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Croatia Travel: How Expensive is Traveling in CROATIA?

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In this video I spend a day in Croatia and show how much things cost. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP? "Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel" is a travel guidebook that's packed with practical travel info. Just $10 on Amazon! For more info, CLICK HERE: http://www.amazon.com/Gabes-Guide-Budget-Travel-Tricks/dp/1470155141/ Or feel like reading something else that's fun, adventurous and inspiring? "Following My Thumb" features 26 exciting travel stories from around the world. Also available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Following-My-Thumb-Gabriel-Morris/dp/1846948495/ Support Gabriel's videos on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/gabrieltraveler Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabrieltraveler Join Gabriel's Facebook travel group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224985807515334/ Gabriel's travel page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Explore-the-World/226239094115488 Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gabrieltravel Lots more adventure travel at: http://gabrieltraveler.com Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed with an ICONNTECHS IT Ultra HD 4K Sport Action Camera and a GoPro Hero Plus LCD. Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of "Following My Thumb", a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and has written several other books available on Amazon.com and elsewhere. Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys! Croatia Travel: How Expensive is Traveling in CROATIA?
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Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
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Nezz Ok (1 month ago)
+Gabriel Traveler Actully in center of Croatia when u move away from seaside prices of food is much cheaper
Gabriel Traveler (11 months ago)
Don't worry, I try lots of local food when I travel. I don't always eat hamburgers and pizza just because I'm from the U.S. But yes, shopping at bakeries, grocery stores, etc. is always a great way to save some money.
SkepticalArachnist (1 year ago)
The prices featured in this video are acutally pretty high for Croatian standards. If you are backpacking I would recommend getting food in a bakery, because they are much cheaper, while the variety of food and overall quality are usually higher. Don't be affraid to try something local just because you're used to hamburgers, cheesburgers and pizzas. Also, you should ask locals (young people, high school - college age, because they usually all speak english) for directions to stores, clubs, etc.
jtillon1 (16 days ago)
7 kunas to US $ 1. I never knew that..I thought they r part of Euro.
AmeriKa1050 (1 month ago)
Smaller villages or towns on the Dalmatian coast tend to be cheaper than the big resort towns. The accommodation should be cheaper there and then you can go for day trips to the bigger places. Renting a private apartment instead of a hotel room can cut costs too. Also, bottled water in a Croatian supermarket should cost about 5 Kuna to 6 Kuna so that`s about 0.70 Euro cents for a small bottle of water.
xxxtentacion fan 123 (1 month ago)
*here is my answer* *VERY EXPENCIVE* *well where I was it was a lot expencive I was at Gradac*
Max Šesto (1 month ago)
those plates are actually more than enough for 4 people….thrust me
ProudCroatian (2 months ago)
You’re comparing apples to oranges in my personal opinion, although biased, Budapest,Hungary or the thousands of kilometres of Croatian coast?
Gabriel Traveler (2 months ago)
I'm not sure what you're referring to. If you mention the time in your comment (for example 5:00) then it will indicate what point in the video you're referencing.
Dox Crisma (2 months ago)
You actually visited the most expensive city of Croatia along with Dubrovnik.. I have visited the entire coastline and theres a lot of cheaper places in Dalmatia in terms of accomodation and food. Greetings from Rovinj :)
Marko golijanin (2 months ago)
I mean dude you don't buy water in Croatia. Tap water is clean everywhere...You just bring your own bottle and if you didnt fill it up at home you just go in the nearest caffe bar or a restauraunt and ask for a refill. Everyone will do it.
Veselko Simic (2 months ago)
I live in C roatiaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexandre Juillet (2 months ago)
croatia is the worst country in europe by far, thank you.
chromospheres (3 months ago)
well my parents are form split , but to pay for water which is given by god from the clouds, they are idiots. Don't think I will visit the country.
BRUCE JEANDUC (3 months ago)
Hot women abound in Croatia.
Antonio Zamboni (3 months ago)
hy i from coatia an that all food its expensiv and beer cost in shop 4 kun- 7kuna , 0.5 cent-1 euro
UnicornGamer (3 months ago)
I live in Croatia
Hildegard von Bingen (3 months ago)
As a tourist its insane how quickly you burn through your money. You feel like a walking ATM. And given the unemployment rate and the average income of Croatians it is impossible for ordinary people without real estate property to live there.
James Ebola (3 months ago)
Tipping is not expected here. As for the water, carry sturdy water bottle or two and fill them from public water fountains which exist in every city. Buy your food in grocery store or open air farmers market. Some will barter with you. Prices are directly proportionate to one's proximity to the sea. Islands are the most expensive. Just imagine how the locals feel...they pay the same prices yet they make maybe about 1/5 th of typical western pay check. If you want to travel cheaply see Serbia, Rumania, Bulgaria or Albania.
James Ebola (3 months ago)
I met an American girl who was also back packing through what was then Yugoslavia. I tried my English on her and apparently made good impression. We've been married for 45 years now.
Gabriel Traveler (3 months ago)
Nice one!
MLGabriel99 (3 months ago)
Were not ireland. (we dont charge you 3 dollars for coffe)
David Racan (3 months ago)
It depends,Croatia is for tourists cheap but for people in it is really expensive
borna latsch (3 months ago)
Im from Croatia and did you have the day od your life :D Ja sam if Hrvatske i jesi li imao dan svog života :D
Apple El (4 months ago)
6.5 kuna for for a bottle of water!!?
Steve Martonffy (4 months ago)
Hungary is part of Central Europe.
Tony Jaa (4 months ago)
British tourists ruined Croatia...Expensive.. Rocky Beaches...
Tanja Komes (4 months ago)
Just came back from Split...It deepends when you travel..pre season and post season is cheaper then right in the middle of the season. Citys like Zagreb and Split are expensive. But If you go north there ist a price difference of 25%- cheaper
Victoria Pigott (4 months ago)
Goin to osijek this October .can't wait
komandantData (4 months ago)
Don’t buy water in Croatia, lol. A dead tourist giveaway and an unnecessary expense. Tap water is excellent in 90% of the country. Trust me, I’m a Croatian who lives in California now and the first thing I will do when I get home is drink a nice, tall glass straight from my parents’ kitchen. Enjoy your travels!
Gabriel Traveler (4 months ago)
Sounds good, thanks for the tip.
hanselxy (4 months ago)
Gabe...don't your legs and joints get sore with all that walking and hiking?
Domagoj Beno (4 months ago)
Never buy drinks in Known Holiday places in middle of a Towns or City’s! Markets and Little bit out of town or central arias of towns you will fined more Local places and cheaper prices!
Domagoj Beno (4 months ago)
Well do no bout Others but BiH is about same as Croatia in prices and places where you go to eat! Look for local restaurants not just around Known Tourist Arias! Albania and others I don’t know but Bosnia and Herzegovina I do!
Teddles Peddles (4 months ago)
They certainly have some damn nice hookers, I'll be coming back soon. 🦂
Lalneihtluanga Tluangtea (4 months ago)
I will visit Croatia
g perhan (4 months ago)
to expencive..
Haiyang Hu (4 months ago)
Nice video dude, very informative and straight forward, thx!
Gabriel Traveler (4 months ago)
Cool, thanks.
Cristian Trigueros (4 months ago)
Great video Gabriel. Have you been in Bocas del Toro (Bull's mouth) in Panama?
Gabriel Traveler (4 months ago)
Thanks. No, I've never been to Panama.
Sand Hill81 (4 months ago)
8:49 Hot chick.
Felix Niederhauser (4 months ago)
Nice Video, however, you reported from a purely tourist town/village.Italians who just live around the corner visit Rovin frequently. Venice is just opposite Rovin. Most people also speak Italian.
Tome Krslovic (4 months ago)
Its so beautiful
Tome Krslovic (4 months ago)
I am from croatia
kiran patel (4 months ago)
Who is here after watching 2018 fifa finale
Gabriel Traveler (4 months ago)
I saw a replay of the game yesterday, good one.
Ashish Sawant (4 months ago)
Croatia is beautiful.
Tannu- ji (4 months ago)
I Want go to Croatia,um from Bangladesh, what is the process? please tell me sir??? really I need to go there ☺
Gary Sawchuk (3 months ago)
Sorry, not welcome.
Christopher George (4 months ago)
is Croatia safe?
Sunrise2day (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing that video. It is actually seems very inexpensive, though I am not a traveler like you. Croatia is beautiful. I would love to visit that country.
Ashok Singh (4 months ago)
I from India I want to meet croatian culture and above knowledge of Croatia help me any mr. and miss. croatian
Gary Sawchuk (3 months ago)
Not a chance!! I don't want to get scammed or robbed.
amazing video!!
seqingnicole (4 months ago)
hope they win the world cup
Andrei Nastase (4 months ago)
Tourist trap
Jes Correia (4 months ago)
Why not keep filling the bottle as you go along must be fountains or taps you can refill yes? no?
Latin uber usa (4 months ago)
they speak English?
Gabriel Traveler (4 months ago)
Many people in Croatia do, but their native language is Croatian.
luiz cartez (4 months ago)
thanks for the work you do for us youtubers.nice video.
C Macf (5 months ago)
I want to travel as you do :( such a beautiful country
one love (5 months ago)
Also you sholuld visit citys Zadar, Sibenik, Makarska, Split and Dubrovnik... and of cours Zrce 😉
Gabriel Traveler (5 months ago)
I went to some of those places as well: https://www.youtube.com/user/gabejedmo/search?query=Croatia
one love (5 months ago)
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania don't have sea Soo obviously they are cheaper
* Foxile * (6 months ago)
I'm from Croatia
Nemoilily (6 months ago)
You wisited the most expensive city in Croatia, some argue that it has similar prices to Venice, it is a city for luxury guests I don't recommend it if you are on budget, but luckily Croatia is filled whit small cityes around the couste that are similar to Rovinj and are much cheaper
DIANA LAJTMAN (7 months ago)
Is this whole vlog of ROVINJ?
Gabriel Traveler (7 months ago)
DIANA LAJTMAN (7 months ago)
Im half Croatian and I honestly wish I could live in Croatia. But my life is here, my family, and job security. I CANT WAIT TO TRAVEL TO CROATIA!!! I've been there a couple of times with my dance crew and family, but when i was young. Cant wait to explore this beautiful country! <3 :)
Kao Kakao (7 months ago)
for foreigners it may not be that expensive, but for local people yes. our standard is horrible. in Zagreb you'll pay for a pizza 8-10 kn, and at the seaside +15 kn
Rosi Luna (7 months ago)
Thanks Gabriel for such a beautiful video. I'm actually coming 20 km from Rovinj and I m happy that you are so wonderful representing my beautiful country. Thank you for this! ,love from Rosi Germany
David Yam (7 months ago)
visually a beautiful video but you need to get to the point faster about how expensive Croatia is
André Graciotti (7 months ago)
could have been better edited, but nice tips. Very helpful. Thank you! I'm going to Croatia in about a month.
valerie's life (7 months ago)
I love in croatia
jimmyk127 (8 months ago)
if I go I will get Croatian currency from a exchange in nyc
lisa koola (8 months ago)
games of thrones bring me here my bucket list
Gabriel Traveler (7 months ago)
Yeah maybe so.
Tonys2rotties (7 months ago)
I think it was also filmed in Split
Gabriel Traveler (8 months ago)
Cool. I think that was filmed in Dubrovnik in Croatia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3SQDqXRwjg
Tonka 1605 (8 months ago)
Well you have been in season and at beautiful place that is popular, I agree that is little ekspensive but in every place with sea in Croatia is ekspensive at season, you can't compare Bosnia and Rovinj in Croatia, that is not the same. But I am happy that you people from all places around the world see the beauty of our country that some our people don't see and don't respect.
Christian Comia (8 months ago)
Actually while you swimming it's nice but i like beach here in Philippines because so many corals and different Color of stones
Christian Comia (8 months ago)
I love this video
Silvio hundrić (8 months ago)
I rarely make some comments on You tube , but I was trigger with this video . Rovinj is one of the top locations, and you are in a Nice, France type of place . The place is not expensive in a price/quality ratio, but it's not a real destination for backpackers on a budget . And its silly to make any parallel with eastern Europe or Albania for that matter. And one tip for a tip , if you are on budget, don't tip 10 kunas, save it for another slice of pizza. ( no big deal in Croatia )
Nexus Records (9 months ago)
Croatia is just awesome
fullking 08 (9 months ago)
i live in croatia
C3 bella (2 months ago)
U can tell me better about Croatia right?
J Row (9 months ago)
Hey Gabriel! This is a great video! Thank you for sharing. What month did you go to Ravinj? It didn't look very crowded with tourists. My husband and I are planning to go there the first week of July.
VoB (9 months ago)
2 to 3 times more expensive than Germany.
Good Will (9 months ago)
Visit Jasenovac and learn more about Croatia and genocide past
Marija Van Derisson (10 months ago)
Wow😍 Beautiful..
marina petković (10 months ago)
A little advice to all of you visiting Croatia: No need to buy bottled water. Tap water here is DRINKABLE.
Gabriel Traveler (10 months ago)
Good to know, thanks. Great way to save a few bucks and some plastic bottles too.
Spearformation (10 months ago)
I'm croatian
Stribor Ognjenovic (10 months ago)
Next to the park is were I play football with my friends
Hope Batori (11 months ago)
everything is expensive in Croatia along the coast during summer; especially in high tourist towns like Rovinj :)
Cherian Thomas (11 months ago)
What's the action camera that you were using?
Gabriel Traveler (11 months ago)
I used two different cameras, check the info section below the video and scroll down a little ways.
dog town (1 year ago)
what language do they speak there?
Tonys2rotties (7 months ago)
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
Croatian, which is very similar to what is spoken in the neighboring countries of Bosnia, Serbia, etc.
Mokia :P (1 year ago)
Cool i am from croatia
LUPEDI Roblox (1 year ago)
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
florianreichelt (1 year ago)
Andrea Rajsic (1 year ago)
1:40 I am from croatia and in 1:40 in the houses in the backround there live my cusin
Narender Singh Chauhan (25 days ago)
It must a beautiful country.
Please visit Rijeka in Croatia one day, I LIVE THERE!
LUPEDI Roblox (1 year ago)
1,000,000 subs and no videos HEY BROTHER IM FROM RIJEKA
Ron Budd (1 year ago)
I don't know why don't you ask her?
Ron Budd (1 year ago)
silly joke,...prostitution innuendo
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
Youtube tip: If you include the time it happened in the video, then I can check and see what you're referring to.
bulldog190 (1 year ago)
Is English language okay in croatia?
katarina barać (19 days ago)
If you ever come to Croatia,u can expect people talk english,italian and german languange 😀
Topaaa (9 months ago)
Lol,it's not. I'm a Croat,most people in Croatia is really bad at english,but there are lots of people getting it very good!
marina petković (10 months ago)
Of course.
LUPEDI Roblox (1 year ago)
bulldog190 it is we understand you
Mateo KG (1 year ago)
While Croatia is a beautiful Country, our economy is messed up. They dont pay us as much in other countrys so yea. People ussualy say that our food is cheap but to us its very expensive.
Drazen Graves (1 year ago)
These prices for someone who lives in the continental part of Croatia (eastern part) are kinda crazy. Looking at that fast food place,these prices are almost more than double what you pay here.
Larisa križanić (1 year ago)
You shuld go to Mali lošinj i go there every summer and its beautifull
Narender Singh Chauhan (25 days ago)
Ainul Islam Anik (4 months ago)
Are you a Croatian citizen? I am from Bangladesh. Now i support Croatian football team. I wish Croatia won the final.
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
Never heard of it, thanks for the suggestion.
Introspect (1 year ago)
Very expensive, overpriced Dubrovnik, Mlini and Cavtat. You need to be told this fact clearly, so you understand that it's going to cost you a lot of money, especially with restaurant prices. Unbelievably expensive - very distasteful for me to pay London restaurant prices in a country where the average salary is around half of that of the UK. And not even one single sandy beach. Nothing special at all unfortunately. If you must visit Dubrovnik, I suggest 3 to 4 days maximum. Beaches are all stoney, not visibly maintained, very few or no facilities, especially sunbeds & parasols - Why? Croatia is not new to tourism! And when you do find a sunbed, they charge the equivalent of €12, for 2 beds plus parasol, whereas every other beach country in Europe has a generally standard charge of €7.50 for 2 sunbeds and a parasol. Never again. For beaches in Europe, go to the Greek Islands, the Balearics, the Canaries or Cyprus. Much cheaper food also, which is high quality.
Chronos (1 year ago)
Cool to see all these foreingers saying they love to come to Croatian coast and to relax on the beaches. I live in Croatia and i personally hate going to the beaches of Dalmatia. Better of on the asphalt of my home, Zagreb!
Gabrijela Vlogs (1 year ago)
WHY when tourists come here like they come to Split NO ONE GOES TO KARLOVAC OR ZAGREB LIKE THEY HAVE AMAZING VIEWS TOO!
Death Strider Bros (1 year ago)
Is it just me or does Croatia look alot like Just cause 3.
Jade Martin (1 year ago)
Can't beat Korcula!
Moon Light (1 year ago)
I love Croatia, I'd love to visit it one day
S Be be (1 year ago)
great vid dude 60fps -awesome like
JACEK DEPTUŁA (1 year ago)
1player999 (1 year ago)
italy stole the sea from us its called yadran
Bel Mordok (1 year ago)
Come to Slavonia (Croatian region), then speak about how beautiful it is...
Trlinort (1 year ago)
Congratulations to Gabriel, this video has reached third place in the Youtube search engine for Croatia! 👍
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
Thanks, pretty cool.

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