly Gaming (10 months ago)
One of these men are my teachers
Matthew Gibson (11 months ago)
Excellent job fella's!
VocalEdgeTV (1 year ago)
But...they're really good!
Kira Palmer (1 year ago)
Please, never change
reesa V (1 year ago)
That was fucking awesome lol
Rayne Cameron (1 year ago)
I like when they danced to the wiggle song xD
Mary Dragonee (1 year ago)
this wins the internet
edds.woorld (1 year ago)
Well....I'm the only one in 2017 HERE lol
Tori Hannon (1 year ago)
Mad Welshman (1 year ago)
good stuff guys! very entertaining!!
Sabrina Avila (1 year ago)
stitch (1 year ago)
The football players ..... uh ok
Kayla Hawk (1 year ago)
Omg this was.amazing. what is the song at 4:18?
stitch (1 year ago)
This is freaking awesome
Anthony J Lorenzini (1 year ago)
I now have students of my own working on their powderpuff cheer routines, and it brought back such good memories to show them this video of me and my friends. Miss you guys. Who's up for a 10 year reunion performance?
Peachy kun (1 year ago)
Dammm they can wear a skirt better then me - September 6, 2017
Toomer's Oaks (1 year ago)
Its sad to think these guys are almost 26
Antonio Martinez (1 year ago)
The good old days when these songs were popular just like they still are today
Mercy Shay (1 year ago)
When you fall into a YouTube hole and come across this, naming it the most amazing thing on the planet. 😂👌❤
lildozer51 (1 year ago)
i would have totally done that if my high school had it
Kailee Seamans (1 year ago)
Jane Doe (1 year ago)
At my school they will turn on all star and me and my friends scream the lyrics at the top of our lungs and we get to do a lot of cool challenges with the athletes and since I'm an athlete I get to compete with non athletes at assembly's it's really fun😆
ICE BLADE (1 year ago)
Now THIS is great times in High School. Excellent!!!
Hayley Hickman (1 year ago)
whose watching this in 2017
That Mexican girl (1 year ago)
2017 still goin hard
Lee Morgan (1 year ago)
The ending was too similar to 2PM. Copycat!
this is the best thing i've ever seen!!! lmao where did the powder puff squad for 2017-17 go????
DrzwiamiWTwarz (1 year ago)
Tris A (1 year ago)
damb awsome choreography
Valerie Washington (1 year ago)
That was truly AWESOME and HILARIOUS! Absolutely LOVED IT! :-D
Kimberly Hernandez (1 year ago)
Where is this school located? I need to get married and have kids and send them to that school
DCBARNONE89 (1 year ago)
where is this school?
Allyson Jones (1 year ago)
what the heck did I just watch
KpopMedia (1 year ago)
Who's watching in 2017?
Mary Brantley (1 year ago)
These young men have enough confidence in themselves they can do anything! Fantastic!
Colby McDaniel (1 year ago)
2017 anyone?
Bob Wow (1 year ago)
kircir 2018 boiii!
I hate Snakeu (2 years ago)
This is the best thing I've seen 😂 I'm glad I clicked 👏👌
Vera Price (2 years ago)
that was better than amazing
G A B Y ___ BTS (2 years ago)
what song is at 3:24 after the Santa baby song?
Hamasterlover (2 years ago)
They dance better than cheerleaders😂
lotty h. (2 years ago)
pretty awesome!
Manbate05 (2 years ago)
はんな (2 years ago)
Lol my high school 😭😂😭😂✋✋✋
Emily Lemanski (2 years ago)
Wonder what all these guys are doin now. This should have made it to the Ellen Show or something. 7 years later and it still Cracks me UP!!!!
Vy (1 year ago)
I've been looking through these comments trying to see if anyone else knew Husky Raid. I'm so glad you do.
Jordan Fry (1 year ago)
Emily Lemanski they make dance videos in games Husky Raid look them up and he knew guy streams on twitch.
rachel copas (2 years ago)
That was awesome
Taylor (2 years ago)
Jennifer Whitewing (2 years ago)
So Beautiful! 😂
Manbate05 (2 years ago)
Herbert (2 years ago)
Great commitment guys. Most guys would have started laughing and quit.
Haley Wray (2 years ago)
This was amazing!
Connie Maheswaren (2 years ago)
This was actually really good
Pandart 0611 (2 years ago)
I would still be impressed even if they weren't wearing dresses
Ta' Leyah Thomas (2 years ago)
we went to see my sister in college and they were having a football game so we watched it and the cheerleaders sucked. two ppl feel on a tuck flip it was trash. were r the papers to get lessons from these dudes
Ta' Leyah Thomas (2 years ago)
you know half of them is gay when that can do high jump like that lol (just being sarcastic)
Ta' Leyah Thomas (2 years ago)
bruh 2:34, that drop was hilarious
Ta' Leyah Thomas (2 years ago)
*realizing its about boys and not girls* 😏 "this will be interesting"
Taylor ! (2 years ago)
They need to be on Ellen to had it's too late. That kanye part I was dying and replayed it over and over
TheHero (2 years ago)
These songs represent my childhood
• Zoe • (2 years ago)
Took a lot of balls to make this video (Puns for days)
Nvent (1 year ago)
Connie Maheswaren (2 years ago)
Vinna's Dead LMFAOOOO
Phan tuan anh (2 years ago)
What song is at 4:55? please help me find it, thanks
Ghostcat (1 year ago)
Phan tuan anh Thanks!!
Josie Grimm (1 year ago)
Wizards In Winter by the Trans Siberian Orchestra
Ghostcat (1 year ago)
Phan tuan anh What song at 3:25?
Josie Grimm (2 years ago)
Hot potato - The Wiggles 😄
Marni J Williams (2 years ago)
like it.
DotDot Man (2 years ago)
It took me so long to figure out they were all guys
It's so funny I am lol my butt off
Caylee G (2 years ago)
I hate how many regulations they put on powder puff now
TheAlmightyShroom (2 years ago)
Did they ever get to be on Ellen in the end?
Not yo mama (2 years ago)
Why do some of you commenting not know what powderpuff is and why are you bashing this? It's for a pep rally, it happens every year, and they did awesome. They obviously took the time to plan and execute this perfectly so give them their props. Don't know what powderpuff is or why they're dressed as cheerleaders? Google it or move on to the next video to troll
Josie Grimm (2 years ago)
Who else has watched this so many times they lost count 😜
sarahlee cachola (2 years ago)
Ok best expressions ever and this really got me into watching powder puff dancing cause I didn't know that was a thing 😂👍🏼
Caroline Quaye (2 years ago)
UV cm zcm
Ana Silveira (2 years ago)
The Kanye part hahahahha
Crazy_Tails (2 years ago)
I made a dance group just to recreate this
Angie James (2 years ago)
really enjoyed this :-) well done I know its an old video but still good
Amy Bullock (2 years ago)
They did a lot better than most cheerleaders and we all know it
karra the unicorn (2 years ago)
This was exactly what I was about to say
Maddie R. (2 years ago)
KingGabe 69 (2 years ago)
Da Faq are they doing 😂😂
Shy Webb (2 years ago)
This is goals!
LifeofPrecious (2 years ago)
This was lit 😭
Kelsey G (2 years ago)
so amazing!
Eric (2 years ago)
Lady Gaga and Beyonce made me leave a like. They are legendary
Jennifer L Bains (2 years ago)
these boys got down they put alot of work in good for them I like it

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