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Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2017

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Here Is the List who Are the top Highest paid Hollwood actors 01 : Robert Downey Jr. ($75 Million) 02 : Dwayne Johnson ($52 Million) 03 : Bradley Cooper ($46 Million) 04 : Leonardo Dicaprio ($39 Millon) 05 : Chris Hemsworth ($37 million) 06 : Liam Neeson ($36 Million) 07 : Ben affleck ($35 Million) 08 :christian Bale ($35 Million) 09 : will Smith ($32 Million) 10 : Mark Wahlberg ($32 Million) Hollywood Upcoming Movies 2017:https://youtu.be/J9JaDyBqHrY Top 10 Highest Paid In Bollwood Actress 2017:https://youtu.be/0rGB80KMW6A Top 10 Highest Paid In Bollwood Actor 2017:https://youtu.be/Wx_dV8ajbPo Top 5 Most Popular Bollywod Singers:https://youtu.be/qyNMuNdFJms Subscribe My Channel And get New Updates
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Text Comments (20)
Robert downey jr
hansraj choudhary (1 month ago)
Where is vin diesel
Joahnna Jao (1 month ago)
LOVEly ROMEo (2 months ago)
Robert Downy jr is the best
LOVEly ROMEo (2 months ago)
Robert Downy jr is the best
Nick Tak (3 months ago)
your list is wrong Cris Evan paid more than Cris hemswort
Kim Soo Jung (3 months ago)
cant believe Johnny Depp isn't in the list when he has POTC in 2017 lol
UMESH KUMAR (5 months ago)
Johnny depp should be no 1
G-RANA (6 months ago)
foolish guy
Mohammad Rizvi (7 months ago)
mother fucker where is Jackie chan!!!
Johnny Depp (7 months ago)
fuck where Johnny depp
Vikash Kumar (8 months ago)
Robert Downey Junior is bèśť----by Chotu kumar
anil kumar Shantharaju (8 months ago)
Did you no who is Christian bale and Ben Affleck.. I think u confused...
Aakash Gautam (9 months ago)
It's ben affeck not christien bail
Sahil Shaikh (10 months ago)
Robert dwany jr
Ricardo Rodrigues (10 months ago)
Get a life stop watching videos go out side
Shrabon Ahammed (11 months ago)
He turned Christan bale into Ben Affleck and turned Ben Affleck into Christan bale...
They're the same person #BATMAN
Jagtaran Singh (6 months ago)
Shrabon Ahammed hahaha I'm also shocked
Subash Bhatta (1 year ago)
How you edit this video, which software you used

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