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Date Reveals She's Transgender | First Dates

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Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: https://bit.ly/2v2I6SY Watch the FULL episode on All 4: https://bit.ly/2OUPuwf Make-up artist and model Danni meets bar manager Aiden, the tallest man to ever enter the First Dates restaurant. #Channel4 #FirstDates #Transgender #Trans #All4
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Channel 4 (6 months ago)
Watch the full episode here: https://bit.ly/2OUPuwf
James Robert (16 days ago)
Twizzy Flizzy (1 day ago)
Ooh hellno
the Jiminator (1 day ago)
I need to create and patent a device called the tranyometer3000!. When near a trans the scale reading will go off the scale, it will go ape-shit! When its a genuine woman, it will go *in quagmires voice* "Giggity, alright".
Azure Vox (1 day ago)
I cannot help but feel utter disgust at the level of dilusion trans people and their supports showcase.
Eddie Brock (2 days ago)
Cheesey Doritos, 2cheesey cocks. Match made if u ask me.
Wave Check (3 days ago)
And dating as a trans person is still easier than dating than a men let that sink in
DashonReactz (4 days ago)
Disgusting why change gender or role if u love urself
Luka Poikonen (4 days ago)
Leah Tverly (5 days ago)
He's a bisexual lol.
Female Rebel (5 days ago)
That's not good to do to someone... I want pussy not dick. Not dick that claims to be pussy.. Just pussy. And if you're saying you're a woman but lied and biologically aren't.. It's your fault if they don't want you.
jason day (5 days ago)
knessi ng (6 days ago)
Don't waste the other person's time, just come out and say you're trans to the person you're planning to date, he either accepts your delusions/lifestyle or he doesn't.
TUNUPDITING (7 days ago)
video stage
ungratefulmetalpansy (7 days ago)
she probably has a 10 inch hog
Pete Kevin (7 days ago)
If I had a slice of bread for each gender, I could make a sandwich! XX, XY
Shawn (8 days ago)
Every hole is a goal, including your eyes.
Mike Willis (8 days ago)
does no one realize how scripted this is?
Luiz Shizaru (10 days ago)
And suddenly, the transgender girl turns into the bigoted, close-minded individual in this video!
Zero (10 days ago)
Its pretty cool he was okay, but its shitty to know if he didnt accept it he'd get torn to shreds.
xZANZIBARZx (10 days ago)
*England is too cucked to function*
Slay TheGlobalSerpent (10 days ago)
Stop the degeneracy.
mihaidxn (10 days ago)
"bla bla bla, trans, which is me"  Guy goes "Ok, i have no problem with that." Well he took that a bit too well. "I actually identify as pansexual" Ooooh, there we go.
electro1622 (11 days ago)
The moronic reality of a delusional transgender man....
Jose (11 days ago)
hahaha. she is right, he is just promiscuous.
Devan (11 days ago)
She reminds me of Drew Berrymore
PunchLine (12 days ago)
" I want someone tall" well im sure he wanted a woman but you couldnt give him that
icikle (12 days ago)
I feel like the irony here is that after this, she binned him for being pansexual.
Larry Megel (12 days ago)
What the fuck is a Pansexual and how do you come up with the definition for it anyway ....(( I like dick and balls but I also enjoy pussy as we'll and I kinda like Peter pan, you know what I think I'm a Pansexual ya that's it I'm gonna use that ))
Miggy the feminator (13 days ago)
Serving junk on a fancy wooden platter = 1000% profit in a society of gullable bafoons
Spencer J (13 days ago)
Mental illness.
Robert Gray (13 days ago)
This shit is so fucking fake. First of all the dudr on the right sounds and acts gay already so it wouldn't matter that guy on the left sounds like a man and looks man because they our both gay
Terminator Tx (13 days ago)
Hole: This man: 😋😋😋 Hole:😨😨😨
OptimisticCynic715 (9 days ago)
Holes, poles, whateva
Plamen Stoev (13 days ago)
So he is a bisexual and she is a transgender. I thought it wouldn't workout but it turns out he won't mind. Hahaaa
Plamen Stoev (13 days ago)
You are the first ai meet and probably the last. Transgender women couldn't be attractive to men because it ain't about make up. See this guy with makeup. His eyes, his while face expresses unattractivenens not because he is that ugly but he looks like a very bad looking woman.
Danielson Pires (13 days ago)
Pansexual? Hes gay
Ebonix33 (13 days ago)
Run nigga
Obataladance (13 days ago)
It is very dishonest not to tell the other person that you are a tranny..Seducing using lies is despicable! Personally i never will date a tranny! We can see from far that this is a man dressed as a woman and the other is a gay that can fuck whoever move.
Leonel Hernandez (13 days ago)
There is only... gay, lesbian and bi-sexual. Not sure where the hell all the other stuff comes from.
Miguel DoCarmo (13 days ago)
Did they just order fucking Doritos?
Jay Huska (13 days ago)
“ Oh by the way I have a very large penis in my panties. Do you secretly think dicks are delicious?”
Diffenately Abledd (13 days ago)
A 6'1" transwoman ends up with an even taller dark-skinned pansexual man. She's either lucky or that's some real on the nose scripting.
TheBastardGentleman 98 (13 days ago)
That person didnt say they were trans at the beginning. Not right
djinjis (13 days ago)
"girl" you can do better...
Jimmy Da Jellybean (14 days ago)
As a pansexual, I don’t get how you humans put so much value on this. I get the idea that he didn’t know, but why start controversy? Why not let it be? Humans have such an issue with drama. I couldn’t be bothered if I found out my current gf was trans, if anything, I’d be proud.
YoYo Mama (14 days ago)
Skip to the end and where Dan says "It's not a big thing," the other dude winces.
James Eddleman (14 days ago)
He says its not an issue because he just spent $90 on the bitch for that dinner.. .honestly I'd walk out after saying "well you should start with that, before you literally fooled me into thinking I had a real woman." Transgenders are pretenders
James Eddleman (13 days ago)
I watched this video to get a better grasp on how to identify transgenders. I heard they dont like it when people say "I couldn't tell"
James Eddleman (13 days ago)
@Jimmy Da Jellybean I'm sorry when did lying and misdirection suddenly become ok? I dont tell women I'm a doctor, or dress like a doctor and then lay the bombshell over nacho chips that I actually works at an Arbys or something like that. Kinda bullshit no?
Jimmy Da Jellybean (14 days ago)
James Eddleman Buddy, did you click on this video JUST to say that? I don’t click on an anti vaxxer vid JUST to hate on them!
123 456 (14 days ago)
Transgender women are gay lol
Move_I_Got_This (14 days ago)
I imagine there is a lot of danger trying to hide it, especially if they have sex.
INDIGNATUS (14 days ago)
Yeah that's a fucking bloke Quit lying to yourself
Andrew Legoffe (14 days ago)
Yeah if anyone tries to pull shit like this on me I'm gonna go absolutely ballistic.
Pickul Diddys (14 days ago)
I’m pan sexual not bi sexual because I don’t care what’s between my legs🤔 correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that what bisexual means
Bob Smith (14 days ago)
These perverts should be gassed.
Haily Pierce (14 days ago)
She should have came out with it before the date
Haily Pierce (14 days ago)
MrPugg (14 days ago)
I sad the same thing. Then my comments got deleted LOL
Perplexed Xbox (14 days ago)
Delusion at its finest
Keith (14 days ago)
IMO the man should have told the person he was interested in his situation before going on a date. Hiding it shows a lack of respect for the other person.
Elliot Lucas (11 days ago)
Keith in real life yes but this is a blind date reality show so that’s not an option
Mounzer Abdallah (14 days ago)
I'd bang her...or him... I don't know it's confusing
trucker V (14 days ago)
If I went on a date with someone they better tell me they have a dick before I even meet up with them because if I find out you wasted my time I would beat your ass like the man you are. How's that for equality?
rockz Funk (14 days ago)
there is no such thing as trangender .. only sex maniacs
Daniel Middleton (14 days ago)
Let the #OppressionOlympics begin!
Mel Foxton (15 days ago)
I've known straight men who only like women and trans women but not men because they see trans women as women lmao.
Truth Troll (15 days ago)
He wanted him to be a straight man, but it’s impossible for a straight man to knowing choose a transgender for a romantic partner. It doesn’t happen, folks. ✌🏾
Saucey Reject (4 days ago)
​@@Simon SmitsSmits being a straight man, yes. I had a similar experience, got yelled at over it but hey I am not into non-genetic women. Sorry but that's that.
Simon Smits (12 days ago)
Truth Troll And why do you think is that? Because in the end, a straight man will always think: ‘this is a dude’.
forest gump said stupid is as stupid does
Michael Ainslie (15 days ago)
Any holes a goal
Dale Jayme (15 days ago)
Everything is fake even your voice! Even your name is fake!
Bob Eeir (15 days ago)
Bet this cunt could suck start a Harley though!
jonathon lesko (15 days ago)
Twizted Crazy (15 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with the world man... I was reading the comments and come across a shitload of people calling a dude a chick... lmao the hell u guys mean by she??? He obviously would like to be a chick but that doesn't make him one physically... this world really is lost and heading to hell. trying to bend reality to that level... I've seen everything lol. I don't believe its them ruining the world but those who are enforcing and allowing it.. Craziness
cal wain (15 days ago)
Did he just say he didn't notice, really???
cal wain (15 days ago)
Looks like a man, doesn't even needs to tell them, it is so obvious
letylek (15 days ago)
you can tell it's a man as soon as he opens his mouth
Melissa Rainchild (15 days ago)
Honesty is my test. That is the way I test the guy. He passes the test - and, the real strong man yet has to get there - he gets the keys to the castle and a safe passage accross the moat.It's one of the first things I reveal, way way before ven comming face to face. If he shrivvles, he's not worth my bother...
Critical Thinker (15 days ago)
Give me a damn break. What a flippant display of narcissistic dissolutions. And if you actually did ask someone for a date and they didn’t tell you that they suffered from Gender Dysphoria, would you not be super pissed? Jezzz, you would at least expect someone to tel you upfront eh?
jim jones (15 days ago)
It's one thing that trans people be upfront and allow people to decide, but many try to fool men and get upset when the men decline.
Ainz Ooal Gown (15 days ago)
Woulda ducked the shit out
SirEtonHog (16 days ago)
Nothing here makes one lick of fucking sense! My brains have been scrambled.
Bloo (16 days ago)
Everyone is always one sentence away from being seen completely differently.
Bloo (14 days ago)
@Nerdpoleon Bonaparte Ha ha thanks man :D
Nerdpoleon Bonaparte (14 days ago)
If that's a quote you should include the name of the person whom it's attributed to. If not... Bravo.
HerbJon (16 days ago)
Never in my fucking life. Her's a man still, no matter what he does. Call me a bigot, but no, I couldn't- I'm not attracted to men.
Thomas Kraatz (16 days ago)
He has a mental disease
ILUZIONIST (16 days ago)
took less than a second to know it was a man
Jimmy Da Jellybean (14 days ago)
ILUZIONIST Again, not a man! Humans are so easily caught up in the physical of a situation! So what if your date has a penis?! Are you so focused on sex that it matters that much?!
hahahaha at the end you can see how pissed off she is that she's not the "only gay in the village".
Margy Rowland (16 days ago)
Yes you are completely different from real women. Love from Australia 🇦🇺
Sims Legit (14 days ago)
thank god you fellas (real women) still exist. bunch of happiness to you!
Drake pendragon (16 days ago)
Is that dude lying, that tranny looks like a dude with make up and a wig. ..oh because he is
Drake pendragon (16 days ago)
He should have issues finding a date because he is a guy, and straight men don't want to date another guy.
Jan Larricq (16 days ago)
I think these people don't understand that some _ehem ehem most ehem ehem_ man don't like the D that is posibly even longer than their own if u know what i mean
D Q (16 days ago)
Paul Croft (16 days ago)
It actually don't sound like a woman - it sounds like a gay man. The "bloke" looks and sounds gay too. So they should be a perfect match. Obviously set up beforehand.
Paul Croft (16 days ago)
Pan-sexual just means you would fuck your kitchen utensils.
Stefan Kwiatkowski (16 days ago)
I was gonna say what a massive, unfair stitch up this was for the bloke - but the show will have vetted the participants prior and known that he was Pan, so I don't actually think there's much wrong here, all the best to them!
RickitySplitz (17 days ago)
Here ladies and gentlemen is what we call a trap. They are duplicitous and unwarrantable at heart.
r parnock (17 days ago)
oh youre a trans? a fag? cool im a gun owner- BANG.
Team Ecologic (17 days ago)
“Not a problem to me anyways.” Right...
Bl4ck Ph03n1x (17 days ago)
She's actually attractive with the exception of those teeth
BOOTY eater (14 days ago)
netizen trotter (17 days ago)
Date (I'm gonna deftly veer the conversation to me being trans):....and I'm a trans woman... Guy (oh you fooled me, now my turn):.....and I'm pansexual..... Date (triggered):.....that's just a different name for being promiscuous Guy(whee, I pissed her off.....now she's gonna go....I'm saved....well thought on the spot):hmmmm..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bryan Francis (17 days ago)
Well, she’s a guy soooo?
# I AM A FAN (17 days ago)
I don't know why transgender are more interested in heterosexual male.this people are mentally ill
Desmond Francis (17 days ago)
Dat nigga desperate 😭
Jordon Schwann (17 days ago)
Now isn't that the biggest coincidence ever. Trans + Pan on a date, surprisingly! I was about to say that no straight guy who heard their date was trans would stay in that restaurant for as long as he did after hearing she was trans.
christiankv808 (17 days ago)
Lol 2 dudes eating nachos, looking for a mouth and hole.
James Hughes (17 days ago)
channel 4 need to curl up and die for this!
Tawanda Nzvenge (17 days ago)
That guy will bang a tree he wont mind
MidnightHalo (14 days ago)
If it has a hole and no soul, u don't need consent
Carlos Powell (15 days ago)
Tawanda Nzvenge ahahhahahhah

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