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15 TALLEST Actors In The World!

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The world’s tallest actors! These are the tallest actors and celebs and the heights of the tallest actors in the world! 13. Liam Neeson - 6’4” (193 cm) Liam Neeson was born in Northern Ireland. He began acting in the 1970s, and had fully integrated himself in the Hollywood system by the end of the 80s. His first massive role was the lead in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler's List, a performance which earned him an academy award nomination. Audiences were ecstatic when the high caliber actor was cast as the wise jedi Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. In 2008, his career hit a new gear when he played an ex-CIA operative searching for his daughter in Taken. The movie was a huge success, and has launched him into several other action films that serve the gentleman’s imposing tall frame including The Grey and The Commuter. 12. Jeff Goldblum - 6’5” (195 cm) Jeff Goldblum first got his start as a gang thug in the controversial 1974 Charles Bronson film Death Wish. He had big parts here and there, including line roles in Annie Hall and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In 1981, he was nominated for a Genie Award (Canadian film award) for best performance by a foreign actor for his portrayal of Aldo Gehring in 1981’s Threshold. Five years later he won a Saturn Award under David Cronenberg’s direction in the 1986 movie The Fly. And guess what? In 1989 he starred in a movie entitled The Tall Guy! But it was his role as the charming scientist in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park that made audiences adore the 6’5” nontraditional actor. Three years later he hit jackpot again in Independence Day, causing him to become one of the 1990s highest grossing actors, and a pop culture mainstay up to this very day. 11. John Cleese - 6’5” (195 cm) In 1962, John Cleese was at Cambridge University performing in a Footlights show called “Cambridge Circus”. There, he met Graham Chapman, two would go on to create Monty Python’s Flying Circus, arguably the most influential sketch comedy group of all time. Cleese, 6’5” used as height as his advantage, playing the high status, authoritative characters who had a inkling for hurling insults. After the success of the group, Cleese went on to create and star in Fawlty Towers, one of Britain’s all time best sitcoms. Cleese is still working today on films, television, video games, and even broadway, and as appeared in over 200 projects throughout his lifetime.
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Text Comments (897)
Josh Mcorkle (9 hours ago)
The rock is 6’2-6’3 max , look at him next to confirmed 6’4 Conan O’Brien
Monkey Boi (11 hours ago)
Clint eastwood 1.94m
TheCrimsonOreo (1 day ago)
Lee definitely did play the amazing role of count dooku
Deplorable Dave (2 days ago)
I am 6 feet 4 inches with a 36 inch inseam. When I get in and out of my beloved E46 M3 I wish my legs were shorter. I keep meaning to get around to custom remounting the driver seat. Very hard to find pants at any brick-and-mortar store. Have to order everything online. Even then, 36 in inseam pants are impossible to find in some models. 34 in is just too short.
blueberry11051 (2 days ago)
You missed Rock Huson and John Wayne! Shaq? Are you kidding?
2k_Sean (4 days ago)
I'm 16 and I'm 6'5
Josetxo Olaizola (4 days ago)
Tim robbins 6'4"
Qwert (4 days ago)
You forgot Matthew McGrory 7'5/229 cm
Manu-Camus (6 days ago)
In the world? That's arrogant, Europe, Australia or Brasil, Argentina have tall actors! Silly woman!
Gay bears (7 days ago)
I don't know who Kevin Durand is but I fucking hate him already
Just a Scribble (7 days ago)
What doesnt dwayne Johnson do?
Zombie vampires (7 days ago)
where is Mickey Rooney?
Billy Johns (7 days ago)
Nathan Jones 6'10"
Julia Brown (8 days ago)
I love very tall man they are sooooooooo beautiful to me. I'm 5'5 in height. Tall men are sexy guys. I love the tower over me. 👍❤👍👍😊🤗
Tony Cooper (8 days ago)
Imagine how I feel at 6ft and my wife at 5 ft 4 and we have 3 sons 1 at 6ft1, another at 6ft5 and the other at 6ft9, 126kg and it's all muscle, talk about getting strange looks when we're in public. 🤔 go figure.
Leon Vazquez (8 days ago)
Affleck is 6'4"
N S (8 days ago)
Brazilian jusitsu 😂😂😂
Nova Zemlja (11 days ago)
Brazilian what? Can you please say that again.
dI9ESTIVES 123 (12 days ago)
Elon musk at number 5
John Cardenas (13 days ago)
They forgot the tallest guy! Its actually the guy from the longest yard, hes 7’8
amber lewisn (13 days ago)
5'7 and 5'10 is successful height range for Bollywood man.analyise it.
lee gent (13 days ago)
some of the facts are wrong but i can forgive that
sameer kumar (14 days ago)
What about Stephen Merchant
JJ Williams (14 days ago)
If you mentioned Shaq, you should mention Kareem Abdul-Jabar, the man was said to be 7’3 and is known for going toe to toe with Bruce lee.
Todd Peucker (14 days ago)
This list is ridiculous. Even if you narrowed it down from "in the world" to just Hollywood, you still would have a plethora of actors over 6'3". Which is where this list starts. Since you were including actors who were dead as well, the list would be in the thousands. I bet through careful research, one could compile a list of 15 tallest actors that would START at 7 feet.
Vehi (14 days ago)
You forgot Peter Dinklage
Terven James (15 days ago)
Wwe Aundre the gaint
darien dill (15 days ago)
Chuck Connors 6'6"
George18798 (15 days ago)
Jeep Swenson - 6'4 Dolph Lundgren - 6'5 Dave Bautista - 6'6 Ralf Moeller Bob Sapp - 6'6 Terry Bollea - 6'7 Mark Callaway (Undertaker) - 6'7 Glen Jacobs (Kane) - 6'7 Nathan Jones - 6'8 Martyn Ford - 6'8 John William Minton (Big John Studd) - 6'8 Bubba Smith - 6'10 Kevin Nash - 6'10 Andre Rene Russimoff (Andre The Giant) - 7'0 Andrey Sviridov (Belorusian actor) - 7'0 Kevin Peter Hall - 7'0 Semmy Schilt - 7'0 Jorge Gonzalez (Giant Gonzalez) - 7'6
Ami Chotu (16 days ago)
Tim Robbins ?
Cupid stunt (18 days ago)
Clint walker?
Ayman zack (18 days ago)
WTF why most of them are 6'5
MIKE HALO5 (19 days ago)
What about andre the giant? I'm pretty sure he was either the same size or maybe taller. Even tho I think he only acted in 1 movie
Alge Borusas (19 days ago)
Where's Max Palmer at 7-7?
James Montalvo (19 days ago)
I’m not sure you get 4 feet shorter in age, unless you count your back no longer being straight
Andrej Nikolov (19 days ago)
Whoever thinks The Rock is 6'4 is crazy... He looks 6'2 1/2 MAX. Look at the clip with him and CONAN' O Brian whose a LEGIT 6'4. He looks 2 inches shorter.
Sammy NunyaBiznes (19 days ago)
Can we have a better host? She’s so monotonous, sounds like she’s reading off a script without emotion.
Hamza Ramadani (19 days ago)
Tge rock is 6.2ft
Buster Cherry (20 days ago)
You missed the biggest one of all. 7'6" Matthew McGrory. 'Tiny' from house of 1000 corpses.
Buster Cherry (20 days ago)
I mean, he's dead. But still should be on the list.
adam Hamilton (20 days ago)
The rock isn't 6ft 4 ..I've stood next to him he's 6ft 2
Tommy Guo (21 days ago)
Will ferrell , Clint eastwood,Christopher reeve ,they all are 6'4
S Sarath (22 days ago)
Whr is clint eastwood 6'3
Marko Milan (22 days ago)
All of these heights are wrong, they are inflated by 4-5cm.
Lepe (22 days ago)
6:49 - Brazillian "Jazitsu"
TyrantWarlord (22 days ago)
Ya talking about these actors, while I’m tryna find out who she is...
Godzilla and king kong were taller than them all
Lakers Mix Videos (24 days ago)
terry crews??
Zomb1eBaxter (24 days ago)
Tyler Mane? He’s 6’9
Jaya Suriya (24 days ago)
Where is Jason mamoa
Vincent Balasabas (24 days ago)
EasySin Music (25 days ago)
This chick narrating needs some lessons.
Bee Zava (25 days ago)
So where is Tom Cruise?. ...lol.
moon glow (25 days ago)
I love tall men.....!!
yoidkldk (26 days ago)
OMG he was Chewbacca
Johan Joharis (26 days ago)
15 TALLEST Actors In Hollywood
Sisi Nono (27 days ago)
You missed GOLDBERD, KANE, THE GREAT KALI, THE BIG SHOW, well they made a few movies. 😁 i like the girl on the video that shows up for a few seconds talking😍😍😘
Kodi Davis (27 days ago)
Babe in 1985? Maybe 1995
Andre Darden (27 days ago)
I thought Kevin Durand was Elon Musk.
Andre Darden (27 days ago)
What about Zerses?
Exotic Farmer (27 days ago)
How can you run a channel like this and still not how yo pronounce "Cambridge"?
Muslim Putra (28 days ago)
Where Kristen Novoselic?
Erica Carter (28 days ago)
You forgot Doug Jones
jayogesh sawant (28 days ago)
The great khalo
xenomorphelv426 (29 days ago)
Kevin Peter All. a.k.a PREDATOR (7ft3)
Yağız Yavuzer (29 days ago)
Armie hammer ?
Whose the narrator of the video tho??? 🤔
alexsander Zuger (1 month ago)
Damn who is that host
Gerard Mazzarese (1 month ago)
How about Lurch, Herman, John Wayne?
James SlimMetal (1 month ago)
The accuracy of this is laughable
joe lecuyer (1 month ago)
Many missed on the list. Andre the Giant, Hafthor Bjornnson (The mountain, game of thrones), Tim Robbins, probably a dozen more 6'5" or taller.
sandy46 (1 month ago)
You left out the actor Tim Robbins 6'5 from Shawshank Redemption. He also played opposite of Martin Lawrence in a movie. And Morgan Freeman, he is 6'2
Ralf Buron (1 month ago)
Tom Cruise with his special shoes!
Asa Lee (1 month ago)
How in the world could she not have one of the most recognized successful actors in the world, Clint Eastwood? The man is a legend and she doesn't have him on her list? Typical youngster who knows very little.
Michael Dixon (1 month ago)
Armie Hammer 6'5"
M Powell (1 month ago)
I’m taller than half of these people. There is no way some of these are top 15.
Monarch v (1 month ago)
M Powell How tall are you are?
sulaiman kottani (1 month ago)
The World is just a small place like America!
Airbag1010674 (1 month ago)
supermansamoan Ulavale (1 month ago)
Those are not the tallest that's just tall. Get it straight nothing new.
Martin CasCab (1 month ago)
there is the Mountain in game of thrones????
Rose Bilski (1 month ago)
I'm 5 foot 2 and have always been in awe of tall people. I usually only date guys 6 foot or taller. I have a niece who is 5 foot 10. Love tall people. I wish they were around when I was trying to get things off of the top shelf at the grocery store!
Miska Raunimaa (1 month ago)
John Lebar is 7'3 (221cm) Why wasn't he on the list
peter montgomery (1 month ago)
If shaq qualifies as an actor then I’m sure wilt chaimberlin does for his part in Conan the barbarian
Rebecca Labs (1 month ago)
Tempt forgot Hulk Hogan 6'8"tall ,and many others.
Chris Rutledge (1 month ago)
Isn’t Dolph Lundgren about 6’5?
SanctumGaming Q (1 month ago)
Lebron? hes been in train wreck small foot and space jam 2 so far
Mary Leslie (1 month ago)
Frank Langella is 6' 4. Where is he?????
Eva otoole otoole (1 month ago)
its nice to see the true face behid trubaker
Eva otoole otoole (1 month ago)
6.e aflex wow
Millitary Guy (1 month ago)
Hulk Hogan 6'7"
Oscar G (1 month ago)
I miss Carl Struykcen from Twin Peaks. He was 6,8!
Erind Avdiu (1 month ago)
Where is chris hemsworth??
Thorgard Haugen (1 month ago)
bad job on research...where is the greatest of an all, old Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood? he's 6-4
Reese Jenkins (1 month ago)
Kevin Hart like how u forget him smh
ben dover (1 month ago)
any particular reason you left Slender Man off your list....15 feet tall isn't good enough ???
TheDumbAsses (1 month ago)
Kevin Hart
This Guy (1 month ago)
Dave Bautista?
Vakaloloma Tawake (1 month ago)
''The Rock is best known for his role in fast n furious''...seriously...that would be vin diesel or paul walker (rip)...
Abtahi Mustakim (1 month ago)
Isn't Tyler Perry in GTA V as Franklin??
Kathy McCrory (1 month ago)
Should be called 15 tallest popular actors.
Muhammad Ali (1 month ago)
Where is Tom Cruise

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