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The Truth: Transgender Dating & Hookups

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Talking about dating while being transgender. ►Try Vanity Planet!! https://my.vanityplanet.com/msblaire & USE CODE MSBLAIRE ► My Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/blairewhitex ► Twitter & Instagram: @msblairewhite
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LucisFerre1 (8 days ago)
"Tranny Chaser" is a mean, unfair pejorative. Yes, I know that transsexuals and "chasers" are at odds because the ostensible goal for transwomen is to be women, whilst "chasers" are attacted to people in the midst of transitioning. I will NEVER appologize or feel bad about being attracted to transitioning transwomen. Call me whatever 'mean' name you want.
LucisFerre1 (8 days ago)
Lets be honest. A LOT of the reason, I think, that you've always been able to find a guy interested in you is because you're beautiful. Unfortunately, not everyone is.
Robbert Rabbit (7 days ago)
True my Adam's Apple needs too go bro!
raptorgod77 (8 days ago)
How do u explain to ur hispanic parents ur dating a trans?
Robbie Springman (8 days ago)
dating may not be an issue from your side of it, but it is very tough finding a trans to date from the other side. Two reasons mainly. Don’t run into them very often and when it happens, very few are like you. lol seems most just think a little make up and a different haircut is all there is to it.
DustDevil's Army (10 days ago)
Check out our LGBT chat group ! https://chat.whatsapp.com/KUF1JJb5TNV8E6RuM1NHnm
Robbert Rabbit (7 days ago)
A chat group for (L)esbians, (G)uns, (B)acon and (T)it's. I'm down cis
Jake Dean (10 days ago)
But you look really good. Trans women who don't pass may have a harder time.
Edmond (11 days ago)
Next time, inject euthanasia.
confused as Frick (12 days ago)
I'm a trans guy but I kinda jump between being super dominate and really submissive I've never had any issues getting into relationships except for when I first came out. I actually find that I can get with more girls than the cis boys I know because I'm more familiar with the woman's anatomy.
Kissasheep the Chalk (13 days ago)
I’d say try being simple and blunt, but don’t specifically call yourself trans Ie Trans Girls, say, “I have a dick”
Drew Miller (13 days ago)
I definitely agree, i think that you don't have problems finding guys that accept you because of your standards and the fact that you give the guys you mess with a heads up beforehand instead of trying to be stealth
Mat's Waffles (13 days ago)
the whole idea of a "chaser" is dumb, like saying straight 'fuck bois' are just 'fetishizing women'. Some people just wanna hook up, fact of life.
Olivia Highsmith (14 days ago)
Ok when you look like Blaire I'm sure you don't have trouble dating. If your 98% passable that 2 % is going to spoil it I think for most trans women. Most guys that I've ran into just want sex. They don't want anyone to know that they like trannys. I'm sure its different if you look like blaire.
Ash TheRebel (14 days ago)
I would be devestated if I was dating someone and they never told me that they were transgender. I think people have the right to have preferences and and everyone should be proud of themselve.
Mortisha Styles (14 days ago)
Blaire I can't find a channel on U tube to sell my soul to the devil.I tryed google also.No luck.You know how to locate the devil online ?
Depends on what you want and how much you willing to pay.
James Ellis (14 days ago)
Blaire gives sooooo much head!!!
Chaille Smith (14 days ago)
I was unsubscribed. 🐃💩 YouTube
Maga Man (14 days ago)
If all trans-women looked like you and they went through a 100% transition, I'd date one.
Tim Dempster (14 days ago)
A blowjob AND anal!!!! Isn't that what every guy wants!!!!!
Greetings dear Blaire, I’m a 51 year old straight man, and I have rarely met a wonderful real lady like you. Beautiful, smart, polite, and intelligent. You deserve the best love hand happiness that anyone you love will give you back. Best wishes.
kingshun wong (14 days ago)
Your lips.. plastic surgery
ItzMe CoCo (14 days ago)
4:52 @edenthedoll
Martinha Malone (14 days ago)
If your forehead used to be a fivehead, that makes mine like a sevenhead 😂😂😂😂
Michaele' Pruitt (14 days ago)
Just because someone doesn't date a transgender doesn't make them transphobic it just means they're not attracted to that it's nothing personal
Twiggymaster666 (14 days ago)
Thing is though everything can be a fetish in some way or the other day
Hope and pray. (15 days ago)
Your a breath of fresh air mrs blair.
Fairness For All (15 days ago)
Speak slower please. Thank you.
Boopie Boop (21 days ago)
Yeah there is probably a good “chunk” of men on the down low willing to date trans out there. They don’t seem as great but trans women seem to have lower standards. I find the men in the comments saying they’d be willing too not reflective of the general population. A lot of men on dating sites are actually getting really annoyed that there are so many trans women on the sites. And they don’t find out they’re trans until several convos and felt their time was wasted. So that’s a myth that “if they look more like women it’s ok for men”. The men on dating sites aren’t ok with the more passing ones either so... Blaire says it was easy for her but haven’t she met them all online from far away? Like there was no one in the area? Anyway Blaire is being disingenuous implying men don’t care if they date other men. Blaire used to be more realistic about this topic but now is pushing a more leftist narrative about it. Blaire also used to admit men turned her down for being trans in the past. Blaire is a contradictory alot
Pantera Rosa (14 days ago)
You are transphobic
Eldon Brown (22 days ago)
Unusual topic for you, have you separated from your "former" boo (hope hope)?? He's a great guy but, are you bored yet?
Norma Black9.1.5 (24 days ago)
It's like you wearing a dead skunk on your head. It's like you're a cyborg or something so stiff
Norma Black9.1.5 (24 days ago)
You're doing this interview sitting on Donald Trump's face wrapped in that American flag
gena138 (25 days ago)
My personal opinion, for whatever it may be worth, is that it should definitely be brought up before anything serious, but I don't know if should be brought up up front. I don't know if it's something I want to be talked about on the first date, but definitely before anything serious starts
Uncle Nuts (28 days ago)
Make an asmr video
Zachary Oliver (28 days ago)
as a trans man (at least one who's attracted to girls), i've found it pretty easy to date. i've seen trans woman struggle with this and i think a lot of it comes from that women tend to be more accepting and open to this stuff than men are. and no, i'm not a crazy feminist, but in my experience, women are more likely to be open to date trans boys than men are to date trans girls. that's obviously not to say that every girl out there is okay with dating a trans guy and that every man out there would never date a trans girl, but that's just my take and experience on things.
Rd G (28 days ago)
I'm sorry I'm confused this is a guy?
Pantera Rosa (27 days ago)
You are an idiot, im not sorry
xxxCrackerJack501xxx (1 month ago)
Where exactly is the line between someone treating a trans person as a fetish or just preferring/wanting to be with that kind of person? Plenty of people like to date or have sex with people of a specific body type, race, age-range, etc. so it doesn't seem any worse than that to want to go after someone who identifies as transgender.
davidca96 (1 month ago)
I find it strange if a trans person thinks they dont need to tell a potential partner. It just makes no sense to me, are you thinking the guy is just going to be fine with it because most guys arent ok with it. I just dont get it, its weird.
Alexis Anderson (1 month ago)
For once I disagree with a lot of what you said. Dating as a trans woman is without a doubt harder. Men generally treat us like sex objects and it's difficult to get past chasers. I think it also depends on factors like how passable you are and where you live.
munny moore (13 days ago)
“Dating is hard because guys want to have sex with me” Lol wut?
Iliana E (1 month ago)
Id have your baby! 😘
So Sweet (1 month ago)
In some ways, trans women can be more feminine and therefore more attractive. Many men find trans women attractive.
david ervin (1 month ago)
I remember that relationship you spike of I always wondered what happened to him. I'm OG I remember your snap and YouTube before you had a following and he was always with you and you guys seemed happy. But that's life. Sorry to hear hope both of you are doing good
brennan Clark (1 month ago)
You're a dude, you'll always be a fucking dude, and if I was so fucking drunk I didn't notice you were a dude, and didn't tell me, when I'm sober if I didn't die from alcohol poisoning at that point, you're getting cold cocked so fucking hard you'll be retarded forever.
Pantera Rosa (27 days ago)
Dude go out of the closet, its cooler outside
BlackGuy Jones (1 month ago)
this world is doomed
Pantera Rosa (14 days ago)
Shut up nigga
Julianna H5782 (1 month ago)
Blaire, you're a "better" woman, more "feminine" than a LOT of girls out there lol. Not just the makeup & surgeries, your confidence & sureness in yourself, your common sense & logical opinions make you a solid 10/10. You look great, you always have, but you just look amazing in this one!!
Jami3 Liu (1 month ago)
Only T girl I enjoy watching on YT can’t stand all that sister bullchit
Nero Cloud (1 month ago)
Why is there so much trans Porn on Pornhub is the money good for them or what
MrYort13 (1 month ago)
True trans show famine traits that draw men to them.  Even straight men will love you Blaire but you know this. But PLEASE for safety never trick a guy. Your out to have a good time not get killed. You have to be a little more up front as some do not know what to look for to see if you are trans. You can shock them (unfair dishonest). Even if its a kiss you have to tell them. That said I'm straight and we will never cross swords. But no issue with friendship as most guys I think would say the same.
Pantera Rosa (27 days ago)
You are so retarded, honestly
Brandon Manseau (1 month ago)
You ARE a woman...to me.
deathshadow551 (1 month ago)
Hey Blaire , this is my first ever comment but my cousin and I both love your channel but I wanted to say that YouTube unsubscribed me to you. Idk if this is happening to any of your other fans or it's just me but I felt like I should give you a heads up just in case
Jeremy Lee (1 month ago)
Trans folks are living a synthetic life meant to deceive mostly themselves.
Pantera Rosa (27 days ago)
You are retarded
lol dude (1 month ago)
You're so beautiful! Looooove you 💖💕💖💕
Cell (1 month ago)
Being honest and upfront about being trans when dating is so important and I'm so glad you positively pointed that out. It can be horribly dangerous or damaging to the relationship if you hide it. Mass Hugs Blaire for not sugar coating this topic.
Brett Pearson (1 month ago)
You have hurt my brain. Guess we are in the same boat. You know hurt brain et al.
Jacoby Rassilon (1 month ago)
Hmm, if her penis was bigger than mine, I'd probably feel inadequate, but would probably give the old college try!
Olivia Maynard (1 month ago)
That's the spirit. I am single. Xoxo
MrJordan179 (1 month ago)
You are a good person.
Stuart Allen (1 month ago)
LOVE the cute American flag jacket...patriotic and chic. :)
Kissasheep the Chalk (1 month ago)
I don’t mind dating a trans person all I care for is interests
mindless Magyar (1 month ago)
I wouldn't care if they were up front tbh I don't care much for sex or gentials. But like I want to know so I can avoid making the person feel dysphoric.
BABY BETH TEASLEY (1 month ago)
most of the activists I've seen can't get a date because they're not really transgender, they're transtrenders. so they don't even try to look like women.
elijah gradel (1 month ago)
I never dated a trans before, let alone met one, and i kinda do but like to start off as friends. Since i dont know what i think of trans except of the shit that is shown in the media. Which actually scares me to even attempt to talk to a tran. Not gonna lie my impression of trans base on it is that they have issues, big issues, big insecurity isssues, worst then a female and thats something no one would ever want to be with. I like to think that this isnt all trans who are like that. I mean it makes sense to think like that yet i cant help shake that thats what the majority is like and i would have to look far and thin just to talk. Meh i dont even know where to start looking. Btw didnt know guys only going for trans was a big deal, as in is that small of a percentage that are genuinely interested in trans. Like i wont lie man porn helped me seeing im into trans since im attracted to that but im not expecting some god tier trans people. But more like "cant tell if boy or girl" Okay this was long. I wasted an hour just thinking what i was gonna type instead of actually typing them. So what i was saying was im kinda attracted to trans especially when its a tran that are comfortable with themself and not insecure about. Even if i end up not dating trans. Im still up for being friends if we got the same interest (i like anime. I play games on the switch. Errrr my life is a routine and ithats all i can think of on the top of my head) I really have no clue where to go about looking for trans. I never used a dating app and if other do use it i doubt they use it anymore plus i live in a small town called the uk. Compared to the usa But more importantly im so fucking scared of trans that i want to avoid them 😂 . im not exactly the best at first impressions. Yeah im trying to say alot of things at the same time but watching this vid made me feel motivated enough to maybe give this a shot
Clinton Jefford (1 month ago)
Rick Roll Rizal (1 month ago)
What a timely video what with the James Charles scandal that he used to catfish highschool athlete classmates to get videos and dick pics.
Brian Smaller (1 month ago)
No offence Blaire, but you are hot. I am not surprised you have not had problems with dating. Poor old Riley Dennis though - looks like a guy in a dress - so has problems.
poppy paul (1 month ago)
you only have to watch this video no realize how insane many of these trans people are: @ how many genders are there now? unless you're an intersex/hermaphrodite, which is extremely rare, there's only two genders, male and female. transgender women are not women and transgender men are not men. you can change your body, but you can't change your brain. transgender is a mental disorder and should be treated as such. the suicide rate among transgenders when they find out that trying to change sex doesn't work is staggering. dressing as a woman with wig and fake boobs is not gonna heal your problems, it's only gonna make you look silly. if your name is jack i'm not gonna call you jackie. just like you fake vagina, your brain goes nowhere if you expect me to.
Pantera Rosa (27 days ago)
And then? Live and let live
1blakklab1 (1 month ago)
Blair, I hope you and your partner are happy always! I always root for you!
Tiffany Bilgore (1 month ago)
Can't believe no tgirls hitting on you. Are tgirls like me that are into other tgirls more than anything else really rare?
Christian Cardenas (1 month ago)
I want that jacket. Whered you get it?
Rafael Fernandez (1 month ago)
That last question was probably the most polite way of asking if your pecker still works
Jaliyah Paradigm (1 month ago)
I've always had dating troubles but most of that is due to my horrible personality. Never had trouble finding guys who were into me though. I don't wanna sound insensitive but maybe part of some trans peoples' dating trouble is due to transitioning much later in life?
Brad Harrell (1 month ago)
It would be easier to date a trans woman if she looks like a woman as opposed to someone who doesn't, a Blaire White vs. a Riley Dennis, for instance.
A B-F (1 month ago)
Come to Toronto!!
Robert Lambert (1 month ago)
I would never be ashamed of dating you. I would be so proud and show off to everyone.
Mr. otivarag (1 month ago)
Trans women or cis women...I dont think people care as long as she's pretty, traditionally feminine, and not a feminist nut
V Plants (1 month ago)
Like the shawl/jacket. Telling person trans 1st will weed out men that are not potential long term mate. Next.
Scott M (1 month ago)
If you lie by omission you are still a liar
Going All The Weigh (1 month ago)
I sometimes think that some Trans people who may approach someone for the purposes of dating immediately jump to the refusal being directly related to them being trans. Sometimes the person doesn’t like their attitude or maybe just isn’t attracted to them. I mean, I don’t get upset because someone isn’t interested. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but, I think with some trans people it seems like they place their self esteem in a bucket with being trans. If they are trans and are living their truth, if someone isn’t interested they should just be sad for that person that they missed out on an amazing person. It makes me sad that people can’t work to better themselves or see the person that turned them down as avoiding a bad relationship. Yes, are there some people who are just not comfortable with dating someone who is trans especially if they haven’t had bottom surgery. That being said, there are also people who don’t like to date anything but blondes. Stuff just is what it is. It doesn’t make that person a bad person or the trans person any less valuable.
trolli polli (1 month ago)
What's your heritage if you don't mind me asking? Do you have any Mediterranean or maybe native american i you? I'm just baffled at how can you have such wonderful complexion, I would have assumed that taking hormones would mess up your skin.
Donny Boon (1 month ago)
I don't see you as trans. I only see you as a woman...a gorgeous woman.
UnderhandDread (1 month ago)
9:00 Oh that is absolutely fucked. Shame on that dude.
UnderhandDread (1 month ago)
Hmm... Don't think I could date a trans-woman. Sorry, maybe... but probably not my thing, I'd have to see. I'm not prejudiced I just really like pussy, lol.
Daniel G (1 month ago)
I wouldn't mind dating a trans at all. As long as there's love and chemistry, why would trans matter?
sunnymas (1 month ago)
Thank you, for sharing your personal experiences. It looks more true, as any others. And you answer the questions, who many people has it. And for me it is ok, to test and promote some products. It is good to show it in practice. Not only talking about it. And this brush is also a good massage to the skin.
Debbie Jolley (1 month ago)
I just can't wrap my head around trans women that end up in serious relationships with lesbians. They even claim they are lesbians too. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Love you !
Elijah Oyenuga (1 month ago)
Why can't you rap your head around it? Sexuality and gender identity are two different things that may correlate with each other, but they don't define each other. Hence you can be a man attracted to men and a woman attracted to other women. You can me trans and attracted to the same gender. The reason they consider themselves lesbians is the same reason Blair considers herself straight. They base their sexual orientation off of the gender and current physical presentation rather than their biological sex.
ArkOne (1 month ago)
There is a BIG difference between trans activist and being trans. Activism nowadays is 75% of the time about self advantage and hate, and you should listen to their ideas with caution.
Hefty Alan (1 month ago)
So many fetishes we are all a fetish in some way. I dated one girl who got turned on by large feet and I am a 12 and 13 in a boot so to her I was my feet. It was very weird but she was attractive so I thought why not. I dated another who loved my then long hair but once I had it cut for a job interview she lost interest in me as for her it was all about my hair and told me so. Get this I have one friend piggy who gets lots of attractive girls who want him for his beer belly. Apparently this is a thing. Also called chasers, chubby chasers. He loves it but most average girls are not interested in him. I wholeheartedly agree with being honest and seen vids on here of girls saying surprise he didn't know. I do not think that is a safe way to behave.
Jimmy K (1 month ago)
Blaire you moved to Michigan? I live in Michigan, if only you moved out there for me lol. And I have never been with a trans-women, it's never anything I even considered until honestly seeing you since your're not the stereotypical radical leftist like most trans-women are, basically you're like a normal hot conservative women, so basically I could only date a trans-women if she had all your qualities, otherwise no it wouldn't work out. And that's interesting the last question you answered, I always wondered how that was when it came to ejaculating and being hard, seeing that low testosterone causes erectile dysfunction.
Jess B (1 month ago)
So open and honest, love you girl!
saladsnowflakes (1 month ago)
You aren’t rejected because you’re hot!
Anastasia Rose (1 month ago)
best advice you could give btw
Ashey Val (1 month ago)
I don't always agree with you on a lot of things but I love your perspective on trans issues it's very logical and thought out. I think it's important to have these perspectives out there.
Anastasia Rose (1 month ago)
trans women is something that is never talked about in the straight community but we still very much exist in straight men’s lives. ha ha
evenhasawatermark (1 month ago)
"I have never had any trouble finding a guy" Well yeah, lol. Look at you. Fucking dimepiece. Most *cis* girls probably have a harder time finding dates than you would.
wayne via (1 month ago)
You are beautiful
TalkWithAngelX3 (1 month ago)
Just wanted to say I love your videos and your down to earth logic. Dating a trans girl I like to watch trans youtubers like you and kalvin. Its really fun to watch and sometimes educational and a good break from those sjw's aswell. Keep being yourself you're awesome!
SnortoBorto OwO (1 month ago)
I think Blaire is kind of neglecting the fact that she really does have passing privilege and lives in a very liberal area. That probably makes it a lot easier for her to date as a trans woman.
Jake Dean (10 days ago)
SnortoBorto OwO I think trans girls who don't pass or are just really unattractive are having a harder time, but honestly, that's also the case for bio girls who don't look good.
Lathanos Leroy Jordan (1 month ago)
Dating a trans male is basically dating a female
Ashley allin (1 month ago)
I'm not trans but I'm physically disabled. I had that moment with my current boyfriend on one drunken night. I suffer from clinical depression resulting from brain surgery, and I don't have the best coping skills when it comes to when I hit bottom. So I drink to "forget" how I feel. Well I asked him to come over while I was blacked out and pretty much accused him of going to leave me because of all of my issues and that he doesn't really love me. Just all of my insecurities coming out. We talked through it, a lot, like a shit ton, and after going back to therapy and getting back on medication I'm getting better. I'm learning how to talk to him more about things that bother me and not feel like a burden. I love this man more than anything in the world for how patient he is with me and how he listens and tries to help when he can.
Bluntski (1 month ago)
I wouldn’t mind getting tricked every now and then.
Autumn Moonflower (1 month ago)
All the people who claim to be trans...like transtrenders...look like swamp creatures and thats why that cant get a guy/girl/date/whatever. Blaire, I would 100% date you because you are an attractive female who actually has a brain.
Brad Paton (1 month ago)
That last comment left me with more questions thANswers....:/
Grymm Reaper (1 month ago)
I would have to know straight away, sorry people. How I view a relationship since my ex. Is that the people have too be honest and truthful. If there isn't any of those 2 things. I will not put in the effort and waste my time.

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