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Let's talk jewelry fashion! I've noticed the trend right now is smaller jewelry. I've seen top rappers and athletes wearing more feminine style jewelry lately. I want to talk about it as well as the cost for some of the pieces that they're wearing. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks! Follow me on IG: @jacojefinejewelry Visit my website: https://www.jacoje.com
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Earl Pharaoh (1 month ago)
Ben Correll (2 months ago)
I think it works well if the stones are big enough. 50 Cent sported the best tennis chain bracelet I've ever seen in the video 'Im supposed to die tonight.' The stones looked like they were 2 karats per stone.
rick rick (4 months ago)
Smash smash smash I love jewelry jus don't like seeing rappers n my grandma's jewelry
Its Just Brit (5 months ago)
Its just jewelry. I could care less if men wear a lot of diamonds. It looks really cool.
Non-Existant (6 months ago)
U don’t understand the culture u on the outside looking in
Non-Existant (6 months ago)
JACOJE LYNX yes africans have been wearing jewels in the way rappers do now for thousands of years! Diamonds and real jewelry aren’t new to rap either go look at all lil bossie old jewelry
JACOJE LYNX (6 months ago)
Oh really
Todd m (6 months ago)
Idk, its no different than a 35 or 36mm watch. Back in the day that was a big dial, no its tiny and obsolete for most companies that made them. If they do still make them they are considered unisex or womens. Can a guy with class still rock a 36mm rolex, ofcourse. Will most rappers wear them, not usually. But its comkng back around. The tudor 58 is push in the right direction. Others will follow once they see how well they are selling.
Barkaka P (7 months ago)
Grandma's jewelry, ahhhhaaaa..... but hey, Lab Rubies are Genuine Ruby right they are Lab grown. It's like a hot house tomato. It's a tomato just not grown in nature.
WillyTech (7 months ago)
No way you got 80k on your wrist lmao
Jody Shirley (8 months ago)
jacoje your a faggot for liking that men should stick to wearing men's jewelry and women should stick to wearing women's jewelry this new generation of swag has completely blinded you and all these other gay ass wannabe thugs like don't get me started on skinny jeans that shit is for punk rockers and women not for men or rappers and people say that skinny jeans are the west coast style they to get there asses whipped and all you people thats going to see this you can bash on me do what ever you want i don't care y'all ain't nothing but talking shit behind the computer and got the balls to say it to my face in person
Jody Shirley (8 months ago)
JACOJE LYNX I don't give a shit I just don't like it fuck it I don't care
JACOJE LYNX (8 months ago)
Settle down my guy it’s just a video. I have a tennis bracelet on my wrist right now
Brandon Chavers (9 months ago)
I think your jewlery is fake
manny lopez (5 months ago)
Brandon Chavers shut up bitch you broke
Brandon Chavers (6 months ago)
Todd m forsure forsure but im interested in that, is there a way to get ahold of you?
Brandon Chavers (6 months ago)
Todd m do you have a instagram?
Todd m (6 months ago)
In addition to that, compared to a mall jeweler, we will be at half the price and be killin it like he is. He prices, if ur looking into retail markets are better than most and the quality for real is not any different than any big jewelry manufacturer that cares about its name. There is quality stuff from peru, italy are the 2 biggest u will see in the u.s. and china believe it or not makes real stuff too. If u know how to check jewelry u cant get ripped off completely and understand market prices. Ur best bet is secondary market. Ropes n francos and shit like that esp in 14k are a dime a dozen. Save ur money n get 18k and make it worth it ya know.
Todd m (6 months ago)
Its not fake. But if u n i contacted this same manufacturer and made a promise to purchase a specific amount we would get it at not much more over spot and sell them for a few dollars more over spot for each gram and ur in buisness if u can save ur money and reup n flip more jewelry, thats all he does.
Ramone Timma (9 months ago)
But where did u get the braclet from the big one
Just A Chicken Nugget (3 months ago)
Some pieces are custom
Unochoice 1 (10 months ago)
Kilos of gold in the 80s were dirt cheap it was about 350 per oz so all them rappers with big chains back then were real go ask slick rick he stil has all his peices today
Omarr Bradley (10 months ago)
Do u think that the. Hamsa hand is 4 women
jval733 (1 year ago)
How durable are the diamond chains?
MaCeo Millions (11 months ago)
jval733 not durable... tennis chains & bracelets are easily prone to break just because of the design
Nigga Tard (1 year ago)
jval733 pretty much as durable as the metal under it is
The looks of a giant cuban cant be beaten by a tiny diamond chain
Good video man.. I do reviews and Promo for sites labmade and real both,, Myself i am into the black stones when it comes to mens tennis chains or diamonds,,,The higher end black octagon watches are fly as well...so if it's black i will sport em. i am into the blue stuff and other color bracelets and pendants as well ,,or any unique style stones..
Sergio Contreras (1 year ago)
You should be selling skateboards not jewelry lol
Sergio Contreras (1 year ago)
You talk so much shit about tennis jewelry just bc you don't like them.
?? (1 year ago)
Can you do a Rolex chain review I only see them in 10k never in 14 k now days?
Lzett Laru (1 year ago)
g a y LOL
Buckshot Chief (1 year ago)
I use to be all diamonds. Now I love plain 14k pieces with no diamonds. For me, diamonds is a call out for "rob me", I feel as if, these diamond bracelets & pieces, look better for women. My grandma also wore diamond pieces.
-.- (1 year ago)
100% agree with you, like if I would get a rolly, it would be plain.
perfectdiamond32 (1 year ago)
I designed uniSEX diamond and pearl jewelries so this is not new to me.
Phabian D kesson (1 year ago)
well u can buy those same tennis chain in sterling silver and lab simulants..120 soooooo
Phabian D kesson (1 year ago)
+JACOJE LYNX and personally idc who cud spot what cuz I aint buy it for someone else I bout it cuz I wanted it u kno..to save 40 bands and buy a necklace jus dosent make semse to me...lol might be cuz I break ...but frankly I cant picture my self with a milli and spending 4 hundred hundred dollars bills on a chain lol
Phabian D kesson (1 year ago)
+JACOJE LYNX you use the word fake very loosly bro...now before the fans start up I love yo channel bro but "fake" jewlery to me is like jewelers brass or somthing but stainless steel or sterling silver is still good quality especially if its 14 or 18k coated and its still real jewlery..now it is a fake gold chain if u trynna pass it off as real gold but I mean its not a FAKE chain because it isnt gold...shit u cud probly find some nice ass pure copper jewelry that they hit you a few thou for...to me its preference gold is very nice but not necessary
JACOJE LYNX (1 year ago)
+Pablo Kescobar you definitely can but it's a matter of do you want something that's fake with no value or do you want something real. People that know better will spot the fake piece a mile away
J Thompson (1 year ago)
"you guys like those bracelets didn't you?...no all you gotta do is hit the loto and ill get you right with some" XD i died
eazyc404 (1 year ago)
this is old times but one day could you review the death row chain. always wanted to know more info on it
Dave Lovesshoes (1 year ago)
JACOJE LYNX do it bro uk rapper called nines wears mad stuff look him up
JACOJE LYNX (1 year ago)
Yeah I want to!
THE GROOVE (1 year ago)
to me it's faggots that wear diamonds like that.....cuz no real man is gonna rock a tennis diamond bracelet....most of the real rich ppl I hang around specially the men they wear stainless steel type of jewelry big pieces at that like I do.....only idiots wear this type of stuff like the rappers do nowadays jewelry wearing needs to be classy not trashy that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it
LexRuger718 (1 year ago)
THE GROOVE wearing diamonds came from Pimp from the 70s. They wear it to get attention so they can hook women to prostitute. Rappers are the same trying to hook you
perfectdiamond32 (1 year ago)
Kings and Maharajas wear diamonds and pearls. So who's the idiot now?
moistened eel (1 year ago)
stainless steel. go sleep kiddo.
HumbledGod (1 year ago)
let me tell you about the young money chain with huge rocks on the chain wayne had way back i think lil uzi started the new wave the choker look in bad n boujee video you can see migos chains are still lengthy imo the shorter chains are a good look for skinnier cats
ŠTRAPGØD Kî (2 years ago)
So What's the length of these diamond chains? 18 or 16.? Maybe 20.? Max
codeine kid ent. (2 years ago)
yo ? for a while i waned to get a bracelet made same stlye but gold and ornage stones not daimonds its suppose to be a gift for a friend
Dorde807 (2 years ago)
The fake red stone 💎
300 club (2 years ago)
how big are those stones?
John Draper (2 years ago)
Another great video
JACOJE LYNX (2 years ago)
+John Draper thanks John
Stihl Living (2 years ago)
Do Gucci Mane old Oodie Dog
noah bates (2 years ago)
Man history repeats itself in ten years it's baggys and big chains
Tempe401 (1 year ago)
I hardly believe it
Scottie Drippen (1 year ago)
A$AP Rocky and his crew are bringing back baggy jeans
Krishna Mysore (1 year ago)
thanks to ye
Krishna Mysore (1 year ago)
baggy shirts already back
diamond kartel (2 years ago)
ur wrong about alotta shit
diamond kartel (2 years ago)
this guy's an idiot
JACOJE LYNX (2 years ago)
+Adrian Torred we all have different opinions. The great thing is you can simply just not watch my content if you don't agree. Luckily for me I have a bunch of people to agree and are very supportive with the videos I'm putting out. I'm blessed and I hope you are too.
JACOJE LYNX (2 years ago)
+Adrian Torred this guy disagrees
amezcua323 (2 years ago)
I have a question is alright for a guy to wear a eternity ring? I've seen people like Ben baller, young thug, Gucci mane to name a few wearing eternity rings.
JACOJE LYNX (2 years ago)
+amezcua323 I think it's time for me to address that in a video.
Mark Storment (2 years ago)
so your saying rick ross cant afford a 50,000$ ruby? that fuck has millions bro. 50 racks aint shit to him...
JACOJE LYNX (2 years ago)
Rick Ross can definitely afford a 50,000 dollar piece but a REAL Ruby that size and quality cost 250,000+ dollars minimum. I'm posting a video tomorrow explaining that Ruby piece.
straya 1 (2 years ago)
how the fuck do you even start being a jewler??
Daniel Kennerk (2 years ago)
I sell jewelry
JACOJE LYNX (2 years ago)
+Blade Lesetar I'll make a video on that
Sesamestreet9080 (2 years ago)
I think most jewelry is unisex unless you can tell it's directed to a gender
GGC Doza (1 year ago)
Sesamestreet9080 Even with watches, most people would say MK watches are for women but as long as you can rock it then it shouldnt matter
Buddy Holly (1 year ago)
Well,TBH not right now cause I'm just way to high to read your big ass bullshxt story about whatever your shittin on about,BUT I'll b back.... BIH
Larry O (1 year ago)
Buddy Holly care to elaborate?
Buddy Holly (1 year ago)
Larry O I agree and disagree
Larry O (1 year ago)
ImAtrolI I got a bracelet there and a few charms, yes I agree that most of the stuff is pretty feminine but like he said in the video, it's how you work it. I got the leather bracelet in black and got the plain looking charms and avoided the glitzy and colorful ones and it worked. It's no different than the wrap bracelets made for guys with one or two dangly charms. Also in this century it seems the gender thing is blending as women are rocking guys stuff and vice versa.
William Burkhalter (2 years ago)
Great vid
JACOJE LYNX (2 years ago)
+William Burkhalter thank you! 💯
Alex (2 years ago)
or fake jewlery
JACOJE LYNX (2 years ago)
LOL NOOO you have to believe them when they say they spent 1 million on their jewelry!!

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