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MLB Luckiest Hits

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Benjamin Krawetzki (24 days ago)
2:14 when you start against Colòn
R A (25 days ago)
0:50 when a girl tries to turn you down and you're like "no one rejects me"
414MrMilwaukee (7 months ago)
0:24 WOW
Caden Boles (10 months ago)
What is your favorite MLB team
Caden Boles (10 months ago)
Colorado Rockies
Calvin650786 (11 months ago)
"Boy that was close!"
bjchit (11 months ago)
The Red Sox got a lot of these over the years; I remember Varitek getting one off the second base to break up a sure fire double play, David Ortiz getting a few of of those excuse me check swings with the defense shifted, plus a pop up against the Braves that fell in between the shortstop and third baseman, Jacoby Ellsbury hitting a bases clearing pop up single that fell in within ten feet of 3 defenders, that pop up in between the pitcher and catcher in the World Series that was done by I believe Stephen Drew, and one against the Sox when Nick Green was hit by a bat shard when he was about to field a ground ball.
ch282 (1 year ago)
plz make MLB shittiest plays
madtortuga (1 year ago)
0:51 his face is like " oh darn!" then like " heck yeah man!"
Zach Lawless (1 year ago)
1:05 Did I just hear Mario gathering coins somewhere at Progressive or am I just hearing things?
Justin Turner the new Bill Buckner. 2:33
The Goat (1 year ago)
My 1st hit in JUCO was a lucky hit. The pitcher threw it at my head area so instinctively I ducked but I didnt bring the bat down with me. The bat stayed straight up and made contact with the pitch. It stayed fair and went towards 3rd, but the 3B was playing so deep that he had no chance to get me out on because it was going so slow.
0:00, 0:38 and 1:34. Honestly, what are we doing? Baseball or Cricket? 😂😂😂
Sofia Sanchez (1 year ago)
arrows hit vs mets when castillo dropped it?
Luke Mcclary (1 year ago)
Check swing OP
harryRS729 (1 year ago)
In the third one he check swung farther than I hit lel
Chris Weidner (1 year ago)
Reddick's wasn't lucky. Good piece of hitting.
Elliot Beach (1 year ago)
Dee Gordon's infield double
1950Grendel (1 year ago)
They're all scorching line drives in the scorebook.
Elmo Blatch (1 year ago)
It occasionally turns into cricket out there.
Lucy Dvorsky (1 year ago)
Robby cano hit a bunt double down the left field line
ryan baldwin (1 year ago)
extreme tune routine oh independent corn investor sleep could.
TheBeefy101 (1 year ago)
Great vid man!
Jesse James (1 year ago)
anyone else thinking about the show 17 the entire time 😑😑
antfbi (1 year ago)
I fuckin hate the white sox announcers. They are so boring at yet annoying at the same time
Thall For Life (1 year ago)
What about the hit that Hunter Pence got where he hit the ball, the bat broke, and then the ball went off the broken barrel a second time and tricked the shortstop into going the wrong way.
Mr. Squeen (1 year ago)
Where is Salvador Perez's double in the 2014 wild card to getter lead and the win
Julius Ulit (1 year ago)
My favorite when Bo Jackson called for time in the middle of a wind up and still hit a home run.
Kaidom Roadman (1 year ago)
That bunt would have been gone on the field I play on and they are 200 feet
marmalade (1 year ago)
Basically guys just swinging at low pitches and getting hits
Baseball Fanatic (1 year ago)
Can u imagine one of these lucky infield singles ruining a perfect game
MoreAwsomness 54389 (1 year ago)
You copied hilight real
Brandon Pegg (1 year ago)
I love little league ball.
reelkena (1 year ago)
Dickerson likes em low. What can I say?
CMoney Man (1 year ago)
1:20 he could hade a chance to catch it
Joe Reporter (1 year ago)
You make your own luck. 1:18, pop fly was bad fielding, left fields ball and could've caught if he ran in hard.
Garrett Quimby (1 year ago)
1:07 u can hear x box noises and then u can hear a friend request near 1:09
Quentin R (1 year ago)
Let's play a game If you give me a pattern of 5 likes, You're If you give me a pattern of 7 likes, You're a legend
Gary Livesey (1 year ago)
sf giants pitcher jason schmidt homered off jose lima when trying to avoid being hit by a pitch. lima's reaction is priceless
culcyTV (1 year ago)
0:48 i did that in mlb the show and hit a homer
youdontknowme423 (1 year ago)
470,000 view
Tyler Large (1 year ago)
I love how from 2:55 to 3:30 all of the "lucky hits" were against the Rays.
Tripdeck5 (1 year ago)
3:50 when everybody on the Yankees were 35
AZ112WE (1 year ago)
It hits the ground at 0:50 is that a legal hit?
ph11lyfan2004 (1 year ago)
0:37... am I the only one that misses the old Phillies players?
The Phantom 2018 (1 year ago)
That bunt into right field makes me laugh every time I see it
Dartanion78 (1 year ago)
At 1:46 "And the ball is thrown away!" What happened next?
I have no idea (1 year ago)
not luck skill
randomperson18a (1 year ago)
At 1:20 the ball landed foul initially. Look at the slow motion.
Logan Meurer (11 months ago)
K1ngBowman thank you for telling this fool the rules of baseball.
LandonBowman (1 year ago)
randomperson18a It doesn't matter. If the ball comes back fair before getting to 1st or 3rd base, it's a fair ball.
Nathan Lee (2 years ago)
1:16 was lucky because it hit outside in foul before coming back into play which should have been a foul ball.
Logan Meurer (11 months ago)
Well you're dumb
Nathan Lee (2 years ago)
Oh right, I completely forgot about that. It's the same as it rolling down the line. For some reason I thought as soon as it landed like that it was foul.
Qwilliams (2 years ago)
The ball can go into foul territory before it crosses the first or third base bag and come back into fair territory and will be ruled fair as long as no player touched the ball while it was in foul territory. Just a very fortunate bounce that the ball took with all the spin that it had on it.
I was at that game where didi lost the ball in the sun it was so hot
denelson83 (2 years ago)
From now on, we'll call a hit on a checked swing an "excuse-me hit".
Jesse Seibert (2 years ago)
1:15 was blatantly foul.
Qwilliams (2 years ago)
The ball can go into foul territory before it crosses the first or third base bag and come back into fair territory and will be ruled fair as long as no player touched the ball while it was in foul territory. Just a very fortunate bounce that the ball took with all the spin that it had on it.
CanadaMMA (2 years ago)
One of the things about hitting is that there is always an element of luck to it. All you can really hope to do is make solid contact and generate a high exit velocity. Everything else is really in the hands of the sports gods.
JeremyN75 (2 years ago)
That line-drive bunt was my favorite.
Matthew633 (2 years ago)
In High School, I caught a 60 mph changeup on the handle of the bat, but the ball remained on the bat throughout the swing causing the ball to curve from the inside part of the plate, around the front of the pitcher, hit off the first baseman's mitt and trickled into down the right field line.
Brooke Wheat (2 years ago)
Kwyn Ronnenberg (2 years ago)
the Jays play at 4:20 because Myers was on the basepath in Bautista's way would that not have been an obstruction?
Kwyn Ronnenberg (2 years ago)
Pavan Farrell (2 years ago)
What about when angel pagan hit the 3rd base bag in the World Series
Pavan Farrell (2 years ago)
FaZe_Name (2 years ago)
So 😎
Tim Jansen (2 years ago)
There is a lot of luck in baseball. That is why post-season series really have to be 7 game; it kind of balances out the luck.
Alex Lawrence (2 years ago)
How you gonna ignore Coghlan asking for time and then hitting an RBI single?
Devin Paulsen (2 years ago)
Chris Coghlins time that wasn't called but got an RBI single in the NLCS was a good one
Christian Wong (2 years ago)
I don't play baseball, I don't understand most of the plays, but I love to watch it still. The sound of bat hitting the ball is cancer curing.
Kmav (2 years ago)
try to understand them. You appreciate it more
Chris Rose (2 years ago)
those bunts that end up in the outfield are gold. They give me a half chub
Kenroy Bito (1 year ago)
Chris Roskenroye
D X (2 years ago)
bunt fly ball
DeathBook Gaming (2 years ago)
where was the 2015 ALDS Correa play?
Brady Block (2 years ago)
1:50, like why you should always run when you hit a fly ball!
Vincent Cuttolo (2 years ago)
Any time I watch these highlight videos, I'm left with the same thought: How bad is Michael Kay?
Vincent Cuttolo (1 year ago)
AGiantGiantFan 13 If you like him, that's okay. I won't hold it against you. In what little bit I've of his ESPN radio show (in YT snippets) he seems fine. His PBP? Not for me.
SpeZ (1 year ago)
Vincent Cuttolo I would say I hate him, but growing up in New York I've listened to him since my first baseball game so hearing anybody else would be weird.
Vincent Cuttolo (1 year ago)
+Michael Gonzalez The last one - starting at 3:48.
Michael Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Vincent Cuttolo which guy is he
Vincent Cuttolo (2 years ago)
+Erik Dresner He loses me when he says hello. I've never in my life heard a PBP guy whose every single word sounds like he's reading off a script, until Kay came along. Not just "the pinstripes, with the interlocking NY", he could call a play that has never happened in 150 years of baseball history, and still sound like he's reading off the same script from which he practiced all morning.
Vincent Cuttolo (2 years ago)
Reddick's looked semi-intentional
KnickKnack07 (2 years ago)
Are you kidding me? The fucking White Sox announcer is actually saying "Yes!" on a run scored? God..I am so glad I live in New York where are announcers are too professional to be such bush league homers.
NWright (2 years ago)
That ball hit the dirt before Vlad hit it lol
TheNukeMan (2 years ago)
One time a pitch was thrown behind a kid on my team in little league, he held up, obviously, and the hit it without moving his bat
Rick Roscoe (2 years ago)
I don't like the term "lucky". If you put the ball in play, good things can happen. This video shows the "wins", but how many screaming line drives are hit right at a fielder? Were these just "unlucky outs"? Baseball is a game of inches, micromillimeters, actually and fortune plays a big part in the outcome of every game.
Maximillian Rothfeld (2 years ago)
I prefer to think of it with the saying "you gotta be good to be lucky and lucky to be good" or something like that
Patrick McBirney (2 years ago)
You missed Jason Kipnis in 2014. He hit a fly all and the wind brought it away from everyone into no mans land.
n40798 (2 years ago)
So if a ball is hit and bounces into foul territory before passing first base but then bounces into fair territory after passing first base, its a fair ball?
ddebenedictis (2 years ago)
Close. To qualify as a fair ball in that circumstance, it must be over fair territory as it passes first base (not merely sometime after it passes first base). In other words, in this situation, the ruling of fair vs. foul is not made until the instant the ball passes first base.
vanderticked (2 years ago)
1:06 - 1:20...that chopper bounced foul, and first base knew it. I wonder if it got reversed...
vanderticked (2 years ago)
My apologies...this whole time I was concentrating on the ball hitting the ground in foul territory right off the bat, I was also remembering the ball was caught for an out. I guess I should have reviewed my own reference clip better...
thezoost (2 years ago)
vanderticked that is not relevant. on plays like that they would have to call it as it passes 1st which it passed 1st in faur territory so its counted as a fair ball
vanderticked (2 years ago)
Alan Hess slow the video down and you can see it clearly bounces off the dirt just past the batter's box.
Alan Hess (2 years ago)
It is not relevant that the ball first hit the ground in foul territory. It went past first base over fair territory. Fair ball.
Nabre Labre (2 years ago)
turns out half swings are the best
Scarecrow7 (2 years ago)
2:14 - this kind of bunt seems like it should be attempted more often
BluProductions (1 year ago)
The Scarecrow Exactly
MAtthew WUest (1 year ago)
The Scarecrow yeh but there are two kinds of bunts sacrifice bunt and a bunt or ( running bunt) when you go start running before you hit the bunt But technically if your foot is out of the box you are out
Michael Gonzalez (1 year ago)
GamerTag97 technically but not usually called
GamerTag97 (1 year ago)
Isn't he suppose to be in the batters box when he bunts? His left foot was outside it
0h_Ryan (2 years ago)
Where is Dozier's hit that was 5 feet foul and curved back fair?
JBPink (2 years ago)
So, where are the two "magic" hits the SF Giants had in the NL league championship game against the St. Louis Cardinals?
BladeChild (2 years ago)
People have a funny way of defining "lucky"
Boggie (2 years ago)
What about pretty much every hit of Derek Jeter's career?
Mario Ortiz (9 months ago)
SportsFreak you are a dick rider you fuck
the ultimate maymay (2 years ago)
SportsFreakfrom94598 yup
Reverend Benzo (2 years ago)
They all look like line drives in the box score.
Knut Ove (2 years ago)
haha, it is almost cricket hits xD
AeroRanger100 (2 years ago)
I miss Vladdy so much...SO so much...
Martin Gardner (2 years ago)
Some of these are actually just good hitting.
dannio m (1 year ago)
Martin Gardner true
Luke Pederson (2 years ago)
2:27 one time Lonnie Chisenhall had a hit like that against the Orioles
Walter Wiggins (2 years ago)
3:43 Scooter Gennett - that's my new favorite sports name
Ak44 Vlogs (2 years ago)
Can I get some subs please u sub I sub
Meh-Tyu (2 years ago)
There was one in 2016 with the Cubs. The batter asked for time but didn't get it, and when he turned back around the pitcher already threw the ball. The batter reacted very quickly and managed to get a double. I was expecting to see that or one like it. That scenario is a very lucky hit.
Bekki Schnetzer (1 year ago)
Meh-Tyu A-Z
Alpha Ampharos (1 year ago)
Meh-Tyu that was the whole reason i clicked on this video but it wasnt there
Jake STATEFARM (1 year ago)
Meh-Tyu I
GIANTJIP (2 years ago)
That is not lucky... Thats what i call hustle...
Timothy Spearman (2 years ago)
Will Zadrowski (2 years ago)
What about starling marte's check swing base hit in the wild card game 2013?
Savage Fam (2 years ago)
Loved this video
YesYou123333 (2 years ago)
If the ball bounces before it reaches the batter and the batter hits the ball, is that a legal hit? What if the ball bounces and the batter doesn't swing at it but it bounces into the strike zone, is that a strike?
eauhomme (2 years ago)
As a former umpire, I will say: 1> Hitting a bouncing ball is perfectly legal. 2> A ball that hits the batter as he swings is a dead ball strike (like a foul ball, except that it can be strike 3). 3> A ball that hits the hands as the batter swings--see #2. The hands are not part of the bat. 4> A ball that bounces and is caught on strike 3 is considered a dropped third strike. The batter can run to first with first base open and less than 2 outs, or anytime with 2 outs. 5> A ball that bounces before it crosses the plate is not a called strike. The ball must enter the strike zone on the fly. 6> A ball that bounces after it crosses the plate but before it reaches the catcher can be a strike. This happens occasionally on a big curve ball, a hard splitter, or an eephus pitch.
RenoSoNY (2 years ago)
YesYou123333 that would kinda be like cricket
Elijah H (2 years ago)
YesYou123333 no it's illegal
monkey gaming l (2 years ago)
for part 1 yes for part 2 no
Troy Van (2 years ago)
YesYou123333 Plus, if the batter swings and misses a pitch that bounces before reaching HP for strike three, it is always considered uncaught by the catcher.
mellowman1001 (2 years ago)
Surely Ichiro's inside-the-park home run has to be included?
Martin Gardner (2 years ago)
Of course that one would have been a hit even with a normal bounce. But point taken.
Sonny Pruitt (2 years ago)
0:37 "and the Phillies have the lead!"  I love it!
Tripdeck5 (1 year ago)
Lancaster Responding no
Lancaster Responding (2 years ago)
Martin Gardner You take that back we won games last year
Martin Gardner (2 years ago)
Not something you hear very often.
JRobbles9 (2 years ago)
Saddle Sore ???? Why
SummerBucketlist (2 years ago)
Saddle Sore not when there where against the Dodgers I love that
rom-dealer (2 years ago)
00:55 That's exactly what my first little league hit went, me with my scrawny arms poking a fastball into right field.
Rocco Whipple (2 years ago)
StewART 17 u
Uberness (2 years ago)
StewART 17 lol
Exceptional Pleb (2 years ago)
zarr kicks puppies for fun.
rom-dealer (2 years ago)
Lol, why did I say that.
Zarr 13 (2 years ago)
StewART 17 no one cares
arrow plasma (2 years ago)
why was the Yankees on there they dont have luck they have skills
arrow plasma (2 years ago)
+Nabre Labre sure just blame the umps but its really just the team (most of the time, sometime the umps suck)
Nabre Labre (2 years ago)
no, they have crooked umps
Str8 L3TH4L (2 years ago)
Jackson Wakeley I don't think anyone realizes that the Cubs are the new Yankees, all of their players right now have been on the team for a maximum of what? 3 years?
Jackson Wakeley (2 years ago)
JayvenAj EspSouchet no they just have the money to get any player in the league
Gunnster (2 years ago)
JayvenAj EspSouchet yes the Yankees have skill letting an easy catch drop between two players
MLB Mike (2 years ago)

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