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My Top 35 Most Handsome Classic Hollywood Actors

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I tried my very best to be unbiased for this list, and really, ranking this beautiful men wasn't easy. I changed the ranking so many times, and this is the finish product :) Others on the list may not be conventionally handsome, and you may think "why him?!", but it's just that I'd seen something beautiful in them, so here :) Please feel free to comment the name of any classic actor that you think I had overlooked. Thank you. ^_^
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skippymagrue (15 hours ago)
I worked for Ed Herrmann and he said he found a book of pictures of Tyrone Powers in the different costumes for a movie. He said he had to keep reminding himself that he was a man and heterosexual.
skippymagrue (15 hours ago)
John Wayne would have made my list. Along with Tim Holt, John Carradine, William Powell, Dana Andrews, Ben Johnson and Ken Curtis.
Lois Murray (1 day ago)
1. Paul Newman. 2. Cary Grant, who is way too far back on this list.
Marina Ugo (1 day ago)
How can someone choosing beauty avoid bias? You cannot! You are biased by your culture and by your personal taste. Fortunately you stated in the title of the video that it is you personal list. So they are YOUR personal picks!
Ellie Ellie (1 day ago)
Clift Montgomery IS the number one. Tony Curtis number 2. Number 3 Paul Newman . Number 4 Tyrone power
Elisabeth of Valois (2 days ago)
Paul Newman -- yes, but who is Robert Taylor? And Alain Delon on the 17th or 18th position... come on...
Doctor khan (3 days ago)
In my college days, we would slip from our hostel to see those great movies. Looks like they dont recruit men like those into the movies any more. Do people still watch movies in cinema in 2019?
Jackiezyon (4 days ago)
Alain Delon May17,2019🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷❤️
Berdolfo Javier (5 days ago)
1. Cary Grant 2. Montgrogery Clift 3. Marlon Brando 4. Rudolph Valentino 5. Laurence Olivier 6. Gregory Peck My ranking
Jerilyn Holland (5 days ago)
Leslie Howard was charismatic yet appeared vulnerable. No wonder Scarlett loved him.
stacyblue1980 (5 days ago)
James Dean- not just the looks but his talent and spirit. Paul Newman Marlon Brando Cary Grant Gene Kelly Gary Cooper Dean Martin Erroll Flynn Montgomery Clift Richard Burton .. ...later years Al Pacino Johnny Depp Benicio Del Toro
Ri M (6 days ago)
UGH! I sure don't think a lot of men are handsome. The only somewhat-handsome actor was Clarke Gabel. But you missed Jack Webb, the MOST handsome actor EVER
dorothydanridge (6 days ago)
Everybody is handsome when they're young especially with the right photographer and lighting not to mention a touch of makeup.
Al Anton (6 days ago)
You forgot Fatty Arbuckle!
Gary Mazzeo (7 days ago)
Where's Gary Colman?
idaslpdhr (7 days ago)
Well that's great 9 are Gay and 4 are bisexual, how cool is that, not a bad average
gsolomonla (7 days ago)
Montgomery Clift should’ve been near the top And what about William Holden, Gary Cooper, etc
lisa erl (7 days ago)
I really enjoyed this, thank you for putting it together...what a great job. There are a few actors I didn't recognize but I'm becoming a fan of TCM so that should change. I'm sure everyone has one or more they would love to add to your list and for me it would be Peter O'Toole. Has anyone else noticed that these men got even better looking with age?
Nancy Prado (8 days ago)
My deat boy you left out Robert Redford. Then your list would have been complete.
Ri M (6 days ago)
Robert Redford used to be handsome.
Fabio Verzari (8 days ago)
Number one: Marlon Brando, number two: Montgomery Clift number three : William Holden and then : John Garfield,Yul Brinner, Maximilian Schell,Laurence Olivier,Warren Beatty, Jeffrey Hunter Farley Granger and Richard Burton.
Carolyn Campbell (8 days ago)
some were ruggedly handsome,i couldnt remember the actors name untill it got to number one,robert taylor,he was very handsome indeed..
Will they are all handsome😘😘😘But where is Sean Connery And Elvis Presley oughh they are the most handsome sexy hot and thier voices kills me inside😘😘love them both and i forgot sidney poiter love him from patch of blue😘😘😘
Mountain Warrior (9 days ago)
where's Charlton Heston? He should definitely be on this list.
leeuwin1962 (9 days ago)
Marlon Brando number 1. Peter O'Toole missing
Samantha Frakes (10 days ago)
Elvis Presley, Robert Wagner and Pierce Brosnan should be on top.
Mac McKinney (10 days ago)
How do you leave out Charlton Heston, who had some of the biggest box office hits ever?
Rowena Knight (10 days ago)
To me, Robert Mitchum was the most handsome. A real man.
Doug Beaton (10 days ago)
A couple of others not mentioned here or in the comments: Gardner McCay (Adventures in Paradise), Charles Starrett (The Durango Kid).
Jannie N (11 days ago)
1. Robert Taylor 2.Gary Cooper 3.Marlon Brando
Merrie E (11 days ago)
I agree with the comments here of who should have been added. Yes, it's endless! I'd also add Peter Lorre, who was so elegant when he was in Casablanca and especially The Maltese Falcon. Although a rating is unfair, I'd put Valentino at #1.
cactusblue60 (11 days ago)
Most of these actors were within 3-5 places of where I would have put them on a list. The only one I don't think I would have put on there is Charles Boyer, and I would have replaced him with German actor Gustav Frohlich of "Metropolis" fame. That was a beautiful face right there, and he kept his looks as he got older.
lynn perry (12 days ago)
Almost perfect if Harry Belafonte would have been included, this was very good.
Gayle Liman (12 days ago)
Charlton Heston
Bucky Brown (12 days ago)
What about me? This list is total BS. See me at www.imdb.com/name/nm2827073
Hilton Louque (12 days ago)
Agree on lots of picks but some were picked on talent, not good looks!!
BullDog Collect Agency (13 days ago)
Wish I could travel back in time so that I could castrate Henry Fonda, before he contaminated earth with his two emissaries of Satan.
Sam Spade (13 days ago)
No Robert Redford? WOW!
Frances Van Siclen (13 days ago)
Where is Marcello Mastroiani, William Holden, Tyrone Power ?
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA (13 days ago)
i cannot believe laurance olivier exceeded tyrone power .to each their own !
Elizabeth Tejada (13 days ago)
Thomas Boccio (13 days ago)
Jeffrey hunter and clark gable should be on top
Graham Simpson (14 days ago)
Bogey great actor but never classed as handsome
khalid company (14 days ago)
My choice Marlon brando
jj (14 days ago)
Jeffrey Hunter is my kind of guy, very handsome.
steve daley (14 days ago)
No one will deny that Robert Taylor was a handsome devil but the accolades for most handsome has to go, hands down, to Errol Flynn. There was no one like him. Right behind him has to be Gary Cooper, one of the most perfect faces ever to be captured on film. I'm disappointed that William Holden is not mentioned in this collage. He certainly deserves it.
Hermosa Sol (15 days ago)
Me encanta Chistopher Plummer, me fascina su mirada.
Chancy Cat (15 days ago)
I don't like Rudolph Valentino he wasn't that handsome,neither was Lesley Howard and Sal Mineo? Now I liked Gregory Peck,Robert Taylor,Tyrone Power,Clark Gable..but really seriously leaving Charlton Heston off?
Chancy Cat (15 days ago)
Charlton Heston deserves to be one this list also!
Susan Lippert (15 days ago)
What no Kirk Douglas, super handsome, and I agree that William Holden should be there
Alma Muñoz (15 days ago)
Que bellos hombres de aquellos años😊😊💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Richard Saccenti (16 days ago)
Robot taylor/ Barbara stsnwyk..Hollywood royalty
Samuel David Rucker (16 days ago)
It's a good video, nevertheless - the Gone With the Wind theme fits extremely well.
Samuel David Rucker (16 days ago)
Randolph Scott was one of the most beautiful and a great actor as well as William Powell. Charles Boyer, Leslie Howard and Robert Mitchum were all great actors, but just barely handsome.
Rebecca Landis (16 days ago)
John Wayne, Sean Connery should be on the list. I don't quite agree with your ranking.
Joe town (16 days ago)
I wonder how many of them were Gay, Besides Rock Hudson?
Debra Bolton (17 days ago)
I disagree with some of the choices and where they were placed but they all had one thing in common: extremely talented actors . I grew up watching many of them and enjoyed their performances so much more than the actors today.
Domingo De Anda (17 days ago)
I didn't make the list.
Diana West (17 days ago)
Paul Newman , Beautiful; Robert Mitchum, Cary Grant, Robert Taylor ❤️👌🏼
Renate Mayer (17 days ago)
Bravo - eine Auswahl möglichst langweiliger, nichts sagender Männergesichter!
Peter Tozzi (17 days ago)
Again, classical Handsome actors are Robert Taylor, Tyrone Powers, Jeffrey Hunter, John Derek, Errol Flynn, William Holden, Tony Curtis, Alan Ladd, Rudolph Valentino, Henry Fonda, and must include close seconds Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, Lawrence Olivier, Gregory Peck. Rough manly looks include Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, Clark Gable, Kirk Douglas, Steve McQueen, and dozens of others.
Patricia Vasques (17 days ago)
35 top hanfsomemen is a lol. Id say cary grant should have the top spot.
Wanda Lyndall-parker (17 days ago)
John Wayne, hands down
Elton Dennie (17 days ago)
Bogart was handsome just not goodlooking(smile)there is a difference he was a manly looking handsome man.and he was a ladies man because he had the it factor.
Elton Dennie (17 days ago)
Tony curtis bert reynolds james garner micheal landon glennford. Robert wagner audie murphy these r hard to beat.
Dol Quiano (17 days ago)
Where is robert redford?
casey B (18 days ago)
Marlon Brando...oh my God those lips. 😍
k corn (19 days ago)
The best looking man of all time Robert Taylor. John F. Kennedy Jr. looked so much like him. Both breathtakingly handsome, beyond compare!
Ferra Nouri (19 days ago)
your mama crushed into your beben
Grace Ying (19 days ago)
You missed Elvis Presley?
v griffith (19 days ago)
Sean connery ?
Randee B (19 days ago)
Sorry...but Humphrey Bogart was Not handsome in the least! And where is Tyrone Powers!?
Cheri White (20 days ago)
Clint Walker. Clark Gable is the most stunning man I have ever seen. I am a young woman but I love old movies. He is the bees knees for me. 😍
Othman Hicham (21 days ago)
Alan delon just
Sheila Brown (22 days ago)
Robert Redford should be number one. He was not on the list. No man on this list could hold a candle to Robert. This list is trash, a lot of the men do not deserve to be on the list.
Hazar Bcn (22 days ago)
emmmmmmmmmmmm no.
MARYANNE BORG (23 days ago)
Stewart Granger was a heart throb....I was a little girl, but still. And what about Richard Chamberlain?!!!!
John Walton (23 days ago)
John Walton (23 days ago)
Bud Cort Appreciation (23 days ago)
Somebody likes Robert Taylor. My fav is Mr. Valentino. :) ~debbie
Frank DeFelice (24 days ago)
Most of these guys were gay.
Lois Boehl (24 days ago)
Charlton Heston?
Lady Music (24 days ago)
CONGRATS ON A VERY WELL DONE PRESENTATION. Of course nothing is written on taste and I particularly don´t consider handsome guys like Bogey, Jimmy Stewart, Leslie Howard or Fonda. They are great personalities but not handsome in the classical sense. At the same time there are some unforgivable omissions on this list: Holden, Horst Bucholz, Maurice Ronet, Joel McCrea, Troy Donahue, John AND Patrick Wayne, George Sanders, Ramon Navarro, etc. etc. Oh well!
cruisersism (24 days ago)
Elvis Presley ????
mary dufresne (24 days ago)
Who decided they were? Closet homos or what?
H.D. Red (25 days ago)
You missed a bunch, and Robert Taylor wouldn't be number one!!!
silverbird58 (25 days ago)
I guess micheal rennie and john wayne were scrap meat !
Dianna Meade (25 days ago)
Young John Wayne.
Akabubi (25 days ago)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. should be at least in top 10
Annabelle (25 days ago)
The lighting and makeup was best.
alvin liew (25 days ago)
Paul Newman all the way
Stan SonOfAFather (25 days ago)
Alain Delon should've been on the first place. I often indulge myself with the retrospective of his masterpieces working my way up from his very first movie. I'm at the year 68 now.
Griss Valladares (25 days ago)
Rudolph Valentino... where is him?
Graham Mckenzie (26 days ago)
And nearly all gay!
Redhot Scorcher (26 days ago)
All of the people in this list were public farters and washed their hair using their own urine. There is a lot to be said for both practices.
Suzette Maramba (26 days ago)
Robert Redford should be on the list too.
huki quinonez (26 days ago)
Martin Kralik (26 days ago)
I guess it also depends on the definition of 'Hollywood'. Certainly e.g. the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show is teeming with matinee idols. Look up George Nader.
HORTONDLFN (26 days ago)
David Manners? William Holden? (there are more...) When lists are as subjective as this, superlatives such as "most" should be omitted, in my opinion, unless they include a qualifier... or just leave out "most" entirely and leave it at "35 handsome classic actors."
Rich McClelland (26 days ago)
Not only should Elvis be on this list, he should be number 1 with no one even close.  I know he was primarily known as a singer but he made the Love Me Tender movie in the mid 1950's and kept making movies, mostly bad movies buy how can you deny his looks?  This is dumb.
Alona Lewis (27 days ago)
Nearly perfect list ... if it were my list then Alain Delon ♥️ and Montgomery Clift 😕 would be swopped

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