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MLB Worst Slides

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Turd Ferguson (2 days ago)
That last one "kiss my ass" ok.
Jay Deavor (5 days ago)
check out the hit at 5:40.. Almost a 3D effect without the glasses... The Ball curved in the air when it was hit...
Harley Foubert Vlogs (6 days ago)
This makes me scared for when I steal a base Especially 0:50
Cody S. (13 days ago)
Bob Jones (15 days ago)
The last slide was the funniest.😂
Snoop Martin (19 days ago)
Kevin pillar?????!!!???
F M (13 days ago)
Kevin Millar
fallingironreks83 (1 month ago)
Butt plant?😂
WavyGotDrip X (1 month ago)
2:00 Even though he looks like a gay man wishing to be a Swan..... Safe!
Benjamin Krawetzki (3 months ago)
5:43 Me when I slide.
Manda Hartmann (5 months ago)
These make me feel so much better about mine
Anthony D (5 months ago)
I was wondering how come i never did that sliding headfirst when i played as a kid. Im seeing here that the dirt is moist and they are getting caught up. Not really a bad slide but i get ya
Ohso_rocky (6 months ago)
That last one tho XD
valtteri lahtinen (6 months ago)
Duck fist remark turkey scheme oppose in tool naked huge loud Dutch.
InterQ (6 months ago)
Last is the brilliant
EnigmaDrath (8 months ago)
3:22 -> Flawless recovery XD
Gleep Wurp (8 months ago)
Love the bellyflop slides ... lol
Mister C (9 months ago)
That's how I always slide. One team I was on used to call me Floppy
Tyler Ellyson (9 months ago)
that must leave a scar.
Balling Miller (10 months ago)
And I thought I was bad at sliding
Beau Terrien (10 months ago)
The first one I think he just slid so he didn’t get hit my the ball being thrown
Panda_ Kush (10 months ago)
Mine should be on there
libby Keck (11 months ago)
Most baseball players slide head first and that gets you more hurt than you get when you slide feet first and you loose momentum the second you leave your feet so sliding head first should be illegal but only if it is going to a base not getting out of a pickle thingy
wyddnoahh (11 months ago)
let’s be honest anybody with any sport that’s #13 is the best 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mike Riddick (11 months ago)
These guys must have had a childhood with no experience of a slip-n-slide.
bjchit (11 months ago)
This whole video could have honestly just been of Kevin Millar.
Don Chu (11 months ago)
xzabath1 (11 months ago)
Love those scorpions!
Zachary Jones (11 months ago)
I always slide even when I'm far from second base because I don't wanna get clonked in the head by a ball with the SS or 2B is trying to turn a double play. Everyone does it it's normal
Kevin Valudes (1 year ago)
oh no! they should make a special rule to change the entire game of baseball that says you can’t slide headfirst into 3rd. we don’t want gerald posey getting another injury!
Ravishing Rude (1 year ago)
Davis was safe
Sarah LeBere (1 year ago)
These are mag league baseball players they should now how to slide🤷‍♀️but i guess not!!!!!!!!!!!!
Otis Fugate (1 year ago)
Love the head first slides. So funny.
Otis Fugate (1 year ago)
2:00 was safe. The toe of his shoe dragged home plate without being tagged out.
Robinson Aquino (1 year ago)
I remember when i played 4 years ago i accidentally tackled the third base XD it was safe anyway
sherman (1 year ago)
6:00 kids, that is how you eat ass
Fernie C (1 year ago)
How is 4:28 a worst slide. That was actually pretty nice.
Cynthionic (9 days ago)
+Withdraw sliding isn't faster
Cody S. (13 days ago)
It has actually been proven that sliding is slower than running, especially on First as you're allowed to PASS THE BAG, which is the key difference that makes your second base comparison completely shit. Learn the game. Sliding is for avoiding tags and has ZERO to do with speed.
Withdraw (6 months ago)
Key word *essentially. There are plenty of veteran players who on the contrary maintain that sliding into first can get you to the bag faster like Brett Gardner. There are most definitely instances when it is useful. You can call it "memeworthy" all you want but there is a reason it happens. Saying it does nothing is just wrong.
Vicious Mormon (6 months ago)
no idea what WITHDRAW is going on about, sliding into first base is essentially useless. although it is perfectly legal and you'll see it a few times each season. Vizquel, a 16-year veteran, has been asked why he does it when the conventional wisdom is that it's faster to just run across the first base bag. He said that it was mainly to confuse the first base umpire. Admittedly, it would be a tougher call for the umpire.
giggitygoo21 (6 months ago)
ok sliding into first is memeworthy. you can find a video of a few rare moments in the MLB where people actually do it
Memphis Raines (1 year ago)
1:56 Rajai was as safe as they come!
Peri Dot (5 months ago)
Memphis Raines yup
Mark (1 year ago)
Please title your videos properly that's not too much to ask.
Sporty Sports (1 year ago)
One time my friend was gonna be safe by a mile so he slid as a joke and he broke his foot hahahah
Owen Hall (1 year ago)
this is me when i try to slide
Airagog 101 (1 year ago)
LOL the whole video I was dying! these are hilarious!
Chris S. (1 year ago)
these are so funny lmaoo
Lucas Lepejian (1 year ago)
Idea: Fake tags
Rus's Studios (1 year ago)
RobdoB 601 (1 year ago)
that last slide was really a "heads up" play...shoulda' went with slide "#2"...2nd baseman really "let it all hang out"....ok I'm done
space panda (1 year ago)
3:22 he sticks out his tongue like "ugh im dead 😲😝"
Frank Elizondo (1 year ago)
3:10 ahh the face of pure innocence
katie kebab (1 year ago)
Today I had a game and I stole home and slid. The slide wasn't smooth, it was late, and it didn't feel great either. I was safe though. And to me, if you're safe on any slide, then it's a good slide.
BellaTheBomb (1 year ago)
The slide when he was running to home at 1:52 was safe
Spiral Winds (1 year ago)
Call was overturned
Dec0yElectro (1 year ago)
he ate shit at 5:42 to 6:04
JD (1 year ago)
0:36 I think the swing was funnier than the slide!
KreekCraft Fan (8 days ago)
JD he meant to do that so the runner could steal
Darren Gwin (1 year ago)
2:10 im no dodgers fan but i do love that guys commentary. him and others like marty really make the game fun
Jack Plays (1 year ago)
That Villar slide cracked me up
Natalie Bautista (1 year ago)
the first one was not a slide
Crazymobst3r (1 year ago)
That last clip may not be advertiser friendly.
Matt Yoslov (1 year ago)
omg i lost it at 1:52
Worst part is, he also farted.
David Dodgen (1 year ago)
Villar ur stupid
NightIIJester (1 year ago)
The last one was worth it. Thank you comment section
michael taylor (1 year ago)
3:22 Had me dying
weeb boiz (1 year ago)
kkk am I right?
Hongyi Wang (1 year ago)
"Kiss my ass" for last one... lol
johnnycatR58 (1 year ago)
the last one Phillips: kiss my ass!!! other guy: ok!!!
Hillcsh2007 Fortnite (1 year ago)
Jonathan VR sure was eating the booty like groceries
I love how some of these players are doing " The fish slides"
Melissa Palacios (1 year ago)
they all can't slide just arods was funny
AceTheDragon3 (1 year ago)
3:21 wtf lmao
Brian Fox (1 year ago)
That's why head first you want basically slide on the lower chest/upper abdominal wall. Cuz too low on the stomach and you face plant hard, while ending up too high you kiss the dirt but your legs either slam down or they're bent over you.
Tiger Quiney (1 year ago)
1:50 he was safe 😂
Steve Allen (1 year ago)
A real man going to second gets in the way of the throw to first, he doesn't slide and hide from it.
R6 (1 year ago)
0:07 what even...
rockland6674 (1 year ago)
3:28 Papi, you were a great player, but WTF was that?
TheMusicVlogger (1 year ago)
from this comment section we can deduce that the last ones really good...
YaBoyRoger (1 year ago)
TheMusicVlogger just like he took a deduce to the face
Austyn Edward (1 year ago)
just watching this hurt my back
Canadian Wolfie (1 year ago)
that last one though
FS2K4Pilot (9 days ago)
Yeah, face first into the other dude's ass. You can't un-see that.
Jose Jaimes (1 year ago)
the last one has to best one of all time.He ate his ass
Ketroc (1 year ago)
Kelly Gruber on the Toronto Blue Jays once slid into home plate and knocked himself out. The ball was in the outfield at the time he slid in. It was also the winning run in game4 of the world series.
1:50, if it look stupid, but it works, It ain't stupid.
thebumblebeekyng 2006 (2 years ago)
5:55-5:59 right into the anus
Luke Fischer (2 years ago)
2:17 am I the only one who thinks that Dbacks sounds somewhat wrong
Kita Bailey (2 years ago)
Rhiannon Kelley (2 years ago)
the last one im just like eat that ass!!
bmo (2 years ago)
1:54 Ump was wrong - he was safe. Beautiful "slide"!
Alex DeMeo (9 months ago)
Yeah it was overturned
UltraAceCombat (9 months ago)
Except the call was overturned
Haley Hittle (9 months ago)
bmo he is out bc he never slid
Ski Guru (2 years ago)
rilly funny
SantaDog81 (2 years ago)
4:38 Buster was clearly safe by a nose on that play...
Maxwell Jamison (2 years ago)
1:46 I think he said "IDIOTS take the play!" Meaning the outfielders....
Shin (2 years ago)
That last slide really... sucked ass
debjoy12 (1 year ago)
ba dum tsssss
RagingRaven88 (2 years ago)
Right up the butthole.
Curtis Grabow Outdoors (2 years ago)
0:10 just a little bit short of the base lmao.
Daniel Juarez (2 years ago)
fortnite god (2 years ago)
these players are really bad at sliding
Anthony Coronado (2 years ago)
The Oscar goes to 6:04
Anthony Coronado (2 years ago)
Please like my comment my dog died
matthewjamal (2 years ago)
Do these guys even baseball?
Ballowall (2 years ago)
Omg that last one
Anthony Coronado (2 years ago)
Do sliding to early
FibeVideo (2 years ago)
Dab Candy man (2 years ago)
There was one time in my baseball league where I slid and the 3rd baseman was in front of me. I stopped before I could get there becasue the 3rd baseman was in the way. I had to crawl likes 10 times to get to the base
Savana Collins (2 years ago)
OMG his face went in his butt
Shredder3371 (2 years ago)
The last one really brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "kiss my ass".

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