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People Use Flip Phones For A Week

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Text Comments (4397)
kim davBG (1 day ago)
Tech is making people dumber
charlie crawford (1 day ago)
I have a flip phone but i never used it because it is just broken
suave-alpaca (1 day ago)
I know that my job requires me to be connected all the time, but honestly I miss flip phone. There's that kind of satisfaction of closing and opening the phone whenever to receive a call/turn off a call. So I'd be totally fine, as long as I have laptop with me for work
My Princess (2 days ago)
They are so extra. I can survive with a flip phone no big deal they were just trying to be dramatic for the video obviously
shreyank goyal (2 days ago)
pornhub on flip phone hahaha
Warrior 91 (4 days ago)
this is sad but funny
FelixFerret (5 days ago)
Damm i hate those people.
Ninj a (6 days ago)
I was like i don’t need my electronics i am not on one right now then i relised i was watching a youtube video i can’t live without my electronics
Werli (7 days ago)
yall are addicted lmfao
Lourdes Wahl (10 days ago)
I'm 13 and I only use my smartphone like an hour a week. I hate social media and I hate how people are so addicted to their phones.
Dakota Nieman (10 days ago)
I bought a tracfone recently just to use a flip phone for that very reason.
It would have been really funny if one of them said “What is this?”
TheMGLegends (11 days ago)
Can't rely without a phone, these people are so sad.
UOIAUAI (13 days ago)
Just pretned it is a foldable phone.
AuroraXD (14 days ago)
I didnt need to know that she was going solo to pornhub.
80s Music (15 days ago)
My god it is a phone. It is not that hard to use a flip phone for a week. I could do it for a year, or 10 years. If it does everything a phone should do. Then shut up being so obsessed with yourself and your Instagram and crap. Your not superstars. I live with an iPhone 3GS everyday, perfectly fine. This people just winge about everything. Deal with it
p e a v h s (15 days ago)
lol why are these people overreacting
Video Master (16 days ago)
This is so sad. So reliant on phones.
Astrid Darkstorm (18 days ago)
I'm a millennial and I owned a flip phone, haha!
Kurtis Qu (19 days ago)
These soggy pizza boxes need a life, flip phones are the pinnacle of the industry
urla TV (20 days ago)
my grandma had a flip phone until i gave her a new smart phone. she really didnt want it but later she realized that smartphones are very good and handy.
Zurah (22 days ago)
I actually do plan on getting a flip phone again, only one with internet access based on android, so I have the nostalgia feel but don't miss out too much on nice things like maps etc.
ILI TSL (23 days ago)
2030 people be like what do i do with this iphone x
Ziad Itani (24 days ago)
the asian is hoyyyyt
Yeezy westy (27 days ago)
Cant wait until blackberry release a badass flipper.
HappyHands Signing (1 month ago)
It’s so sad that smartphones ruined our society, so many benefits to a flip phone
patrick star (1 month ago)
Flip phones are easy to use. I loved texting with them; i challenged myself to write back really quick. Idk how these people can handle a smart phone but not a simple flip phone. Weirdos.
I'm a genz but I know how to operate a flip phone. I can live without a phone because a lot of the apps I use are avaliable on my laptop (apps so bluestacks helps). My grandma still owns a flip phone and the battery life on it is amazing. The only downside is that texting on flip phones is hard lol.
Alex 10,000 (1 month ago)
04:00 I got a feeling fat boy treats himself to lots of nice dinners.
Alex 10,000 (1 month ago)
why is that guy wearing those oversized glasses?
This was hilarious 😂
I still have most of my cellphones from 2004; some were flip or sliding phones😢😠😢😠😢😠😢
Zen Dragoon (1 month ago)
They look old enough to have had flips.. im 23 and had flips until atleast 16
Robert Fulton (1 month ago)
William Murrell (1 month ago)
0:36 No. *ding* Does anyone know what reference I'm talking about?
TXT Needs to txt me (1 month ago)
I would just love hanging up on people constantly
Semaj Thornton (1 month ago)
I swear Asians
Interesting Stuff (1 month ago)
I am thinking about switching to flip phones......my first phone was a flip phone and I got it when I was 10 and now I am 17
macroevolve (1 month ago)
Ok, now go without any type of cell phone for a week. Just a regular land line that can't leave your house, AND with a pig tail cord - no cordless.....at least the cord will stretch a few feet.
Teemuslayer (1 month ago)
It annoys me to no end when literal Generation Z kids are being called "Millennials". They were CLEARLY born in the all wrong decade, people!
Squidkid2744 (1 month ago)
This video makes me cringe because I use a Nokia as a daily and Walker over here "feels naked without his iPhone". That's just sad.
PaleBear (1 month ago)
Today's 20-something women seem to be completely insufferable.
AB (1 month ago)
Notices that my daily average of screen time is *8 hours.*
daniel vidal (1 month ago)
I hate my generation
DuncanDeez (1 month ago)
Wait if they aren't allowed to use their smartphones then what are they recording with? An actual camera?
Dylan Power (20 days ago)
DuncanDeez yes
H i d d e n (1 month ago)
wtf why is she looking at porn!?!!?!?
Aaron Babbs (1 month ago)
Did you guys finish learning to code yet?
Kristina sucks (1 month ago)
My grandma used to have that but I gave her a Samsung
Mr Watto (1 month ago)
Kids these days, zero imagination and lost with out a phone or computer...... sad
HandGrenades 4Balls (1 month ago)
Very sad
TJ (1 month ago)
Sums up modern society in a very bad way.
JAY YU (1 month ago)
first reaction:all said no
Funny Subject (1 month ago)
Millenials smh
Sumit David (1 month ago)
May I have this phone?
Benny Smith (1 month ago)
Buzzfeed is all homosexual millennials
Deborah Gonalez (2 months ago)
what is wrong with their voices? they sound so miserable and lethargic...
tanmay Sonawane (2 months ago)
Seriously fatima dont even know how to turn on the phone how old she is 10?
Meredith Dillman (2 months ago)
What kind of phones are they using ?
林杏藤 (2 months ago)
ive had a flip phone for 2 months now i dont miss my smart phone it at all i wanted a flip phone because i never use my phone much i have no friends to text
HandGrenades 4Balls (1 month ago)
Trust me. You'll make REAL friends once you venture out more. You'll find others who are just using a flip phone too and you guys will live life.
Analxi (2 months ago)
I like flip phones but I use a iPhone 6s
REAL Fruitzy (2 months ago)
Isnt Walker the Big Chungus guy?
Joshua Padiernos (2 months ago)
I think Jose Duarte (from Work Creation Program in Santa Ana) needs a new iPhone or Android Phone hopefully soon.
Dylan Power (2 months ago)
Who brings their phone into the toilet. Yuck
Francis Furtak (2 months ago)
In my day we had a dial telephone and we got together to have fun and talk. Can you imagine when everyone get a cell phone brain implant?
Kamila Taufiq (2 months ago)
i woulve been hella excited when they give me a flip phone
Abi Kerr (2 months ago)
my mom has a skinny Motorola flip phone that I would still use if I can find it. it's chic and beautiful. I used to stare and play with it for a long period of time. I'm planning in the future to get a flip phone just cause lol
fauzi effendi (2 months ago)
I love flip and slip phone no even worry it fall off....
DoctorWeeTodd (2 months ago)
I know a few people who use flip phones to this day. They’re burner phones for drug dealers, adulterers, and reporters. And primary phones for the elderly.
brett linthicum (2 months ago)
I miss emojis.....uhhhh loser
Tammy Duong (2 months ago)
I got my phone for repair for like 2 months and so I got a flip phone in place to wait for my phone to repair
Kitsune Baka (2 months ago)
My ex BF _made_ me get a smartphone. I didn't want it.... I was perfectly fine just having a flip phone. I had it right up to 2013. After getting a smartphone I was on it all the time. I couldn't put it down. I became one of those people i hate. The kind of person who is on their phone when you're right next to them at a restaurant.
HandGrenades 4Balls (1 month ago)
Dont change for anybody. Dump the chump and be with REAL people who accept you for YOU!
a pimp named slickback (2 months ago)
remember when the razors came out? that was dope
Yevrah Hipstar (2 months ago)
Only ever had flip phones and I remember when "mobile phone" meant going for a walk to the phone booth up the road. Also, what's so hard about folding a map? Plus you never have to charge it up!
JJ king (2 months ago)
Idiots. This is exactly why smartphones have been a curse. As a 34 year old who's lived with flip phones and smartphones and have seen the difference in society before and after, this is sad. Good lord get off your smartphone and live life, I ditched my smartphone and haven't looked back. Best decision ever.
HandGrenades 4Balls (1 month ago)
I'm about to do the same. I'll just have a tablet for work related stuff, a flip phone, and old school Lenovo laptop for tech and multimedia related stuff. I still have my PS2 slim. I'm 32 and agree. The matrix is already here. People gotta unplug or its gonna get worse
Qatrunnada Hanifah (2 months ago)
How can they don't know how to use feature phone? I'm 19 and I can use feature phone.
Crystal Thompson (2 months ago)
Even though the smart phones of today are obviously a lot better and more advanced, I wouldn't mind having a flip phone again. I'm 21 and when I was like 6-9 years old, my mom owned several flip phones and they weren't that bad. Obviously there's not much social media on it, but that's the beauty of it. My mom owned a pink Sanyo Katana flip phone which I loved because lights flashed on the outside every time someone called and I played a lot of Tetris and Snake '97 on it. She also had an old Nokia 3310 which lasted a very long time. My step-father owns a flip phone right now because he doesn't understand how to use the  modern smart phones and he lives a very happy and productive life. And at 4:14, what that girl said on her Instagram caption, you don't _need_ to capture your memories. Even though it's nice, it's better to _live in the moment_ . I see so many people on vacation sometimes and instead of viewing the sights and having fun, they're on their phone texting and posting about how much fun they're having. That's just insane to me. It's not that bad lol
Wayne Smith (2 months ago)
Bring the Motorola Razr V3 back and I'll dump my smart phone in a snap!
Something New (2 months ago)
I hate Buzzfeed!
Max Planck (2 months ago)
"daddy" 🤔
toosmart foryou (2 months ago)
2018 January 1st I've changed my 'smartphone' to Nokia 6300 . 2019 January 1st I thought why not to do it one more year
Jahnaye (2 months ago)
My first phone was one of those Motorola razor flip phones 😂😂😂 That was when I was in middle school circa 2010 lmao... I liked mine 😊 Those things are like indestructible af
SuperHappyNotMerry (2 months ago)
I'm usually the first person against villianizing technology just for the sake of it, but watching this really goes to show how true phone addiction has become. I myself find myself reaching for my phone to numb my boredom, even if all I do is flip through the same three apps, refresh, etc. I really don't know if my phone is adding that much value to my life and that of these people either. All this video does is make them seem whiney, self absorbed, unresourceful, and even uninteresting (because you sort of get the impression that they have no hobbies or interests outside of their social medias and the such). I don't think this generalized idea of people we get is true. But I also don't think that if we spend all our time looking at our screens we're going to get much out of our lives. There's a reason why our generation is one of the loneliest, most disconnected. I don't think demonizing phones is the answer but looking more critically at how we spend our time with these devices does matter.
BloomSTRAD (2 months ago)
Y'all are older than me and you don't know how to text on a flip phone? You sure you ain't acting?😂
Steve Jobs (2 months ago)
Flip phone...? Never heard of it
Abomb 604 (2 months ago)
We absolutely appreciated more when we had flip phones!
Dale Dotson (2 months ago)
Low key all I need my phone for is gps and emailing
F Morant (2 months ago)
Im giving up my BlackBerry for a flip phone. The feature I'll miss most is the qwerty keyboard!
•별빛KM (2 months ago)
I remember my mom used to have a flip phone and i accidentally flushed it down the toilet ah good times😔
jwathas (2 months ago)
There was always something so oddly satisfying about gently slamming your flip phone closed when you got off a phone call.
witness (2 months ago)
I'm actually REALLY miss a flip phone. Thinking about going back to one. Back in the days when you were a badass if you had a motoral v80 cause everyone had the razor. Edit: Also miss using the blackberry that was BEFORE the pearl. The key2 is the best we get, and I LOVE it.🤤
fcnarciso19 (2 months ago)
Using Nokia 3310 or 5110 for a week?
samuel second (2 months ago)
I'm surprised the guy didn't eat his phone
haha lol (2 months ago)
Ashley Whited (2 months ago)
“I actually had to ask my coworkers what they did over this past weekend!”
Cocaine Minaj (2 months ago)
I know they used flip phones before. It wasn't too long ago
cat_cupcakes (2 months ago)
I had a flip tracphone as a test for getting a smart phone (whatever they looked like 10 years ago) 😂 I remember when the razor was the thing people wanted too lol I wouldn’t mind doing this kind of challenge for a week but I’d never switch back from my smartphone now
chris walsh (2 months ago)
Anyone who calls there phone an iPhone when they can call it there phone is just annoying I’m just stating this so I phone fangirls and fanboys don’t get pissed have a good day
Gacha Gabby :3 (2 months ago)
OMFG I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A FLIP PHONE AND THEY HATE IT. omg if i got an iphone for my bday i would say, ''Meh...'' And if i got a flip phone i would be like, ''OMG TY SOOOOOO MUCH!'' lol hate me as much as you want
FictionRumble (2 months ago)
Pornhub on a outdated phone is....whatever
Jyle Hyper (2 months ago)
That flip phone camera is more beautiful compare to my crappy Samsung j1
samvelparker (3 months ago)
i get in trouble a lot and my parents give me a flip phone whenever i do, ive become accustomed to flip phones

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