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My Top 35 Most Handsome Classic Hollywood Actors

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I tried my very best to be unbiased for this list, and really, ranking this beautiful men wasn't easy. I changed the ranking so many times, and this is the finish product :) Others on the list may not be conventionally handsome, and you may think "why him?!", but it's just that I'd seen something beautiful in them, so here :) Please feel free to comment the name of any classic actor that you think I had overlooked. Thank you. ^_^
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Text Comments (2840)
손묘기 (4 hours ago)
와 내눈 너무 아름답다 👍👍😍😍😍
Gaby Ticona (6 hours ago)
Es el gusto de quien hizo el vídeo. Y son galanes hasta el año 1960, los que vinieron después están en otro ranking.
sterling42 (12 hours ago)
its interesting to see the headshots. They are SO airbrushed, and so Totally Painted to the point of almost feminine. Then in the action shots, they look totally different, and real. Good list.
Tabgha (22 hours ago)
Troy Donahue is missing
Lily Chu (1 day ago)
Interesting list with some people I had not even known. Glad to see you had my personal favorite old-time Hollywood star on your list: Gregory Peck - a beautiful person outside and inside. What would be interesting is to list which Hollywood actors today have "classic" Hollywood looks - that is, with the right hairstyle, clothes, etc. they would have fit right in in those films from the 1900s - 1950s they way they act/ carry themselves. Just off the top of my head -- Oscar Isaac, Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Russell Wong, Charles Dance, Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, Idris Elba, Chow Yun Fat, -- sure there are many others.
Anna Kermode (1 day ago)
Paul Newman and Alain Delon for me.
Deborah Brent (1 day ago)
Where is Johnn Wayne?
Shanquan Brown (1 day ago)
Number 1 spot on
Alison ritchie (2 days ago)
Rock Hudson should be up there and sean Connery for me..
Frankie Paradiso (2 days ago)
Doug Fairbanks, Gary Cooper (super-duper), Errol Flynn, Marlon Brando, Alain Delon were all endowed with great charisma, acting chops and something dangerous or self-destructive about them.
Quirky Quipster (2 days ago)
1:40 I see a hint of Ryan Gosling in James/Jimmy Stewart. I had a crush on Gene Kelly..act, sing and dance? Yes!
Martin Avery (2 days ago)
Anything like this will always be very subjective. No point in disagreeing with another's choice. Just make your own..
susieglide (2 days ago)
To each his or her own, but my list would be different than this. Everyone has their own taste I suppose. It was interesting to watch. You forgot the best looking man that ever lived...Elvis Presley.
Rolando Jr. Antonio (2 days ago)
Rock Hudson and James Dean are the most handsome men in this classic Hollywood actors for me.
Julpepsi Logos (2 days ago)
Jeffery Hunter Now He is Mucho El Beautiful in a Manly Kind Of Way 😀 .
Vivienne Brooks (3 days ago)
Roger Moore was beautiful
Colleen Welch (3 days ago)
what about Kirk Douglas?
John H (3 days ago)
James Cagney ?
Jan Miller (3 days ago)
Are 65% of these guys good looking? Yes! Are these photos in the right order? Hell nah! Sorry
Carol Little (3 days ago)
NOT in my book!.according to a blind person
eileen petsco (3 days ago)
sean connery?
Leticia Holden (3 days ago)
Desapointed where is Robert Retford one of the most handsome man in the world!!!!!
Lilly Dee (4 days ago)
I personally will never understand the physical appeal of Leslie Howard or Humphrey Bogart, but to each their own. Very nice list though, some very handsome men indeed! My favorites- Alain Delon, Paul Newman, Rudolf Valentino, Gregory Peak, Laurence Olivier.
realpurpleplay (4 days ago)
You left out seriously handsome Ramon Novarro, Buddy Rogers, and Robert Redford!!!
andy murray (4 days ago)
I’m not having this I had to check it out three time’s Noooo Charles Laughton should have been in the top three easy....
andy murray (4 days ago)
I don’t know if I missed him but Steve McQueen......
Mitzi Anderson (4 days ago)
Where's Steve McQueen???
Olivia Parker (4 days ago)
Robert Taylor was just the most handsome man an a lot of the older stars were just handsome An remained that way Burt Lancaster was a mans man as were a lot of others.
Kseniaaaa (4 days ago)
I wouldn’t choose them on Tinder. The most handsome was Russian actor Vsevolod Larionov ❤️ Всеволод Ларионов. And Leonid Kharitonov (Леонид Харитонов)❤️
Julie Figueroa (4 days ago)
I wouldn't include most of these on MY list, and to relegate CARY GRANT to # 26 is such a TRAVESTY I stopped watching.
Carolina Gonzalez S. (5 days ago)
Omar Shariff.
John Walters (5 days ago)
Guy Madison, Tab Hunter, Jeffery Hunter,
Janie Kaiser (5 days ago)
Robert Redford. Best looking ever.
amy18856 (6 days ago)
A lot of them I wouldn't consider really handsome but the did all ooze charm and charisma
ed warren (6 days ago)
Paul Newman should have been #1
Uranus N.M (6 days ago)
Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston, ?!
you missed out steve mcqueen, roger moore and clint eastwood|
LuCas 517 (7 days ago)
Lady please your list is not accurate. Redford, Esatwood, Gosling just to name three and Flynn is top 5. You missed a bunch!
joanne smith (7 days ago)
Humphrey Bogart? Sal Mineo? Handsome? Ummm, no. Where is Louis Jourdan? He was mesmerizing in Gigi. I had a huge crush on Cornell Wilde after seeing him in Forever Amber on the 4:00 Movie. And Tab Hunter? George Chakiris?
Kerrie Hartin (7 days ago)
Robert Mitchum but not Robert Redford??  Interesting.  Can there be any movie music theme more beautiful than Gone With the Wind??  Thank you.
Christopher Ralston (7 days ago)
Kirk Douglas? Charlton Heston?
Gonzalez Caniela (7 days ago)
OMG que guapos y varoniles
Lisa Kay 100 (7 days ago)
Elvis Aaron Presley was “ The most beautiful man ever!!
amaravos (7 days ago)
Cary grant so low shame. Sal mineo gene kelly Henry Fonda great actor but not most handsome. You left out robert Redford for goodness sake. Kirk Douglas john Barrymore Steve McQueen Warren Beatty sidney poitier. Also rock and peck so low him nope I could go on. Maybe do a silent one then talkies.
TheBee87bee (7 days ago)
Robert Montgomery.................................He needs to be on this list. Beautiful theme song.
TheBee87bee (7 days ago)
I love this listing,thank you !
TheBee87bee (7 days ago)
All were tremendous actors.
TheBee87bee (7 days ago)
Therese Sorrell (8 days ago)
Wow...they are all so gorgeous 😍😍😍🤭
Wolfsky9 (8 days ago)
How many of these guys were gay ??? ---------------WolfSky9
MrsAdely (8 days ago)
Efrem Zimbalist? Marcello Mastroianni? Stewart Granger? William Holden? Charles Heston? Richard Denning?
Cheryl Valles (8 days ago)
I only liked Robert Taylor, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Alain Felon, Jeffrey Hunter, James Dean, George Peppard and Gene Kelly from here ..So only 8 out of 35... many more missing from this list...
Linda Watkin (8 days ago)
Cary Grant is the best of the bunch.
Linda Watkin (8 days ago)
What some think is handsome others do not agree.
meereslicht (8 days ago)
I kept waiting and waiting for William Holden.
Kathy Figueroa (8 days ago)
love Gene Kelly! so handsome!!!
gail anderson (9 days ago)
Dale Robertson, Sean Connery were gorgeous!!
anajane803 (9 days ago)
Kept waiting for Guy Madison.
J m (9 days ago)
What about Charlton Heston and Harry Bellafonte?
Delilah Scott (10 days ago)
I am also surprised that Omar Sharif did not make it. I think Paul Newman should have been No. 1. There were others that did not even make the list.
Delilah Scott (10 days ago)
When I was a little girl, everyone wanted to be married to Rock Hudson.
Skina Marinky (10 days ago)
Would have loved to have seen Dale Robertson and Ricardo Montalban, although you had some great pics of some awesome stars. It would have been hard for me to decide.. thanks, oh and what is the theme song to, I cant seem to place it and it is driving me crazy.. lol.
Angela Berni (10 days ago)
Gregory Peck for me was the most handsome man ever. The photo's of him here certainly don't do him justice !!
Angela Berni (10 days ago)
Humphrey Bogart handsome? Are you NUTS !!!
Lazy B’s Babies (10 days ago)
You missed Kirk Douglas and John Wayne
Joan Marks (10 days ago)
Leslie Howard????? Humphrey Bogart?????
Kristine Jensen (10 days ago)
I was waiting for Kirk Douglas and John Barrymore.
Sandra Watkins (11 days ago)
Wow these were some handsome guys. But Paul Newman 😍
Liam T.C.B (11 days ago)
I've seen a few people say Tyrone Power, so I searched him up & to be honest is not attractive at all. Don't know what some ladies see in him.
Liam T.C.B (11 days ago)
Might not be "classical" but the time frame is in his era of movies. Can't believe you missed out Elvis Presley. Not seen an interview yet where the first thing a man or woman doesn't say was how beautiful he really was, that pictures don't do him justice. Elvis, to me, is the sexiest, most handsome man to ever walk this earth, no one comes close.
REBECCA Davis (12 days ago)
REBECCA Davis (12 days ago)
REBECCA Davis (12 days ago)
REBECCA Davis (12 days ago)
Honey Lambb (12 days ago)
You forgot Robert Redford , Warren Beatty, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Michael York.
ket wil (12 days ago)
U forgot Tarzan lol he was hot
קרן עבדו (12 days ago)
Jeffrey hunter end paul newman are the most handsome man
Brian Johnson (13 days ago)
Beautiful! Does anyone know what movie the Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. clip (in which he’s wearing a tuxedo) comes from? Thanks
Aurora Boreal (13 days ago)
Delon, Mc Queen, Holden, Glenn Ford...
Road trip Mutt Naboo (14 days ago)
Most of these men would not be on my list but definitely Robert Taylor would be....😍😍
janet hedberg (14 days ago)
They were all beautiful men!
Carl Pappalardo (14 days ago)
What about Cagney??
A. Lee Straayer (15 days ago)
Gregory Peck - duh
kathleen delaney (15 days ago)
Paul Newman and lovely Clark Gable
Milton Kanfer (15 days ago)
I once worked for a very sophisticated, attractive, wealthy woman. And she said Tyrone Power, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!
eliz7212 (16 days ago)
Alain Delon. I remember him well. As soon as i saw the name I said 'oh boy". I was right
Knut-Hinrichq Walter (16 days ago)
There were also very talented actors who hated Hollywood !
Mudjie50 (16 days ago)
My list would have been a bit different, but beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.. Thank you for spending the time putting this together, I enjoyed it very much
blackcougar1959 (17 days ago)
What!? No Dwight Frye!?
Mushulu Mushulu (17 days ago)
ROBERT mitchum
Gordon Fowler (17 days ago)
Very good list that needs to be extended to at least 50 if not to a 100. Don't know if you can really put them in any particular order though.
Kathleen Darlinger (17 days ago)
Richard Burton & Cary Grant! Leslie Howard-SERIOUSLY??? BOGART was Not handsome!
Amy Harrell (17 days ago)
You forgot John and Lionel Berrymore. When they were young they were both georgeous
Amy Harrell (17 days ago)
Valentino should have been number 1. He is the most georgeous man who ever lived!
HumbleHarry (18 days ago)
Hey, everyone has a right to his or her own personal aesthetics and these are pretty conventional, as classic Hollywood stars go. I'd have added the devilishly handsome Orson Welles if this were my list, but it's not.
Mylee Leonard (18 days ago)
Sidney Poiter , Clint Eastwood, Clint Walker and of course Elvis.
lightwork11 (18 days ago)
Richard Greene.
Niraj Kumar (18 days ago)
Cary Grant will always be the most handsome , sophisticated, mysterious, classy actor ever.
VICENTE ROSALES (19 days ago)
He was not the best actor in the world but he was the highest ticket seller in the world for six year, and he was more handsome of everyone on that list..STEVE REEVES.
Paul O'Hara (19 days ago)
No William Holden, I thought it was tough but not that tough
Isabel Veidt (20 days ago)
Some are really ugly: Bogart??, Sal Mineo?? Jaja. There is only one for me: GÉRARD PHILIPE. Beautiful, talented, elegant, cultured, sensitive. And he died at 36, he never became a disgusting old man. The prince of the actors, the eternal teen. My others options: Conrad Veidt, Alain Delon, Peter O'Toole, Louis Jourdan, Laurence Olivier e Ivor Novello.

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