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Dream - Motivational Video

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Text Comments (20642)
Ahmed Ammar (13 hours ago)
A Dr and depressed ...some times i hate my stressfel job
nikos xazps (16 hours ago)
Thank you..
liz M (20 hours ago)
Don't give up
liz M (20 hours ago)
Even if some one says you can't do it
Steven Cormann (1 day ago)
Might sound cheesy but I gotta admit that 5 years ago I was at the bottom, reaching 30 and miserable, lost in my Belgian country side far from everything with everything to learn, with a crazy dream, work for Hollywood on the biggest movies. Exactly one year ago, this dream became a reality, this video among others was the kick in the butt I needed, I still come back to it, especially now that I have another crazy dream I want to make real. The things you can do when you stop limiting yourself are insane, it's all in your head
Hustler 90 (1 day ago)
I want to be actor...I want to become the best actor in the world...I'm gonna do it and no one can stop me! It's not over until i WIN!
emrullah Öztürk (1 day ago)
I am 18 and ı wanna travel the world Can I do it
Karl (1 day ago)
were all born like bees on leaves drifting in the wind some of us launch and choose our path some of us drift on our leaves until we finally fall to the ground choose one fate, because you posses the power to and its the only REAL choice you will ever make.
namiki kimura (2 days ago)
my motivation rose zero to hundred right now
Cameron Joyce (2 days ago)
Im from the UK, I have a dream to make the NFL one day even though the odds are heavily stacked against me. When I need motivation I think of the odds and the life I want to give my family!
Anum Fatima (2 days ago)
best motivational video ever👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Dolphin Golden (2 days ago)
É extraordinário e fabuloso o poder da mente quando se quer criar e vivenciar aquilo que se desejou!!! Eu sou!!!
Z Videos (2 days ago)
Feb 16, 2019
Fire Gaming (3 days ago)
Yo I seen your comment in the stream were all worried
Li Ti (4 days ago)
Amazing !
Arihant Jain (4 days ago)
I promise i will become god version of myself
Mustafa Arman (5 days ago)
I am 18.I have a lot of ideas but nothing action
VERIFY_Jsamovel (6 days ago)
All I need to say is thank you
liz M (6 days ago)
Don't ever give up on your dreams you got that everyone
Jesus Yegres (7 days ago)
What are the names of the guys who talk in the video? Anyone knows? I love this video, I've heard it so many times and i still get goosebumps... Thank you so much Mateusz M!!
Mustafa Nazif (7 days ago)
honestly, Turkish Translations are in Youtube mostly sucks. but in this video, it is very good.
JN Shea Products (7 days ago)
I will pass my real estate license! I will win!
Samurai (8 days ago)
Tnx to this video l am a Doctor now. Really great-full
rajesh kumar (8 days ago)
51 million dreamers... Hello to everyone 😉
Arbaaz Khan (8 days ago)
Which soundtrack is this
cricket blood (9 days ago)
I am a ca student everyone said u can't pass because Of I am not a brilliant student but i am a hard worker I can achieve my dream
Saki (9 days ago)
This is hands down the best youtube video i've watched in 2019
Mohamed Ahmed (9 days ago)
Today is 10/2/2019 2:22am i will came here after one year to how far did i reached my dream that made me not to sleep this late time. Hope All the best
Brian Simpson (9 days ago)
You do realize the guy you portrait in this motivation video actually died in an abandoned bus in Alaska because he was not that bright......just sayin, do some research on him
Alan Joy (9 days ago)
2019 feb
Eric Woudsma (9 days ago)
Saves lives this video
elmahdi elkhalifi (9 days ago)
Good job
Youssef Magdy (9 days ago)
my name *YOUSSEF MAGDY* remember this name after 4 months . I w'll come and say to you. i did it❤wish luck for me....
emrullah Öztürk (1 day ago)
I am waiting you
Be Yourself (9 days ago)
I am a 15 year old guy and my biggest goal in life to help as many people as I can. I want to give inspiration, motivation for people with self-doubt and help them through the difficult times. Nowadays I have really difficult days, but I learnt a lot from these kind of videos and I will never give up on my dreams even if I am not able to make these dreams come true! I made my first two videos that I would like to motivate, help you with and if you have a few minutes to watch it would be very appreciate for me. Hope I can give you a little self confidence or make your day a little better.
noah heithersay (9 days ago)
black eyes is in my dream
MrThatblueguy (10 days ago)
but the into the wild guy died though
MrThatblueguy (10 days ago)
What if I never had a dream
emrullah Öztürk (1 day ago)
everyone has a dream
Zileh Arab (10 days ago)
Tysm thanx alot foe such motivational talk...its not a talk its my support 😭😭😭u will not let anybody steal my dream i will win i will fullfilll my dream
Aleezzz W (10 days ago)
We all fall down in life but the question is "Who gets back up?"
Chris Smith (10 days ago)
I wish I could download this audio file on iTunes :( I love listening it while I work and go to the gym. Been listening to this for years.
XIRavenXI (10 days ago)
Its been a year now since i watched this video i just want to say thank you becuse of this video i fallowed my Dreams! And became succsesfull!
Elaine Trejo (10 days ago)
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Linda Fine (10 days ago)
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kinghanad (10 days ago)
for the 3% reading this, I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a youtuber myself and I'm not asking you to do anything. spread the love :) but I would love to hit 20k by the end of February! THANK YOU, ALL OF YOUTUBE
Katia Daher (11 days ago)
Going through hard times but there's always something in my brain that keeps telling "its still gonna happen for you its possible"
Mohammed Alshabi (11 days ago)
Speechless 😔 almost cried
Petru Mihoreanu (11 days ago)
if you pray to God, you don't lose anything
PRATEEK SAWRIYA (11 days ago)
From now i will not waste a single min a day and be highly productive till i become a doctor and come back here to share my journey. Wish me luck :-)
ArT2Oo0 (12 days ago)
Ivan Antunović (12 days ago)
Of course, everyone is afraid and have fear when they have an exam or something unexpected happens. But only saying that they should not feel fear doesn't actually solve the problem. Yes, it might inspire you for a moment, but after a day a two if you are still old person it doesn't help much. Most of the people know they are afraid, what you should instead tell them is, how not to be afraid.
Hustle Millenial (12 days ago)
Work until they ask if you’re hiring!
Mohamed Zou (12 days ago)
Sonal Ganvir (12 days ago)
Today i saw a nightmare that 14 hours from there will be a nuclear bomb attck on india from pak. And both side people got severely damaged. I managed to write the person name who activated it.
Alex Fregoso (13 days ago)
I just lost my job. I feel so lost and helpless right now! I just want to die
Patrik Pacut (13 days ago)
Separate yourself from other people is the biggest bullshit advice I have seen in a while. Its just like "Welcome to the suicide thoughts". Please don't do that.
Carson Wade (13 days ago)
There's a girl that I dated in my senior year of high school. And she was very sweet and beautiful and a overall good natured woman. Something that is rare in this modern day era. So me being my stupid 18 year old self, I broke up with her and chased after a crazy psycho Latina chick. And that plane crashed and burned. And so many months passed since that ugly breakup and I texted the girl who I dated in my senior if she wanted to have coffee sometime she replied with "Hey! Thanks for the invite! However I'm in a relationship with someone, so I would have to decline". Well needless to say I was shocked, and mad at myself and disappointed within myself as well. So at first I really down about it, but what gave me hope is that she isn't married and I am very tenacious when it comes to me achieving things. So I will win her back. And treat her better then any other man out there. Thanks to whoever took the time to read this. Peace!
Askor (13 days ago)
Hey guys, i have always dreamed to make videos but i was afraid to do so because of what other people would think about me that they would laugh at me. I'll admit that i have huge dreams but i know for sure that nothing and nobody will stop me from achieving them.Since i was like 10yo i used to be like " Oh i wish that one day i could create videos and entertain others , BUT what would others , my "friends" schoolmates think.That they would just laught at me So i never made the first step BUT now at 19 YO in 2019 im going to overcome the fear and i've already made the first step . I did set some goals for example i want to achieve 10 000 subs till the end of the year , and im going for it . i DONT care what will others think about me , i will keep making what i love.I dont care if ill have 5subs im doing what i love and i will keep doing it no matter what getting better and better every day. I know it for sure.I've learned alot of things for the past years , everyone is trying to talk you out that you CAN'T make it , but they are doing it because they are jealous that you will achieve what you want in your life... Yes i dream big but i will chase it no matter what and so should you! I have a long story but i don't want to keep you busy. Keep working hard!
Andrew Bagwell (13 days ago)
into the wild
Lazer (13 days ago)
Michael Nash (14 days ago)
South Africa prison sex You Tube
Syed Mehdi Imran (14 days ago)
“It’s not over until I win”
Libah World (15 days ago)
i want to be a successful singer i asked GOD everyday help make that happen so i can help my family out my mom is struggling and always tired but somehow she find a way to get through it because of GOD..... for NOW on im going to start saying I WILL... I WILL BE A SINGER I WILL MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE.........im 14 years old and im going to be a singer IM GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN BEYONCE BIGGER THAN RHIANNA ...IM GOING TO MAKE IT .. and when i do i will come back to this comment and say I FINALLY MADE IT MY NAME IS T.Pennywell AND I WILL MAKE IT I WILL MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE
מירלין לינו (16 days ago)
i'm going to buy mirrors and place them throughout my room so I can be surrounded by winners👍
love your life (15 days ago)
It's not possible to be famous by coping
PRINCE RAJ (17 days ago)
thanks for motivate me.....
Víctor Manuel Arráez (17 days ago)
This gave me so much impulse through the years. Thank you.
Sakhi Mohammed Lodi (17 days ago)
Movie scene motivational which movie
Gurgen Voskanyan (17 days ago)
Oh my God! This is so beautiful! Իմ արև☀️
ulises melo (17 days ago)
El mejor video de Motivación💪
love your life (18 days ago)
Drozd never give up (18 days ago)
Кто от Игоря?
DissLike Canavari (18 days ago)
Terror gaming (19 days ago)
i will be a PRO FOOTBALLER mark my words!
Ghislain Stanley (19 days ago)
Thank you sir for above inpiration .
Hard Cores (19 days ago)
No te entendí ni vergas no hablo inglés ...
Leonardo DaVinchi (20 days ago)
Fear of repeatedly failing at something fears alot
Yesenia Collins (20 days ago)
I watch this everyday when i get up so i can get up in the morning and smile. Smile thats i have friends that care, smile that im up on my own to two feet on school grounds. And smile that i can try to achieve my dreams one by one. Today Tuesday, January 29, 2019 the day that I, Yesenia Collins will achieve my dream to be a good daughter, classmate, friend, student, sister....and myself =)
Mo H (20 days ago)
I'm 28, started a business in middle school, earned lots for years, but battled with depressions, had to quit college twice, had two manic episodes with psychosis, threw my own stuff away and destroyed my friendships, spent 5 months in two clinics, sold my company, BUT I will keep fighting for my dreams!
life aint suppose to be easy,if it was everybody would be changing there life styles
Nitu Jaiswal (21 days ago)
Awesome 😍
El Zuri (21 days ago)
My goal is to become the best freestyler of all times and live on freestyle football. I train really hard every day to make that happen. I would really apreciate you click on my channel and check some of my videos and tell me what you think about it. Peace guys, the best of the lucks for you
Meggy S (21 days ago)
This is so inspiriring! My dream is it to earn a lot of money. My dad is sick and i want to give him the best last years he can Imagine. I want to Travel with my Family to the most Beautiful places, live in my dream house and i want to make smt that helps the people. Rn i dont know how but i know that i will win! Everyone can do it! Never Never Never give up
amin atmani (22 days ago)
But at the very end... We gonna die. So work smart, less hard. Because your relegion is what really matter. Personally Muslim
will (22 days ago)
I will Like to say that I have Faith as of Right now that I have a Fortune of Wealth of $$$600,000,000,000$$$ Billion Dollar that I am a Multi- Billionaire in the making.
Amina Kouras (22 days ago)
Superfly Gaming (22 days ago)
I remember watching this 2 years ago when in my last year of my degree I was severely behind and knew I wouldn't pass my degree let alone get the 2:1 I wanted. I worked so hard those last few months, staying up all night studying, and studying and it was so hard fighting depression and anxiety at the same time. I eventually did it, I managed to get a good job and even now that fear still gnaws at me. It never leaves, its not about reaching a destination and then resting on your laurels its about getting up each and every day and knowing you've got to give it all you've got. But in the end, which on your death bed will you admire more? Overcoming a life of toil? Or succumbing to it welling with regret? Bring on the fucking pain.
sathya narayanan (22 days ago)
Now I am working on my dream ..I will return in 2 years to this same message...live my dream
kora caalami (22 days ago)
Insha allah i will reach my Dream 🤐
nereida martin (22 days ago)
Que dificil es a veces la vida.Aunque mi sueño sea imposible voy a luchar tanto hasta quedarme sin aire,tengo un tiempo limite y me queda poco,quizas solo vivire en la impotencia todos los dias ,quizas nunca lo conseguire , pero pase lo que pase dare mi 100%,aunque falle ,fallare en mi 100%.
nereida martin (22 days ago)
Gracias por esto ,este video,no te puedes imaginar lo que hace por mi al menos.
M. Herzog (23 days ago)
Where is the first person they speech in the video? Will smith right?
Richard Jazz (23 days ago)
Anyone watching at 2019?
Google Payout (23 days ago)
Lost Job due to panic attacked learned ERP software fail. Got job and invested in stock market losed. Mom n dad left me. Iam talented fun in front of society and sibling. Invested forex failed failed failed many times. Company terminated me with out notice. But I'm still ready to sweep room of failure because i can make things done
Ajal krishna (23 days ago)
study with pandey (24 days ago)
One day i will definetly win gold medal in olampics....i will......
XxxRawan_PlaysxxX ! (24 days ago)
There is no such thing as tomorrow, tomorrow but there is NOW.
Brunda.N Swamy (24 days ago)
You cant answer to all the barking dogs that they comes in your way.
jijo jacob (25 days ago)
winnie pacaca (25 days ago)
Even though this video already 6 years ago but this video really meant for me
Motivation Lovers (25 days ago)
Nice video For more Eric Thomas video click here. https://youtu.be/3sXuY6t4s-U
majiks s (25 days ago)
All yall bullshitting in the comments so hard
Supersaiyan _yt (25 days ago)
I’m 17 and I’m a jr my grades suck my body sucks and I’m so lazy.This is the year I WILL turn my life around.I WILL make good grades and I WILL get in shape.2019 is my year mark my words..!!!

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