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Dream - Motivational Video

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Text Comments (21427)
fizzycola123 (16 hours ago)
Thank you for making me believe in myself first I didn’t and now I do and now I believe I can live my dream u rlly motivated me and u made me feel like I can do it and not a failure thx
true moods (1 day ago)
Trying to set a school record in triple jump for track. I went all division as a freshman and was on my way to becoming all county, but I fell short my 3/4 of an inch. I'm definitely not done yet, yes I didn't become all county, yes it was disappointing and embarrassing. But hell no I ain't gonna beat myself up for it, it's time to put in work😠💪🏾 IM AN UNCOMMON BREED
Всегда находил такие мотиваторы на российском
biggie22 72782 (2 days ago)
How can you 9k people hate this video
tilstag (2 days ago)
i've watched this so many hundreds of times over the past six years i almost have it memorized word for word
perry tylor (3 days ago)
I'M 31 years i never working in my my while life i have a dream to work or have my own business
Jevita Johnson (3 days ago)
Iam comming as a lion
Kadir Üretir (4 days ago)
It's not over until i win!
Syed Shoaib Ali (4 days ago)
Watch my short inspirational film https://youtu.be/Nell3YAuMcA
Syed Shoaib Ali (4 days ago)
Alina Epifan (5 days ago)
Hamdi Ali (5 days ago)
i dont think am going get into it ( football player ) but i ll give it all my best ........
Abhishek Singh (6 days ago)
Hey who ever is watching this Video right now. I saw this video 4 Years back . Having Good Academics i could not establish myself with good job. Anyhow i got a small part time job. Then i had watched this video. I kept watching it n even till this day. Life has come forward since then. Today i have a very good carrer. I always had faith in my dream.I kept grinding in my pain. Guys trust me listen this video everyday once. Dont let anyone belief become your reality. You are amazing, you are great and you can make it happen.
Malaika Loher (6 days ago)
Love your Videos! Thank you!
Just Me (6 days ago)
It's not over UNTIL I WIN
Nawaz Khan (7 days ago)
Superb video
David Pritam (7 days ago)
Everything is possible.
Ryan (7 days ago)
Today is 5/19/2019, and I am going to graduate from University with B.A in Political Science. Also, minor in legal studies. I have been going thru depression for 9 months now, and I know everything will be okay however depression is killing my academic and social life. This video motivates me, and I'll be back in 4 years as a Juris Doctor !!! NEVER GIVE UP !! NEVER SETTLE !!
Official Pirate Bay (7 days ago)
It's 20 may 2019 today.i will come back after I become ias....I will give this sentence the full stop
Magda Kaluz (7 days ago)
05/19/19 see you guys next year!!
omhari patel (9 days ago)
Now Get ready to fight with me???
Anderson Square (9 days ago)
AmvRage (9 days ago)
Lost both parents three years apart, lack of support from those when I fell down, and here I am a published author.
Gang Gan (9 days ago)
Listening to this since 2013 when this video released Pure words that always pushes you in every challenge! Thank you!
AnantAgarwal (9 days ago)
Let's get on it.
Robin Dhull (10 days ago)
Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn't let you sleep. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
永瀬晴 (10 days ago)
Riccardo Armellin (10 days ago)
I'm studying to be a doctor one day, i am at the third year (3/6) at med school in Italy but I'm not pushing through as i would like to. Thanks for this video, it gives me more power!!
GrandLife Talks (10 days ago)
Nice Video, amazing content
Arkenda S (11 days ago)
Thank you for this video) now I know what I want)
Zach Houdart (11 days ago)
I’m gonna be a beach lifeguard this summer
Deborah Camille (11 days ago)
I believe I can do it through Christ who strengthens me ! MMW
Keren Susanna Roy (10 days ago)
Amen 🙏
Gilbert Siordia (11 days ago)
I’ve been in a weight loss journey for about a year and a half now and People would make fun of me and tell me that I didn’t know what I was doing and that I wouldn’t succeed but give up quick. Now those people ask me how I did it and how can they do the same.
Kay Kay (11 days ago)
I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengths Me 🙏🏾
Keren Susanna Roy (10 days ago)
Amen 🙏
Steven Hatton (11 days ago)
🤔💭 💡=😂😂😂😂😐😐😐😧😱😱😱😱 In a nutshell 👇👇👇👇
Keshav Pagar KP (11 days ago)
#2019 Anyone?
Mohammed Mubarak (11 days ago)
Whz watching still in 2019....dream is a not a playgame make it achievement ✌
Austin Santuele (11 days ago)
Last night I decided to accept my Dad’s offer of re-pursuing the dream that I have postponed for a “safer” degree in business. Next year after graduating with a degree in business, I am going to pursue law and attend law school. I’m just 20 years old and it’ll never be over until I win in this life. God speed all of you and may we achieve our goals together.
Muneeb gamer (11 days ago)
The date currently is 15/5/2019.   I'll be back after some years to see whats changed. It's not over until I win.​
REKHAA SATHEESH (12 days ago)
ouslati saleh (12 days ago)
My dream is over but i hope everybody else can make their dreams come true
liliroquelin (12 days ago)
Thank you
sxfia (13 days ago)
13/13/19 Hope it gets better soon. I'll be back
Reggie Bibby (13 days ago)
Youtube at 1k, 25k views. Spent thousands in setup, haven't made a penny back yet. Ill comment again in a year. Its not over till i win
The Zenith (12 days ago)
You got it, keep pushing!
Durvesh Patil (14 days ago)
todays date-13 may jee adv exam-27 may jee adv result-14 june i ll be back in one month hope to secure an a rank
Keren Susanna Roy (12 days ago)
All the best man... 👍
Mansi Gupta (14 days ago)
Today is 13 may 2019,i promise I'll be back when i achieve my desires Specially to be an ias officer n will comment again
Anjali Shukla (14 days ago)
13th May 2019! I will be here on 31st January 2019 again until that tym I will only invest in me with all power n dedication to achieve my goal!
Tyler Smith (14 days ago)
5/12/19 This is the day I change I’ll be back in a few years I’ll tell you how is going.
BestBackDown (14 days ago)
I'll be successful, I'll change the world.
Mohammad Karimi (1 day ago)
BestBackDown Easy bro let’s do it together 😉
huda syakilla (15 days ago)
wanna b here too. its not over until i win.
Weird and Unfunny (15 days ago)
See u in a year peeps
Vinayak Pancholi (16 days ago)
Loved the way, you edit videos.....keep [email protected]
JamesBieBoe (17 days ago)
Who else is taking a test tomorrow?
BoyMoonii (17 days ago)
Who is this
Erendira Nava (17 days ago)
My all time favorite motivational video ! 👌🏻
Raymond Mundine (18 days ago)
I've been watching this video for at least 3 years now. It breeds success. This video has been a factor in everything I do.
Sujith Kumar N (18 days ago)
https://youtu.be/DZF4FM9PQc8 Must Watch 20th Century Incredible movies(32 Movies)ഇരുപതാം നൂറ്റാണ്ടിലെ അവിശ്വസനീയമായ സിനിമകൾ
Joris van Vlimmeren (19 days ago)
Dankjewel obama!
Jesus Alare (20 days ago)
Can someone tell me what's the movie of the scene in 0:48?
ix Main (20 days ago)
Im gunna make it. #Main #IGMI !!!
Sofia Aguilar (20 days ago)
No se acaba hasta que yo gane.
Magical Apple (20 days ago)
I have two of the most important exams this Tuesday BUT I WILL NOT LOSE! FIGHT!!!! Please remember me
Mouse (20 days ago)
I can do this, even if no-one sees it for me - I must see it for myself...
Adhil Musthafa (20 days ago)
Lars Van Oudheusden (21 days ago)
This friday i have my examens. Over 2 months i will come back and say how it went 💪💪
Võ Minh Khôi (21 days ago)
After watching this, i promise to my self that i will be graduated from my school and i will go to the best school in my area with the highest marks So that i can make my parents proud, so that i can make my school proud, no matter how hard is it, no matter how impossible is it, i can do it, i can live my dream, because i dreamed it, because i wanted it, I BELIEVE IN MY SELF! The final test will be held in the next month, look forward for me, i'll be back in the next month if i have made it!
Scotty P (21 days ago)
I listened to this on a loop on a night before I had a physical exam for a job and I placed first place on push ups in a minute first place on sit ups in a minute and 3rd place on a 2 mile run, and 1 of 17 to pass out of 175
id8ej jriru (21 days ago)
My dream i want to have a job to help my father and mom in this life
Chris (21 days ago)
for 2 years ago i found of a boat trip from a place in my city to an island like 10minutes away. the boat trip had a routine and was every 20minutes everyday in like 2months each year. the first time i was on a cabincruiser we went to that place and i loved it thats why i wanted to go there . whatever. when i found out of that trip it was like 1month to it started. it was my dream. it wasnt even expensive. just 20$ for 4persons. i asked my parents to go and they said ofcourse. i was so happy even when it was 1month to it started. everyday i went to the window and looked at the boats driving around. when it was like 1day to it started they said they we had to wait in two weeks. i said ok. when two weeks were done i asked again. they said later or wait as they always do. i started asking and asking. it was now one week left. . they said that we had to go on the cottage first and they promised that on an exact day, we were going on that trip. when it was one day to it was over, they said nah. i was completly broken. after 1 year it was soon summer and we were looking after some flight tickets. they wanted to go to thailand. i was wondering about dubai. they promised that we were going to go to dubai next year if we went to thailand at that time. the trip they wanted to buy costed 4x more than dubai trip. i accepted the "deal" and we went to thailand. for a month ago i said that they promised me to go to dubai this summer. when i said that they promised go to dubai, they didnt "remember" a shit. i was really sad and they bought a trip to another place. for a week ago i found a school with these friends that i really feel belong to.they made a little clip. they were on a very little shopping centre. i searched on google and stuff and looked for millions of shopping centres. at the end i FINALLY found it. looked at every detail and it matched. it took me hours and hours. not gonna write so much in detail but i found a trip and stuff. im really good at math so i decided to find out how much the ticket gonna cost including food,food and hotels and all that stuff. the price was around 3k dollar. i said that im willing to do whatever it takes to make that money. if working my ass off all day or risking my life is what i have to do, im willing to do it, and asked if i could make the money by bicycling 4scandinavian miles everyday in 47days. they agreed. They know that im a very ambitious person so they said yes. We have a lot of money but im but im not spoiled. I work my ass for all that stuff i have and have always done it. I have good grades at school. a lot of kids look up to me. the thing is that i told them and as soonest i mentioned flight tickets, they said no because they didnt want to go and its really irrelevant and i have to give up that dream. because some of them dont want to doesnt mean that they gotta destroy my dream. i waited months for some boats tickets, and a year for some flight tickets. Its not ok anymore. Im not gonna give up that dream. so im just asking u guys for what to do. like im not gonna give up that dream.idc what they say.. period. thank u
Aditya Bedi (22 days ago)
Will be back in 11 months i will clear my MD exam
Pikkàcho (22 days ago)
Havent seen one in the comments to make it. All just say "just wait" or that they failed.. not big of a motivation.. y all fukin pussies, cant do shit. Change my mind bunch of losers.
Ricecake (22 days ago)
Wow great message and thank you for korean subtitles 👍
Mgael LK (22 days ago)
I swear.. I'll do it..
Mount Acid (22 days ago)
I’m 22, I’ve done so much in my college life politically that an average person would imagine doing. Yet despite all the work I’ve put in I got rejected from my dream political campaign simply because I don’t have a drivers license. (No it’s not Yang 2020, I do it for the meme lol). I feel so much despair, but I guess you just gotta fight right?
Li GRT (22 days ago)
i have decided to be my BEST self, and enough wasting life!!!
G Vinod Roman (22 days ago)
I wanna be fighter,,, it is my dream,,,,, but I have no money,, and mom dad they r not supporting,,,,,
Denniella Micor (23 days ago)
my dream will come I know it will. IT WILL!!!
Let's go on a journey
AlmightyMars (23 days ago)
Remember this youtube channel and mark these words cause im going to be big one day. Uncommon breed
CZitoMusic (24 days ago)
This video is my spirit animal. Stay hungry🤘🏻😈💪🏻
Louis FNツ (24 days ago)
Who is still here in 2019?
Train Hard (24 days ago)
Some days we talk Some days I sit alone Reading a book in a corner Oblivious to the world around me Clairvoyant to the world as a whole Some days we talk Some days I can't be bothered It's not you, it's me I'm different, you see You stay in the here and now But I can't see the world around me Sometimes I just like to think So I sit back and watch the world go by I think about us all About who we are, What we are doing, And who we want to be
Dennis Gicheru (24 days ago)
which movie is that starring will smith? answers will be appreciated
Hafsa Mahmood (24 days ago)
The date is 2/5/19 I'll be back in a year and see if I have won. Please wish me luck
40 Days challenge.. It’s 2/05/2019 I'll back in 12/05/2019... Inshaallah...
Świstak (25 days ago)
Super! Znowu chce mi się żyć.
TotalWarish (25 days ago)
01.05.2019 - see ya in a year. Champion
Srihari Surapalli (25 days ago)
I'm willing to die for it period.
Yoan Filip Chavov (26 days ago)
One Day im gonna be the best footballplayer in the World Remember me! It's for real!
Yoan Filip Chavov (20 days ago)
+Arshath Bilal Wenn im famous i will tell you on the tv
Arshath Bilal (20 days ago)
+Yoan Filip Chavov I will definitely...because I believe you can do it ,best wishes ♡
Yoan Filip Chavov (20 days ago)
+Arshath Bilal Thanks man Remember me, realy!Im from Bulgaria
Arshath Bilal (20 days ago)
And I wish you'll give me a dinner with you after you've become a football player for wishing you good luck for that 😊
Anxhela Koka (26 days ago)
Date 1 May 2019 Gonna be back I year latter to see what has changed I promise I will work hard to make my dreams come tru☘️
AISHWARYA SEETHA (26 days ago)
IT'S really changed my mindset of thinking about problems .....Now I get to my work without wasting my time
Genpri (26 days ago)
By this time next year I will have 50K subs. It’s not an option. Can’t wait to see this comment again.
Ahmed Qureshi (26 days ago)
Struggled with toxic family for 5 years. Left my comfort zone and moved to 3 different countries to find hope in starting a career but failed. Failed my professional exams twice. Tried to get in to a business with a friend got used and thrown away. Been in a long distance relationship for over a year not knowing when Ill see her next. Applied for Masters got rejected from All of them. Currently not making any income. But its not over until I win
TotallyToonsTV (27 days ago)
Dam I was failing in school and college (UK college) Then 2nd year of college came and I was like "I've had enough of this. See this foot, it's going down. I am putting it down" It's been down since 2011 and things have been moving on up hard. I don't know where I'll end up after my Masters course but I like that I'm going up. Lets see how high up is.
manvendra singh (28 days ago)
"You are here for a reason, not for season, you have suffered a lot but you didn't fail but just paid for a lesson. You have everything, you've resources, connection, experience and the most important a purpose for your life. So, go and get a reward from all these, and don't let anybody tell you, you can't, just because of they couldn't, even not me. So, go this time with your full potential and bring the best version of yourself, go and protect your dream. And at the end of this year(2019) come again and press the like button by yourself by saying that - "yeah, i have protected my dream"
Giandeep Singh (28 days ago)
Never Ever Give Up - Hit Hard - https://youtu.be/FVEd5fyreQk
Sai Dima-ampao (28 days ago)
I'm in the process of engineering life as a student. I have this mantra that I will pass the board exam soon and it will happen. 👆❤️👊
Cameron Gormley (28 days ago)
Rit av (29 days ago)
28 april 2019 I'll be back in year to see whats changed "Its not over until I win"

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