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PS4 Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Improved Spells Mod Gameplay

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All credit for this mod goes to AdenInferno thanks for this and well done. The Spell books are located at High Hrothgar in the left wing by the beds: Trifecta- Flames, Frostbite, and Sparks in one spell with 5 times the power of each part at the cost of 99 magic Flames,Frostbite, and Sparks also have their power multiplied by 5 each with their respective costs in speartate tomes: Buring Flames, Freezing Frost, and Electric Shock Super Healing- 100 health per second at 50 cost Ultra Healing- 1000 Health in one burst at 500 cost and can cure diseases Dragonbreath-20 damage Flames spell with 10 absorption in magic, stamina, and health for 24 cost Vanish- A five minute muffle spell and a two minute invisiblity spell for 300 cost Fire Armor- A fire cloak with a 50% resistance to fire and an armor boost of 100 for 300 cost Frost Armor- A frost cloak with a 50% resistance to frost and an armor boost of 100 for 300 cost Shock Armor- A shock cloak with a 50% resistance to shock and an armor boost of 100 at 300 cost Destruction Rune- All fire, frost, and shock runes in one for 300 damage total at 300 cost Healing Touch- Heals 50 Health on target per second at 25 cost Bound weapons last for 5 monutes each. Zombie, familiars, dremora, and atronauchs now last for 2 minutes each. Zombie spells now scale the same way as Illusion spells and atronachs now level up with the player at varying degrees (depends on the strength of the summon). Voltage Storm- A Lightning Storm spell with 200 damage per second with 100 magic absorption at 90 cost per second and it has a reduced charge time Ironclad- increases armor by 200 and boosts smithing, enchanting, and alchemy by 25 percent each for 5 minutes at 500 cost Waterthief- a Waterbreathing spell that raises lockpicking, pickpocket, and sneak by 25 percent each for 5 minutes at 250 cost Cloak Destruction- all three cloak spells in one for a total of 24 damage per second at 150 cost Spellshield- increases armor by 400 and absorbs incoming magic damage 50 percent of the time for 10 minutes at 750 cost Arcana- a power that restores all magic and health, fortifies magic and destruction by 1,000 each, and regenerates magic by 10,000 for 2 -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/raizankhan
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Adam Cranny (4 months ago)
Is it on Xbox one
ZI-WAN KHAN (4 months ago)
Yes it is you can go to the official Bethesda mod website and download it from there.

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