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Have A Nice Trip by Daisy Mallory (Lyric Video)

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Text Comments (9)
Sarah Mitrani (5 years ago)
You sound a LOT like taylor swift.
Susannah Williams (5 years ago)
this maybe the next great hit on my phone
Vagd (5 years ago)
Love it:)
Nicole Burgon (5 years ago)
lol really? That's cool!
Kaity kitty (5 years ago)
haha same
Nicole Burgon (5 years ago)
I was watching a video by glitterguitargoddess and had to look this up haha
Pachoman (6 years ago)
I love it!
94ingrids (6 years ago)
this is awesome! i really cant understand why youre not super famous.
MellifluousMissy (6 years ago)
Love this. Just found out about you and now i'm going to get your EP on iTunes. Very nice.

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