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Male ASMR soft spoken jeweler roleplay (Part 2)

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Here are some more pieces of fine jewelry. Which one will you choose? Paypal donations: paypal.me/meandbigboyasmr
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Text Comments (16)
23dlmiller (2 years ago)
Your voice is so calming😴😴
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
FlyingLemur 102 (2 years ago)
I sincerely want a shirt like yours. That is awesome.
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
ElisethePhilosopher (2 years ago)
Please consider doing a video where you describe and explain diamonds (maybe with examples?) carets, colors etc. pave vs. micro pave. Please! Great video by the way.
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
Angela Bright ASMR (2 years ago)
Your videos are ALWAYS unique and interesting...thanks much ‼️‼️‼️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
glad you like it
Jude Partridge (2 years ago)
are you ever going to do a q&a?
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
Tin-yee Kwan (2 years ago)
Oh my goodness 😏I nearly fell asleep while watching this... heheh
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
jewelry can be relaxing:)
Julio Danks (2 years ago)
I want to know more about this exotic materials and companies. love your work.
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
Hellbound Heart (2 years ago)
Love this channel so much and your jewels are sublime!
meandbigboy ASMR (2 years ago)
Thank you:)

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