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Top 10 Movies of All Time

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These are the films that made Hollywood great. This final video culminates our Best Movies of All Time series by drawing from the #1 or #2 ranked movies in each decade list. These movies are selected based on their iconic status, critical acclaim, box-office success, and watchability; and not what your film studies professor or most artsy movie critics would pick. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we conclude our series on the Best Movies of All Time with our list of the Top 10 Movies of All Time. Special thanks to our users movielover459, Josh3000, JakeMaringoni, Nathan Zahra, Andrew Neilson, richardbain, sven van de riet, jwiking62, Kirsten A. Noé, Esteban Brzovic Muñoz, Slimy, Opst3r, yo_mum and the1QNF for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest! Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Movies%20of%20All%20Time If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Check us out at Twitter.com/WatchMojo and Facebook.com/WatchMojo We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/E7at/
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Text Comments (46225)
MonoSoundMag (1 hour ago)
This list should be called "The Best Movies of All Time in United States"
DJ Dunker-015-1 (4 hours ago)
What about Scarface?
Rella Ruelos (4 hours ago)
How come the sound of music is not in the list
its a brent new day (9 hours ago)
there are almost no good movies in this vid only 30 year old movies….
its a brent new day (7 hours ago)
that's possible (i'm 15 btw)
TheNabOwnzz (9 hours ago)
its a brent new day Possibly because it is not meant for 12 year olds such as yourself?
My list 10 Apocalypto 9 Forrest Gump 8 Django unchained 7 Cold Mountain 6 Fight Club 5 platoon 4 Apocalypse Now 3 Matrix 2 Carandiru 1 City of God
Libelldrian (11 hours ago)
The Godfather is overrated as fuck.
Mohit Mathur (15 hours ago)
Where is 2001: A Space Odyssey ?
Diego Van Buggenhout (18 hours ago)
My Top 10 Best BEST movies: 1) Apocalypse Now 2) Halloween(1978) 3) The Empire Strikes Back 4) Willy Wonka And The Chocolat Factory 5) Psycho 6) The Godfather 7) The Lion King 8) The Terminator(i prefer the first one above T2, but i also love T2) 9) A New Hope 10) Wizard Of Oz Top 10 Best WORST movies(i love them because they are so bad, i watch them as much as my top 10 best BEST movies) 1) Poolboy; Drowing Out The Fury 2) Batman & Robin 3)The Phantom Menace 4)Jason X 5)Jason Goes To Hell 6)Friday The 13th Part 8 : Jason Takes Manathan 7)Jaws 3 3D 8)The Omen Part 4 9)Poltergeist II 10)The Emoji Movie
TheNabOwnzz (12 hours ago)
Diego Van Buggenhout Isn't that the point?
Diego Van Buggenhout (12 hours ago)
Nah i don't enjoy it to be honest XD
TheNabOwnzz (17 hours ago)
Diego Van Buggenhout The Room is always #1 in a top 10 worst movies list.
Theo Kennedy (23 hours ago)
Forrest Gump
_LegoFanForLife _ (1 day ago)
The Man with no Name (3 hours ago)
extremely overrated piece of toxic garbage
TheNabOwnzz (22 hours ago)
_LegoFanForLife _ No.
Fat Bos (1 day ago)
c/k most boring film yuk
Tara hm (1 day ago)
Here are my picks for best movies in no particular order: The original Frankenstein The original Amytiville What Dreams May Come The Thin Red Line The Green Mile Get out Requiem for a Dream American History X The Dark Crystal The matrix ( first one only)
Lamborghini Cars (12 hours ago)
Tara hm Where's The Godfather
Beavis emoji here (1 day ago)
Saw the version of apocalypse now that had the full length of Marlon Brando's crazy person monologue. That is 27 minutes of my life I'll never get back. NO to this movie being on the greatest list. Maybe most famous, but not greatest.
Groot Luke (1 day ago)
Home Alone and Back To The Future should be on this list
TheNabOwnzz (22 hours ago)
Groot Luke No.
AARON DIXON (1 day ago)
1) hidden 2) blood in blood out 3) apocalypto
Lamborghini Cars (20 hours ago)
AARON DIXON The Godfather is the best
Leon Farrell (1 day ago)
No batman and Robin classic watchmojo
My Personal Top 5: 1. Apokalypse Now 2. The Godfather 3. The Godfather Part 2 4. 2001 A Space Odyssee 5. Once upon a Time in the West
TheNabOwnzz (18 hours ago)
Maximilian Buschmann Once Upon a Time in the West is far superior to those other four, but still a good list.
Lamborghini Cars (20 hours ago)
Maximilian Buschmann No The Godfather is number 1
My favorite movie is Interstellar
Lamborghini Cars (1 day ago)
Alias #SzanownyKolega No it's The Godfather
Rich S (1 day ago)
Dark Knight? LOL. It was a great movie, but hardly a greatest film pick. For example, the harvey dent, rachel dawes and bruce wayne love triangle was silly, or at least, wasn't fleshed out enough to invest my feelings for any of them. In fact, the movie was so emotionless that I had a hard time caring how it would end. The best thing about it was Heath Ledger as the Joker and Gary Oldman as the commissioner. I would say that this movie belongs on the top ten greatest acting movies if anything else.
Rich S (17 hours ago)
I agree. It is overhyped. Without Ledger, the movie is average at best. I don't think his performance was mind boggingly great, to be honest, but I can't help wanting to see the movie again just so I can see Ledger's James Dean style rehashing of the character. But. if his character was the riddler, he would have sucked (only Frank Gorshin can play that character).
TheNabOwnzz (17 hours ago)
Rich S Fair enough, at least you provide proper argumentation. However, i must still point out that TDK in general is overhyped to an absurd degree because of Ledger's death transcending it to levels it never reaches. While Ledger was not terrible, there are still many performances that outclass his and the only real pro TDK argument that is always given is his performance, since it doesn't have much else.
Rich S (17 hours ago)
While his death certainly influenced viewers to see his performance in a very sympathetic light, I still think he did a great job portraying a sadistic villain who has no interest in wealth (though he needs money to play his games). To him, it was all about seeking attention through violent means, and he felt justified by a twisted sense of righteousness/transcendence (forged by wretched upbringing). I wasn't convinced when I saw TDK the first time, but I recently watched it again and was impressed by Ledger's disturbing performance.
TheNabOwnzz (1 day ago)
Rich S Yes, i realize you mean Ledger, but he wasn't anything special by a long shot. It's an average superhero villain performance that would never have become so iconic if he didn't die shortly afterwards.
Rich S (1 day ago)
Well, I guess it's a matter of personal opinion, like this Top 10 Movies Countdown. Not all great acting needs to be emotional train wrecks. And I was referring to Heath Ledger's performance, not Bale's Batman, which was indeed lame.
3 Frag Jag (1 day ago)
Oh come on the God father is so slow and dull. Goodfellas put it too shame! Lord of the rings or Jurassic park should have been number 1. Maybe even shawshank
TheNabOwnzz (17 hours ago)
3 Frag Jag The difference, my good man, is that you seem to base your verdict on how many times you fall asleep during the film. This is not a flaw of the film, but a flaw of the person. Thus this means your attentionspan is probably too low to comprehend it. I, on the other hand, base my verdict on well thought out argumentation about the important aspects of filmmaking (acting,writing, cinematography, art direction etc ) . Being 'bored' is not an argument because that is always the viewers fault and not the films fault.
3 Frag Jag (17 hours ago)
TheNabOwnzz And what makes my opinion incorrect?.. because your opinion is different?... So really that's same thing that's your opinion. I can probably think of a dozen films above godfather .. star wars... jaws...terminator... Goodfellas...shawshank.... Jurassic park... forrest Gump... alien...Lord of the rings... heck even wizard of oz. I only ever watched it once and I was so bored by the end I practically fell asleep.
TheNabOwnzz (19 hours ago)
3 Frag Jag That's your subjective opinion. You can state Alien is better than the Godfather but that is just objectively incorrect whatever your preferences are. Objectively the Alien is slightly below it.
3 Frag Jag (19 hours ago)
TheNabOwnzz Well it was.. not really sure where it's going from there you aren't gonna change my mind about it.
TheNabOwnzz (23 hours ago)
3 Frag Jag Nah, Alien wasn't better than the Godfather, although the difference is minimal.
Lukkern (1 day ago)
The shining, barry lyndon, a clockwork orange, and 2001 a space odyssey should have been on the list... At least have had honorable mentions...
abirhasan (1 day ago)
Where is the Titanic movie
Lamborghini Cars (1 day ago)
abirhasan Not worthy
Tiwana Tiwana (2 days ago)
indian - Hashar ( Babbu Maan )
Andre Alonso (2 days ago)
<3 I always wished to put in one place all greatest movies and watch these when I want <3
Siggie Svensson (2 days ago)
I use boxxy software for two months and i discovered amazing collection of movies in moods. For me these are the best movies ever. By the way, maybe you will be interested.. boxxy also is for free and has all movies and all serials ever made, and more that that, it has many languages for dubbing and subtitling
Jacob Ashburner (2 days ago)
Interstellar, shindlars list, 2001 ?????????????
Faceless User (2 days ago)
What?! Where is good will hunting?! How is that not on this list?!
Wissam Kassem (2 days ago)
My top 10 is : - inception -the departed -casino -Taxi driver -the god father part 1 -good fellas -seven -Django Unchained -Fight club -the Shawshank redemption
TheNabOwnzz (1 day ago)
TaxiDriver 101 Forget it, pal. Why are you even still replying on his comments?
TaxiDriver 101 (1 day ago)
Lamborghini Cars what is your top 10 list?
Wissam Kassem (1 day ago)
Lamborghini Cars yes is one of my favorite movies
Lamborghini Cars (1 day ago)
Wissam Kassem The Godfather
Wissam Kassem (1 day ago)
TaxiDriver 101 Thank you bro
10:avatar 9:rocky2 8:avengers infinity war 7: Forest gump 6:the green mile 5:Titanic 4:Die hard 3:The Godfather 2:Star Wars ep5 1:Scarface
Lamborghini Cars (2 days ago)
State street Entertainment No The Godfather is number 1 not 3
Please Sir his movie all any language avaliable her in hindi but English subtitles I am from India where are you from
Devraj Das (3 days ago)
Worst list ever made. Only a few were best. 😶
TaxiDriver 101 (1 day ago)
Lamborghini Cars So is your favorites list literally identical to this list?
Lamborghini Cars (2 days ago)
Devraj Das They do have The Godfather and Citizen Kane
Devraj Das (2 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars yess maybe but i think some movies are left out which were far better
Lamborghini Cars (2 days ago)
Devraj Das No all 10 of these were masterpieces bud
Jared Cousino (3 days ago)
Terminator fkn 2?? Not in here.. I'm out
TheNabOwnzz (2 days ago)
Jared Cousino T2 is good but not good enough for a top 10 all time.
Kelly Tung (3 days ago)
I gotta be honest, they did a pretty bad job of choosing the top 10. I don't even know why "The Dark Knight" is on the list, and they excluded some of the best movies in history from this list. Titanic may not be the best movie, but it is top 5 in the box office and lasted in theaters for the longest time. So why isn't it here?
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
Yeah if a film is a the biggest box office hit doesn’t mean it’s the best movie ever made. Them Transformers is one of the best films ever made
Lamborghini Cars (2 days ago)
Kelly Tung Titanic is not as good as these movies just because it's one of the highest grossing films of all time dose not mean it's the best TDK is better than Titanic and that's a fact plus Jacks death was kinda stupid
SNA Videos (3 days ago)
10.James bond Skyfall 9.The godfther part 1 8.The cars 1 7.I dont know what movie i should put here 6.The green mile 5.Forest gam 4.The lion king 1 3.Life is beutiful 2.The 6th sense 1.Braveheart
YouTube Police (1 day ago)
TaxiDriver 101 No it's a fact moron
TaxiDriver 101 (1 day ago)
YouTube Police It’s actually an opinion idiot
YouTube Police (3 days ago)
SNA Videos The Godfather is the best movie ever made that's a fact not an opinion
weindog2 (3 days ago)
So much disrespect to good will hunting best movie of all time
YouTube Police (3 days ago)
weindog2 What disrespect and The Godfather is better
SNA Videos (3 days ago)
Why the fuck is the dark knight 2 in top 10 and is not Braveheart or the 6th sense
TaxiDriver 101 (3 days ago)
SNA Videos It’s not “The Dark Knight 2”, it’s the Dark Knight, sequel to Batman Begins. Something tells me you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.
joaquin cantu (3 days ago)
Trash a$$ List
YouTube Police (3 days ago)
joaquin cantu HELL NAH not with The Godfather at number 1
Bigbobjone697 (3 days ago)
My top 10: 1) Terminator 2 (1991) 2) Back to the Future (1985) 3) Coco (2017) 4) Forrest Gump (1994) 5) Finding Nemo (2003) 6) Terminator 1 (1984) 7) The Dark Knight (2008) 8) Stand By Me (1986) 9) Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 3 (1995,2010) 10) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) I never saw The Shawnshank Redemption or The Godfather yet.
zain alabedien (2 days ago)
You should watch both
Lamborghini Cars (2 days ago)
Bigbobjone697 The Godfather is the best
YouTube Police (3 days ago)
And The Godfather part 2
YouTube Police (3 days ago)
Bigbobjone697 You should see The Godfather
magnusderkleine (3 days ago)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R? 2001 a space odyssey? Why arent these Classics on the List?
TheNabOwnzz (2 days ago)
magnusderkleine Both have very weak characters and non existent character development.
majid majidi (3 days ago)
I think the link that i put it below is the best film made ever. click it and enjoy . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bliaJKD2qE&list=PLFcunZcFZZRLK57s1A-39MuHPhfVjJjUh
YouTube Police (3 days ago)
majid majidi The Godfather is better
mirza kotil (3 days ago)
Giving the most Oscar awarded movie The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King just a honorable mention? And not putting Fight Club to the list? Are you kidding me?
TheNabOwnzz (3 days ago)
mirza kotil Oscars are irrelevant.
I'm glad that Shaw shank made it on but still... No7?????????
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
It shouldn’t be in the top 10. Good film thougj
Fame Lord (3 days ago)
TAP TAP TAP PRODUCTIONS 6 films were just better
Bonnici 18 (3 days ago)
1. Memento 2. Shutter Island 3. The Prestige 4. Se7en 5. The Godfather Part 1 6. Oldboy 7. In the Name of the Father 8. Shawshank Redemption 9. The Usual Suspects 10. The Godfather Part 2
Fame Lord (3 days ago)
Bonnici 18 The Godfather part 1 is the best
Sub Zero (3 days ago)
DavidLeon M.O.G. (4 days ago)
Worst list ever!
DavidLeon M.O.G. (19 hours ago)
Fame Lord........Que Sera Sera
DavidLeon M.O.G. (3 days ago)
Fame Lord I'm glad you think so........👍🏾
Fame Lord (3 days ago)
DavidLeon M.O.G. No it's the best list ever
Aravind A (4 days ago)
Shawshank is best
Fame Lord (3 days ago)
Aravind A No The Godfather is the best
Evan Schweppe (4 days ago)
where's the shining...
Abraham Rivera (4 days ago)
Citizen kane should've been number 1.
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
They are both the best it’s so close they’re pretty much tied.
TaxiDriver 101 (2 days ago)
YouTube Police You’re pathetic
YouTube Police (2 days ago)
TheNabOwnzz bro those ain't mi accounts I just came here to tell you why they're right
TheNabOwnzz (3 days ago)
YouTube Police You're starting to piss me off. For some reason you are on three different accounts so if i was dumb i could think there were people supporting your claim, which is obviously a joke. Meanwhile all you can say about the Godfather is it won some pathetic oscars which means nothing since oscars are strictly subjective. Grow up, kid, and quit being a typical milennial sheep.
TaxiDriver 101 (3 days ago)
Fame Lord Congradulations. You’ve now stooped so low as to create 2 accounts to better your ludicrous argument.
Luca Pettinato (4 days ago)
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
Luca Pettinato the list is greatest. Titanic is not greatest
jack green (4 days ago)
Goodfellas was better than the godfather
TheNabOwnzz (1 day ago)
Daniel Borden Only Michael in the Godfather equals Goodfellas's fascinating characters. I am not saying the Godfather isn't accurate but it is relatively tame and humane in its depiction of the mob, relatively speaking. Goodfellas, however, captures a consistent kind of terror and fear in Hill's character wherein it feels like he could get whacked at any given moment, and the brutality of the mob characters in it over little things such as when spider got shot really show a more inhuman, psychologically terrifying version of the mob, in which the immersion is utterly fantastic. When i said eventful i meant that its characters go through more of life. It is essentially a life story, which has many ups and downs, while the Godfather is simple a story. Both are indeed masterpieces, but Goodfellas has slightly more in its total package.
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
TheNabOwnzz well the character development in The Godfather is equally as good with Michael, Kay etc. And mobsters even said themselves taht is it accurate. Plus that’s not all what makes a film better. I love both anyway. And The Godfather is pretty eventful man. Plus it is opinion.
TheNabOwnzz (1 day ago)
Daniel Borden It's not a matter of opinion. Goodfellas has superior character development, a more streamlined and eventful narrative structure, and it is shockingly accurate to actual mob organisations. Strictly objectively speaking Goodfellas is obviously superior
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
TaxiDriver 101 i guess it’s all just opinion and preference. I love both films though.
TaxiDriver 101 (1 day ago)
Daniel Borden No Goodfellas has an sdge
Vedran Tomic (4 days ago)
Vedran Tomic (1 day ago)
Daniel Borden Titanic is best ship ever man!!!
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
Titanic was pretty bad man
TaxiDriver 101 (3 days ago)
TheNabOwnzz And Good Will Hunting
TheNabOwnzz (4 days ago)
Vedran Tomic L.A. Confidential >>>>> Titanic is the real truth of 1997.
Anthony Benjamin (4 days ago)
The Wolf of wall street ?
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Guys who hate on superhero movies stop giving TDK crap for being a superhero movie you idiots clearly hasn't seen it and you're judging it for stating batman. TDK deserves to be on this list and you can't say otherwise.
Lamborghini Cars (2 days ago)
TheNabOwnzz you say TDK is on the same quality of the other superhero films yet I've seen it and your points are wrong TDK is a masterpiece not some garbage from the DCEU
TheNabOwnzz (3 days ago)
Fame Lord Jesus christ i'm not even sure if a human being can be this utterly oblivious and retarded as you are or whether or not you are simply trolling. Just because i don't like your little superhero nonsense for valid and objective reasons i haven't seen it...? Grow up, you idiot, and grow a spine and judge your movies without any outside influence.
Fame Lord (3 days ago)
TheNabOwnzz Ha you've never seen it Heath Ledger is a legend
TheNabOwnzz (4 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars Like i said earlier, weak linear narrative structure, unabsorbing and uninteresting characters except perhaps Harvey Dent, no sub text, symbolism, or subtlety. Most of this mediocre screenplay shoves their facts down your throat. Not bad, but average acting. Lacking of morality dilemmas or humanitary themes, which in turn makes it seem like a kind of pointless exercise. Face the truth, boyo, not everyone who dislikes your simplistic little superhero film 'hasn't seen it.'
HAL JORDAN (4 days ago)
1.Inception 2.The Shining 3.Psycho 4.Star wars the Empire strikes back 5.The Fugitive 6.The Shawshank redemption 7.The Godfather 8.Green Lantern...Dark Knight 9.Halloween 10.Alien.
HAL JORDAN (4 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars Ok I The Green Lantern was just a joke of course Godfather is number one Green Lantern is my favorite character so I had a joke and put the movie on the list.
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
HAL JORDAN It's fine just take off Green Lantern and put Godfather at number 1
HAL JORDAN (4 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars Damn I put it on the list what do you think of my list you like it?
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
HAL JORDAN Green lantern are you frickin kidin me and The Godfather is number 1
Jacob Valentino (4 days ago)
10. You 9. Can’t 8. Rank 7. All 6. The 5. Best 4. Movies 3. They’re 2. All 1. The Godfather
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Jacob ValentinoThe Godfather is king and Godfather part 2 is also a masterpiece
Joseph Ancion (4 days ago)
I knew the gdfather would be #1
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Joseph Fforde ffan Who didn't know
One of the many Matts (4 days ago)
My personal favorite movies of all time in no particular order: The Empire Strikes Back The Godfathers part I & II Pulp Fiction Seven Samurai Jurassic Park Taxi Driver E.T the Extraterrestrial Apocalypse Now Schindler's List Jaws To Kill a Mockingbird GoodFellas Lawrence of Arabia Alien & Aliens Toy Story Reservoir Dogs Raiders of the Lost Ark Saving Private Ryan Rear Window Fargo The Graduate Terminator 2: Judgement Day Se7en Fantasia Blade Runner Lost in Translation Good Will Hunting Die Hard Snow White and the seven dwarfs Memento Malcom X The Deer Hunter Prince of Egypt The Fugitive Psycho Raging Bull L.A Confidential Silence of the Lambs Full Metal Jacket The Shining City of God The Shawshank Redemption Platoon The Departed Captain America: The Winter Soldier Finding Nemo Her L.A Confidential The Prestige
Aditya aditya (4 days ago)
Schindler's list Unbroken Shawshank's redemption Forrest gump Casablanca Saving private Ryan Inception Persuit of happyness Whiplash Goodwill haunting Wolf of the wallstreet Life is beautiful No country for oldman Hacksaw ridge The fault is in our star Cast away
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Aditya aditya Where is The Godfather
Kunwar Thakur (4 days ago)
I think prestige should also be. In here . Like if agree
Juan Garcini (4 days ago)
In guessing you only watch Hollywood films thinking they are the best, alltough in the video they mention what “made Hollywood great”. this list should be called greatest Hollywood movies of all time, even if it says “it’s not what your artsy professor would pick” I find it kind of unfair to forget all the world cinema and calling pure American films the greatest of al time specially when there are great films that have more artistic and filosófical depth,example : stalker by Tarkovsky or Berlin alexanderplatz by fassbinder or even come and see by Ellen klimov, the greatest war movie ever made (not saving private ryan) than say Star Wars, even if I like the saga just because of nostalgic memories.
Juan Garcini (4 days ago)
ok for you it's that way cool !
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Juan Garcini Hollywood makes all the best movies
Xxtactical noobxX (4 days ago)
10.the lord of the rings 3 9.spiderman homecoming 8.batman begins 7.batman the dark knight rises 6.black panther 5.terminator 2 4.thor ragnarok 3.batman the dark knight 2.infinity war 1.mission impossible fallout
TheNabOwnzz (1 day ago)
Xxtactical noobxX Actually this opinion DOES make you dumb, since it shows that you like idiotic films that like to insult audience's intelligence with their stupidity, which in turn means you are in fact, a dumb person.
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
Xxtactical noobxX ok sorry. In my opinion 2001 a space odyssey and Citizen Kane are better films than Mission Impossible. But that’s just my opinion.
Xxtactical noobxX (1 day ago)
Daniel Borden it's my opinion that doesn't make me dumb. Fucking pleb
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
If you think these films are the best films ever made... you’re pretty dumb man.
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Xxtactical noobxX No The Godfather is the best
Xxtactical noobxX (4 days ago)
The wizard of Oz 1939 pisses me off. I hate the girls voice. It's so cringey
TheNabOwnzz (1 day ago)
Xxtactical noobxX Unfunny jokes, weird ass african line deliveries that are unintentionally comical. Cliché based dialogue that a little child could have thought of. Ridiculous flying females, and more ridiculous cringeworthy nonsense. The entire film is an agonizing cringefest.
Xxtactical noobxX (1 day ago)
TheNabOwnzz how's that movie cringey? Christ you must be one of hitlers associates
TheNabOwnzz (4 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars Black Panther is the definition of cringe. It has some of the worst dialogue ever put on film, and nobody is able to deliver a line in a normal way.
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
TheNabOwnzz Black Panther is not cringy idk what you're talking about
TheNabOwnzz (4 days ago)
Xxtactical noobxX You complain about cringe but you put Black Panther in your top 10 all time.... That really makes your whole statement seem ridiculous.
Qruzh Ninja (4 days ago)
I really thought one of the Rocky’s did better
Matthew Brown (4 days ago)
1. Pulp Fiction 2. LOTR Trilogy 3. Django Unchained 4. The Shawshank Redemption 5. Psycho 6. The Dark Knight 7. The Lion King 8. The Shining 9. The Godfather Parts 1 & 2 10. American Beauty 11. Fight Club
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Matthew Brown No The Godfather is the best
William Joensen (5 days ago)
Where Was forrest Gump?
H P (5 days ago)
Instead of the dark knight they will now include infinity war
The Man with no Name (3 hours ago)
just shut the fuck up marvel bitch
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
H P Dark Knight is better and you know it
connrrs (5 days ago)
1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Schindler's List 3. The Godfather 4. The Dark Knight 5. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
TheNabOwnzz (22 hours ago)
Daniel Borden Shawshank is much better than Citizen Kane & 2001.
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
connrrs No it’s their favourite film. I’m sorry but I don’t understand how you would think that Shawshank is better than 2001 or Citizen Kane. The answer I expected from you was something like ‘it was boring’.
connrrs (1 day ago)
The Godfather was boring imo. Havent seen the others. The Shawshank Redemption, just like those, has some real symbolism and imagery in it that gives a lot of meaning to the movie. And yes, the fact a very high amount of people consider it on their top 5 and it being #1 on IMDb does let it be considered one of the best movies of all time. If not the best, up their with The Godfather.
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
connrrs yeah I guess it is just opinion but just because it’s rated number 1 on imdb doesn’t mean it’s the best movie of all time. I don’t get how it made it to the top of that list. I can see how it’s a favourite, but I can’t really see how it’s a better movie than The Godfather, Citizen Kane, 2001 etc.
connrrs (1 day ago)
That's my opinion. I havent seen a lot of movies that might rank higher. So far Shawshank is my favorite, and a lot of other peoples too. It's currently the highest rated movie on IMDb so....
Avenged Nightmare (5 days ago)
The dark knight should not be on this list i love batman i am a huge batman fan boy but the Dark Knight is not better than the shawshank redemption.
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Avenged Nightmare Don't bash the movie for being a superhero movie FFS TDK has much better writing and story then any other superhero movie ever made and Heath Ledger is a legend that won an Oscar for his roll
Film Geek (5 days ago)
My Favourites 20. Truman Show 19. Inception 18. Silence of the lamb 17. La la land 16. Whiplash 15. Her 14. Jarhead 13. Blade Runner 2049 12. Clockwork Orange 11. Boyhood 10. The Departed 9. Fight Club 8. Pulp Fiction 7. Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance) 6. Godfather 1&2 5. 2001: A space Odyssey 4. Dark Knight 3. Forrest Gump 2. Schindler's List 1. Shawnshank Redemption
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Film Geek No Godfather is the best
Luke Luke (5 days ago)
You left out the fact that Andy was innocent of his wife's murder. I guess that detail wasn't important?
Alexis Cabral (5 days ago)
Harry Potter? Avengers??😂❤️
yotta93 meister (5 days ago)
My top 10 10.youngblood 9. Red army 8. Mystery Alaska 7.MVP 6. Slapshot 5.Miracle 4.D3 Mighty Ducks 3. D2 Mighty Ducks 2. D1 Mighty Ducks 1. Pootie tang
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
yotta93 meister Nice joke but The Godfather is number 1
ronen (5 days ago)
1.shawshank redemption 2.goodfellas 3.the social network 4.american psycho 5.lord of the rings trilogy 6.schindlers list 7.2001 a space oddysey 8.the shining 9.american beauty 10.the dark knight
ronen (20 hours ago)
Downton 654 i dont really like godfather i think goodfellas is a better mafia film
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
poopy butthole Yeah Godfather is the best movie ever made
Downton 654 (5 days ago)
Ahem Godfather
ivan creations (5 days ago)
where is my beautiful Shrek
MMONLY (5 days ago)
the godfather l definitely is the best movie ever made in my opinion ~said by a harry potter super fan~
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
Sefyuu Ladiff no Godfather better
Lamborghini Cars (2 days ago)
Sefyuu Ladiff No The Godfather is the best
Sefyuu Ladiff (2 days ago)
The green mile is the best movie ever made.
MMONLY (4 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars i do consider harry potter and the godfather two entirely opposite genres so it is (at least i believe) rare that a person who lives for hp likes a movie(s) like the godfather.
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
MMONLY Harry Potter what?
j.k b (5 days ago)
Return of the king and interstellar rly belong here
Lisa D (5 days ago)
The Dark Knight(?)...give me a break!
Lamborghini Cars (2 days ago)
Lisa D No it's a masterpiece and you only said that because it's a superhero movie
TheNabOwnzz (3 days ago)
Lisa D Correct.
Lisa D (3 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars...I just watched it on Netflix 2 days ago. It was nothing special. BTW I've been watching movies for over 50 years and there are so many movies that are vastly superior to this one - this channel is obviously geared for teeny boppers.
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Lisa D Watch the dam movie instead of hating on it
Jarno Przyborski (5 days ago)
Green mile is missing atleast as an honorable mention
Peter Xue (5 days ago)
Infinity war the goat
MinimePlayz (5 days ago)
Mine 10. Matrix (Perfecto) 9. Mission Impossible : Fallout ( Best Film, Best Action Sequences) 8. Forest Gump( A Great Adventure 7. Deadpool ( Funny) 6. The Dark Knight ( Joker) 5. Back To The Future (Time Travel Masterpiece) 4. Star Wars Episode 6 (I enjoyed the ending and disclosing of the original trilogy) 3. Baby Driver (The driving is highly entertaining) 2. Shaun Of The Dead (Most Watchable Movie) 1. The Big Lebowski (Very Iconic Lines Love all the Characters)
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
MinimePlayz No The Godfather is the best
I comment on videos (5 days ago)
Top 5. 1. Shrek 1 2. Shrek 2 3. Emoji Movie 4. Pixel 5. Grown ups 2
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
I comment on videos Nice joke but in all seriousness tho The Godfather is the best
Azazel (5 days ago)
Where is pirates of the Carribbean
Kurdish Bilo (5 days ago)
The best movie of all time is borat
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Baran Yalcin No it's The Godfather
Gabriele Costa (5 days ago)
(Top 10 north american blockbusters)
Andrew Seagrove (5 days ago)
1Titanic 2The Life of Brian 3 2001 a space odyssey 4 The Commitments 5 there is too many great films....
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
I love the Commitments but Titanic isn’t the best
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Andrew Seagrove The a Godfather is the best
art kid (5 days ago)
To Kill a Mockingbird shouda been there
Andrew MacDonald (6 days ago)
Citizen Kane looks better the older I get. The acting, story, makeup, are great even by today's standards.
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
TaxiDriver 101 I don't have an official list but I can tell you that The Godfather is number 1
TaxiDriver 101 (4 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars What is your all-time favorites list?
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Andrew MacDonald It's a masterpiece and definitely the second greatest movie ever
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Andrew MacDonald How did it not won best picture
TheNabOwnzz (5 days ago)
Andrew MacDonald Today's standards are shit.
brittany taylor (6 days ago)
personal list, though this one isn't bad: 1. titanic 2. forrest gump 3. the breakfast club 4. the wizard of oz 5. the shawshank redemption 6. a beautiful mind 7. pride & prejudice 8. scream 9. good will hunting 10. the lion king
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
brittany taylor No The Godfather is the best
DaBoss 123 (6 days ago)
Aliens didn’t even make the honorable mentions? Aliens is my favorite movie
DaBoss 123 (3 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars The Godfather is really good and deserves the top spot, but Aliens should at LEAST be on the honorable mentions
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
DaBoss 123 Godfather is better
kaspee zook (6 days ago)
They forgot 0. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Oh yeah, they left it under a pineapple
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
kaspee zook This isn't best nickelodeon movies
Clark M (6 days ago)
Jurassic Park wya??
ClasseyJoeOp 1234 (6 days ago)
I think Forest Gump should be somewhere on here
Kool Kid27 (6 days ago)
Titanic, rocky, jaws?
Daniel Borden (1 day ago)
Kool Kid27 the title says greatest..
Aaron Moh. (6 days ago)
Disappointing not seeing Gone with the Wind in the 1st place😧
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Aaron Moh. Godfather is better
Downton 654 (5 days ago)
Aaron Moh. Dude rewatch, it’s number 8
Aaron Moh. (5 days ago)
It wasn't even an honourable mention....😒
Downton 654 (5 days ago)
It's still top 10 and very good, but I mean I think the Godfather deserves that spot.
1:need for speed 2:dr.strange 3:infinity war 4:revenge of the sith 5:Jurassic world fallen kingdom 6:transformers dark of the moon 7:maze runner the death cure 8:hunger games catching fire 9:the dark knight 10:toy story 3
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
DeathTrooper productions Need for speed over The Godfather really? smh
Anna-Alice Leal (6 days ago)
Where is Rocky, Forrest Gump and The good the bad and the ugly?
Graham Lee (6 days ago)
Forrest Gump
Anonymus lll (6 days ago)
Dark Knight should be much higher....Most people rate it lower cause its a "superhero" movie
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Anonymus lll Exactly people who say that are idiots who haven't seen the movie before
Anonymus lll (6 days ago)
Wizard of oz is shit....
Anonymus lll (4 days ago)
Lamborghini Cars Oh yeah I know it had. But this is a list of best movies ever, not the movies with the greatest impact. It changed the movie industry for good but the movie itself is past history right now. Atleast according to me
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
Anonymus lll If you think about it it had a lot of impact
big C 73 (6 days ago)
Great list apart from Shawshank Redemption, it is an ok film but shoulld not be on an all time top 10 list.
Lamborghini Cars (4 days ago)
big C 73 Dude it's a legendary movie
TaxiDriver 101 (6 days ago)
big C 73 “It’s ok” 😟😟😟 that statement is pure ludicrousy SR is film perfection at its finest.
Theo Long (6 days ago)
My eyes wide shut!!!

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