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Eritrea Through My Eyes - Travel Video

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A video diary of my trip to Eritrea with Aleimar, an Italian charity that supports schools, hospitals, orphanages and many other projects all over the world. Instagram: @ceelveea
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Text Comments (58)
Fitsum Habte (28 days ago)
Very impressive video thanks for share this document. i would like more video special from Eritrea. Thanks for sharing those document Silivia .
Eyerusalem Kidane (2 months ago)
Thank you great video
Philipp Steiner (2 months ago)
Taking by the pictures you were in the village Dighi next to Keren. Is that correct?
Uche mlM,m. Chidi (3 months ago)
Beautiful, very beautiful.
Uwiringiyimana Gratien (8 months ago)
fake country
Heri Demsas (3 months ago)
Uwiringiyimana Gratien how's it's fake if it's nothing new???? Dumbass
MOTHER PEARL (7 months ago)
Uwiringiyimana Gratien uh oh hater alert
Uwiringiyimana Gratien (8 months ago)
bcs nothing new
Tesfai Mesfin (8 months ago)
Uwiringiyimana Gratien Why u say that agame
KHYAR SAAD (9 months ago)
Hello your Instagram account is not correct I guess ?
Silvia Valsecchi (9 months ago)
I fixed it :)
ሕልና ቆሪራ (10 months ago)
🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷❤ Wonderfull
Eri boy (10 months ago)
Wow love my country
A M O R A. Entertainment (11 months ago)
Thanks Silvia Awesome Video and Beast Eritrean Music Kunama Lovely
Musie Hayle (11 months ago)
Hgdef aflitom zeri hzbi keyremo kulu zeri tgray agame meliomo etom hade klte terifkum zelekum bejakum temaharu astewulu temerameru bjakum merahtkum kulom hgdef iyom
ኡሉም ምሶእር (10 months ago)
Musie Hayle ክላ ሱቕ በል ሁውታትያ
David Basset (1 year ago)
beautiful! 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷✌🏽
Rouen France (1 year ago)
i enjoy with your video . thanks for sharing grazes miles .👍👍
Silvia Valsecchi (1 year ago)
Sebri semir sambar thank you for watching! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
Azieb Tefferi (1 year ago)
WOW! MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ERITREA! I love the song! Good job Silvia Valsecchi
Azieb Tefferi (1 year ago)
Silvia Valsecchi, Thank you for your kind comment. it sure is beautiful. Glad you had a wonderful experience in my beloved country :) Thank you for posting this amazing video!
Silvia Valsecchi (1 year ago)
Azieb Tefferi thank you! Eritrea is truly beautiful, it stole my heart ❤
eritrean helmet (1 year ago)
adi abeto tezawirki do.
Debsay Kallafo (10 months ago)
Fish Gebar (1 year ago)
Luca Motta (1 year ago)
Bel video
Luca Motta (1 year ago)
+Silvia Valsecchi Ah, ok.
Silvia Valsecchi (1 year ago)
Sí, inglese e italiano ma eravamo anche con persone del posto che parlavano italiano quindi spesso parlavano X noi
Luca Motta (1 year ago)
Silvia Valsecchi Ma quale lingua parlavi per farti capire, inglese italiano?
Silvia Valsecchi (1 year ago)
Luca Motta grazie!
What's your limit ? (1 year ago)
awesome, very nice pictures :)
sunroseorange (1 year ago)
Wow! You're a phenomenal filmmaker. Very nice.
Epoite Nymrod (1 year ago)
Buongiorno, volevo chiederle se le suore che si vedono sono della congregazione delle Figlie di Sant'Anna? Grazie in anticipo.
Silvia Valsecchi (1 year ago)
Epoite Nymrod no, è suor Tighisti
Epoite Nymrod (1 year ago)
Silvia Valsecchi nella prima parte, credo in una scuola insieme agli scolari, ha in mano una macchina fotografica.
Silvia Valsecchi (1 year ago)
Epoite Nymrod può essere! In quale parte del video?
Epoite Nymrod (1 year ago)
Mi pareva di aver riconosciuto Suor Elsa, forse sbaglio?
Silvia Valsecchi (1 year ago)
Epoite Nymrod si, sono le figlie di sant'anna :)
Lina and Lily (1 year ago)
Wow i love this beautifully made makes me miss Eritrea more! More like this would be great ❤️❤️
Maza Kesete (10 months ago)
tomi funny (1 year ago)
nice video eritrea
Huruy Teklebrhan (1 year ago)
nice one, i realy loved it.
Eritrean323 (1 year ago)
i really enjoyed ur video. just loved it remarkable. God bless.
Natey Acount (1 year ago)
tanks silvia ሰላም for you
Fear Allah (1 year ago)
i like it song
Focus Rebel King (1 year ago)
rakification (2 years ago)
Oh, how romantic when People has to do hard work like people 2000 years ago did... you bastards
Silvia Valsecchi (1 month ago)
This isn't meant to be a romantic video, it's supposed to show what I've seen in Eritrea.
Meron Mekonen (2 years ago)
Did you get to visit asmara?, lovely video as well thanks for sharing it.
Silvia Valsecchi (2 years ago)
Meron Mekonen I did and I loved it. Such a beautiful city!
Dawit Zekarias (2 years ago)
Nice Volg keep loading
Enzo Quaroni (2 years ago)
Complimenti, bel video. Grande anche Stefano ad Akrur
Silvia Valsecchi (2 years ago)
Enzo Quaroni grazie! :)
Sihem Mehari (2 years ago)
Very lovely video! ❤️
Silvia Valsecchi (2 years ago)
Sihem Mehari thanks for checking it out. I loved yours as well 😍
Aster Tsegay (2 years ago)
love it ❤
Gual Asmara (2 years ago)
Loved this video so much! Thank you for sharing it!
Silvia Valsecchi (2 years ago)
Gual Asmara glad you enjoyed it! :) thanks for watching

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