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"Titanic" - Have a Nice Trip .

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Funny animated video.Удачного отдыха типа на Титанике.
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scoob dude (1 day ago)
its like the titanic and the iceberg switched.
Mến Trần (1 day ago)
Oh, titanic
princess Divinagracia (1 month ago)
rip 😿
Marcelo Cunha Mattos (1 month ago)
John Han (5 months ago)
That’s Not A Titanic! The Titanic Is Not An Iceberg!
Serious_Case (1 month ago)
That's not THE Titanic. But you're an idiot the size of the Titanic. And learn to spell.
Bye Bye (1 month ago)
Stop being mean in this video that's a Titanic and that's a iceberg.
Todd DeJong (7 years ago)
very nice 8)))

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