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Top 10 Most Powerful Speeches by Hollywood Actors | Goalcast

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Here is Goalcast's collection of the most inspiring and powerful speeches given by famous actors. Which One Is Your Favorite? 00:05 - Benedict Cumberbatch 02:05 - Arnold Schwarzenegger 03:41 - Sandra Bullock 05:57 - Will Smith 07:52 - Wentworth Miller 10:13 - Taraji P. Henson 11:31 - Denzel Washinton 13:04 - Sylvester Stallone 14:33 - Peter Dinklage 17:11 - Jim Carrey ► For more Inspirational Videos: https://www.goalcast.com/epic-inspirational-videos/ ► Subscribe To Our Channel Here: https://goo.gl/wTKGC4 Don't forget to share this video to spread the motivation! ========================================­­­­­­­======== FOLLOW US: Facebook: https://goo.gl/cjShXM Instagram: https://goo.gl/XaukHK Twitter: https://goo.gl/WBe30b Website: http://www.goalcast.life ========================================­­­­­­­========
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Goalcast (5 months ago)
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Revolution (1 day ago)
Benedict Cumberbatch: His voice he grabs me for real he always did the way he breaths he loves the world. He does. <3 So do I.
musical day (2 days ago)
Sandy Ju (3 days ago)
You should put denzel washington
Revolution (3 days ago)
That first one <3 Thank you
Jeevan Wakode (8 days ago)
I Love this video
Mastered Dwarf (12 days ago)
Will Smith is an amazing motivational speaker every like ill and an x starting now {x
Sana Afridi (1 month ago)
For me BENEDICT was first and he will be first ever ❤️
Stephlock Sholmes (1 month ago)
BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, OBVIOUSLY WHY IS HIS SPEECH ON THE 10TH? HIS SPEECH CHANGED MY LIFE. I can do my own decisions now becuase of him. I don't have to worry about anything anymore. Because I know, We just need to DO #BenedictCucumberbatch
fenrisodessa (1 month ago)
blah blah blah
Hilâl Şarkışla (1 month ago)
I am Turkish. Where is the Turkishes?
Hilâl Şarkışla (1 month ago)
Benedict is handsome attractive and great. Because he is Benedic Cumberbatch.😎😍🤩🤯
Mahesh Babu (2 months ago)
bro subtitles please
manilamerk (2 months ago)
Thanks Dr. Strange!
Deepak deepu (2 months ago)
Will smith , Arnold Schwarzenegger BEST👍
Imperial Magazine (3 months ago)
benedict yesss
Cornelius Moele (3 months ago)
Doctor Steven strange😎
Nova Master (3 months ago)
Benedict was spitting fire
Nicki Cox (3 months ago)
Benedict was just soooooo passionate! I felt his words vibrate through me !
CYP0 (3 months ago)
Rockie was, has been and still is inspirational.
Tidwell (4 months ago)
You forgot Ashton Kutcher, Steve Jobs, will Smith before prince of bell air
Lohit Kumar (5 months ago)
Will Smith man you just changed my life🙏 your words are lit asf🔥🔥🔥🔥
own your life
Yeudi perez (7 months ago)
Ben was the better
Taller Girlfriend (7 months ago)
except first two. all 8 were crap speeches
Bipasha Mahanta (7 months ago)
Taraji P. Henson's speech was so inspiring.
el Scorpio (8 months ago)
Jim 😍
DRAGO6596 (9 months ago)
Will smith is right... I downhill longboard at speeds excess of 100k and i only get scared before, not while its happening.
Olalekan Aiikulola (9 months ago)
Peter Dinklage was superb!!!!!
nat jo (9 months ago)
The second half of Sandra bullock’s speech resonated with to me. She’s an amazing actress.
Stefi Stefi (9 months ago)
Peter is the best!
ReaLity627 (10 months ago)
what is the music on Peter Dinklage's speech?
ANDREANO ANAK KALANA (10 months ago)
may i know the title of the music in 17.16?
Dustythekiller (11 months ago)
Ben became America tby he way he talks btw he really British
amazing bro NAVO दा (11 months ago)
Instead of ignoring what bothers you Start focusing on what inspires you What is the passion of yours
Zoe Tang (1 year ago)
Love Peter's speech.
Arthur Morgan (1 year ago)
EvaSofie (1 year ago)
No Meryl Streep speech? Really? She gives the best speeches of any actor ever!!!
SAI NARAYANAN (1 year ago)
Hey man ,help me Plz I'm addicted to ur channel severe addiction , Please help me with this cronic addiction Who all are addicted to goalcast. 😎😎😎😎
Suits & Abs (1 year ago)
Yess I love the transitions.
Zain Al Abdulla (1 year ago)
How's benedict's speech is number 10?
Manvi Sharma (1 year ago)
peter, jim, will smith and benedict... amazing and all 10 were inspiring
vikas franklin (1 year ago)
Demo Healthcare (1 year ago)
beautiful video thanks Goalcast, you're channel is awesome :-)
Nicholas Cole (1 year ago)
Fantastically powerful and inspiring!
Mya Rutto (1 year ago)
Wentworth Miller and Jim Carey broke me 😭 I mean every single one one of them did but damn
Satyajeet Giram (1 year ago)
I'm going to say" FUCK YOU TO THE WORLD" ...
Aakash S (1 year ago)
please add more videos
boenan yann (1 year ago)
greatJob Guys. is it possible the soundtrack playlist specialy the music at the end <3
Nicholas Cole (1 year ago)
Some of the music is Axl Rosenberg
Benedict made my day!!
Bablu Nirmal (1 year ago)
Goalcast❤❤❤I love you. Thank you so much for this wonderful videos
ReaLity627 (1 year ago)
What is the music from Peter Dinklage's part of the video?
An I (1 year ago)
what's music ???
Success Is The Goal (1 year ago)
mohamed errazakallah (1 year ago)
Motivation app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.motivation.errazakallah.motivation
JC Otero (1 year ago)
mohamed errazakallah I downloaded and going to check it out. Thanks for making it.
DAMIEN DOWN (1 year ago)
Where is Sharukh khan?
Sana Afridi (1 month ago)
Pranav Nambiar (1 year ago)
"Hollywood Actors"
Srushti Mishra (1 year ago)
Will, Denzel, Peter, Sylvester were great
Raunak Khadkikar (6 months ago)
I don't know about others but Sylvester was great among all of this..
Srushti Mishra and Wentworth Miller
Tim 'Hyper' (1 year ago)
love the music transitions. keep it up!
So powerful!!
vuong (1 year ago)
can relate to denzel washington 100%
Wentworth Miller --Us and We ...thanks for the inspiration
Recovering Soul (3 months ago)
TThat hottie is gay?? Damn
donteatthatpepper (1 year ago)
You're making the same mistake as other youtube videos, the music is louder than the speech! The music should compliment the voice, not dominate it.
antone cataldo (1 year ago)
DON Corleone just pan the music copy it to 2 tracks.. And pan one all the way left, the other all the way right, keep the vocals in the center.. play with this and you should get better results.. don't think just do it! 😁
DON Corleone (1 year ago)
stop complaining do stuff !
Rahul Ghimire (1 year ago)
Where's the one from the greatest actor Leonardo Di Caprio.
Rahul Ghimire yeah I agree you he is one of the most hardworking actors .
Zuber Garasia (1 year ago)
Zuber Garasia (1 year ago)
benedict was awesome
Atmik Dubey (1 month ago)
Auger Garasia - Benedict is awesome
CYP0 (3 months ago)
But why was he speaking with an American accent?
PuPan (10 months ago)
huhu i was so scared...but yes he is so great, especially his voice
Mayaa Zala (1 year ago)
goalcast u r amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Evol Cash (1 year ago)
10 is great thanks for this video <3
RaZ Eev (1 year ago)
Plz subtitle
Reynaldo Martinez (1 year ago)
Mayub Maharjan (1 year ago)
Ajay Varghese (1 year ago)
First one

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