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People Use Flip Phones For A Week

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Text Comments (4273)
Holeshot Hunter (2 days ago)
Phone addicts
Jess Barnett (2 days ago)
I have that same LG flip phone. I used when my iPhone broke and I had to figure out how I was going to get a new one. Had it for 3 weeks lol! It was fine! That one girl is right about social media! I’m on a 30 day break from IG and don’t go on FB anymore since the election. The only social media I really couldn’t give up is YouTube.
CubedKirbyAG (3 days ago)
Imagine how the white blonde girls would handle this..
Atiq Shourav (4 days ago)
U know what.. 200 likes and I will not use any phone or Internet for a week.
Bo bo (9 days ago)
I got my first phone at 8 cause of good grades. I'm 12 and I use my phone everyday I still have good grades. My mom some times complains how I'm on it to much and says I don't study as much yet I'm still in a highschool algbera class.(after school for a hour)
Jane Doe (9 days ago)
This is like that Weird Al song "First World😂😂 Problems", and yes I am also like this sometimes😂😂
Allison Suleiman (9 days ago)
This is pathetic.
Solomon Crawford (9 days ago)
That black girl was right. Back in those days, life was much simpler! You had a flip hpone to contact your friends, and it really did not occupy more than 70% of your schedule. Not that I am being ungrateful for all we have today, but I really miss the good ol' times when I'd have one of those and wait for a Google picture to load for 3 minutes via Dial up internet..
MakoTaco (9 days ago)
Why are these 25-30 year olds having a hard time with a flip phone, it’s not like they’ve been around them all their childhood lol
Kristufer Rodicolous (10 days ago)
Flip phones made it easier to text and dial
Enigmatic Charmer (11 days ago)
I'm pretty sure millenials are old enough to have used flip phones...
Suya muki (12 days ago)
Flip is the best
Qatrunnada Hanifah (12 days ago)
How can they can't use their phone? I was born in 1999 and I still use feature phone until I entered High School.
TheInternet Sucks (12 days ago)
*i love flip phones*
Nik G (14 days ago)
They must be mad young bc i had a flip phone in like 2005/06..i dont remember it being that bad..smh...gotta learn to break away!! Am I the only one ~not~ on social media? I actually dont like knowing what everyones doing unless were conversing (even then i just want a quick update-thats it) and I prefer to keep my life private...
Thegoldenemerald (14 days ago)
Mark (14 days ago)
I used that exact same flip phone for 5 months this year and it was awesome. Got a smart phone when my wife had a BOGO offer on a new one. I found the flip phone in a drawer this past week and i'm going to re-activate it this week; just keep my smart phone for business trips. If someone out there is thinking about this, i would advise they give it a try.
Qatrunnada Hanifah (12 days ago)
I use my dad flip phone for several days because my phone wreck in evacuation during earthquakes in my office. Feel amazing. Usually I check my phone every 10 minutes. Now, I just let the phone laying on the shelve. My coworkers said the phone is cute.
Edmo Suassuna (14 days ago)
humanity doesn't deserve to be alive anymore.
g sun (15 days ago)
The guy looks like eureka's brother
xxjustrelicsyouknowxx (16 days ago)
I hope this is scripted.
chadam2010 (16 days ago)
There are too little gay ethnic transgender people in this video
ClassyReya (16 days ago)
I wish flip phones were still a thing
E. Rodger (17 days ago)
these type of people are yikes, i'd rather go back living in the nokia 3310 era.
robagiuffre (17 days ago)
these people all make me suddenly feel very fascist....like I want to invade Poland and establish Lebensraum.
Noah Wigton (18 days ago)
Had a flip phone couple years ago, wasnt all that bad tbh
mint (18 days ago)
I'm the same age as them and i got my first flip phone in 2008.
Hi Heheh (18 days ago)
For a week? I use it for a lifetime
Popgeekhorror Vlogs (19 days ago)
My mom miss her old flipphone
Nazzz Nazzz (20 days ago)
Lol.. I owned 2 flip phone before, moto v3x and one low end samsung..
itsahellofaname (20 days ago)
I really feel sorry for this generation - what a shallow existence.
Darko (21 days ago)
Flip phone , 60$ 31 inch tv , 40$ PS2 Console , No Internet and cheap satelite television.
tommy rodrigez (21 days ago)
I'm only 24 and use a flip phone for years I didn't get my first smart phone until I was 18 after high school
Ghostshielder (22 days ago)
Ew I phone
GuyFromSomeWorld (22 days ago)
How is this a challenge? I used a flip phone from 2012 to 2014.
Emina Alihodzic (25 days ago)
I’m 17 and I know how to use a flip phone and I also still have one.
lyxxx 009 (26 days ago)
Wait i am younger than them but used flip phone before im 19 by the way.
Jeremiah Wells (26 days ago)
The constant "upspeak, vocal fry and overuse of like and literally"?? I hope this isn't the way millennials talk.
Apollo Sun (26 days ago)
None of them are millennials, they're all genY. Millennials are older than 30.
Eazy-J Man (27 days ago)
0:41 my grandpa has the iPhone 8 plus and I have the iPhone 6 and my grandma has a iPhone 7
Torch Live (27 days ago)
Just a week???? Should be at least 2 months lol. The people in the video look over 20 and that would mean that they grew up around flip phones smh
jollymagnum (27 days ago)
Braindoner101 (27 days ago)
I miss my Motorola Razr
Ivane Rodriguez (28 days ago)
Z T (28 days ago)
2:28 on her phone filming people on their phones while supposedly reading a magazine, but really just on her phone just like everyone else.
Deanandre (28 days ago)
wtf clickbait. Where's the Motorola Razr?
The beto (28 days ago)
I'm 15 and I know how to use a flp phone
Huge dramaaaaaAlert
Shabnam Sayedzadah (29 days ago)
“Classical addiction when you think you can’t live without it.” Well that was a disturbing sentence
Shabnam Sayedzadah (1 month ago)
I might get a flip phone
Jason Betts (1 month ago)
I'm never getting an iPhone!
tomato shi (1 month ago)
there are lot of smart flip phone in Asia,dont you know?
táyl ø (1 month ago)
Flip phones are not even that bad.....
Creativitor Music (1 month ago)
I dont like smartphones so i laughed all the way through it.
Cautionary ThougHt (1 month ago)
If ur not using ur platform to help go fix ur selves u weak minded people🥳🧠
“I noticed things I did notice before” * pans to a video of him looking at the world one trade centre * .... honey I sure hope that that wasn’t the first time u noticed that...
Jaeger (1 month ago)
lol i'm younger than these people and i know how to use flip phones...
jace dark (1 month ago)
i'm tired of my smartphone and to watch people that actually MISS their smartphones is so weird to me. i used a Samsung Intensity 2 for a while back in 2016 or 2015 and it was the best experience i've ever had really. i miss old CDMA phones. :(
Leilani Sokawaii (1 month ago)
Even tho I'm 12 I know how to use a flip phone likeeee thx to my sisters did everyone else look up to there siblings because you thought they were cool because they had a phone :/))/
Gabrielle Patricia (1 month ago)
so this is buzzfeed after everyone jumped ship....
Game Spirit (1 month ago)
I don't understand where the stereotype of Millennials not knowing what flip phones are comes from. Millennials are literally the only generation that grew up with flip phones.
JustMe JustVictor (1 month ago)
5:16 LOL
Hrothgar O' Dhughaill (1 month ago)
I have some shocking news for people...If your "Friends" arent willing to be interested in your life outside social media/phones/internet...then they probably arent your friends.
Oussama Farhati (1 month ago)
S O Y.
Melissa Pierce (1 month ago)
Girl: sooooooooooooooo I’m using pornhub on a flip phone and it’s not an interactive experience Me:but it can be XD
irina korolkova (1 month ago)
I would rather have a flip pone than a iphone or samsung or google im not going to list every phone compony
Hajar Hafiz (1 month ago)
Can’t you use a laptop
pankaja vijaykrishnan (1 month ago)
That fat fellow is so stupidly weird😂😂😂
juliana arias (1 month ago)
i have a 74 year old grandma/abuelita and she has the latest phone cause she owns a clinic
Xtina Marie (1 month ago)
Wow I'm 27 and know how to use a flip phone!
psychedelic boi (1 month ago)
how could they not memorize the streets they walk and drive in like thats what i do instead of using gps
Azax Sama (1 month ago)
Are you sure walker is human?
I read a cupple bucks *holds up a pussheen book
Kevin S (1 month ago)
I just came here to read the comments. Lets be real here, their a lot funnier/better then the videos Buzz Feed makes.
(1 month ago)
Last flip phone I had was the n95 pretty good. Was good upto 2015. My Razr V3 was good till 2010.
Javlin (1 month ago)
This is sad
Samsung is my favorite (1 month ago)
What the flip phone name
johnied850914 (1 month ago)
Imagine living with no cell phone at all that's how it was back in the day.
Alexa (1 month ago)
When I was like 7 my parents gave me a flip phone and I thought I was so cool.
Aaron Del Rey (1 month ago)
I’d love to use a t-Mobile sidekick always
ZorroNegro 22 (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ people! This goes to show how enslaved we are to our phones.... But seriously??? You cant find your way to a staples in a coty you lived in you entire life??? Lol I have a phine but even i know my way around in my city without one. No offense. Just lol
Justice Forall (1 month ago)
This generation is a sad case. A sad case in deed. I've went from a flip phone to a blackberry to an iPhone to a Galaxy Note 8, and now I'm back to a flip phone. Why? Because I'm tired of social media. I'm tired of texting, and I'm tired of other people's boring life. and.... Wait. Did someone on this vid. try to use Pornhub on a flip phone? OMFG!! lmao!! Wow!! Say it 'ain't so! Whoops! It's So! lmao.
Brenaye Peete (1 month ago)
I'm 22....and they don't know how to use flip phones?
M Hodges (1 month ago)
I lost my lg phone for two days. Couldn't sleep the first night worried about what some stranger was doing with my phone. Had to cancel apps and change so many passwords. My photos on my sd card were lost forever. Made myself so sick.. my sinuses started to act up. All of this and I'm 56 year old, not some texting obsessed twenty year. Thankfully my phone was found. That two day breakup was my worst ever.
Arthur Belousov (1 month ago)
and then they probably still using phone's for recording their vlogs
prakhar nagpal (1 month ago)
Have we reached this level of addiction
EnderKingI (1 month ago)
LOL I dont have a phone :) And I love life! Smartphones are not needed to have an amazing experience with friends and family.
TyTy Williams (1 month ago)
The fact that they are in their 20’s maybe 30’s why are they so culture shocked over these phones?? Im 23 and i wouldn’t be as clueless with a flippy lol id actually enjoy it hell its nostalgia for crying out loud . Ughh this generation is so clueless to life
fonzo2525 (1 month ago)
get a flip phone and start living your life again,it's just so depressing sitting in a room with people and everyone is just glued to their phones.
Spintechfilms (1 month ago)
These people are sad
Schmidt (1 month ago)
1:23 Dude looks like a geezer that sleeps in anti wrinkle cream
1:14 yeah, because shes a scrub.
Lane_X (1 month ago)
Flip phones still has games on it. One of my friends has uno, Tetris, and other games on his flip phone.
Randall Stewart (1 month ago)
How sad, and in a way, terrifying for the future. These people are as addicted as any crack junky. The result of such is that they cannot communicate with spoken language apart form using the short, broken phrases they punch into their phones,. They merge any sense of personal identity or personality into the norms of their social group. A couple of them state that they waste huge amounts of time on their smartphones - surprised even - but then immediately return to old, unproductive ways when the phones are returned. These must be, as a generation, the most uninformed and uninteresting people ever born.
Jason O'Leary (1 month ago)
Why the hell would a grown man want to take selfies? If we still lived in the Clint Eastwood/ John Wayne era, he would be kicked up & down the street and no one would need to ask why!! The best thing about living in 2018.. technology. Worst thing.. millennials!!
Lana Del Sirena (1 month ago)
🤦🏼‍♀️omg These people are so annoying
don vito mac (1 month ago)
Such assholes !
MrPang0808 (1 month ago)
I've been using 3310 as my primary phone for 5 months. After watching these people I feel like I must be a genius.
Edward Kjellberg (1 month ago)
4:01 the least thing you need is diner a salad would do you good looking at you.
Rachel Muench (1 month ago)
what kind of phone is that, like what model

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