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Bali Life Luxury Travel - How to Travel Like a Boss

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After a few nights in a beautiful 5-star resort, we move to another one and continue planning and organizing the accommodations for the team for the next 40 days of Bali Life. We also managed to move from a decent villa to full-blown balling villa by simply asking the question to the management team! Getting Free hotel upgrades and free accommodation is easy when you understand how to leverage the influencer economy. This is Bali Life Luxury Travel! Join our adventure and see all the things to do in Bali! And Join our Private Facebook Community: http://bit.ly/2t7c0Yt FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE: - YOUTUBE https://bit.ly/2JmrwmW - INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/Highonlife - FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/Sundayfundayz FOLLOW OUR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS: - Ryker http://instagram.com/rykergamble - Rush http://instagram.com/wanderlust - Mindy http://instagram.com/mindy - Alissa http://instagram.com/alissa.hansen
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Text Comments (176)
vid Happy trip (1 month ago)
I don't have any money, but I want to travel. What should I do?
Ewa from Warszawa (2 months ago)
Regarding costs for the internet: You have to look at the price compared to your salary - I am sure it is much lower in North America compared to Indonesia.
Fika Aulia (2 months ago)
Driving a car in the left side and in the left side of the road 😰😅
Agustinah Ruth Wullur (2 months ago)
Rewatch this video truly broke my hearts. :(
Travel with Tommy (4 months ago)
So sad watching this video for the 2nd time. RIP my dear friends Ryker, Alexey & Megan.
Lisa Brasssesco (4 months ago)
My Boyfriend and I would like to come visit!!... I love the big open area over looking the forest!!
Kadek S (4 months ago)
The real price of 30gb data promo is around 50k
Wina Sptiandani (5 months ago)
Even de monkey knows how to open the door🤣🤣
Banana Official (5 months ago)
I from Indonesian
Andrey Kalashnikov (5 months ago)
nice one...
parlin panjaitan (5 months ago)
Bali is Heaven 😇
Sandy Green (5 months ago)
Hello if you looking villa for rent in bali please cek my ig fancylala9villa budget under 1000 usd monts
Chandan Singh (5 months ago)
Night Life in Bali, on ground view: https://youtu.be/JcbI5Cer42w
Mohamad Hiqmal (5 months ago)
Hahaha itu sangatlah keren bro
Albin Karsan (5 months ago)
Nisrina Hana (5 months ago)
send my love to kenzo :')
Buana Jazck (5 months ago)
Please visit north of bali and show to us what you can find in there...😊
Anna Yuliana EL (5 months ago)
💖💖💖💖💖 everything so good
im from bali bro
Abi Rafdi Dinan (5 months ago)
Whats villa name first and after is? I wanna fo there
Hening Hennlich (5 months ago)
i know this place,nice
dineshdharme (5 months ago)
Got into watching vlogs because of your vlogs. Keep it up guys.
Raka Darmi (6 months ago)
I love 7th element too :v
adriani rosita (6 months ago)
What's the name of every villas that u stayed in? Lemme know😉
tetes terakhir (6 months ago)
Wew 30gb of data = rp. 150.000 it was to expansive, 30gb of data for telkomsel card its only rp.65.000.. so you guys pay double for each card even more hmmm
Nuri Bird (6 months ago)
Always funny....as ussually, i saw this video many times..but still laughing 😁
Bima Rahman (6 months ago)
Visit West Sumatra, google sianok valley and see how beautiful it is
Rzqi Haddid (6 months ago)
I love the pools ,❤from jakarta, indonesia
how about for the price for one night?
SATRIO Wibowo (6 months ago)
No man. It's too expensive for 3gb data in indonesia(bali), i live in indonesia. I use 10gb data only for $7-$8.
Margaretha Trisnowati (5 months ago)
SATRIO Wibowo itu dpt 30 GB
Bee Bee (6 months ago)
Hi..i am Indonesian and love Bali too😘😘
Smart City (6 months ago)
Agoez Doankz (6 months ago)
Wooooww saya aja yg orang indonesia jarang ke bali hahahahahhaha
Rohmatullah (6 months ago)
Really wonderful video. Btw, I just wondering how much you pay for 30GB data in north america?
Fath Aja (6 months ago)
I've been to Karma Kandara, just for a visit though, no staying. Water is very clear but it's very... hot? I live in Jakarta and I don't really like beaches (and sun) because it makes me tan(ner),, of course I visit Bali from time to time but I only go to the beach at sunrise and in the afternoon. Nothing in between!! I really dislike sunlight lol... When I visited Europe on autumn last year I really liked it, the sun was tame.
renaldi 488 (6 months ago)
actually you can get 1gb for 1.000 rupiah / 0.073 usd (active period only 24 hours) on indosat sim card
Vishal Dhiman (7 months ago)
Awesome video
Pencak Silat (7 months ago)
Novita Ayu Sari (7 months ago)
Sad to know they give u price 150.000 Rupiah for 3 GB , it is too expensive.. You can get this about only 70.000 or maybe less.. Sorry for bad english language.
OverProudKiller (6 months ago)
Novita Ayu Sari kok sad?, segitu termasuk murah. dia bilang 30 GB bukan 3 GB
Kang Buddi (7 months ago)
4:26 The banana tree is not contrived. It is one type of banana tree we called as "Pisang Kipas/banana fan".
Arneta Group (7 months ago)
10:44 cheap? yeah i think so, but they have bad connection quality. for those price, it's worth
Pongo Lebon (7 months ago)
Nice trip, nice videos! 😊
Fritz Gunter (7 months ago)
enjoyed this adventure, struggles driving manual smh
Jesus Will Return (7 months ago)
yes. just yes.
Kingship LLC (7 months ago)
Thank you for the double shot
Resky Yunita (7 months ago)
have fun in indonesia guys 😊
Kande Asoy (7 months ago)
I m Balinese doing driver tour for tourist ,if need more info about Bali,please contact us or come to My web:www.tripinbali.com Instagram :tripinbalitour Twiter :tripinbalitour Fanfage : https://www.facebook.com/Trip-in-Bali-Tour-163405710958309/ Email:[email protected]
jully asmr (7 months ago)
I think the best villa u guys shud stay is "Morabito Art Cliff" its a nice place actually, its look like 2nd Santorini_Greece! My recomend to u ;)
Chris San Filippo (7 months ago)
You guys are so funny! This video got my day off to a great start!
Livin That Life (7 months ago)
ma boyzzzz
Damn! I Love Indonesia (7 months ago)
Really really different. . I can't find another videos like this when on holiday in bali
chen b pinhas (7 months ago)
love the lades :>
Aprik Azazil (7 months ago)
If you need heaven and subcriber coming to indonesia. True
lvluxdelight (7 months ago)
i enjoyed this so much.. great video! TY!!
High On Life (7 months ago)
Thanks for the looove! We're posting daily vlogs now :)
zal firmansyah (7 months ago)
that's why my country ( indonesia ) cheaper than any country,you can stay in 5 stars hotel only cost under 300 dollars per night and we have a lot of hidden paradise you can visit around the country
Yoshua Gultom (7 months ago)
lol .. How d hell did u get to that Roof, Bro..? (Drone scene) .. Best One. Tk care U Guys.
ternitamas (7 months ago)
1:06 So you did let the monkey into the house...😂
PissMenn (7 months ago)
Hahaha i think you've got ripped off actually 3GB should be 50k or 1/3 of that price, even can be cheaper sometimes.
PissMenn (7 months ago)
High On Life hahah yes that was cheap for 30gb!
High On Life (7 months ago)
PissMenn I think you misheard... 30GB (thirty). Not 3...
Andy (7 months ago)
What is the name of the 30GB sim? Or which brand? Going to Bali in May, so I could use some!
April Me (7 months ago)
Andy Telkomsel...
High On Life (7 months ago)
Andy Either Telkomsel of Telekom I think.
Fat,Gay, and Tired! (7 months ago)
It would be great if a YouTube consisting of mainly bros did not use have naked women as the thumbnail. That is not at all what your brand is about. I have been a subscriber for years and this is not who you guys are.
High On Life (7 months ago)
Fat,Gay, and Tired! True, we don’t often post women as our thumbnails, but for this vlog and the one before it, it was not a group of bros. It was two guys who are filmmakers with their girlfriends. Cut us some slack here, we’re allowed to switch it up once in a while.
Travel with Tommy (7 months ago)
Wow, this is a cool villa !! Bali is really full of gorgeous villa.
High On Life (7 months ago)
Travel with Tommy full of them!
Mahan Hazrati (7 months ago)
i love your videos mate, just one thing. next time use a stabiliser, it's shaky as fuck. but still gorgeous
High On Life (7 months ago)
Max Wisit noted.
Thy Other Side (7 months ago)
I bought a black giraffe tank top today. Keep killing it guys. I keep saying this but truly thanks for inspiring. Working on getting everything settled for my road trip in June.
Thy Other Side (7 months ago)
High On Life we are going from southern California to Seattle Washington. I'm still emailing and planning everything it's quite a bit of work. I'll wear your shirt and take video on the way & post it. We will be posting a video everyday along the way.
High On Life (7 months ago)
Thy Other Side oh right on. Where are you going in June? Road trips are great!
di nii (7 months ago)
why did you fast forward rykers dance??? would have loved to see more:D love him haha
di nii (7 months ago)
High On Life watiting for it in the next vlog😁
High On Life (7 months ago)
di nii a good question. He dances a lot though, you’ll see your fair share, don’t you worry.
Paula Lovrić (7 months ago)
Where is Parker?
High On Life (7 months ago)
Paula Lovrić he came a few days later. He’s here now :)
Alvin Njeri (7 months ago)
Harry Jowsey (7 months ago)
You guys look like so much fun to travel with hahahaa
High On Life (7 months ago)
Harry Jowsey I know for a fact that we’re fun to travel with 😁😁
Mladen Mladenović (7 months ago)
Hell yeah!
Saloni (7 months ago)
I've seen your channel grow and it never fails to inspire me.
High On Life (7 months ago)
Saloni thank you, we are happy to hear it :)
azzam senyum (7 months ago)
Thks for ur coming at my country, nice vid
Marie (7 months ago)
Ustedes sí la pasan bien!
Cam and Kels (7 months ago)
yeessssss ulus is the freaking besstttt🙌🏽 kels xx
-Venzari- (7 months ago)
Props to Ryker for driving in Bali, ITS INSANE THERE
Paulo Travels (7 months ago)
You guys seemed like Brazilian people listening to Vitas. lol
High On Life (7 months ago)
Paulo Travels we try to mix it up whenever we can.
Gabriel Traveler (7 months ago)
Nice one guys, that was lovely to watch. A lot of great shots there. That drone sequence going out of the villa was super cool.
Gabriel Traveler (7 months ago)
Yeah I saw the latest from Bali, epic stuff.
High On Life (7 months ago)
Gabriel Traveler thanks Gabriel. We’ve been pulling the drone out a lot around this place. And we’re even starting to get a bit more creative with the sequences, I think you’re going to love what we put together for the rest of this trip.
Kelly Morgan (7 months ago)
Love yours vlogs ❤️ that villa is insane! Keep up the amazing work guys!
High On Life (7 months ago)
Kelly Morgan much appreciated Kelly :) more amazing work yet to come!
Simon Vanhul (7 months ago)
Owh my gosh Bali is beautiful 😊
Where's Wilson (7 months ago)
Are all these hotels in the Southern Bali area? Which was your fav?? We're heading there this summer! Thanks guys!
High On Life (7 months ago)
Where's Wilson no favourites. All good. Mostly in the south yes. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t beautiful villas in the North too.
TL Travel (7 months ago)
YAS! I've watched like 30 seconds of this video and I'm already SO stoked. Kandara is one of my favorite spots to splurge when I'm in Bali. Enjoy!
TL Travel (7 months ago)
High On Life I'm always interested :) I spend a great deal of my days in Bali checking out hotel after hotel & villa after villa ... but I am still just one little lady lmao
High On Life (7 months ago)
TL Travel well we can certainly see why! What a gorgeous spot. We’re going to be checking out a bunch more over the next month, so we’ll keep you posted on some other gems if you’re interested :)
belizeguy (7 months ago)
All the monkeys in one cage could be one of the best lines ever! Fabulous places men(and Ladies !) Heavenly
High On Life (7 months ago)
belizeguy hahaha we laughed about that line as well!! Thanks for joining us on our adventure!
Antonio Fernandez (7 months ago)
Epic Video, Really cheer'd me up
High On Life (7 months ago)
Antonio Fernandez awesome man, well whenever you need a little boost in spirits, you know where to find us :)
Santiago Toro Jurado (7 months ago)
I just love it this video, I would love it to be in a place like that. In Colombia we have a lot of similar places, if you one day visit South America, come to Colombia :)
High On Life (7 months ago)
Santiago Toro Jurado yeah Colombia is an amazing country!
Nikki Otero (7 months ago)
Wow that villa is beautiful 😍😍😍👌
High On Life (7 months ago)
Nikki Otero more beautiful villas coming in the following videos Nikki!
Lance Kilkenny (7 months ago)
Ryyyker, you're pizazz! Made me laugh aloud.
High On Life (7 months ago)
Dmitry Kiselev he has that effect... 😅
I'm from Indonesia and mobile data costs are expensive as hell for me and most Indonesians
Syafina Putri (6 months ago)
I Gusti Ngurah Dhyana Yoga HAHAHA TRUE
Mr. Beruang I'm talkin about Telkomsel, not about those crappy providers. Consumers wants quality much better than quantity.
Mr. Beruang (7 months ago)
I Gusti Ngurah Dhyana Yoga I'm Indonesian and I think mobile data in Indonesia is very cheap. I always buy 65 GB Indosat ooredoo data just for 115k rupiahs or about 8.8 USD.
Joyful Yan (7 months ago)
Yeah i think this is called : "Next level shit" but i'm not sure ... ... aha it's an amaaazing place guys and btw who are the 2 girls with you at the moment? Nice place, nice video but once again if i wanna be totally honnest with you it's getting a little too luxurious and not enough adventurous, it might be because it's the organisation before everyone is coming, you having a nice time and shit, and then it's gonna be a blast of adventures when everyone is coming, i guess we gotta wait a little more :) Good on you's ! This is what Steve Harvey will call : BigDaddyPimping moments x)
Joyful Yan (7 months ago)
Also Ryker energy is on a thousand right now ! I can imagine just being in a place like that it will make you feel incredible :) but where's Parker? i miss the handstands ! :)
Kallia Trian (7 months ago)
Тёма Крючков (7 months ago)
Охренеть! Вы слушаете русскую музыку!
imed lefifene (7 months ago)
your video's give a positive energy , take care bro
High On Life (7 months ago)
imed lefifene thank you very much, that’s what we’re all about!
Ryan Fisher (7 months ago)
Where’s the ass?
Faustino Zabala (7 months ago)
DISLIKE for the sexism of the first seconds, sorry guys :/
alan kn (7 months ago)
How is that sexist wtf
armancz (7 months ago)
O mundo la fora (7 months ago)
This place must have a wonderful energy, these houses are divine, enjoy! Watch out for these monkeys because if they steal a camera from you it's goodbye daily vlog haha :) following and accompanying the instagram of the girls, they really know how to make art with the camera, the photos are spectacular (the instagram of the highonlife guys does not stay behind)... adoring these filming with the drone, are perfect and at 13:14 are very professional and in risky places, if you tell me that Mindy was controlled, ta be better than the Riker 👏👏 #brazilianfan
O mundo la fora (7 months ago)
High On Life yeah monkey can do anything 😂
High On Life (7 months ago)
O mundo la fora there are monkeys all over the place. Some of the villa managers warn us to lock our back doors too when we leave the house because the monkeys are coming and they know how to open the doors. Hahaha, we couldn’t believe that warning...
dvlpr (7 months ago)
Yessss back to the awesome, awesome content!
High On Life (7 months ago)
dvlpr yeeaaahhhhh buddy!
Vexx Isa Versailles (7 months ago)
Loved the video. The camera was really shaky though at times - kinda hard for my eyes to keep up.
High On Life (7 months ago)
Vexx Isa Versailles apologies :) gotta get that glide cam out I suppose.
MattMeloLife (7 months ago)
what the fuck are that boring girls doing? ABSOLUTE NOTHING! C'MON. This is a high life channel. that girls needs a little bit more power!!
alan kn (7 months ago)
Hey love your channel
The Chic Life (7 months ago)
Absolutely love the drone scene where it goes from the kitchen to outside! Have fun guys! And watch out for those door-opening monkeys 😉
High On Life (7 months ago)
The Chic Life thank you. Apparently this wasn’t the only villa that has monkey approach warnings... 😅
Sebelos (7 months ago)
Noize! Looks great guys! Villa looks amazing!!
High On Life (7 months ago)
Sebelos the villas here have been nothing short of stunning!
Dan Bob (7 months ago)
What is the price for rent or buying such Villa ?
High On Life (7 months ago)
Dan Bob I don’t remember exactly which villas cost how much... but they have been averaging about $200 a night.

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